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#4657 1 year ago

Shaker Motor Question.

I don't own DI...... yet. I keep hearing that if I want a shaker motor, I must order LE. However, not even 3 months ago, LTG posted this chart:

The pdf says standard has the shaker motor, yet I've read several times that "if you upgrade to LE, you get the shaker motor", so something isn't adding up, and I can't find the answer anywhere online.

Does the shaker motor come with standard?

1 week later
#4742 1 year ago

Just bought a NIB DI from pinballstar aka Joe. He was awesome. Responded to every single one of my emails with lightning quick speed, answered all my annoying questions, and then worked with me quickly to get my game shipped asap. Professionalism at its finest.

I also bought new pinstadium lighting from pinstadium, who was also very professional and quick with responses. I just wanted to give these guys some love on here.

Pretty excited to be a part of this club.

#4758 1 year ago

Got my Dialed In today...... LOVE IT.

However, there is an issue with it sitting idle and making this loud static noise. I went into the settings to fix it but nothing I did would help.


Any ideas?

#4760 1 year ago

Wow..... uhh..... that was a fast response. ok, will do!

#4771 1 year ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

I am dying to know what you consider a deep game, if this is not an example of one?!

He said already.

Simpsons Pinball Party
Walking Dead
Iron Maiden

#4801 1 year ago
Quoted from JayLar:

Maybe too much beer

Maybe not enough...

#4863 1 year ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

So, I’m probably confused but if the opto popped out, wouldn’t the switch be registering stuck closed and not stuck open?


Think in terms of a connection. If an opto's beam is making a direct hit to its target, that's a closed/completed connection. If the opto is interrupted, like when a ball travels through it, it's "open" because now the connection is incomplete.

#4864 1 year ago

Once in a while I get a ball that gets stuck in the train station (lock is not lit). It goes through a ball search and then the ball falls into the locked position, so I have to wait for the 2nd ball search to activate, and the ball finally falls through back into play. Furthermore, when I've locked 2 balls in the train station, the 2nd ball (one in the back) is never released right away. I play a 2-ball multiball until both balls drain, and then wait for another ball search like the one mentioned above.

I did a search for this issue on this thread and only found 1 person to had the same issue. I don't know if anyone else can help me or not.

I love the game to death, but so far I've had FOUR issues and I've only had it a week.

-- Left ramp not always registering
-- Ball falling in sim card scoop but counting as a BOB/Trap Door/Locked Ball
-- Ball stuck in train station
-- Large amount of static in speakers

I bought a JJP because I thought it had superior build quality, but so far the Iron Maiden in the same room is flawless. I called JJP 3 times with 0 responses.

I'm a little sour.

#4886 1 year ago
Quoted from Owlnonymous:

I also had to fix the left ramp switch before the divertor, as it was not registering every time

This is me 100%. What did you do? I'll be working on it tomorrow.

#4902 1 year ago
Quoted from MEuRaH:

-- Left ramp not always registering
-- Ball falling in sim card scoop but counting as a BOB/Trap Door/Locked Ball
-- Ball stuck in train station
-- Large amount of static in speakers

Fixed em all. The hardest one to fix was the error of balls locking in the train station and not unlocking properly during multiballs. If you're having this error, take off the train station lid and push the plunger all the way in. Does it stay pushed in? I know the fix. You need to adjust the lock screw, a tiny black hex screw where the plunger meets a horizontal stationary bar. Push the plunger all the way in to expose the screw. Loosen it, wiggle the plunger to adjust where it should be on the horizontal bar, tighten it back up and check. You should be good to go now.

Thanks to ltg with the rest of the stuff. That was awesome. You're the best, Lloyd.

#4907 1 year ago
Quoted from pb_lawww:

Does anybody know when to expect the new firmware? I am looking forward especially for the sim cards to be available during chaos...
Besides this I am happy with the current firmware, a little bit more animations would be nice, but not mandatory. Also I do not expect to see the new theatre multiball very soon

You don't? Why is that? This was the one thing I was looking forward to the most.

IMO the points during jackpots are lackluster. I'd like to see everything doubled. I don't think that's a setting within the pin itself, right? I looked, didn't find anything.

New animations would be nice. I wish more pertinent info would be displayed on the phone during modes, such as the next shot or something.

#4915 1 year ago

What are some prizes you've won from the theater? I won a "sim card is lit" and then later in the day a "big bang is lit" award.

Are there other cool awards I didn't know about by collecting the packages in the theater?

1 week later
#5006 1 year ago
Quoted from Ilushka85:

Just got my DI CE!

Damn, you have quite the collection.

Did you buy the DI CE #21? Or NIB?

#5025 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

2) What is the best way to get the SIM card - best shot?

I've had a LOT of success 2 ways:

1) Go to the theater to feed the upper flipper, and hit it when it's about halfway down the flipper.

2) Start a multiball and go nuts in the center of the playfield. One will fall in eventually.

I owned a Jurassic Park for 2 years and did nothing but play that game religiously, and really crushed those upper flipper shots. I became good enough to feed the T-Rex & hit the Orbit, but that took a TON of daily practice. I can get the sim card on command quite easily because of that game. I rarely play a game where I don't collect the sim card, so keep at it. It's do-able.

#5039 1 year ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

WOZ has been out what, 3, 4 years?

5 years, and they are still in production. I actually considered getting a new WoZ over a DI when I bought one a month ago. It's just an incredible machine, and by now all the small flaws and kinks have been worked out.

#5041 1 year ago
Quoted from KingBW:

Only to derail the thread for this post, I asked Jack if he did his dream theme yet and he pointed to the prototype WOZ pin in his office. That pin has pre release code on it that can't be updated (because of the prototype hardware), yet it is a treasure to him. He has lots of WOZ stuff throughout the office. The vibe that I got is that they will still be producing them for a few more years if sales continue. The "reboot" to get WOZ back on the line late this year will have some updated CPU boards like DI (see, there's a DI reference here). He said that they secured their next 3 titles/licenses - but we heard that recently from other people too.
Now, back to DI ... Hopefully updated code is coming soon. ???

Awesome post. I love hearing that WoZ is sticking around for a few more years minimum and that they are already looking ahead at their next 3 titles!? Nice.

I am salivating for a code release for DI.

2 weeks later
#5186 1 year ago
Quoted from geoncic:

I would really like to see something to happen with the regular multiball. I almost dread going into multiball without having a mode started, because the points don't seem to matter, and I feel like I end up wasting my kickback or big bang. If you could start a mode while already in a regular multiball that would be great. Or make the shots worth more and scale (somewhat) with sim cards.
I'm really looking forward to being able to collect sims during chaos

geoncic I agree. The multiball modes are more annoying than fun. Point values are too small and multiball by itself is pointless unless you have sim card lit. If the jackpots were all doubled, we'd be better off.

It's my only complaint about the game. Overall, I think it's amazing.

#5189 1 year ago
Quoted from raz0red:

Do new standard editions include Cliffy protectors, or are those only included with the LE?

Standards do too.

#5197 1 year ago

Argh I’m still getting reports of DI resetting on location. I can’t reproduce.
I’ve reseated a lot of connectors but I’m not sure which to focus on.
Would next steps be replacing the CPU? Or SDD? Anyone else fix resets?

Is it on a dedicated outlet? I know of a machine that did the same and the issue was too many machines connected to a single breaker.

1 week later
#5239 1 year ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

Even with the beautiful POTC, my DILE is going nowhere!! Love it so much.

I went to a large Stern-sponsored tournament and played dozens of different games, many of which I've played before but many of which I had not. Through it all, I missed my DI. It was better than any game I had played that weekend. Really made me appreciate that I have it in my possession.

When we get down the road another 10 years, I think it's gonna be looked at as one of the all-time greats.

2 weeks later
#5319 1 year ago
Quoted from javagrind888:

I'd also like to chime in that the multi ball should be more rewarding in points. They are almost worthless compared to the disaster modes and big bangs.

I couldn't agree more with this. Multiball is only helpful in some modes and to help collect lit sim cards. Other than that, it's pointless. No awesome jackpots. It makes it so everytime I get multiball without a mode or sim card lit I end up hating myself for starting it. It shouldn't be that way.

#5323 1 year ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

I get what he’s saying though - the multiballs are fun, but they can feel “forced” on you and there’s not a lot to make them worthwhile. On the BOB multiballs, if you beat them you earn a SIM card, which wouldn’t be the worst idea for these either. And these have much more of a “beat the bad guy” feel to them since you are actually being attacked!

^^^ All this! ^^^

I forgot about the completion of the multiballs. At least there's a reward for it, and a cool one at that, but once the reward is earned you then gotta just wait for a ball to drain so you can continue playing the game. I hate that part.

Quoted from javagrind888:

I'm just saying that the best light shows and interactions are in the multi-ball. The score should reflect the show at least a little!

Agreed. Multiball has always been the most exciting part of pinball. You shouldn't be bummed out when it happens. I feel that way far too often with DI.

1 week later
#5399 1 year ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

I’m sure everyone else probably knows this, but I just discovered that on the left ramp hurry-up, you can hit it over and over for increasing amounts of points. I just scored a decent amount by doing that.

Wait, what? Are you saying that I can keep hitting the left ramp repeatedly for these points?

2 weeks later
#5575 12 months ago
Quoted from estrader:

Anyone watch the twitch stream and care to share new info about the code updates?

I watched the last 30 minutes.

Jackpots were slightly increased on multiball modes, and seemed to increase incrementally with time and/or succession of jackpots. I watched super jackpots go for 25k to 50k regularly.

Selfie mode was 1k per selfie. You can get 100k if activated in a multiball mode.

No change in the lottery mode.

I think the sounds were different on the pop bumpers (massive difference) and maybe some other standups.

Theater multiball! Not sure how it was activated, but it was fun to watch.

The biggest change that I could see was the change in point values for specific things in the game. I watched one of the two guys get 700k and he didn't complete a single mode. He also tilted out of a bonus that would have been worth 250k, which is insanely high, so I think bonus values increased too.

I liked it. Everything was evened out a little bit. Multiball modes were worth doing, thank god.

#5600 12 months ago
Quoted from jorant:

Anyone here have a standard version? It's already hard to justify 8k.... that extra grand doesnt seem worth it. Your thoughts?

Quoted from FatPanda:

IIRC, you get the PC armor, Shaker, Volume/Headphone jack, and Invisiglass for the extra 1K.

Depends on the person. I play in low-light, I don't need the invisiglass. I crank the volume, I don't want headphones. Both have the shaker. The coating is nice, and the extra lighting on the ramp is awesome, but I didn't wanna pay the extra 1k on it so I got the SE and used the money I saved to buy the pinstadium lighting instead. IMO, SE & Pinstadium & ~$700 > LE.

Again, depends on the person. If you have a well-lit & good-looking arcade room and you wanna keep it looking that way, the $1k is totally worth it.

#5650 11 months ago
Quoted from Bellagio:

I had the opportunity to play one with the new code at Expo. I can’t say anything was drastically different. The changes are pretty subtle. Scoring seems a little more balanced as far as crazy modes and multiball. I couldn’t even get close to the new theatre multiball. The JJP rep told me that they also added some more character animations. Didn’t hear of any problems with it.

Subtle changes you say? But then you mentioned balance on crazy modes and multiball, which were the biggest and nearly the only complaints! THAT'S HUUUGE! I used to avoid starting crazy modes and multiballs, unless I needed a sim card or assistance with a mode, and now I can look forward to playing them! That's the best update ever! There's nothing subtle about any of that.

This game felt nearly complete for me, and my only other complaint was the animations on the phone, which they are still working on. This game is already fantastic, and the few more additions are only making it even better. QTMB? Yes please, because now the skill shots and spider/train/drone/kilowatt targets are worth something too! Instead of focusing on finishing modes for points, there are now a plethora of areas in which to earn points. Strategy = Widened.

I can't wait for this download...

#5656 11 months ago
Quoted from Pale_Purple:

On the new code does anyone know if there is a SIM card available now from chaos in quantum city MB? (I think it’s the chaos MB, what you start for shooting the photo after playing six modes/disasters I could be off on the name)
Also is there a SIM card available from the new quantum theater MB?

No SIM card from Chaos in Quantum City.

I don't think there is a SIM card from QTMB. I watched the video from JJP and it looked like only jackpots were the goal, plus in the explanation, nobody mentioned a SIM card.

EDIT: OH. do you mean the ability to collect already lit sim cards? Damn I have no idea...

#5658 11 months ago
Quoted from mountaingamer:

This game is nuts! I played a handful of times this week and couldn’t break 500k. Today I got sucked in and found that this game really has that “one more game” feel to it. I’ve probably played about 25 games today, got allot better and consistent with combos and shots, and made it to some crazy multi ball level - plus beat my previous high score by a million! LOVE IT!
Ps... I agree the phone animations need to be fixed.... rendering those can’t take that long can it? Also - I’d like to be able to fast cancel with flippers the scoring animations and music after a ball drain... or at least rotate the exit screen music and animation - like they do at the intro.

If you hold the flipper buttons down, it'll go through the end screen quicker.

I agree about that "one more game" feel. I originally played this game at The Sanctum in CT. They had about 6 brand new games, and of those maybe 2-3 of I was eager to try. Dialed In wasn't even on my radar. I played the other games first and came away unimpressed each time. Meanwhile DI had a line of people waiting to play it, so I figured that maybe I should get in line too or else I wouldn't get a chance. When I finally started to hit the ball around, I almost instantly felt a sense of joy and satisfaction. The game is so smooth and shoots like butter. There is a clear path of where to go and what to shoot. The modes are fun, humor is subtle, lights and sounds add to the feeling of the game. I was blown away! I played it as much as I could, and then drove home (4.5 hours away) dreaming about this game the whole ride home. Researched it for weeks. Found another in Canada and played the hell out of it as much as I could.

I eventually bought one a few weeks later. I can't stop playing it. It's amazing through and through. In my opinion (*takes a deep breath*) it's the greatest pinball machine of all time, and it's not even complete yet! I'm so amazed that I own it and get to play it whenever I want.

I also love how secretly dark it is. Dialed In Electronics........ DIE. The creepy eyeball that blinks at you. The creepy laughs from some guy in the background when he shocks your balls and makes you drain. The "Now You're Dialed In" muffled voice before the start of a multiball...... dude. Awesome mixture of light-heartedness and evilness.

#5664 11 months ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:

Anybody know if they've stated that this is the final code update? I know the manuals just went out, but I'm hoping there might be future tweaks.

Do you have something specific in mind? I can't even think of anything that would need to be done.

#5680 11 months ago
Quoted from BigStiffy:

I'm hosting some pinheads new to Dialed In over the weekend. Was looking forward to showing the Dialed In with the new code.

Don't you love the pin anyway? That's why you bought it, right?

It'll be fine. If anything, they'll love the game and then you can say "and there is a new update coming in a week, so it'll be even better!"

#5695 11 months ago
Quoted from OnTheSnap:

In this video Pat Lawlor takes you from the first white wood to the final dialed in design. Really a fun listen if you have the time and would like to know how dialed in was developed.

Oh wow. The original name of the game was "Killer App". I never knew that. This is mentioned around minute 46.

#5810 11 months ago
Quoted from TOLLS:

If you play enough games the ball will find a way.
[quoted image]
In the left sling.

I play at a public place of which I'm one of the maintenance crew. We have a #WCS where everyone gets the ball stuck in the left sling. No idea how it happens, it just happens. Whenever someone or a group of people go "omg the ball disappeared!", I always say "check the left sling" and sure enough, there it is. Doesn't happen on any other game, never seen it on any other game.

Until now. Very weird.

#5821 11 months ago

So here's something interesting I forgot to share. The main knock on this game still seems to be theme, if the ratings are any indication. Once people heard what it was they formed an opinion about it before they played it (much like people are doing with Oktoberfest..... come on guys). I played the game a good 10-20 times and fell in love with it. I dreamt about it and yearned to own one someday.

When I finally bought one this past June, I immediately donated it to my local co-op, which is a place people donate machines collectively so we all get to play them. Anyway Dialed In made it's arrival about 1-2 weeks after Iron Maiden also made its arrival. In the beginning, Iron Maiden was easily everyone's favorite game to play. I can't blame them either, it's an awesome game with great sounds and lighting, the theme is powerful and the gameplay is nonstop. I like playing it but my only knock on the game is that points are easy to find, even if you have no idea what you're doing. I scored over 300 million in my first game, and I had no idea what I did to make it happen. It's not an easy game (I struggled to get over 100 million after that), but there's so much going on that you can basically do anything to get points at any time. I think this is why people weren't afraid to play it, because they'd get a score of 50-100 million and felt good about it.

Anyway, Dialed In was the complete opposite. People would play it, get 25-50k, they'd feel bad about it and then not return. Not many people knew I owned Dialed In so I got to hear all sorts of opinions about it from conversations happening around me. "The theme is weak" and "it's too confusing" and the like. It was rarely played, so I got to play it a lot which I liked, but I also felt a little sad about people purposely avoiding it to play just about anything else.

Fast forward to today and wow have times changed. I think the best players at the co-op are the ones who are most attracted to the game. It's challenging with a deep ruleset which I think is the greatest strength AND weakness of the game; Unless you take the time to understand what's going on, you'll never like it and never improve. I think this turns a lot of new-to-average players off. The game has been so popular lately that I can't get myself into a game! It's always on 4 player and there's always a huge line to play it. I've heard so many people call it their favorite machine in the room that I've lost count. It took a LOT of time for people to warm up to it, but now that they have I feel a lot better about having donated it. It makes me happy to see people play and enjoy it... and get frustrated at missing a crucial shot, or hitting the big bang in a big moment, or collecting a sim card (always a huge "YES!" when that happens).

It's a great game. I'm so happy to own it. It's my #1 rated game of all time and buying one is the best decision I ever made.

#5861 11 months ago
Quoted from pb_lawww:

the drones are available (banggood, ebay, etc.) just search for "cheerson cx-10a". BUT: the circuit board inside is completely different. So you can only use spare parts as the plastics etc. or fly the drone you know from inside your pinball machine.
Normaly only the motors wear out. So no need to replace the whole drone. The spare motors can also be found in ebay for small money. Search for "CX-10-005" or just "cheerson cx-10a motor".
If you need to replace a motor, check first which one is broken. As the motors are in sequence, if one is broken, all four stop working. Moving the blades one after the other while running in test mode makes it easy to identify the broken motor.

This should be a key post. Thank you!

#5906 11 months ago
Quoted from Damien:

Anyone have this happen before? On boot up the phone also says "auto config" which I don't recall seeing before.
The first time that it happened I just rebooted the machine and it resolved itself. And now it's had this red screen for the last 3 boot ups.
[quoted image]
[quoted image]

Hey damien , my phone went pinkish/reddish today just like yours did 8 months ago. It's at a co-op and we were in league so I left it on for 2 hours. It somehow resolved itself and the colors are back, but now the background on the screen is 1/8th of an inch lower.

Anyway, I'm not 100% convinced that the phone will work the next time I start it up. You didn't explain (I think) how you fixed your phone issue. Care to share?

#6098 11 months ago
Quoted from boostedskex:

I emailed Jen to get the code on Saturday night and I still havent heard back. Anyone have a real release date yet for the 1.56 code?

Yeah seriously. Is it illegal or a bad idea to share the code out amongst each other? I'm looking for a download myself.

#6183 11 months ago
Quoted from tadowhere:

Picked up a DILE this morning. I have a lot to learn and read Without reading this whole thread (which I will) any quick tips for a new owner? This is my 1st JJP.

If it was a NIB game there's a ton that I would say, but judging by the way you wrote your post I'd say it's used, correct? If that's the case, most of the bugs and issues were already worked out for you. As far as settings goes, I would make it so sim cards carry over from ball to ball. I also have pinstadium in mine. It lights it up so nice and the QED guy makes the flashers go crazy. It's seriously awesome. If you're looking for a nice add-on, that would be the one I would recommend.

#6206 11 months ago

What are some mods that you guys put on that you'd recommend to others? The sub is a great add-on idea. Anything for the game itself?

#6220 11 months ago
Quoted from pb_lawww:

I really like the level of difficulty of DI!.
Every player can reach at least something and something new after a few games.
More experienced players reach even more, like Chaos and are awarded with a regular extra ball etc.
Really good players used to the game reach Chaos regularly and come close to Armageddon often, but still starting Armageddon does not become standard.
Showdown is a really high goal which keeps the game challenging even for really advanced players...
I did not see another pinball machine that mixes interesting challenges for all level of players. Besides the goals to reach DI! does the same with rules. Ease rules, not too much to know to have fun, no long explanation necessary for the first plays. But if you dive deeper into the ruleset, it opens a lot of new opportunities, especially with the new code.
Most other machines are either flat and easy for the advanced player or difficult to understand for the beginner...
Either being beaten after a few days or weeks or giving the impression you will never reach the final wizard mode...
What do you think about this? Which other pinball machine is so adaptive to the players skillset?

Now that you mention it, yes I agree. It's pretty awesome that a machine can be played by all different levels and each player can have different goals and objectives, and different accomplishments. I just played it with 3 other people. I was going for Chaos, another was going for Theater Multiball, another for just the modes, and the beginner was trying to get just 1 sim card. I didn't realize that until you mentioned it!

I love progression games. I love objectives and building towards something. I love how each completed mode & sim card makes all future modes worth more and more. I love progression towards theater multiball. This whole game is AMAZING!

#6261 11 months ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

Has anyone repositioned their BOB sign? Can you share what you did?

I purchased a kit from mezelmods. For only $26 they give you all the parts you need to reposition the signs and illuminate them. Two sided sticky tape is used to hold them down.

EDIT: You gotta have a power adaptor or a splitter to make it work. That's also available on their website.

#6289 10 months ago

Quick stupid question: Once I download the update and extract it, do I need to delete/remove all other files on the disk or not? The drive I'm using has my backup files for work.

#6309 10 months ago

My phone developed a redish/pink tint about 5 weeks ago. I played through it and it went away on its own somehow. I noticed that after it went away, the screens' image was a good 5 pixels lower on the phone. But hey, at least the full color was back and I could still see everything, so I was fine with it.

Fast forward to 2 days ago. I was cleaning the playfield and moved around the phone to get some hard-to-reach areas, so I know I jostled it a bit. Turned the machine back on and the redish/pink tint came back, and the screen is 5 pixels up back into its old position again! NOOOOO!

I unplugged the phone from its holster and plugged it back on... no change. Jostled all the wires, turned it off and on... no change.

Weird, right? I started to just played through it again but I'm bummed that it's back.

#6333 10 months ago
Quoted from koops:

Got qtmb for the first time last night. Started normal mb while it was running and then started a bob mode. Flasher Madness! I loved it!

I did that too. I got about 800k!

#6404 10 months ago

Weird conclusion that has now twice happened to my DI phone.

Both times, my phone started to get this pink/red-ish hue on the screen. It was slight at first but then got worse and worse as the days went on. 2 weeks or so go buy, the phone screen looks TERRIBLE, almost entirely pink. And then....... it re-adjusts and goes back to its normal color.

This has happened twice now. The screen looks great. The picture on the phone is slightly lower (a few pixels) but other than that it looks like its old self again.

Not sure if anyone else has experienced this before, but I just want to make note of it.

1 week later
#6442 10 months ago
Quoted from aeneas:

Been playing my DI for two weeks now and have some questions / remarks..
1/ what's the use of the upper playfield ? there are no switches on it, ok you can nudge it and use 'skill' to get the ball into the popbumpers but that's it.. looks like quite a big assembly with limited use. I'm thinking of just removing the upper playfield and have the pinball drop always into the popbumpers. Any thoughts ?
2/ Shouldn't timers stop when the pinball is locked somewhere ? When a hurryup is running at the quantum theatre but you shoot something else (phone scoop or lock a ball) then it'll show animations and keep the ball, meanwhile the hurryup keeps counts down and is timed out when a new pinball is released.
OK I get it, I chose not to shoot the hurryup and something else instead.. but still, watching it time out while I can't cancel animations at all and have to wait doesn't seem really fair ?
Btw any way to cancel the lock animation ? This game has soo much smooth flow, but when you lock a ball it needs to finish the animations, run the shaker, and only then put a new pinball in the shooter lane. This really stops the flow, the delay takes much too long imo..
3/ Does anyone have experience with pindemption and DI ?
I notice in the settings there are greyed out settings about setting it to a timed game.
Is pindemption just the same rules but on limited time ? Flippers are disabled when the fixed time runs out ?
Or is it more like Safecracker - a timed game but giving you the option to gain more time as you play well ?
Or even like the SC magic token game - totally different rules ?

1) That "upper playfield" aka the clear plastic annoys me. I need to shoot those pops for the hippy mode (forgot what its called) and the ball almost never falls in the hole like it's supposed to. I never thought about taking it out. That's not a bad idea.

2) Meh... I never had a problem with this. You can always restart the timer quickly/easily enough. It's not an issue for me.

3) nope.

#6506 10 months ago

WHAT? 1.60?

OMG a 1.60!


ok then. time to test it!

#6606 9 months ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

and now i can watch the full sequence, yes of course, easy to see it was done on purpose
anyway, a small prob i get more than few times already :
when playing multiball and putting quickly 2 following balls in theatre, these 2 balls remain there, 1 on the magnet, the other magnetized just behind...
i bought the game HUO, not sure if these balls are from factory
for what i found already here, need to buy some low magnetic balls !?

This happened to me on GAME ONE.

And then only a couple times since then after about 1000 plays.

I wouldn't worry about it. Nudging always got them loose for me.

#6616 9 months ago
Quoted from DonnieDarko:

I'd appreciate some assistance with my DI. I've been having enormous problems with the BOB Trapdoor. I'm getting "trapdoor malfunctions" almost every time I start the machine. When I lift the playfield and examine the mechanism with the playfield flipped 90 degrees in the upright position, I can make the trapdoor open and close at will no matter how many times I try it. When I put the playfield down and test the trapdoor, again I can make it work up and down virtually no matter how many times I try it. The moment we start a new game and when it comes time for the trapdoor to open, it fails to open and pulling up the test reveal "Trapdoor Malfunction" again.
I have silicon lubed the hell out of the trapdoor mechanism - nothing appears to be sticking. I've tightened the screw holding the release solenoid and ensured it is square with respect to the release flange. I then test the mechanism again and go through the same nonsense trying unsuccessfully to get it to fail, until I put the playfield down and start the process again. One other thing - the smaller solenoid handling the trapdoor release gets hot when the mechanism "locks" - so hot that it heats the surrounding metal significantly. I just can't work out why it stops working.
Appreciate any assistance on this.

This exact same thing happened to me. I mean, 100% exact same thing. I fixed it, it's super simple.

If you lift up the playfield and manually plunge the coil to open the trapdoor, you'll notice that it gets "locked" by a tiny arm/hook. That tiny hook, which is activated by the small plunger, is probably off-center and loose. I'd be willing to bet that only the corner of the hook of it is actually grabbing what it's supposed to grab, hence why it works sometimes and not other times. If you try to twist it by hand, you'll notice how loose it's sitting on the plunger.

Take the hook, twist it so it's centered, and tighten the phillips screw that's holding it. Problem solved. I haven't had an issue in over 100 games since I fixed mine.

I'm at work so I can't take pictures. I'll try to find one and point it out to further help you.

EDIT: Found one. See in the picture how crooked the square metal piece below the coil is? (It's the one by the bottom green arrow) That needs to be adjusted. Loosen the top screw if you need to, then straighten the square bracket out, and tighten it back down.
Capture (resized).PNG

#6704 9 months ago
Quoted from tadowhere:

I received a replacement trap door from JJ and replaced it last week and all seemed fine but now the door is staying stuck open and i'm getting an error. I have checked it out and manually it closes fine. Any ideas on what to check/do? Thanks!

It's getting stuck on the hook that holds the door open. If you greese up the hook, it'll work perfectly.

I used/stole this picture for another fix, but it'll do for this too. Go to the latch (pointed out below) and put some lubricant on it. A dab'll do ya.


#6722 9 months ago

I'm stubborn and haven't gotten a new phone yet.

The current phone turns on but always has a redish hue to it. Then it shuts off after a while and flickers back on with full color.

I keep checking the connections but nothing is wrong. Sometimes the phone will shut off entirely and won't turn back on when I reboot it. When I do, it'll turn back on with full color.

No idea what's causing the issue, no idea why the phone works fully after it turns itself off and then back on.

Just making a note here in case anybody else is having a similar experience.

1 week later
#6838 9 months ago

I need help. I can't seem to get a response from anybody via email. My phone is dying and I need a replacement.

I sent out 3 help tickets, 2 through the website and 1 directly to techsupport@jerseyjackpinball.com. No response.

What do I do?

#6840 9 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

Call 732-364-9900. During non business hours it goes to voice mail. I'll alert it to Steve or Frank. Don't call me. I can't send parts.
LTG : )

Thanks again Lloyd. Message left.

1 week later
#6956 9 months ago
Quoted from tadowhere:

So..... i sent a ticket i about my smartphone issue (goes blank a lot) on 1-6-18 and no response as of now. Any ideas on how to get JJP tech to respond?

1-732-364-9900 Ext: 1

I had to call that number 3 times. Left a message each time. No response week 1, no response week 2. Someone finally got back to me in just 1 hour when I said the 3rd time "Lloyd said to ask for Steve or Frank".

So there ya go.

1 week later
#7075 8 months ago

JJP sent me a new phone. All the issues went away for 20 games. Then on game 21, it turned to a tinted yellow, very hard to see/read things on it. Then during gameplay, it went blank again. I turned it off and on, phone turned back to normal. I'm disappointed that the replacement didn't even last 2 days before problems resurfaced.

Quoted from Slugburger:

I Had a problem with the phone going dark and not working, i loosened the screws holding the back cover of the phone on and problem was solved seems that it may have twisted the phone a bit and lost one of the connections, never had another problem

This is interesting.

I've also noticed that when I play, sometimes the ball hits the phone or the structure holding it and jostles it pretty good. Not sure if this is affecting the phone at all, but I figured I'd make a note of it.

Anyway, I'm a little concerned that I may not get this fixed before the warranty runs out. Game was born April 2018 btw, and none of these problems existed until after I updated to 1.57. Not sure that's a coincidence or not, but I want to get all information out there.

#7090 8 months ago

Translite signed by Jersey Jack himself, framed professionally and hung next to the real deal.

dialedin (resized).jpg
3 weeks later
#7311 7 months ago
Quoted from ClarkKent:

Did anybody manage to get all DIALED IN letters in a game? Most was 3 letters here...


I normally average 2 per game, but one day before I was leaving to go grocery shopping (waiting for my wife) I decided to play a game, and played the best I've ever played in my life. I finished 6 out of 6 modes on ball one alone, and then 2 more modes on ball 2. I collected 7 sim cards almost back to back via multiballs and my wife finally came down, so I had her record my game from that point on. On ball TWO, I collected the final sim card and started Showdown. I was so stoked. I had no idea what I was doing and had to watch the reply on my phone to see that I beat the game! Woo!

Funny enough... I did not complete all the modes, lol. So I never played Armageddon. I also didn't earn enough points to become Grand Champion. I was sad about that, but happy I managed to play every single part of this game now. Took my nearly 8 months of solid play.

#7340 7 months ago
Quoted from DonnieDarko:

On my machine when the ball hits the frame under the phone very occasionally, the phone will go out for around 5 seconds (completely blanks the phone screen). The lights around the phone stay on. This doesn't sound like a heat issue, well not on my machine anyway. I've not tried to demonstrate the issue, because it doesn't happen often enough to cause me pain, but it's either the thump from the ball hitting the frame on a certain angle, or the fact that the ball is making a circuit between the phone and the frame. Oddly enough I've never had the screen go out when the ball goes into the slot, only when it just misses.

I quoted this because ditto with me.

#7351 7 months ago

Phone Issue worth mentioning.

I turned the game on, it immediately went to a tinted blue/yellow. Hard to see anything.

I rebooted it and it went back to normal. Played for 2 hours, no issues.

Just saying.

#7360 7 months ago
Quoted from fossmin:

I just bought my Dialed In NIB a couple weeks ago. Buying a couple mods and I want the Quantum Electric topper made by Mezel Mods. Unfortunately, they are out of stock and don't have plans to make anymore. Kristin from Mezel Mods said if I could get 10 commitments, she would consider remaking them. Anyone have interest in buying this topper? Now might be the your only chance.
PS - Or if someone has one for sale, that will work as well.

Good luck. Anyone who wants a topper already has one. Your best bet is to find a topper from someone here.

1 week later
#7430 7 months ago
Quoted from SilverWings:

Much talk about the drones failing in this thread. There are two possible reasons why, in my view as a life long RC hobbyist, they're failing with such frequency:
1) The drone motors are "coreless" DC motors that contain very small permanent magnets inside. I think the 5 industrial strength magnets in DI, in proximity pulsing on/off constantly might be a major culprit to the efficiency & life of the little drone motors. This might depend on the North-South orientation of the game magnets mounted in the table, and the N-S orientation of the drone motor magnets. *if* these poles happen to be aligned the wrong way, I think its possible the game magnets might actually be acting as demagnetizers to the permanent magnets in the drone motors, which would fail the drone motors.
2) The drone motors are reportedly wired in series inside each drone body. DC motors can be run in series, and in *theory* they'll equally proportion the voltage among themselves but in practice this doesn't work well at all. What will happen is due to variations in each motor's efficiency and the load its running under, in time the motors will develop current draw imbalances leading to imbalances in how voltage drops across each motor in a series circuit. The result is that in time, as the motors change, the circuit goes so far out of balance it results in one or more motors failing to run at all.
In all the years I've flown RC airplanes, heli's and drones (over 40) I've never had a DC motor failure outright (one did catch on fire in flight, but that was my fault for running it on 150% of design voltage with insufficient cooling). Yes, it does happen, but its very unusual. Certainly, these micro drone motors aren't the best in quality but in actual drone use they're amazingly reliable. So I think its related to the pinball installation, not the motors per se.
Sorry I'm not offering a fix here, but just thought I'd add my .02 based on experience as to possible sources of trouble.
Really REALLY looking forward to taking delivery @ TPF! Cheers ...

This is one of the more interesting things I've ever read on Pinside, and it's not even about pinball! I love reading about something from someone who knows their stuff. Thank you for this.

#7431 7 months ago
Quoted from Bschafer:

Hoping for some ideas. My new dialed in LE has less than 100 plays. Last week it started shutting off, no power, in the middle of a game. Would have to shut if off and restart, sometimes have to wait a bit until would repower. Now it won’t turn on at all. When I flip switch a few lights come on for a split second then nothing. I have emailed Jersey jack 3 times and have not gotten a response. Any ideas???

Are you new to the hobby?

Is the pin on its own dedicated circuit? I'm inclined to believe that the game isn't to blame, but your home's wiring. For what it's worth, mine did that too when I was running a space heater, which I did not know was on the same circuit. A little trial and error and I figured it out.

Don't do anything crazy just yet.

1 week later
#7443 6 months ago

This thread used to be on fire daily. I had a hard time keeping up with it. Now-a-days, this thread could go 1-2 days without a post. Maybe soon it'll go even longer without one... but I'll tell ya this:

It's an AMAZING game! I have the choice of about 18 games to play every week, and maybe DI doesn't appeal to me as much as it used to, but after I hit that start button once, I know for a fact I'll be hitting it 5-6 more times in a row. It draws you in and keeps you around. I can't stop playing it once I start. It's still the hardest game to play, and when it comes to league, only the top 4-5 players can do well on it. It's not a game that someone will ever get lucky on and have a good game.

It's not leaving my lineup any time soon.

3 weeks later
#7565 6 months ago

My trap door stopped staying open. I lifted the playfield and to my surprise, the spring in the picture below was missing. I looked everywhere for that spring and it was no where to be found! HOW!?

So right now, I have a spring that you would find in a push-button pen holding it together. It actually works, but I don't count on it lasting long. Where can I get a replacement spring? Could I just pick one up somewhere or do I have to place a special order for it?

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 9.03.24 PM (resized).png
1 week later
#7629 5 months ago
Quoted from mettle64:

Going to check out a DILE later this week that's been routed for a while, but well maintained. Any frequent failure points or trouble areas I should make sure I pay special attention to?

Trap door (far left side). It might stick open, or not open at all, or only open halfway. All issues are easily fixable though through mech adjustments.

Check the side ramp when locking the ball in station 3. Then put a few more balls in it to see if it can handle it. Again, mech adjustments can fix this.

Scoop under phone. Mech adjustments.

There is a theater magnet. Just make sure it works. Changes the game if it's off.

Honestly, even though there are a lot of toys and gadgets in this game, it's relatively easy to maintain and adjust. Such a great game. Make sure you have a good hour minimum to play, because it's addicting.

#7637 5 months ago

I can understand if someone doesn't like the game because of theme. 100% get it.

But if the theme doesn't bother you, or even appeals to you, this game is amazing. Modes are mixed and different. You can complete the objectives or go for the big bang. You can use multiball to help you complete objectives or to help with sim cards.

If you focused a ton on crazy BOB modes or theater multiball, you can earn some serious points as well.


And it's difficult as hell. I've completed everything at least once, but never all of it in a single game. This is the greatest pin I've ever played. I keep hitting the start button so many times in a row until I run out of time, NOT until I'm bored.

Someone said it before, that this game could be one that people start snapping up when they realize how great it really is. I won't be letting go of mine any time soon.

3 weeks later
#7778 4 months ago
Quoted from Marcdaddy:

Guys real quick, just noticed static noise from the speakers. N.i.b. last night and had it immediately, any fix?

I bought mine. $9. Quicker.


3 weeks later
#7914 4 months ago
Quoted from holminone:

Hey DI fans. So I just left Modern Pinball (highly recommended) in Manhattan and played four games on DI. Had the top four daily scores (funny) but of course I own the game. It was constantly being played btw.
It was set steep (2nd bar), had old code (1.50 MAYBE?). But what I LOVED was what I always envisioned in my game at home. When you hit the center ramp from the upper right flipper... when the ball comes down to my lower left flipper it was like BUTTAH to crank it back up the right loop. Almost automated. Mine is rare.
How do yours play?

Mine plays like the one you witnessed. I've had it in two locations, both private, and the setup has been slightly different each time based on difficulty, but buttery smooth shots none the less.

Not sure why yours wouldn't play that way tbh... maybe tilting too much left or right?

1 week later
#7976 3 months ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

and you say you've reached & played it, and finally score (only) 2M+ ... there's a bug somewhere

Isn't there a setting that gives you 4 sim cards at the start? That would explain it perfectly, and the stats would match up.

2 weeks later
#8126 3 months ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

Life’s too short.

You know what else is too short? The distance between a sling and an outlane.


#8176 3 months ago
Quoted from Coindropper:

NIB as of 7/5/19 and have some questions/issues with coil strength. I am on code 1.61 and the slingshots are extremely weak no matter what I set them at, the flippers feel "different" and not snappy, and the trough struggles to kick out a ball unless I turn it all the way up. The kickback and the scoops all feel weak as well and don't seem to really adjust to any changes in the settings either. I can still make all of the shots and it all functions (well, the trough takes a few tries) as it should and still excellent to play, just feels off. I have a JJP POTC and the coils are strong on it and adjustments seem to take affect as they should. Any recommendations?

That's weird. Must all be related to the same problem...

Calling ltg !

#8221 87 days ago
Quoted from ralphs007:

I'm going to give this a shot. I want through four trap doors in one year. I got so tired of replacing them ,that I just shut the trap door mechanism off.

It'll work, do it. I did.

I didn't think I was missing much without a trap door, but really it changes the game. So much more fun.

1 week later
#8328 81 days ago

Let's assume I wanna save my high scores... how easy would that be? I've never done that.

#8331 81 days ago
Quoted from imagamejunky:

A delta update from 1.60/1.61 should save your high scores

I still have 1.57, so I'm doing a full install from 1.57 to 1.60 first.

Quoted from RipleYYY:

for what i remember you may save your settings (and your hiscores ?) before upgrading... give an eye on the JJP site

OK I'll do that, thanks.

#8340 81 days ago

OK so I'm having an issue downloading the v1.60 from the JJP website (which I need to install since I'm still on 1.57)

It downloads slowly to the 3.3 gigs, and just before it completes the download, it stops and says "Cancelled". It's done that 4 times in a row now, probably going on 5.

Does anyone have the 1.60 that I can grab? I don't know how we'd be able to make the transfer... google drive maybe? I dunno, I don't have an idea of what I could possibly be doing wrong and how to correct it...

#8343 81 days ago

OK...... 5th time was the charm for some reason. Thanks guys.

#8344 81 days ago

All updated.

Played a few games... how does JJP keep making great games even better? I forgot to backup everything so the settings all reverted to whatever was uploaded in my 1.60 & 1.71 updates.

The coils are all PERFECT strength. Everything seems even smoother. I watched the stream by Buffalo Pinball but there are even more images and nuances that I didn't catch until I played it. End of the ball drain, which took forever, is so nice now. The lighting effects aren't too crazy anymore.

The only way this game could get any better is if it started printing its own money. Well done, staff!

#8369 80 days ago
Quoted from Insanity199:

Same here. I was still on 1.57 but decided to take the leap.
I can consistently backhand the phone scoop but now occasionally the flipper will be very weak and it won’t have the same trajectory.
Noticed the phone scoop sometimes dribbles out and even the skill shot kicker kicks out lightly.
None of this happened previously on the 1.5x code.

I don't know how long you've had your machine, or the other guy, but maybe it's a coincidence.

How long has it been since you guys checked the coil sleeves?

#8387 79 days ago

It's not the same on mine. Everything is perfect. I've put 10 games on it since the update came out.

I have a late build, standard edition.

#8390 79 days ago
Quoted from pb_lawww:

Can you confirm:
even after a power cycle everything is perfekt:
no flickering at the betty spotlight,
consistent phone scoop kick-out

Confirmed. All that. Working 100% perfectly.

#8409 79 days ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

What's your build date? I would like to update, but I'm nervous.


Quoted from RipleYYY:

whats are your pin hardware specs ?
here're mine :
Serial 8721449, country 1 (USA), HW id 0, model 1 (Limited Edition), num 0, max 3000
I/O Board: JJP-IO-REV06-063014
Jersey Jack Pinball LED Driver Version 529
Machine: Device: desktop Mobo: MSI model: H81M-P33 (MS-7817) v: 1.0 serial: N/A
BIOS: American Megatrends v: V1.21B1 date: 12/11/2015
CPU: Dual core Intel Celeron G1840 (-MCP-) cache: 2048 KB
clock speeds: max: 2800 MHz 1: 2799 MHz 2: 2799 MHz
Memory: Used/Total: 121.4/3636.1MB
Device-1: ChannelA-DIMM0 size: 4 GB speed: 1333 MT/s type: DDR3
Drives: HDD Total Size: 60.0GB (10.2% used)
ID-1: /dev/sda model: Patriot_Blaze size: 60.0GB
IF: enp3s0 ip-v4: N/A ip-v6-link: N/A
HDMI1 connected primary 1920x1080+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 600mm x 330mm
VGA1 connected 1024x768+1920+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 0mm x 0mm
HDMI-1-1 disconnected (normal left inverted right x axis y axis)
VGA-1-1 connected 1024x768+2944+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 0mm x 0mm
from memory the 2nd GPU is a RADEON HD 6450

The only difference is the CPU speeds.

IMG_2916 (resized).JPG
#8429 78 days ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:

They should never have upgraded the cpu mid production. That is just asking for inconsistent software performance. The only good solution would have been to upgrade the older machines. Bad, bad move JJP. To me, it feels like the company is ignoring problems because there are quite a few with each of their games and the fixes will be expensive. Love the company and my DI (1.57), but I’m pretty pissed that I have been punished with weak hardware because I ordered fresh out of the gate. Never again. Next time I’ll wait at least a year.

You never know what happened, though. They probably order parts in bulk, and during their purchase in the final stages of building DI they realized they could buy the upgraded CPU for the same price.... or maybe Intel ran out of the other CPU and gave them the upgraded 3.3Ghz ones, etc.

You shouldn't hate JJP for this. If they had installed all 2.8Ghz processors in their machines, you'd be happier?

#8441 78 days ago
Quoted from Coindropper:

Here is a link to the mobo compatible processors. I have an i5 coming for $119 to replace. Just Make sure it’s on the compatibility list.

Keep us updated on the switch. If you took pics or filmed some of it, that would be great.

#8449 78 days ago
Quoted from Pinballomatic:

NO DI machines built after 2018 so far

I was told when I bought mine that I had one of the last ones to be built, which was early 2018.

#8464 77 days ago
Quoted from dirtbag66:

Does anyone else want to tell him?

Well to be fair, brand new the Munsters LE was 9k.

DILE is going for 7.5k, maybe a little less.

So I don't think it's out of the question to ask for a straight up trade.

I'm not doing it, and I own DI standard.

Maybe the code for Munsters will improve?

1 month later
#8999 35 days ago
Quoted from altan:

What about the flash? Puzzled DI LE doesn’t have it.

I listened to a Jersey Jack interview from the man himself. It'd take me forever to find it again, but:

He said that the original model had a flash, and that they added in parts to make LEs and CEs. In order to add in the stuff needed to make them, the flash had to be removed. He then went on to say that the flash really should have been an add-on for the LEs and CEs only, and not the SEs.

I own the SE. The flash is really fun during selfie mode. You get multiball during that and get a ball in the pops... almost go blind haha (not really).

2 weeks later
#9103 19 days ago
Quoted from LTG:

Please with power off the game. Reseat the ball trough connectors. And to the Opto driver board under the playfield.
Then go to the I/O board in the head. Reseat connectors involved there.
LTG : )

LTG, thank you.

My game today stopped registering the ball in the phone scoop. I immediately thought it was a dirty opto or it fell out of the slotted openings in the metal bracket. Nope and nope.

I searched this thread and found this post. I lifted up the playfield and checked the connections. Sure enough, everything on the opto board was loose. I started the game back up and it worked.

Saved me tons of time. Thank you, sir.

#9197 14 days ago


Acid Rain is the hardest one for me. I hate it. I can't get the ball into the jets!

Alien Invasion is fine. I can literally hit anything. Then I only have 1 side ramp and I'm done.

Whirl Wind sucks. I gotta hit the side ramp last and I almost never have enough time left to do that.

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