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#1347 1 year ago

Anyone fitted something here to stop this ball hangup?

20171102_193200 (resized).jpg

#1350 1 year ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Just hit the side of the pin

Nah, couldn't dislodge it, was a glass off moment.

#1356 1 year ago

What does everyone think of the JJP scoops protectors? They are much thicker than cliffys, a few of us who got machines this week in the UK are noticing ball damage and scratches on the playfield. Not sure if the balls had these imperfections before playing or if these protectors are causing it ( or something else causing it? ).

#1367 1 year ago

Do you have to enable the camera

Quoted from Pinhead1982:Anyone have any issues on new code download where the phone doesn't boot back up?
Put it back to 1.13 and still no screen?
This has happened to another game and don't want to update if it's gonna mess mine up?
ltg any help

That would be mine I guess. My phone screen appears to be dead, I've updated 1.13>1.50>1.5>1.13>1.5 but it's not working. I've even swapped the VGA cable over with the Theatre and had the phone image on the theatre screen but nowt on the phone. Got to go to work now so will have to trouble shoot tomorrow. Looks like the phone screen itself is faulty or not getting power ( the backlight of the LCD screen isn't even lighting, so its solid black, not backlit grey or showing blue no signal screen ). Other connectors leading to the screen ( power and cat5 ) all seem to be in place.

#1401 1 year ago

Anyone know how to ' edit selfie label ' , I'm putting my name in and it says press start to save but it does nothing. I'm hoping this is how you don't have to keep putting your name in after a game? am I misunderstanding what this option is for? Isn't there a way for the machine to recognize you and put your name in automatically?

#1404 1 year ago

Thanks guys, so my request for facial recognition to automatically add your name isn't a thing then? at least not yet?

#1424 1 year ago

Are there any spare/accessory power connectors on DI?

#1462 1 year ago

I understand you can cancel multiball start somehow? How? I've tried mashing the flippers but multiball just starts quicker.

#1465 1 year ago

Thanks guys

#1497 1 year ago
Quoted from Damien:

Haha, I know to do that if I want to overwrite the file, just making sure this was normal. If you recall, I had that issue with the corrupted MMR file.

Mine did exactly the same.

1 week later
#1570 1 year ago

Am I correct in thinking if you have 2 sim cards ready to collect you have to hit the sim scoop twice? 1 hit doesn't collect both?

#1582 1 year ago

My screen went blank after updating and never came back. Currently waiting for a replacement.

#1630 1 year ago

As I mentioned previously my smartphone screen died just after updating to 1.5 having only owned the machine a day or 2. I'm still waiting for a replacement but in the meantime I get to hear the ' Here's your new phone ' and ' we have detected a problem with your phone ' callouts every time I play ..Bastards!

Anyway, I was wondering what skillshot everyone plunges for? has anyone developed a strategy for which to choose? there doesn't seem to be one that's the one to always go for ( like in LOTR for example ). I usually try to go for the points but for no other reason than I haven't worked out why/when you should go for any other choice.

#1690 1 year ago

I've adjusted my trapdoor mech a few times, seems not very sturdy to me, i. e. Made out of thin easily bent metal.

#1725 1 year ago

Anyone else had a right ramp shot take the entrance between the left loop and right ramp rather than make the ramp? I just had a very well hit right orbit/ramp shot complete the orbit and come back down the left side where it had ridden up the wall high enough to take the route into the left orbit. If you've looked at this area closely you'll understand what I mean, may not make sense otherwise. I'm 100% sure it's not supposed to do that, you would swear there was a diverter there the way it completed the loop.

#1829 1 year ago

I've just fitted my replacement smartphone and all is well. I've read others ask about the animations on the phone screen but couldn't relate before because my screen was down, now I'm noticing some of the face animations not running. For instance the sergeant major type guy who talks during the meteor mode, I've seen that mode start with just a static image of him but sometimes with him animating. Glitch/bug? Also does the scientist that talks during singularity animate? he didn't for me just now.

Interestingly the colour of the LED's around the phone are much stronger on this replacement phone, the blue much bluer and the green much greener, but the red is the biggest difference, on my old one the red was orange, I noticed the difference immediately.

#1844 1 year ago
Quoted from MightyGrave:

I set the Theatermagnet to -95 and no stdm anymore i think if you have the prolem you have to try different settings for the magnet.

That setting only affects the times the magnet does ' catch and toss backwards ', not when it does ' catch and release '.

1 week later
#1957 1 year ago

The day after getting my machine I decided to adjust the flipper button switches as they didn't feel right. I found the screws holding the switches to the cab were loose so I tried to tighten them. I found 3 of the four screws had been over tightened on installation and stripped the screw holes. The right switch was barely holding on but getting more and more unresponsive. Matchsticks in the holes time. Awesome build quality. Feels like a new starter on the Jjp line problem.

2 weeks later
#2187 1 year ago

The mode start animations not playing properly on the phone needs fixing. Previous posts in this thread have suggested not all animations are in there yet and there's more to come but I'm pretty sure I've seen them all run properly, seems it's just 50/50 whether they load and run or just display a static image.

Do the mode start animations run 100% of the time for anyone?

#2194 1 year ago
Quoted from check_switch_26:

A bunch of the phone call voice clips do not have animations. When we have time to create the animations, they will be put in.

Thanks, that's good to know.

#2238 1 year ago

Probably a stupid question but....during lottery frenzy it says on the screen ' lock 3 balls for multiball ' or words to that effect. Is that another multiball? i.e. different to the standard multiball, monkey wrench, drone or QED? I've never achieved it and it actually seems quite unlikely during the short lottery frenzy time. Or am I completely misunderstanding it?

#2281 1 year ago
Quoted from attack7:

This is maybe a question for check_switch_26 -- what is it that "unlocks" disaster apps to be available on the phone? The game always starts with the same four or five, but I'm wondering what the mechanism is that makes the other disasters available? Score? QED hits? Time? Cosmic rays?
Anyone know?

I believe it's the number of sim cards collected ' your phone has been upgraded to level 2 ' etc....

#2328 1 year ago

JJP still aren't setting the trap door up correctly after all the reports? .

1 week later
#2416 1 year ago

The Gem shot is MUCH easier than the sim shot, I can hit the gem shot maybe 1 in 4 or 5 attempts but the sim hole? Thats no better than 1 in 20. Near impossible to hit on purpose/at will. If I've collected 200 sim cards only about 10 of them were direct shots.. If that.

#2467 1 year ago
Quoted from WJxxxx:

That must have been a hell of a game Kev

Nice one Wayne

#2513 1 year ago

It's not looking good for the longevity of the phone, mine failed the day after getting my machine and was replaced but there's just too many instances of this. Hopefully they've identified the problem and sorted it out with whoever supplies them.

#2524 1 year ago
Quoted from Damien:

Was cleaning and waxing my game last night, when I noticed in the reflection of light that there were loads of ball marks on my pf. I'm fully aware that pfs get scratched up, but from what I've seen on my other games they're more shallow and usually in more of a swirled pattern.
These lines almost look like planking, and when I gently run my finger nail across them, they are deep enough to stop my finger.
I took video of this following the reflection on my portable light.
What do you guys think?
» YouTube video

Pull the balls out of the machine and check them very closely for imperfections. A load of us in the UK had this happen, tiny little raised rough bits on the balls. I noticed mine getting scratched after only 3 or 4 games, checked the balls and found them rough. Swapped the balls out and no further scratches. Either the balls were already damaged or they were poor quality and got damaged, possibly by the scoop protectors.

#2527 1 year ago
Quoted from Damien:

So then this is not normal? This is not what the pf should look like if clean balls were used?
I used the balls that were included with my game.

No, not normal but experienced by a few of us in the uk when we all got our machines. At first we were doubting the clearcoat but soon the rough balls were found and we all ditched them. Go check them really carefully.

#2529 1 year ago
Quoted from Damien:

Regardless, even if I switch balls now, the damage has been done. I've barely played the game, and figured that brand new balls out of the box would have been fine. I'm pretty pissed off!

Understandable, I was too. I caught mine with only a few scratches and you can't really see them unless you look closely. Someone else said they successfully polished most of them out ( probably with novus ).

#2531 1 year ago
Quoted from Damien:

I don't think Novus it going to clear these out. I will try, but highly doubt it.
I've contacted JJP.

Did you find the balls rough?

#2540 1 year ago
Quoted from Damien:

Took the balls out, and they do have some dings in them, but not much more than some of my other balls in other games.
I tried taking some Novus 2, Novus 1, and wax to it, without really any improvement.
Waiting on JJP.

The imperfections I found were tiny little raised spikes, imagine a grain of sand stuck to the surface. Too small to see but could feel and once found could feel it with thumb nail.

#2545 1 year ago

I replaced mine with stern balls ( not known for their quality either! ) out of my Ghostbusters while I got new balls, and the scratching stopped immediately. Also the stern balls didn't receive damage when in DI. Some owners blamed the jjp scoop protectors damaging the balls, maybe some balls are harder than others. I'm not saying that's what's happened. As for oil on the balls, you are supposed to clean that off before use, it said so on the packaging.

#2576 1 year ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Your scoop needs bent down so it dont hit that

Definitely bend the scoop down as per advice above, I went through this a few weeks ago, tried various scoop eject power settings but in the end it was just the scoop bending backwards over time. I believe the steel isn't thick enough because a day or 2 later I had to bend it down again! It's really easy to bend, no tools required.

#2588 1 year ago

Nah it's not normal. I've had 2 NIB's, GB pro ( an early one so no ghosting luckily ) which doesn't have any of these scratches, and DI which had deep scratches near the flippers after only 3 or 4 games. Swapped the balls, no more scratches. JJP balls either already damaged or are soft and got damaged in the machine. 500 plays now, 4 with JJP balls scratching the playfield, and 496 with stern balls causing zero damage.

#2592 1 year ago
Quoted from venom112:

So then how do you explain this same problem happening with different pinballs from different manufacturers. I have owned many sterns and used the supplied pinballs from them and the scratches still happen. Shine a bright light from up by the trans light with no other lights on in the room I would bet you have scratches. That’s the thing you can’t see them at all unless lighting conditions are a certain way.

I can't, I can only relay my experience with DI balls, and other UK owners who all got machines at the same time and were scared shitless that the clearcoat hadn't cured....then we changed the balls and lived happily ever after.

#2622 1 year ago
Quoted from Strummy:

Iis the bottom right led out on my phone?

Step through the LED test, each individual LED can be lit 1 at a time, including those running around the phone.

#2635 1 year ago

I have mirror blades installed, they are tight though.

#2636 1 year ago
Quoted from moonduckie78:

Concerning the reports of playfield scratches, look to the area circled below as one of the other possible causes of damage to balls, which in turn can lead to playfield scratches.
On the most recent DI builds, I believe this piece is being bent slightly to the right, so the tip is positioned somewhat behind the stand up target, and balls can no longer strike the edge directly.

Well spotted, just checked mine and that edge is very exposed, I’ll be bending mine in.

#2674 1 year ago
Quoted from estrader:

Anyone know how to select between the different disasters?

If you look at the charged phone you'll see the currently available disasters, when you flip you'll see that you're changing which one is lit. Hit the scoop with the disaster lit you want to start. Bare in mind when you flip it will move one place so select one disaster to the left or right depending which flipper you use ( same as how the ring modes are selected in LOTR )

1 week later
#2816 1 year ago
Quoted from gorgar007:

The big bang lighting effect is just the coolest. I would even like to see them take it further and make it even more dramatic!

It is great but the trouble with making it even more dramatic is the ball is usually still in play when you hit it, it's hard enough keeping an eye on the balls or balls as it is

3 weeks later
#3093 1 year ago
Quoted from OnTheSnap:

I just received the new JJP factory Cliffy's free of charge from the factory. Great service!!
So planning on installing these tonight on my machine.
Now seeing this mantis option. What's the difference? Why would I pick one over the other? Confused.

I'm confused about mantis too, never owned a machine with one and why protect the inside of the hole?

#3121 1 year ago

Another update would be nice about now to fill in all those missing animations.

#3124 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

Yes, those were confirmed to still be on the "to do" list.

Is there anything else on the to do list? where is the list?

1 week later
#3243 1 year ago

I could shave with the lockdown bar or the side rails on my DI standard edition.

1 week later
#3314 1 year ago

Am I correct in thinking a lit sim card ( but not collected yet ) is lost when getting to Chaos in Quantum city? I just reached chaos with 2 collected sim cards and one ready for collection. I hit the sim hole during chaos but it wasn't collected, then when the mode was over the sim waiting to be collected was gone. 99% sure that's what happened, hope it's fixed in the future.

#3404 1 year ago

On my machine the mylar over the magnet cores melted and bubbled in no time at all, probably less than 50 games. May as well cut it off immediately. Leave it on the playfield though, just cut it off the core.

1 week later
#3505 1 year ago

That has happened to me a few times too. I think its the same problem as sometimes a right ramp shot will somehow rattle and not make it all the way. Like you say, the ball must be bouncing up and taking the exit. Its a poor design in my opinion, the way the left orbit connects to the right ramp.

#3542 1 year ago
Quoted from geoncic:

Sometimes (maybe 1 out of 10) when the ball ejects out of the phone scoop it barely hits the left sling post and will go straight into the middle drain.
Has anybody else had this problem? It seems level, but I'm using a 24" level across the entire cabinet to set it up. I may need to get a better level.
What about coil strength?
Added today: Edit: right sling post
Added today: Edit: right sling post

Sounds stupid but try bending the scoop down, I've experienced the same problem. Over time the scoop lifts and the ball starts clipping the underside of the wireform from the right ramp to the right inlane, this deflects the ball enough that it catches the slingshot. It happens so fast you can't really see it. I've had to bend mine back down twice now, to me the metal just isn't thick enough to maintain its position or it should have been braced. You can literally just push it down with your thumb.

#3567 1 year ago

I don't know the answer but as you've posted such a good photo of that switch I'd like to add that it's not in an ideal position ( by design ), it's too close to the ramp. A fast ball can clear or semi clear it and not make the switch therefore not award the ramp shot, I've had it happen plenty of times. Dial the flipper power down you say? doesn't matter, you still get a fast shot now and then when hit on the fly or a rebound.

1 week later
#3763 1 year ago

I find it annoying that if you've hit the sim hole or the bob hole ( the ball thus ending up in the phone scoop via the subway ) shots to the phone are pointless. So in multiball when you're trying to get an add-a-ball and a ball enters either of the other 2 holes first a shot to the phone scoop will not register as there's only 1 opto there already detecting a ball. 1 or 2 more optos in there would have fixed that. Never mind, doesn't happen THAT often so no biggy.

#3863 1 year ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Just a heads up for anyone getting a new Dialed In. Replace the balls! After 10 games or so games two of the stock balls already had gouges in them, and one even a small burr. I noticed a couple very light clear scratches that thankfully came out with Novus 2. I threw the stock balls away and replaced with premium Super Shiny balls.

I can't believe they're still shipping machines with those shitty balls! We all went through this months ago, clearcoat getting scratched to fuck within minutes of playing because of the crap balls. FFS Jack, sort it out!.

1 week later
#4045 1 year ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

2. Has anyone felt the need to put mylar where the ball drops onto the playfield from Station 3?
3. There is a white insert light right behind the Theater that is always on. I assume it is supposed to be on so that you can see behind the Theater screen when there isn't an image displayed? Am I right?

2...I did, I put a 1" round mylar where the ball drops, you can't even see it unless you look for it.

3...I believe you are correct.

2 months later
#4893 1 year ago

It's pretty ridiculous that machines are still coming out of the factory with the trap door setup issue

#4920 1 year ago
Quoted from kharri:

What COLOR is your Phone?
In particular the RED leds surrounding the phone. You can do this with a self test or when multiball is on the phone. When I got my DI the Red LEDs were red. I had a bad led so they sent me a new board. With the new board the RED leds are ORANGE. Also with the new board the leds aren't as vibrant.
The new board was a -05 and the old one was a -03. I'm thinking they switched to the orange leds.

Mine was the other way around, my first phone which lasted 2 days had orange, or at least very pale red leds. The replacement was much more vibrant, the red being very red. I noticed it instantly.

1 month later
#5316 11 months ago
Quoted from Blakester:

The ball is being ejected from the phone scoop straight down the middle—any advice?

Another possibility ( that happened to me ) is if the ball is clipping the slingshot it may be catching the wireform that passes overhead because the top of the scoop is straightening over time. In that case just bend it back down slightly so its missing the wireform.

1 week later
#5348 11 months ago
Quoted from estrader:

Where is the best place to order target decals from?

Got mine from Mezel mods, happy with them.

#5374 10 months ago
Quoted from epotech:

OK, hate to do this really but...
JJP WHERE IS THE CODE? Last update was going on a year ago, my phone people still aren't animated.

Agreed! It's dragging on now Do JJP only have 1 coder?

#5397 10 months ago

Love the topper, where did you get it from?

1 month later
#6375 8 months ago
Quoted from Marvin:

Theres no flap to adjust, it just happens sometimes. The rejects when it rises then gets tossed back down the right side are worse than the full jumps. I think the issue is the ramp top is pretty much at exact ball center. it they made it even 1/8" higher it would have stopped the issue. but its not a game breaker.

Add to that the switch at the top of the ramp ( a few inches down the wireform ) being too close to the peak of the ramp and you then have a switch that can be missed by a fast ball ( if you are lucky enough to get a fast ball not to reject ). Pretty poor design.

3 weeks later
#6585 8 months ago

I cut thin strips of double sided tape and stuck the cliffies down when I installed them, they've never raised.

2 weeks later
#6781 7 months ago

Is it safe to install the latest code at the moment or is the video lag still a possible issue?

#6845 7 months ago

JJP are going to have a huge revenue stream once they stop sending these phone replacements out for free!

1 month later
#7204 6 months ago
Quoted from holminone:

Ok, so I messed up good and big... I was pulling out the playfield to tune up the upper right flipper position... Embarrassed to say, I pulled the playfield out beyond the guides and things came to rest on the moving target assembly (yikes I know- major chicken bone- not like the Williams games). There are no severed wires going into the electric dude but a couple may have gotten pinched a bit or stretched. Dude lights up and target registers, he just doesn't move.
Getting an error "moving target malfunction". I've checked the voltages at the Motor Relay and they are 12.5 to 13 (good) and then at the molex connector, and that is good, but then at the pins connecting to the motor I get a drop to about half that when the test is running but no movement (a faint periodic click can be heard). Compared to the Arm drop actuator, that stays persistent at 12.5 volts.
Is it possible any pinched wires going to the dude might prevent the motor from actuating to move the guy? I've disassembled the actual motor in its entirety in thinking its jammed, and I'm prepared to replace it...
Any ideas? I'll take your flames and insults too... Thank god no damage aside from the dude not moving (he does light up and targets register)

You aren't the first and won't be the last to do that. I did it to TSPP a while back.

1 month later
#7488 4 months ago

Is it safe to install the latest software yet? a few people were getting out of sync animations on the phone iirc.

1 week later
#7526 4 months ago

My DI took about 5 minutes to boot today, I've no idea why. I couldn't give it my full attention as was busy with other stuff but I did see some text on the theatre screen. It looked like it was going to fail completely but booted successfully in the end. Also played fine. Anyone had this happen?

2 months later
#8104 48 days ago

I got a spare ramp flap/door from Jjp when mine broke off a few months ago but I've never fitted it, having it missing doesn't seem to affect the game at all and there's no sign of wear either.

2 weeks later
#8254 31 days ago

Any clue as to what will be new in 1.7? if it was just a bug fix release they wouldn't bother streaming it. Can't wait, mine has been getting hammered lately.

#8367 28 days ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

When doing the 1.60 full update, the progress shows on the quantum theater display, not the main display. I'm not sure why that is happening, but it's a PITA.

I think its just a case of which display was detected first.

#8370 27 days ago

I'm sad to say I've installed 1.71 ( had to install 1.6 first as never installed that due to reported phone screen lag ) and now I have the freaking lag!!. Some clips were still running in slow mo about 5 seconds after the voice had ended . Surely I'm not the only one? It seems to be at its worse when a mode is completed and the final voice clip of that mode is played.

Whats the best way to report this to JJP? through the support form on their website?

#8375 27 days ago

The phone screen lag seems worse when there's lots going on, multiball and a mode for example, like the cpu/mpu can't keep up with everything it's being asked to do.

#8378 27 days ago

I managed to catch a little phone lag on video. I've seen it much worse than in this clip though....

#8385 27 days ago

Will these issues be picked up by JJP from this thread or do we need to report to JJP somehow?

#8420 26 days ago

2.8 Celeron here . However, removing the BT dongle ( thanks Lermods! ) seems to have almost completely fixed my lag issue. I think there may be just a little bit of lag still at times but it doesn't stand out like it did prior to removing the dongle. I do feel a little bit annoyed that there are DI's out there with a faster cpu though . The main screen also seems to be displaying smoothly now too. Is it actually possible to replace the cpu with a faster one or is it a different socket/bios issues etc? anyone ever tried it on a jjp machine?

A ' disable bluetooth Dongle ' option in the menu would be nice now to get rid of the annoying boot error with it removed, no one actually uses it anyway!

#8426 26 days ago

One thing I don't really like about the new update is when a mode starts there's a pause after the phone clip plays before the ball is kicked into play. It's not a huge pause but I don't think there was a problem here before, the ball was kicked back into play immediately the voice clip finished. There seems to be a few other times it holds onto the ball just a little bit too long too, I haven't made a note of exactly when but I'm finding myself frequently thinking ' what are you waiting for? give me the ball back! '. Seems to be the opposite of polish to me.

Anyone else notice this?

Not to dwell too much on the negatives though, I'm really enjoying the new code. The Chaos light show is no longer seizure inducing. The new name entry tune is nice. Quantumn and Chaos play much better now. I notice there's a line on the news feed about chocolate bars being found with golden wrappers or something

#8516 23 days ago

It would be nice to hear from jjp on the slowdown/coils issue ( I personally haven't noticed the coils issue, and I'm a fussy f***** so I guess I don't have it ) but I do have to leave the dongle out to get almost synced phone video.

#8603 18 days ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

Could use a daily lottery winner scoreboard

Really? I have daily scores turned off otherwise you're constantly putting your name in.

1 week later
#8723 8 days ago

About time JJP spoke up about the CPU/slowdown issue although if they acknowledge it I guess they'd have to do something about it ( or not! )

#8756 7 days ago
Quoted from fossmin:

My monitor is starting to sag on the right side. What have people done to correct this?

Loosen the 4 nuts on the back of the monitor holding it onto the arm bracket, re-position and re-tighten.

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