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#96 2 years ago
Quoted from Leeb18509:

No confirmation yet, but my final check just got cashed for a Standard. Was told it should ship this week. Ordered about a month ago from Chris at Kingpin games.

from what i understand, it was picked up at in Jersey today and i will have a tracking number for you in the morning.

to be clear though, since many more people decided to get Limited Editions, those that are getting Standards have a shorter wait time (from me). i have a few standards and limited editions left if people want to get in the first batch still.

#100 2 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

I've been told SE 'should' ship this friday

I had 3 DI Standards ship yesterday.

#143 2 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

What's the wait time approximately if you order now to when you receive the game?

depends on what you order. i could have a couple standards ready in a few weeks, but my limited edition orders are probably 6 weeks out at least.

1 month later
#393 2 years ago
Quoted from stpcore:

Any word on when the physical owner manuals will be ready to ship?

nothing yet, but they did update the website to Manual version 2.0

seems to be missing the rules and gameplay section, but the rest seems to be there.

#409 2 years ago

looks great. wonder if i could get one?

1 week later
#572 2 years ago
Quoted from SkeebWilcox:

Also, the GI on the right side from the slingshot up to the back left corner has gone out. Anyone else have that issue? Solution for that?

Check the connections on your BAG board. Lift the playfield up and it will be in the lower right corner. just follow all the grey wires. i had one of my connections come partially loose during transportation and lost a sling gi for a bit. Simply push the connection back into the slot on the board and all is good now.

3 weeks later
#824 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

As someone that moves these things by themselves, WoZ is still the absolute monster when it comes to weight. That machine almost killed me when I was moving it to put the 4th leg on. All of the weight went to one end an it was me or the floor who was taking the hit. Of course I went right into it and saved a mess. DI is def lighter but also def the heaviest normal body machine I've moved.
On a side note:
Does anyone know if the machine "stores" those selfie pictures anywhere (at least temp)? Got some real good ones of the kids.

they are stored in ram for now. not accessible to the user.

with the release of the new software, they will have to stored somewhere on the hard drive as they will be used for high scores. I still don't know if they will be user accessible though

2 weeks later
#1403 2 years ago

The selfie label is only used on the photos during the selfie mode, not the high score.

to change that label, enter the test menu (black button inside coin door), scroll down to "Selfie customization" and then push the black button again to enter the menu to change the label.

Thanks for beating me to it Kevin.

#1429 2 years ago
Quoted from flashinstinct:

Anyone ever get the switch 13 theatre open switch? Seems like the optos failed but not sure.

i commented in your other thread, but i will leave it here too.

first thing is to check to see if the optos are plugged in. they are referenced as o3 and o4 in the manual.

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 10.04.46 AM (resized).png

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 10.04.40 AM (resized).png

#1434 2 years ago
Quoted from Cserold:

LTG after code update to 1.5, my theatre magnet not working correctly anymore. It won't suck ball up and appears to have other different behavior. I've tested magnet setting from -80 to -98. Any suggestions?

adjust further. i have installed some machines where i had to set the theater magnet to -120.

1 week later
#1551 2 years ago
Quoted from Damien:

Also, just something I was wondering about when I got the game delivered, but totally forgot about since. I received 3 leg levellers that were standard size (as you get on all games) and one that was much longer? Is there a reason that JJP send out one super long leg leveller, or was this a botch up?

the longer ones were meant for Hobbit. you can use it on any game though.

1 week later
#1698 2 years ago
Quoted from MightyGrave:

The SE comes with Shaker, Playfieldprotector and "JJP-Cliffys" and has only 150 Games on it.
I hope there will come a ramp light mod...

As far as i know, there will never be a way to introduce the ramp lights to the Standard Edition. If you want the lights you need to get a Limited or Collectors Edition.

All machines SE, LE, CE come with the shaker motor. Anything included on the LE and CE is purely cosmetic and does not change the way the game plays or scores.

1 week later
#1841 2 years ago
Quoted from Bigbossfan:

Think my DI is having major issues. So played ball one. No problem. Ball 2, ball doesn't launch from the trough. Turn off the pin open the coin door wiggle the connectors on the trough make sure they are nice and tight. No issues there. Turn on the pin, get that there is an error. Open the coin door, press enter, no errors are showing. OK. Close the coin door and start a game. Ball launches immediately from the trough, auto launched into the game, pin is going crazy. I turned it off right away.
Turned it back on, and had a huge list of errors. Exited out of the menu, launched a game, and exact same thing. I should mention, that when I had the pin turned on, all the lights stayed on (i.e., no attract mode) and QED dude kept moving. I'm thinking this is something major, but then again, I could be wrong. Any pinsiders help me out??

Check the inline connect harnesses. Those are the connectors that go from the playfield to the metal chassis. make sure they are connected tightly to both the outside and the inside of the chassis.

#1846 2 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

Don't they go right to the board in the head on Dialed In ?
LTG : )

You're probably right. Sorry, late night, newborn, lack of sleep.

#1850 2 years ago

Ver 1.52 is out
== Jersey Jack Pinball, Inc. ==
== Presents ==
== Dialed In ==
== http://www.jerseyjackpinball.com/ ==
== Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JerseyJackPinball ==
== Support Portal: http://support.jerseyjackpinball.com ==
== Company Twitter: @JJPinball ==
== Software Department Twitter: @JJPSoftware ==
== Copyright � 2017 Jersey Jack Pinball, Inc. ==
Comments, questions, and/or bug reports? Ask @JJPSoftware, which is monitored
and responded by humans.
Issues with your game?
Please open a ticket: http://support.jerseyjackpinball.com
== Legend ==
+ Addition * Change/bugfix - Note
== Version 1.52 November 30, 2017 ==
=== Game Code
* Fixed score display bug triggered by tilting in a multi-player game
* Fixed Chaos Multiball becoming unavailable after player a Quick Multiball
* Fixed a crash bug that happens when Big Bang difficulty is changed
+ Added adjustment for Theater Magnet catch behavior
=== Core Code
* Fixed audio mixing issue that resulted in distorted sounds
* Fixed ball tracking error caused by losing ball from lockup during ballsaver
+ Added CUSTOMIZATION sub-menu under UTILITIES in Diagnostics
* Changed timing of Self Test Report display at power up
== Version 1.50 October 31, 2017 ==
Tilting in a multi-player game can cause the other player's score display to
run up forever. (This is a display issue, not a scoring problem.)
Starting a Quick Multiball when Chaos in Quantum City is lit can take away
the chance to play Chaos in Quantum City.
=== Game Code
+ Added Test Report message for BT dongle not present
* Updated some choreography for Chaos in Quantum City mode
+ Added design team selfies in attract mode
* Added some new graphics and sound effects
* Fixed Crazy Mode display effects hanging around during wizard modes
=== Core Code
+ Added check for switches stuck closed/open at power up
+ Added check for any opto switch working at power up; multiball devices will
not kick if no opto switch working
+ Added display message at power up if Test Report error detected
* Trough will abandon kicking after a while
+ Added check for all trough switches closed (including jam); trough will not
kick when this condition detected (likely a failure of the trough board);
game will not start during this condition, and a Trough Error message is
* Multiball devices will abandon kicking with coin door open now; abandoned
devices will kick when door is closed
* Turned on Test Report "dot" Paid Play preset

1 week later
#2021 2 years ago
Quoted from Bigbossfan:

Well got the replacement IO Board and USB wire....same shit. I so wanted this to be my best NIB experience, instead it's been the worst. My DILE has sat in my pin room now useless as a brick, for just about as long as I owned it. (Played great for the first 3 weeks...now been down for 2.5 weeks).
Has anyone else had huge issues like I'm having or am I the only lucky bastard??

have you changed usb ports on the motherboard? it is not unheard of in consumer level motherboards for 1 or more usb ports to suddenly stop responding.

1 month later
#2398 2 years ago
Quoted from OnTheSnap:

After much agony flipping between machines I've settled in on a DI LE as my first pin.
Just looking around trying to find the best place to buy. I'm in NorCal, but happy to have it shipped. Is it best to order direct from JJP, or a particular dealer I should look to?

Unfortunately, i don't see I distributor directly in your area, so your options are to find whomever you feel comfortable with. No matter whom you go with (distributor or direct) you will get the same great service from JJP. As a distributor here is what i have to offer.

Free shipping for US Armed Forces Vet
Double your factory warranty
available "after hours" and weekends for support

2 months later
#3489 1 year ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

Hi there,
This pin needs to be precisely set up to play well.
Sometimes my shooter rod works bad, hitting the ball on the top and whatever the strength the ball cant reach the playfield...sometimes i can’t do the left ramp in backhand by lack of power....sometimes the ball is blocked by the diverter arm on the left ramp, slightly down too much .... the scoop shot is still hard to do and I doubt it is only coz of the cliffy protector ...the SIM card shot is also tough, too much tough...I can’t remember if I already succeeded it otherwise than by luck (and draining before sucks)
First I just want to know if someone has adjusted differently the flippers than factory set up?

Actually, what I would recommend is loosen the shooter housing, then on the outside of the cabinet, place a small flat washer between the cabinet and the bottom of the housing. then tighten the top screw of the housing first, followed by the bottom two. What this will do is tilt the shooter rod down a little so that it misses the auto launch and hits more in the center of the ball.

1 month later
#3952 1 year ago
Quoted from sebseb12:

little question to the owners of the dialed in:
in coil test mode, does coils 12 and 14 work (it's the two right-handed beaters up and down in Hold mode)?
thank you in advance

if you move the flipper to the up position manually, then yes, the "hold" will work in test.

#3957 1 year ago
Quoted from javagrind888:

I just got my LE in the mail, I'm waiting for a friend to come help me move it and set it up before I fully open it up. #285. Is that an older number or have they not been making that many?
I'm a bit worried. The lightning bolt was outside the cab and broken. The glass and cab look good though, I'm just not popping that strap to check everything until we can get it moved and the legs on.

The numbers themselves are arbitrary. They are not produced in numerical order. What you will want to look for is the "build date" on the serial number tag. That will let you know the age of the game.

5 months later
#5772 1 year ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

All the boards under the playfield are green. I didn't look for the fuses specifically, but I didn't see any red lights either.

In your manual (either on screen, online, or physical) look at page c-94 and c-95. This shows the board under the playfield that controls the gi and flasher lights. I have had a couple of machines where the connectors on this board have wiggled loose. double check to see if they are tight.

extract 2.jpgpage extract.jpg
#5789 1 year ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

It was a connector! I missed it when I went through the few times. Now I have to reconnect all of my backbox lights lol. Thanks!

Ha, sorry for the delay. Small kids distracting, you know. Glad to see it is working.

#5792 1 year ago
Quoted from javagrind888:

Does the audio noise filter plug into the small board near the power supply or does it plug into the green computer speaker port on the motherboard?

The computer port.

#5817 1 year ago
Quoted from mulder2010:

I had an issue with the left ramp shot, where the ball came down into the left inland too fast. It would jum lanes, and sometimes just air ball over the flippers. Reduced the right flipper strength by one, and that seems to have done the trick.
My phone scoop isn't dropping the ball onto my flipper, so I'm still working on that adjustment.

Otherwise jjp has a plastic cover that fits on the end of the wireform that will stop it from jumping out

1 week later
#6123 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

Didn’t JJP do a plastic clear piece to stop bounce outs.
Jack gave me one back in January at EAG London

Yes, just call into part or service and they will send one out. They will need your game serial number. super easy install.

#6178 1 year ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

Hmmm. The hooks seem ok, but the metal seat they sit in may be slightly off on the side near the plunger. I'm not sure how to remove or take care of that.
I came up with a lazy man's solution and added a small amount of weather stripping to lift that side just slightly (see last picture). So far it works like a charm. Anything wrong with this approach? Thanks for all the help so far!
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]
[quoted image]

Next thing i would do would be to loosen all of the screws that hold the shooter housing in place. pull the bottom of the housing out, stick a flat washer between the inside of the bottom area of the housing and the cabinet itself. tighten the housing screws back down (starting with the bottom one). This will cause the shooter rod to tilt down slightly and should alleviate the issue of the c-clip hitting.

1 month later
#6623 1 year ago
Quoted from Fortytwo:

I went to jersey jacks site and was unable to load the model comparison doc. Does anyone know where this is that I can look at? I also checked Lloyd’s link and it was to the same doc. Just loads up blank.
Also. Is there a full blown computer in dialed in? Or is it a micro computer? Thanks.

I found one for you


scroll down just a bit and you will see it on the right.

as far as i remember i think they are atx motherboards.

#6715 1 year ago
Quoted from attack7:

I noticed there are some slowdowns still in 1.61 on video processing. Skill shot and phone are better. Extra Ball animation seems slow.

have you tried disconnecting the blue-tooth dongle?

1 month later
#7302 11 months ago

Game show specials for both tpf (texas) and mgc (milwaukee) on dialed in standard and limited edition

$500 off msrp
Free shipping to the show
All snow perks for bringing a game.
Double factory warranty

Let me know


#7310 11 months ago
Quoted from KingBW:

The snow wasn't a perk at MGC last year ... just sayin.

Ha, since its snowing again here, I'm not even going to correct my fat finger typing.

1 week later
#7380 10 months ago
Quoted from SilverWings:

Howdy DI owners and players,
Its been a 2 year effort to find the right pin. Started into this hobby by building a nice collection of EM's but now its time for that NEW game! My journey of searching, playing, talking, dreaming, deliberating and debating has come to a proper end -- right here at the Dialed In Owners and Fans club.
Will be picking up a NIB LE at Texas Pinball Fest in a couple weeks and am so excited about unboxing with the entire JJ team right there. Also really looking forward to meeting a few of you and getting to talk about DI in person. *Come play my pin!* And please do share your thoughts, play strategy, impressions, mods and ideas about this marvelous title.
I'll have a guest book there as well, where you can sign with your Pinside handle, and players initials plus anything else in mind. Gotta know who's behind the high scores, right? (plus I'll have your mug shot) HA!!
Cheers y'all ... see you @ TPF !!!
- Bill


#7382 10 months ago
Quoted from attack7:

Awesome - congrats! Whose booth with it be at?

It will be in the KingPin Games booth along with PotC and Hobbit from JJP.

Plus a lot more.

3 weeks later
#7476 10 months ago

Thanks for the kind words. Thank you for the booth photo too. We are going to have to spread out a little next year it looks like.

Quoted from SilverWings:

Took delivery of DILE s/n 0770 at TPF from Chris KingPinGames . So I thought I'd post some feedback on the delivery, the machine, and game play during the show.
I had the great pleasure of meeting Jack, Eric Meunier, Jean-Paul de Win, and Butch Peel all from the JJP Team. Chris from KingPin games was fantastic in every way. 100% recommended.
Chris and crew had the pin unboxed and set up by the time we arrived late Thursday afternoon. I looked it over very carefully, inside and out - and am happy to say it was all in absolutely perfect shape. Not a scratch! The playfield was absolutely pristine, clean and ready to play.
Eric Meunier showed me how to extract the supplied balls and I inspected them with a 60X pocket microscope - all looked just fine. The surface finish is exactly the same as on Ball Baron standard's or the ones you'd get from Marco. I did install 5 new balls each morning of the show, and inspected the outgoing sets for problems in surface finish. I never could find any problems, so this DI isn't chewing up balls.
There were only 3 very minor issues with the pin that showed up: on Saturday a player reported the balls weren't always registering correctly when entering the return trough. And wouldn't you know it - just to my right was Lloyd LTG who simply opened the coin door, and found a connector a bit loose on the trough assembly. Problem fixed, and thank you Lloyd! It was a real pleasure to get to meet you!
The second problem appeared to be a mis-adjusted side flipper. When at rest, it was hanging just about 1/16" open which was deflecting fast moving balls around the loop STDM. After getting the game home, I found a small screw lodged behind the flipper (probably some factory hardware that somehow got in there) and was keeping it from returning to the proper position. It was actually jammed down in the PF in a small opening and was hard to see. Removing that fixed the flipper return issue.
And finally, the mylar covering the Theater magnet is already showing significant distortion where it contacts the magnet. I think I'm just going to cut the mylar away as described in this thread, and be done with it. The mylar over the Drones magnet still looks fine, so I'll keep an eye on it.
I know your next question: how many games did it get at TPF? And unfortunately I didn't think of looking before having to head out on a business trip. So when I return I can report the actual game count, but for now I'm guessing around 500 plays.
The playfield still looks amazing. Literally not a scratch, and the dimples are quite shallow and can only be seen with lighting at a specific angle. Very satisfied with this PF.
Here's a shot of the KingPinGames area: Busy place and lots of fun![quoted image]

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