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Post #2507 How to get in backbox to check audio connections Posted by pinstadium (1 year ago)

Post #2661 DIY Lighting how-to for sides of Dialed In backglass Posted by lyonsden (1 year ago)

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#15 2 years ago

Big JJP fan here - looking forward to playing this and then deciding between this and RRWoz.

8 months later
#482 2 years ago

Ryan - are those your pins at press play? If so the Dialed In was a blast this weekend and the playfield looked great with no protectors installed. That place needs a better sign out front to get people to come in...

#488 2 years ago

We were visiting our daughter going to CU..... nice lineup and all the games looked great - thanks for being a op & putting out jjp games

1 month later
#1032 2 years ago
Quoted from jints56:

I think the cling wrap is on games with rad cals. Could be wrong though.

That’s exactly it - peeling off the clear protective film has a weird satisfying feeling and exposes the shiny goodness

11 months later
#5563 1 year ago

Long time fan and just picked up this beautiful LE yesterday! This is one fast silky smooth game. We’re still figuring things out but that’s half the fun, plus I stink - 937,000 is my best so far on stock medium settings. Tonight I’m gonna look for the best deal on mirror blades, and maybe some better flipper rubber. Everything seems to work perfectly, although the upper flipper shot seems inconsistent, or just has to be perfect to make it up to the subway - again I stink!
Can’t wait to see the new code!

DC3FCA06-3E12-4A22-B898-CA6C264D81F4 (resized).jpeg
#5653 1 year ago

This game is nuts! I played a handful of times this week and couldn’t break 500k. Today I got sucked in and found that this game really has that “one more game” feel to it. I’ve probably played about 25 games today, got allot better and consistent with combos and shots, and made it to some crazy multi ball level - plus beat my previous high score by a million! LOVE IT!

Ps... I agree the phone animations need to be fixed.... rendering those can’t take that long can it? Also - I’d like to be able to fast cancel with flippers the scoring animations and music after a ball drain... or at least rotate the exit screen music and animation - like they do at the intro.

177B93CC-D60D-4FA6-8F2A-A8A13CFC5C39 (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#5908 1 year ago

Got my mirror blades in from pinballsidemirrors.com (cointaker) - best price I could find online - thanks delt31 for the heads up! Bring on the code

DAE87D91-8821-42B8-89A5-1D27F4B6F60C (resized).jpeg
#5917 1 year ago

dang!!!! I played about 10 games last night - was lucky to break 1 million once or twice.... most of the time didn’t make 500k... that Big Bang shot can be brutal sdtm

#5959 1 year ago

Pm’d You delt

#5970 1 year ago

Is jersey jack pinball google group, and it’s a private group. Once Jen gives you access, you can get to it when your signed into google as one of your groups.

#5974 1 year ago

From the site:
You are invited to check this software out and help with testing in anticipation of its public release.

- If you don't want to be on the cutting edge of the Dialed In software cycle, please don't update your game.
- While we have performed in-house testing of this software, it's likely that there are defects yet to be discovered.
- V1.56 is a "delta" update that must be installed over V1.50 or a later release.
- This is not an official release, so it will not be posted on the JJP Support website.

#6003 1 year ago

New code is fricken AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#6069 1 year ago

Played my daughter who usually kicks my butt - looser had to fly to pick up Buffalo Wild Wings... thought for sure I’d loose but had my best game yet - I had a true adrenaline rush and still feel kinda euphoric

06A218D1-B3AA-42E2-9F64-7AF2490750C5 (resized).jpeg
#6099 1 year ago

Why not call Jen and have her get you access?

#6201 1 year ago

That 10” Polk was on sale for $89 a few weeks ago I believe.... I’m gonna grab one and try it out the next time the price drops.

#6210 1 year ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

The game doesn't really need any mods in my opinion -- it is so loaded already -- except for one. The stock black plastic shooter rod looks kind of cheap compared to the rest of the game. This "blackberry" one from Chrome Candy that I just installed is awesome and fits the game perfectly!
[quoted image][quoted image]

Looks great - I just tried to find them but see no shooters in chrome candys shop...
Ahh - not in their shop on pinside but found on their website - gonna grab one - thanks

#6235 1 year ago

The hell with work - off to what’s truly important in life - NEW CODE!!!

1 week later
#6311 1 year ago

Quick question fellas - I’ve had a few balls flung sdtm from the theatre instead of up and around since 1.57, so I thought I’d go in and adjust the theatre magnet strength but can’t find it anywhere... did the setting change to magnet catch behavior and no more numbers? I ran through everything 2x, but am kinda hungover and on my 3rd coffee and Baileys
Thanks and happy Thanksgiving!

81C032BC-B6EF-4BC7-9D42-6271DA2EAD1C (resized).jpeg
#6314 1 year ago

Thanks guys

2 weeks later
#6413 12 months ago
Quoted from jclausing:

Need some help. Recently purchased #136 and yesterday the QED switch showed up as "stuck open" during the start up test. I pulled the glass and hit it a few times and it seemed ok. Turned it off and back on and now registers as"stuck closed" is this somethingI can troubleshoot or do I just need to replace the switch? Also, I've read this entire thread and appreciate all the tips to "dial in" the machine. This is the first game my wife will play.

Are you talking about switch 48 - moving target hit? I’m not seeing QED switch in the manual. You should be able to adjust the standup target switch unless it’s really bent or broken.

#6426 12 months ago

That’s tough to think about. Why after 5 minutes would the machine die except the fans, then the monitor be dead and some lights on a board be bad? Maybe a surge of some sort? Or maybe the monitor just failed and shorted or surged back into the computer taking out the led’s? We’re you adding mods or doing anything when it happened? I’m not suggesting anything just wondering how a cascading failure like that might happen... and should be a few days not weeks to resolve - I’d call jjp or ping Lloyd to be sure things move along quickly and not rely on the ticketing system. Sorry man!

3 weeks later
#6774 11 months ago

I’ve held off updating since 1.57 seemed so good anyways. This may be unrelated, but my theater magnet stopped throwing the ball about the same time I upgraded but ended up being the mylar. Removing the magnet from underneath and cutting out the deformed mylar made the magnet throw perfect again.

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