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Post #2507 How to get in backbox to check audio connections Posted by pinstadium (1 year ago)

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#3999 1 year ago
Quoted from LTG:

I'd move it up and down manually to be sure it isn't stuck.
Then the top of the plate the relay pulls down, a wipe of grease along the top of it. Then see the "E" clip above the yellow circle, the parts that move on that shaft the "E"clip is on. Put some oil along the top of all those moving patrs and then work the mech up and down a few times to get the oil into places that need it.
Than see if operation improves.
LTG : )

I had the same issue last week and LTG gave me the same advice... it’s been working fine since.

#4040 1 year ago
Quoted from PinBuck:

I mean, there is a black screen involved, but I don't see this behavior at all. It doesn't happen off of the initial boot and always in the middle of a game. The biggest difference is that I never get a partial screen. I guess it's possible that I need a new phone, but there are some differences.

I have had the same thing occur with my phone also. A couple of times it went out during a game. Both times I had been playing for a while (>30 min). After a reboot of the machine it worked fine. I suppose it might not be the phone, could be related to the PC VGA output.

Hopefully it is a rare occurence.

2 weeks later
#4363 1 year ago
Quoted from rai:

Heck when this game was announced I was like meh, played it on location it was ok. Now that I have it home it’s one of the best imo.

Can’t agree more...it’s so good. You feel like you are gambling at times; do I cash in or go for more....
complete a mode, lite a SIM card, forgo Multiball to get another mode started to then go for Multiball and then go after the SIM card. Hold or use the Big Bang on a mode. ....and when you use it hope for a good richochet into the SIM card.

1 week later
#4558 1 year ago
Quoted from crwjumper:

So this just happened . . .
I love the animation when this mode starts.

Very cool......
I think the intro is paying homage to Powerdown Mode on JM.
JM also has Crazy Bob's and the "Again!" callout when you make a bunch of combo orbit/ramps.

#4645 1 year ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

Does the first round of multiball always only have 2 balls?

The first round of UnderAttack is 2 ball, but you can add a ball by shooting the phone scoop three times. The phone will show your status towards add a ball

3 months later
#5541 1 year ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

I hope there were no intentions to remove it in the update because it's great the way it is.

I agree!

#5543 1 year ago
Quoted from imagamejunky:

This time it appears that they all failed at the same time. They're getting power because the LEDs work. I called JJP again and left a voicemail.
Have you guys had similar issues?

I put a replacement Drone in that I had for a while the other day. When I went to replace the drone I noticed the middle drone was now out too.
Called JJP Weds AM and received the drone (and Trap Door Flap) tonight already. JJP will need you to send back the non functioning drone as they have had a lot of them fail and can have them refurbished.

2 weeks later
#5866 1 year ago

Not sure if it was posted before.
When you do replace the Drones, JJP needs you to now send back the bad drone. Steve mentioned it could be the boards in the drone and they are looking at (and maybe refurbishing?) those that are sent back

1 week later
#6109 1 year ago

I swear this game is alive!

After the update ...For the entire weekend I was tormented with drains upon drains and bricked shots. Could not come close to a decent score or extra ball and had a lot of trouble starting modes. It seemed like there were magnets in the outlanes. Came tantalizingly close to Theatre Multiball but that was it.

Then I watch Kevin KevInBuffalo play last night and see he has similar issues at times...but nothing like my struggles..and he gets Theatre MB twice in a game.

So I have at it again today...but try to slow it down and really focus on control and trapping whenever possible, even sacrificing multicombos to get control.
..1st game came up one Drone Short and just shy of a High Score.

First ball on 2nd game was like Golf...what keeps you coming back.
6 Modes played, first 3 completed with 3 SIMs collected, Jacques Flounder Tidal Wave completed, two UA MBs ...AAAAAND Quantum Theatre Multiball!!!!!

Put up a new GC score for my machine.
What a blast and what a workout!!!!

As others have stated this game is a Masterpiece and I swear it’s alive!

The Code Update is Great!!!

That’s it I’m outa Here!!!!

5482CA53-077B-4900-9CAC-3AF20A103F2E (resized).jpeg

#6186 1 year ago

This is the trap door flap. They can break off.
Check to see if yours is broken off. It likely is, unless someone already replaced it and this was left in the machine. Contact JJP to get a replacement by getting the full trap door (not the full mechanism) with the flap already riveted on.

1 month later
#6480 12 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

for those that got a droin replacement, how did that work? I contacted JJP support but no luck in response. One of mine stopped working...

I heard from Steve at JJP a few weeks back that they are holding off on replacing the Drones until the supplier comes up with a more reliable solution.
I replaced a drone and it already stopped working after about a week or so (every once it a while it will spin). I have another replacement that I haven’t put in yet as I am waiting to get all three replaced.

#6551 12 months ago

In the google groups email, Ted said they are looking into the display rate refresh on V1.60 and are going to also check the logic on the drones.

#6614 11 months ago

During gameplay, Is your trap door;
getting stuck in the up position?
Going up and down but not locking in the up position?
Staying down and not moving at all?

Do you hear any solenoid pulsing if it is not moving at all?

1 week later
#6739 11 months ago


For the Trap Door hitting the wireform.
Check Post 1258 in this thread.
In the upper left corner of the picture on the Trap Door catch, your tab may not be bent down (mine was’t). After bending this tab down my trap door open locking issue improved as well as the Trap Door hitting the wireform less.

#6740 11 months ago

Here is the tab I am referring to

54D4A0FA-85D8-4D24-BF4A-FE789BC4EE37 (resized).jpeg
#6742 11 months ago

I think you are right about the tab. I thought it might help lock the trap door up before it travels too far.

I also bent my trap door flap down a bit so it doesn’t hit the wireform. If you bend it down more of the edge may contact the playfield. If so add a small piece of Mylar on the contact area of the playfield

1 week later
#6862 11 months ago

Is it possible the phone is losing its connection from the vibration/shock of the balls hitting the scoop posts?
If I leave my game on for a long time the phone doesn’t seem to go out. But during gameplay it seems to lose the connection or reset (ie the VGA comes on and goes away).
It had not been doing that for a while, but the issue recently started back up again. Maybe the cable connection got loose...I pushed it back in again so we’ll see.
But I am thinking perhaps it’s the shock of the balls that triggers the phone outage.

1 month later
#7197 10 months ago

I think the SIM card shot may have been intended to be made more with a left flipper bank off the drone rubber than with the upper right flipper. It’s one of the most satisfying shots when you can make it purposefully. I would think a very skilled player could do this with some consistency (ie maybe 50% of the time).

2 weeks later
#7323 9 months ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:

I finally got fed up tonight and put in another ticket for my ongoing blanking. 3rd phone for me...

Did you try loosening all four of the phone case nuts? I did this and am testing to see if it has improved.

#7328 9 months ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:

Is this a documented fix? This is the first I’ve heard of it. Sounds interesting.

Someone else posted it in this thread, I believe. I tried it in one side and it worked for a while but then for the first time my phone colors washed out occasionally and the problem still occurred. I was able to loosen the other side slightly the other day and so far so good. But my phone seems to go through “phases”. I think the theory is that loosening the phone nuts gives the internal connections a little more space to avoid the jarring issues. I am convinced that hits to the post jar the phone and then the signal is lost.

#7350 9 months ago

“Sim Card is...” DRAIN

2 months later
#7676 7 months ago
Quoted from holminone:

To all you owners or frequent players... what is your highest score to date, what does a typical "great" game top out at for you... my highest score is only 2.38 million and I've had what I consider some pretty good games. All settings standard except I have the sim card carryover set. Code 1.57 and I've probably only achieved Chaos on quantum city like 7 or so times in about 6 months of ownership. How often are you all getting to Chaos as an example? I feel like I'm doing great if I've collected 3 sim cards... what say you owners or frequent players?

Just broke my high score last week at around 3.25MM. Was more excited that I spelled DIALED without SIM card carry over and played 8 modes. Had one great ball and a couple of woulda coulda shoulda turd balls.

I noticed that Special became lit when my Phone Upgraded to spell DIALED. Of course the ball then drained out the wrong lane ending my game.

9FAADF7E-4791-469B-9683-E82183252E28 (resized).jpeg
3 months later
#8694 4 months ago

Has anyone had any luck (ie no video lag or coil power issues) with 1.71 and the Celeron processor?

1 week later
#8773 3 months ago

Just updated from 1.57 to 1.71 with the Celeron Processor and 4GB memory.
Found the chocolate bar wrapped in gold!!

Played a few games;
The New light show is great and have seen some new graphics etc (TZ Rocket in the Quantum Theatre!)
Definitely some main screen lag at times and a few issues with the phone graphics speed at times. Acid Rain on phone is too slow. At this point I didn’t notice a coil issue. The kick out varies a little but not terrible.

Not sure but all of a sudden I am having better games again after a really brutal few weeks on DI. It almost seems like I have a little better flipper control/response.

All in all not sure I am ready to go back to 1.57, will have to see if there are other issues or if the lag is too bothersome.

Hoping Ted and team can solve the lag with another update soon.

1 month later
#9104 80 days ago
Quoted from KevInBuffalo:

Seems like the code smooths out the video nicely, the stream is here if anyone wants to see for themselves: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/484645830

The animations do look better. Alien Invasion looks much improved.
Maybe it’s my imagination but the animation themselves look a little more refined, almost more three dimensional

Kevin; looks like your Phone video very briefly went out at 21:52. It was still on on the stream window but off on the machine. I notice that happens every once in a while. If it happens often you might want to loosen the phone housing nuts up just a little, so the board has a little more room. I found that helps.

#9158 77 days ago
Quoted from Gogdog:

Ok...played a few more games. Definitely everything is just about perfect in 1.73...though it could just be my pin but I have seen some slowdown. Its definitely not often, and hard to reproduce. I have seen it with multiball and alien running at the same time...twice now. But the slowdown is different than before.
Before...with a slowdown the animation would lag behind the voice, so the animation would continue after the voice ended.
Now...its like the game is forcing the video to be in sync with the voice, but it drops frames to do it. Like the mouth isn't moving as fast as it would normally.

Let me know if anybody else sees at least some slowdown at times. Its definitely not enough to worry about though. I probably will go ahead and put in my new CPU and play some more games to see if I can notice any difference.

I agree. In general the lag is improved.
Where there is lag it’s not nearly as bad as it was where the character’s mouth was moving well after the audio ended.
It’s much better on Alien Invasion.
But here and there there is a little lag.
I noticed some minor lag in Singularity that I hadn’t seen before.

#9185 76 days ago

Ok who has SIM Card carryover on?
I still haven’t given in, but getting close. Have had the machine for well over 1 year.
I spelled DIALED once. But normally have 2-4 SIM upgrades at best.

Very often a drain right after a SIM card is lit.

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