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#214 2 years ago

So here's a little mini review on my DI experience. I Got to play some DI today on location. After about a half dozen games, based on what I've been reading on pinside, the rules started clicking. Absolutely love this pin in every way! The guys at JJP nailed it. There are a lot of disasters to go through (which is a good thing), but did make getting to Armageddon a long process. At first, I felt the sim letters going away if you dont collect before ball drain was harsh, but it made sense and in the end I really like that rule.

If I had one criticism, I would get away from the extra all candy (I got 3 in this game), seems JJP games give out tons of EBs. I know that can be adjusted in home settings.

Ball times in conjunction with wizard modes seemed fitting at 30 mins to get to showdown. Maybe make the game slightly harder but speed up progression. Not sure how other peoples experiences have been but it was 20-25 mins to get Armageddon, and showdown came right after that as I only had 2 letters left. So maybe some kind of special mode at the 10-15 minute marker to fill the gap? But the modes, multiballs, bob modes really kept my attention and fun factor level up the whole time. Learning how to bypass multiball and get a mode going really helped progression and getting SIM cards.

Big Bang and SIM cards are awesome and very rewarding! It's a very very clever and fun pin. I take back what I said about the lack of excitement. There's plenty of excitement and thrills to be had in this game and they executed it very well.

This game is the real deal. Here's my final score on a 45 min game. Not much to do after showdown, the game did get harder not giving me kick backs, but maybe they need to get real wild with the magnets after showdown almost forcing the game to end.

Only criticism is the long game time. I'm sure this can be adjusted appropriately in a home environment.

Awesome game. Congrats pat, Ted, and JJP. You guys nailed it.

IMG_0475 (resized).JPG

#216 2 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Yeah it gives out EB for points so you know that's a bit much!
Modes go pretty fast eh?

Loved the modes. Seemed like I could end a mode with a big bang shot. Loved that!

There were a few times I blew up big bang with all these rewards bUT it didn't give me a final point value for it all. Would be nice to have seen thst or is it there maybe and I miss it?

2 weeks later
#254 2 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Enough with the thread jack please.

Fair question, you can make a brand new thread or do some searches in the forum. Not the correct place for this conversation.

I think it's a pretty fair question. In a DI owners thread asking DI owners what pin would compliment it. No? Personally, if/when I pick up a DI it'll sit next to GOT PRO and SMVE. I'm concerned the upper right flipper of both might sync well together, and would think AFMr would be a better fit than SM.

But I agree, DI flows very well.

On topic of gameplay, Big Bang finishes modes right? And lighting Big Bang is just hitting the targets from upper flipper? When I blew up the game I played and made showdown, i seem to remember just going upper flipper lighting BB and cash it in, ignoring the mode objectives for the most part. I had only played a dozen games, so don't know all the rules, but can owners confirm that I have that rule correct?

1 month later
#552 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

so after playing what has to be a ton of games on this tonight, the right flipper is good. Def was playfield height and the position of the flipper.
This game is amazing. Top 3 for me right now - could be top. It's really that good. Feels so good and you just want to play one more time. Plus I love that shadow like magnet pull in the theatre.

I agree. Game is fantastic. I must confess, I was suspect of this game and didn't like what I've seen on video. But I now have at least 20 plays on location. GC'd one game for 13mil and another for just under 4mil. I love this theme! I love lawlor! And the integration of the theme is up there with the best of them. JJP knows how to deliver theme integration. And I may be in the minority, but I really love the sound package and call outs. Even the jackpot callouts I didn't like in videos are great in person and fit the theme.

That all said, the price point is tough to swallow, and I am still suspect to its longevity in a small home collection. But I got my eye on you Dialed In.

#577 1 year ago

If/when they sell out of LE's, do you think they'll make an SE (special edition) similar to WOZRR and TH black arrow?

3 weeks later
#894 1 year ago
Quoted from Grateful_Pin:

Where should lock ramp/station 3 wire form exit to instead of SDTM? Left or right flipper?


#931 1 year ago
Quoted from Zampinator:

I just played several games & I was trying to keep track. It appears if you complete each shot, instead of using B.B. you get an extra 30-40,000 in points by making each individual shot. It was hard to keep track while playing, so I might be mistaken.

Can you confirm, but I thought I read somewhere completing a mode with B.B. and collecting the SIM card doesn’t increase mode multipliers?

#983 1 year ago
Quoted from Zampinator:

Nice! New code! The music during the lottery ticket was different I believe. I was really hoping they were going to do a pic for high scores. Fun for us huo families at least.

You didn't notice the pic it did for his HS?

#1028 1 year ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

If u time out all the modes and focus on Armageddon its possible but thats not fun to me......

Isn't Armageddon based on how well you do in the modes? Isn't there a timer or health bar or something that is effected by modes? I've been to Armageddon twice. Once I played a long time ( had 4 or 5 SIM cards); the other time it cut me off short, real short (only had 1 SIM card).

#1035 1 year ago
Quoted from VidiotGT:

I've been fighting with an impossible to hit Station 3 shot (statistics show no one hit it in 300 games!). I'm pretty terrible, but not that bad. After watching a bunch of videos I think my upper flipper might not adjusted just right. Can anyone confirm if this is correct or if it needs to be adjusted to swing out a bit more? If so about how far should it extend?

What's your pitch?

#1051 1 year ago
Quoted from jwilson:

I'd just like to point out that the lighting on Dialed In is perfectly fine in a totally black room and you don't need to blow out your retinas with this thing. It's completely unnecessary. I think your side-by-side photo is photoshopped to make the game much darker than it is in real life.

Well said. Pin stadium is cool for some games, but not necessary for DI.

#1061 1 year ago

I’d imagine WOZ would be a good candidate for pinstadium.

#1212 1 year ago
Quoted from ryanwanger:

Magnet should fling the ball to the upper flipper.

Doesn't it depend on the mode and scenario?

#1230 1 year ago
Quoted from KevInBuffalo:

I haven't gotten to Showdown yet personally, but they all seem to be really cool but they get progressively better. So Showdown > Armageddon > Chaos

I think I'm gonna put my pursuit for a dialed in on hold after seeing this; or at the very least, until I play it again. Showdown, Armageddon, and it appears chaos, are all great modes - I've down showdown once and Armageddon twice. They're very creative, unique, and coded well. But, they're just making the game more and more linear and removing chunks of breadth. So now it would appear, a home owner, will be playing chaos too often making it a little too repetitive and even prolonging their quest to Armageddon.

It would have been great if there were two separate paths to take to achieve one or the other mini wizard modes (chaos & Armageddon); all while having a chance to qualify showdown without even playing either of the mini wizard modes. Use the bob modes or other aspects of the game to qualify chaos forcing the player down those paths if they want to risk qualifying it; Breadth.

The game seems to be getting too centered and weighted down on the phone start scoop; no?

#1243 1 year ago
Quoted from KevInBuffalo:

I had a decent "Chaos" and played it for about two minutes in the video above. I don't consider that very prolonging. The nature of the mulitballs on this game keep them relatively short with the attacks coming in at the flippers and forcing you to keep the balls in play and not trapped up.
It's a nice addition to the game for those who won't make it to Armageddon/Showdown while not extending things much during the quest, IMO. And it breaks things up a little in the middle of working through all the modes.

I should clarify; I’m ok with an extra multiball - especially with how well coded DI mb’s Are. It’s just the placement of CIQC seems like a bad choice. Everytime you play the game, you’re 6th disaster will always be this multiball. But I’ll still reserve right for full judgement for when I play it; like I’ve said before, the game is phenomenal and on my radar, I’m just a little turned off by the placement of the mode.

#1329 1 year ago
Quoted from moonduckie78:

So, what does PHONE OVERCHARGE mode do?
I see that if I hit QED too many times, the little battery indicator on the phone screen starts going above 100%, but what does this DO?

I thought I read somewhere or heard it on the buffalo stream perhaps? That overcharging the phone awards extra scoring to the next mode started by % of how much it’s overcharged. I believe it can build the phone up to 150% Good risk/reward points strategy.

So if you light multiball, then cancel multiball, overcharge the phone, start a mode, start multiball, you can rack up some good points.

Or...start quick multiball, hammer away on QED guy to fully charge phone safely, then start a mode.

2 weeks later
#1565 1 year ago

Question for the rules guys now that the new code has been out for a bit. How has the new multiball (chaos in quantum city?) been? Meaning, are the rules affected by which disasters you play/beat leading up to it? Does your success in the multiball help progress or affect disasters not played? Or is it just a multiball for fun that prolongs progress in disasters?

#1569 1 year ago

Can you get a SIM card award in chaos mb? If so is it fairly achievable?

#1596 1 year ago
Quoted from spida1a:

Hey gang,
So ... has anyone made the SIM CARD shot from the upper flipper? And, I don't mean "banking it" off a target or having it accidentally dribble-in after a tough shot (where your brain processes it as IF you made the shot but you really didn't). I mean a SMACK KERCHUNK shot right into the hole right off the flipper?
I haven't made it once! And, I've literally tried numerous times specifically over the last couple of games! My SIM protector isn't raised-up and sits flush. I can hit that left ramp smooth as butter and the "Big Bang" light-up target underneath all day long. But, never ONCE have I made it into the SIM CARD shot (I realize it's supposed to be difficult but, shouldn't a shot actually go in there once in a while or is that how it was designed?).
Thanks all!

The 2 location DI’s I’ve played on did not have protectors on it and I had no real issues making the SIM shot. In fact, made it to showdown once. If I had this game in my home collection (and hopefully one day I do), I’d be real tempted to remove the protector if it’s bricking that much.

#1678 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

First time playing, I wouldn't worry about collecting SIM cards. Just try to keep starting disasters (QED electricity guy until phone charges up, then hit phone) - you don't have to finish them, to get to enough to see Armageddon. THEN you can play it "right" by trying to finish disasters and collect SIM cards.

This going to sound stupid I know, but I’m going there anyway; is there a setting to disable Chaos in QC multiball? Reason being is theres no progression incentive to playing from what I’m hearing from others. No SIM card bonus awarded for completing, no stacking a mode into it, and it halts progression towards the real wizard modes in the game.

Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

I’m going to be putting some quality time on a route DI this weekend. Can anyone recommend a (fairly) simple approach to the game to have the most fun, get the most out of it and - to a lesser degree - score the best?

Another thing to look for is the Big Bang target up to the left of the theater magnet. When this is lit, it’ll complete any mode you’re playing so make sure not to waste it by hitting it when a mode isn’t running. You light Big Bang with the target next to the SIM hole.

Also, be sure to cancel ‘multiball is ready’ after locking your 2nd ball IF you don’t have a mode going. You can then start a mode and the phone will relight for multiball.

Lastly, the disaster modes are shown as icons on the phone and you can choose which disaster you play with the flipper buttons. Very much like the ring modes in LOTR if you’re familiar with that. Once you learn the harder to play disasters, you can setup to choose them if/when you have Big Bang lit or when you’re ready to start a multiball.

On a more advanced rules/strategy level, and I could be a little wrong on this, but SIM cards = ‘Dialed In’ letters on the playfields. Dialed In letters represent multiplier bonuses on disaster modes. So the more SIM cards, or dialed in letters, equates to much higher scoring. A good scoring strategy is if you stack up a few SIM cards, you can over charge the QED guy by hitting him a few times after the phone is ready for a mode. This will bring in an even larger scoring bonus to playing disaster modes.

#1682 1 year ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

I think you're over thinking it; It's a MB and people like MB. If you're a good player and thinking 'moves ahead' there are plenty of things that don't work in your favor in games, happens all the time.

I probably am. But a ‘mini wizard’ multiball that comes to mind that halts progression in the game but still integrates the game into the multiball is hand of the king GOT. It’s a halfway point, similar to Chaos in QC, but HOTK is based on what was done leading up to that point. Same could be said for Kobayashi Maru in ST with medals. From what I gather, none of that integration exists with Chaos in QC and it’s just a standard multiball. But you’re probably right, I’m over thinking the placement of the multiball and probably my lack of rules knowledge of the actual multiball is causing some of that grief/confusion. So I guess I’ll just need to ‘learn better’

#1687 1 year ago

Not sure why that’s an ouch moment for you? I even said I need to learn myself more ‘aboot’ the rules of the multiball. despite some people making pinside out to be a shitting ground, I like to use it as a message board and learn about games which is why I am asking about some of these rules. It’s a owners and fans thread, and I’m a fan and want to know more. I don’t have the luxury of buying $9k pins on a whim nor is there location play within reasonable distance, so I get as much feedback as I can on games I enjoy and have on my radar to hopefully buy one day. If the rules don’t scratch that itch, I’ll move onto the next game on my list when the time comes to add a machine into the lineup.

Quoted from check_switch_26:

Chaos in Quantum City is a multiball with a 20-second ball saver. Jackpot value is boosted by the number of modes that were completed prior. It's chaotic and over pretty quickly (at least when I play it). I like it, and so does the rest of the team.
If you aren't interested in trying for the points, let the ball saver time out and drain it down to a single ball. I'm sorry it doesn't scratch whatever particular itch you have. But maybe you should try playing it first before making up your mind.
(And I mean that in the most sincere way. You're obviously very interested in the game, which is very nice.)

Thanks for the feedback.

On another semi related note. How long are the game times you guys are having when you make it to Armageddon and/or showdown? When I made showdown it was a 40 minute game.

I ask out of sincerity, not as a pest; I asked these same questions before I bought WOZ which I have since sold, but also dearly miss as it stands as one of my top 3 best rules/code dept games.

#1693 1 year ago
Quoted from check_switch_26:

Chaos in Quantum City is a multiball with a 20-second ball saver. Jackpot value is boosted by the number of modes that were completed prior. It's chaotic and over pretty quickly (at least when I play it). I like it, and so does the rest of the team.
If you aren't interested in trying for the points, let the ball saver time out and drain it down to a single ball. I'm sorry it doesn't scratch whatever particular itch you have. But maybe you should try playing it first before making up your mind.
(And I mean that in the most sincere way. You're obviously very interested in the game, which is very nice.)

Thanks for this btw. Seems like pulling teeth around here to get any rules descriptions on the game and this is the first insight that shows the game does incorporate the disasters into the mb. Good stuff.

#1704 1 year ago
Quoted from MightyGrave:

That was my first thought too.
But now i calculated all and with a ramp mod, blue powder coat and my invissible glass i save about 1,2k for the Houdini. So 1,2k only for 12 ramp lights...
I hoped they would reduce others things like the drones...
Maybe some SE owners can give me a review about the darkness?

I wonder how good pin stadium lights would be on the SE to make up for the dark corner? Might be another outlet. how much is that mod, $100?

#1715 1 year ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

I wonder how good pin stadium lights would be on the SE to make up for the dark corner? Might be another outlet. how much is that mod, $100?

Not sure how asking a question deserves a thumbs down? Usually when you agree or disagree it’s to a statement, not a question. Doesn’t really bother me or anything, I just find it funny.

#1717 1 year ago

Well, if memory served better you'd see this post you agree'd with me about; and while i still stand by it, I posed the question just recently "ASKING" if it is in fact a viable option for the case of this op in question. So again, how exactly does posing a question advocate a thumbs down? or are you just being arrogant?


#1719 1 year ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

You're starting to sound a little bothered by it; I think you're taking it too personally.
Pinstadium lights are going to get a thumbs down from me in this thread, it has nothing to do with anyone's arrogance.
EDIT: Unirregardless, it won;t address the issue as further explained by epthegeek after our posts.

Nah, just felt like calling you out for once since it's not the first time ive seen you thumbs down someone for unwarranted reasons (plus im bored so i actually had the time to post about it). But since you keep dodging the question, ill leave it alone for now.

Back to the topic at hand. I am a big fan of Dialed In; the game shoots and is integrated so well. Love this pin and it's such a cool timeless pinball theme IMO. One thing i love about JJP games is how they tie in the color inserts to rules and such; especially for things like Crazy Bob or Crystal Ball (WOZ). They're attention to detail is top notch. Hope to own another jjp in the near future.

I do have another question, hopefully it doesnt get me another thumbs down (*chuckle* only kidding TheLaw ) - but i notice the crazy bob trap door seems to be one of the biggest issues with the game. What's the overall consensus of this mech, is it just a typical pinball pain with easy resolution or have people really been having a serious problem getting this mech to work consistently?

1 month later
#2430 1 year ago

Regarding SIM card shot. I’ve played 2 different DI’s.

First did not have any type of scoop protector and I was hitting SIM shot without too much trouble. I blew that game up for 10+ mil and got to showdown.

The second had the JJP protector and the shot seemed to be Much tougher. I was only able to collect a few SIM cards and only able to get as far as Armageddon.

If I owned the game, I’d be very tempted to remove the protector. Have any owners done this and noticed a difference (for the better) with the success of the shot?

1 week later
#2718 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

Yes. Marco's is bouncier and feels more pliable. I haven't ordered from anyone else in years as a result. He's got the best white rubber.

Agreed! I've gotten pinball life's rubber and Marco's. It's night and day. When it comes to rubbers, I trust Marco! ...wait that didn't sound quite right.

#2720 1 year ago
Quoted from Damien:

Hahaha. Anyone know how there black rubber compares to PBL? I'm due to change the ones on my MMR.

Black rubber is same. Go Marco! If you really want a change, try Titans. I'm liking them in my GOT PRO.

1 year later
#7391 6 months ago

When DI first came out, it had no scoop protector in the sim hole and i could hit the shot accurately with no rejects. It made for a much better DI experience. Now that every DI in the world has scoop protectors, i cannot hit the shot for the life of me. I’m wondering if anyone has removed their protector and how their sim hole has held up since? If i ever got this game, i would be very tempted to remove it.

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