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2 years ago

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#989 1 year ago

Dialed In on the truck for delivery today, can't wait.

#1124 1 year ago
Quoted from jwilson:

My cabinet is also "split" like that in the bottom left side on the front but it's covered by the leg so I just ignored it. It's clearly glued that way from the factory and isn't a stress crack. Game is otherwise flawless.

Glad to be joining, got mine yesterday, It's a fantastic game and very well built, mine has the same separation but under the leg so no worries otherwise no flaws.

#1127 1 year ago
Quoted from Lermods:

you can use wood glue, pour some into the hole and then use a bar or strap clamp to bring it back together, should be good as new. Not saying you should have to do this with a new game, but to save headaches, this is the easiest course of action and results in no down time.

In my case at least it is obvious that it was glued like this and didn't separate after. So glue and clamps probably won't pull it together.

#1128 1 year ago

Does anyone think there should be a rubber sleeve here ?

IMG_3409 (resized).JPG

#1131 1 year ago
Quoted from jwilson:

No, balls get stuck in the lanes with one there. It's supposed to be like that.

Thanks, thought that might be the case.

4 months later
#3350 1 year ago

I am now on my second phone, JJ sent me a replacement. What I have now is color washed out in Yellow or Pink . I suspect the video card since it does not have anything supporting it other than the PCI connector itself. Usually a PC will have a bracket with a screw to hold cards in place, not sure why they didn't do that here, after all it is a pinball machine and will get shaken a lot more than most PCs will. To mitigate this I have added a couple strips of weather stripping to the PC cover to put pressure on the card and keep it from moving around. It hasn't occurred for a few days now since I did this. Time will tell if this fixes it for good or on to phone number 3.... Also added a pic of what I believe is the video card used -- MSI ATI Radeon HD6450

image1 (resized).jpeg
image2 (resized).jpeg
image3 (resized).jpeg
image4 (resized).jpeg
51H8t3YLwsL (resized).jpg

6 months later
#5383 11 months ago
Quoted from Pinballpal:

I asked pat about it and the kickback is exposed to feed the upper right flipper. It is random tho and will not do that every time but that is what is exposed to do.

Mine will go into the phone scoop about 50% of the time and I have original scoop protector. Some days it goes in every time and some days not at all. Game angle is set at second line.

#5438 11 months ago
Quoted from mrgregb123:

The flippers on DI are quite problematic with random strength variance - the left orbit shot exasperates this issue because it puts the most resistance on the flipper bat. Flipper strength needs to be drastically increased and even then the flipper still exhibits the strength randomness. Whatever JJP uses to control the pulse modulation of the coil is not reliable. It's made the game a lot less fun for sure. There are no mechanical issues with my flippers. It's just the way the game is - I've had two copies and both flip the same.

I have no such issue, never had any problems with flipper inconsistency or strength. All shots can be made consistently , so let's not generalize "The flippers on DI are problematic....." Please.

1 month later
#6317 9 months ago
Quoted from MEuRaH:

My phone developed a redish/pink tint about 5 weeks ago. I played through it and it went away on its own somehow. I noticed that after it went away, the screens' image was a good 5 pixels lower on the phone. But hey, at least the full color was back and I could still see everything, so I was fine with it.
Fast forward to 2 days ago. I was cleaning the playfield and moved around the phone to get some hard-to-reach areas, so I know I jostled it a bit. Turned the machine back on and the redish/pink tint came back, and the screen is 5 pixels up back into its old position again! NOOOOO!
I unplugged the phone from its holster and plugged it back on... no change. Jostled all the wires, turned it off and on... no change.
Weird, right? I started to just played through it again but I'm bummed that it's back.

Have you upgraded to the new code? Reason I say this is I had the issues with the Pink wash out for a long time (second phone) I got to the point that I put a switch in line with the power to it so I could reset it without rebooting which always fixes it. NOW with the new code the pink wash out has never happened again, I always thought it was some sort of initialization sequence problem on boot, possibly fixed in this code .?.

1 month later
#6847 8 months ago
Quoted from tadowhere:

What would the issue be if the phone keeps going blank/black during gameplay? If I power down and start back it it starts working again but it's getting annoying

It was getting annoying for me as well so after 2 phones I wired a switch in line with the 12 volts to the phone and ran it to just inside the coin door. This lets me reset the phone when that happens without rebooting. Easily reverted if the problem goes away (it seems to happen less frequently with the newer code)

2 months later
#7539 5 months ago
Quoted from pinstyle:

Can anything be done about the sound on this thing? Or are we dead in the water until an adjustment is made at the next update? Too much highs and not enough lows...

You can try changing the sound with these System Settings, I thought changing the Volume Effect Intensity to 2 made it sound a lot better on mine (not just louder).
Capture (resized).PNG

#7553 5 months ago

Flippers died in the middle of a game then worked after the ball drained, happened several times last night. I haven't done any troubleshooting yet , anyone else have this happen?

#7556 5 months ago
Quoted from crwjumper:

Probably a bad opto or solder connection in the ball trough. When (False) triggered it thinks that the ball has drained and is in the trough.

Thanks, I'll check it out.

#7579 5 months ago
Quoted from crwjumper:

Probably a bad opto or solder connection in the ball trough. When (False) triggered it thinks that the ball has drained and is in the trough.

The 5V connector to the trough boards had a splayed pin, reformed it all good...

Trough5V (resized).jpg
1 month later
#7894 3 months ago
Quoted from JoeJet:

Hi, just picked up a Dialed In ..love it!
A few questions though..
1) I am used to pushing the back leg levelers all the way up and then adjusting down. This game I have a legs all the way down and it's still above the third bubble line when it should be at 2...so I need the actually raise the front?
2) maybe because I am not level so I got a ball stuck at upper level. But looking at the protector, looks like a real ball trap...is this how the clear plastic piece is supposed to look? Thanks!![quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

1) On this game (and I think all JJ) unlike other manufacturers games, when all of the leg levelers are extended by the same amount the game should be at the correct angle, bubble touching the second line. This is because the front legs sit up higher on the cabinet than on B/W and other games.

2) You're pretty steep and likely why its trapped there but it can happen. Others have added a post there to prevent it from trapping.

#7909 3 months ago

Mine was built 9/26/2017 and I received it in October 2017, it had JJP protectors. JJ sent me a set of real Cliffys after I requested them probably in January 2018.

2 weeks later
#8012 83 days ago

Q: I was in Fire mode yesterday and required to hit the left ramp. Since Lock was lit Betty kept her arm down and therefore I could never hit the ramp made switch to progress in the mode (unless I locked the ball). Bug or intentional ? Running V1.61

#8014 83 days ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

You should still be able to make progress in that mode with Betty's arm down. Check in switch test to see if it's registering with a ball.

I assume the first switch registers fine since I have no issues otherwise, but I'll check it. Normally a ramp is not counted until you hit the second ramp made switch which is not possible with her arm down.

#8053 81 days ago
Quoted from fnosm:

In theory you can light SIM cards by completing modes and a handful of other ways too.
In practice I have only lit SIM cards by completing modes (proper or Big Bang)
Anyone ever light a SIM card other than completing modes? If so have your incorporated this into your game strategy? Any suggestions for someone that is jonesing for more SIM cards (aside from carryover)?

Yes the Bob Multiballs, I got a SIM Card lit for Monkey Wrench MB yesterday, 3 balls past Betty lights it. Have also lit it by hitting QED guy 15+ times in High Voltage Multiball. I have not lit it in Drones Gone Wild MB yet (3 jackpots to light it)

1 month later
#8705 35 days ago

I have updated to 1.71 and all of the problems spoken about here have manifested... Video Lag and random phone kickout strength. I have also noticed that when the system is busy trying to keep up, the callout voices are sped up. "shoot the theatre" sounds like Alvin the Chipmunks sister. I haven't proven it yet but sometimes the countdown timer during modes seems to run faster than real time. Anyone else notice these things?

I purchased my DISE in Oct 2017 and it was born on 9/26/17.

So I am going to join the CPU upgrade gang to see what happens. Replacing the Celeron G1840 with Intel Core i3-4170 @3.7GHz , CPU PassMark 5192 vs 2859.

cpuinfo (resized).jpg
#8707 35 days ago
Quoted from Insanity199:

Please post your results when you are done. What made you choose that processor in particular? Good deal on it somewhere?

Yup , I chose it because there was a warrantied refurb one on Amazon.ca for $59 CDN. New one is $180

#8711 35 days ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

Link for the cpu on Amazon?

There was only the one used one @$59. New ones are $160 + shipping
amazon.com link »

#8724 34 days ago
Quoted from Kevlar:

About time JJP spoke up about the CPU/slowdown issue although if they acknowledge it I guess they'd have to do something about it ( or not! )

This is a tough one, I guess JJP may be trying to figure out their position on this. Yes the older systems (mine included) do have less powerful hardware but isn't this the case with all electronics today? If you buy a new PC or Phone now for the same price as one last year it will generally have newer faster hardware. Perhaps they could offer code updates based on hardware capability.

#8728 34 days ago
Quoted from snaroff:

It's not tough. If you make a CPU change, the "platform" should change. For example: Stern has developed many platforms over the years with different board sets....Whitestar, SAM, Spike-1, Spike-2.

Apples and oranges, JJPs base is commercial off the shelf hardware and Linux O/S and as such it is infinitely more adaptable. Code testing requirements on compatible hardware would be minimal. I for one am happy that I can upgrade my hardware, which means if they have the inclination to keep updating the game software I will be able to take advantage of it. After all one of the biggest bitches about Stern is their lack of code updates.

#8751 33 days ago

Celeron processor for sale cheap, Everything works perfectly now ... but I may need an i5 if I want to get 8 million points

hwinfo (resized).jpg
#8767 31 days ago
Quoted from koops:

Latest code, celeron cpu, early le build no lag.
People replacing CPU’s and it seemingly fixing the issues are just brute forcing the problem by throwing hardware at it.
I’d wager it’s just a bug, driver incompatibility or new feature if a software upgrade is causing the problem.
I wonder if those with lag have high numbers of games played = longer powered on time = dirty fans = Huge cpu throttling?
With my previous hobbit streaming/splunk hacking I found the the overall cpu utilization from normal game code is very low. I could easily understand why a celeron was chosen. During that same time I was playing around with getting my machine to software encode for streaming. In doing so I could cause it to lag.
For dialed in it has three screens so perhaps that can make the difference if all three are playing at once.
I haven’t installed a splunk forwarder into my dialed in yet. If i could be bothered it would quickly give an idea of how busy the system truely is.

Mine is an early build Celeron Aug 2017, HUO , only turned on when playing, I'd estimate only a few hundred games on it. Fan was clean and unobstructed. Out of curiosity how much memory does yours have? I noticed the video Lag started in v1.6 , that's when they completed the animations I believe. It was annoying but livable. With v1.71 to me it was broken, animations and call outs were so far behind it was unplayable. The CPU upgrade solved everything but yes it quite possibly is just throwing hardware at a code issue. It would be nice to get some cpu/mem usage information from it if you get the time that'd be great.

1 week later
#8878 20 days ago
Quoted from ralphs007:

I think you still have to load 1.60/1.61 before you update to 1.71,but I could be wrong?

Yes you have to upgrade to 1.60 full install and Delta to 1.71

1 week later
#8967 13 days ago
Quoted from altan:

Anyone have a pic of the standard’s flash? I’m just interested. Really curious why not on LE.

I read that the reason for this was that operators would likely purchase SEs for putting on location and the Flash would draw attention, whereas LEs would more likely be HUO.

diflash (resized).jpg
1 week later
#9040 4 days ago
Quoted from altan:

I’m about 6’4”. I realized last night the quantum theater isn’t angled correctly for me.
There are some modes where numbers appear at the top of the display. I cannot see them unless I bend down!
I’m thinking of putting some “shims” of short under the front to angle it better. Anyone done this or considered it?
I haven’t looked at the mech yet but hopefully it’s straight forward.

Have you tried 3" leg levelers

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