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#5443 11 months ago

My DI LE has the factory installed non-Cliffy hole protectors. I find these the hardest things to deal with in completing modes. They seem to certainly make life more difficult in getting the ball in the slots, especially the SimCard slot, which doesn't get much love unless you can flip it 100% from the top flipper. I've ordered the Cliffy models but they are still a while away. I don't have problems with the flipper strength. The machine runs well and I trust it will be a little easier with the Cliffies installed.

#5466 11 months ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

Is there a difference between JJP hole protectors and Cliffy Hole protectors?

The JJP ones they produced before they got Cliffy onboard are thicker. The ball doesn't easily roll over the edge, so when the ball is running free, it doesn't roll over the lip of the protector and fall into the hole - it instead skirts around the edge. That's been my experience anyway. Apparently Cliffy did a deal to provide them around July 2017. My machine was made in June 2017.

2 months later
#6486 9 months ago

That looks like the 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle I once attempted...

1 week later
#6613 8 months ago

I'd appreciate some assistance with my DI. I've been having enormous problems with the BOB Trapdoor. I'm getting "trapdoor malfunctions" almost every time I start the machine. When I lift the playfield and examine the mechanism with the playfield flipped 90 degrees in the upright position, I can make the trapdoor open and close at will no matter how many times I try it. When I put the playfield down and test the trapdoor, again I can make it work up and down virtually no matter how many times I try it. The moment we start a new game and when it comes time for the trapdoor to open, it fails to open and pulling up the test reveal "Trapdoor Malfunction" again.

I have silicon lubed the hell out of the trapdoor mechanism - nothing appears to be sticking. I've tightened the screw holding the release solenoid and ensured it is square with respect to the release flange. I then test the mechanism again and go through the same nonsense trying unsuccessfully to get it to fail, until I put the playfield down and start the process again. One other thing - the smaller solenoid handling the trapdoor release gets hot when the mechanism "locks" - so hot that it heats the surrounding metal significantly. I just can't work out why it stops working.

Appreciate any assistance on this.

#6628 8 months ago
Quoted from MEuRaH:

I'd be willing to bet that only the corner of the hook of it is actually grabbing what it's supposed to grab, hence why it works sometimes and not other times

So I looked at that first and the other day I spent a lot of time centering the solenoid to little effect. See the second picture below. I already made sure this was working 100% which is what confused me, that no matter how many times I tested the mechanism, it worked from test mode but not in game mode

My son looks like he has come to the rescue. It looks like the problem wasn't the mechanism but rather the switch on the main solenoid. I bent the long arm of the switch down. It appears the switch wasn't detecting when BOB was open, hence why it was recording the device as broken (in the first image)

Thank you to all those that responded and led me towards the correction of the problem

IMG_0391 (resized).jpgimage1 (resized).jpeg
#6634 8 months ago
Quoted from Fortytwo:

It looks like your blue plunger link is shattered. looks like a standard blue slingshot link.that could be why the switch isn't registering correctly, not returning all the way

I'll have a closer look at this. I didn't notice until I took a closer look at the picture I posted. Does anyone have a good picture of what it should look like?

1 month later
#7099 7 months ago
Quoted from ralphs007:

or Bobs trap door/hinge breaks on me

The trapdoor is a tricky piece of technology to get right. It took me about 5 goes to get it right, but I can advise you can fix it. I had multiple issues with mine.

1. I could get the mechanism to "pop" and "drop" perfectly while testing but it would keep reporting as failed during game. Turned out that the switch wire underneath wasn't quite bent right, so the state of the trapdoor couldn't be read by the switch.
2. I also had a lubrication issue which made the door mechanism very stiff, but some silicon grease which I use on my TZ clock fixed that.
3. The third thing that went wrong was the centering of the solenoid on the release mechanism wasn't sharp. The baseplate was crooked with respect to the plate, meaning the latch didn't hold onto the blue arm when extended and therefore didn't release properly. This was just a simple phillps head screw loosen and tighten
4. The final problem was that the latch plate on the door release solenoid was loose. There are two mini phillips screws on the release plate that hold it to the plate. If yours was loose like mine was, it causes the door release flap to slop around, meaning it doesn't release properly. You can feel it being wonky if you have this problem. You have to take off the release solenoid to access the screws.

I've fixed all of the above and it now works and has worked for well over 100 games without a hiccup. Hopefully this can help you or someone else.

#7117 7 months ago

Forgive me if this question has been asked before, but I couldn't find a link. We have a problem when a "soft" shot makes it up the left ramp and Betty's diverter arm is down. The ball doesn't have enough momentum to be diverted, resulting in a ball "hanging" between the diverter and the ramp switch at the top middle. When the ball search happens, Betty lifts her arm up and down but the ball continually gets pushed back towards the switch (which it can't pass) and Betty's arm, which it doesn't make it under as there's not enough angle on the ramp to make it go through. Betty also doesn't appear to lift her arm up 100% so the ball gets pushed back.

Does anyone else have this issue, and are there any simple remedies? Machine is reasonably level and about 6.x degrees (for lower values of x).

#7119 7 months ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

and at least 6.5 degrees but i find 6.8 -7.0 works better imo

I might try bumping up the angle and see what happens.

#7141 7 months ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

Also, I have just mylar at the Sim card hole, and it's looking fine so far

I likewise am looking to replace the factory SIM card slot protector with mylar. The number of times I've seen the ball roll towards the hole to just skirt around it (following the line of the protector) has driven me crazy. I'm over it. I've also bought the Mantis protector for the phone scoop and will replace my factory DI one. When playing we have so many rejects from the phone scoop that it just unbalances the game. The game is certainly hard enough without having 3-4 rejects per attempt.

Early on before I purchased my machine I say the post with the chip from the SIM slot. I can't understand how that is even possible. There's no VUK. My only thought is that an air-ball landed on the edge of the SIM slot. Hopefully mylar is your friend here.

Does anyone know where I can get mylar from?

2 weeks later
#7335 6 months ago
Quoted from ralphs007:

I was told by a JJP technician, that it's a heat related issue

On my machine when the ball hits the frame under the phone very occasionally, the phone will go out for around 5 seconds (completely blanks the phone screen). The lights around the phone stay on. This doesn't sound like a heat issue, well not on my machine anyway. I've not tried to demonstrate the issue, because it doesn't happen often enough to cause me pain, but it's either the thump from the ball hitting the frame on a certain angle, or the fact that the ball is making a circuit between the phone and the frame. Oddly enough I've never had the screen go out when the ball goes into the slot, only when it just misses.

3 months later
#7873 3 months ago
Quoted from Lermods:

It’s actually really simple to understand, like you said, hit qed guy, hit scoop, start mode. Finush mode and collect the SIM card. Spell dialed in with collected SIM cards and you get to wizard mode. In between all that, there are other crazy bobs modes and multiballs

You forgot a couple of parts:

* Take 12 shots to get ball into scoop, noting it bounces out by missing the smallest amount
* Have magnets grab ball and throw SDTM
* If you manage to get a mode completed, spend the rest of the game trying to get ball into the SIM slot

As you say, the theory is simple, but the practice is harder. It certainly makes for an extremely challenging game, but it's by no means easy. It can be extremely frustrating, much more so than my IJ or TZ. I keep coming back to it though and praying the scoop gods will be on my side.

1 month later
#8208 62 days ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

Does anyone have a picture of the line filter for the sound and how it is installed?

You want to install something like this:

amazon.com link »

onthesnap wrote about it earlier:

"Just pop open the back cabinet, and you will see the 3.5mm cable for audio plugged into the main computer behind the screen. Plug it in and secure with some zip ties. Problem solved"

2 weeks later
#8564 46 days ago
Quoted from Coindropper:

I just wanted to test it to see and liked the results

I think this is great news. I also have the geriatric processor installed and have heard too many stories of delays in the onboard software with versions greater than 1.57 so I've been hesitant to upgrade, as much as I'd like to.

I work in the IT industry and the only thing I would recommend is getting a processor with a similar "TDP" to the factory installed versions. The TDP is the heat dissipation from the processor. Heat is a major problem in enclosed spaced (like the backbox). Although it is tempting to get the biggest processor you could find, especially since the older processors required by the motherboard are getting cheaper, you would want to ensure that the processor heat is not significantly greater than what is currently there. This would imply that a 65W (or less) thermal specification processor would be best.

#8597 45 days ago
Quoted from fnosm:

Anyone ever get a picture to come out of you flipping the bird?

I have quite a good one of this on the only high score I still have after the kids keep knocking me out of the list.

We also had a friend wearing a white T-shirt with a black circular Harley Davidson logo on it. He got a high score. When it came to taking his picture, the Harley Davidson logo was displayed rather than his face. I laughed for quite a while on that one. He was unimpressed that even the electronics thought his logo was better than his face.

Not sure if that's a Ted Estes easter egg or just the fact it looked more like a face than the other option.

#8604 45 days ago
Quoted from Coindropper:

Thinking it was delivered elsewhere...

Jersey Jack got it. They didn't want you messin' with that

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