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#1533 1 year ago

Hi there
Just curious to know what could be improved with code in your opinion?
Are another upgrades planed?

1 week later
#1712 1 year ago

With or without PP?

#1783 1 year ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Ive owned tons of b/w pins and many top stern pins.... dile is that much better and only game i play since i bought it. So much so im selling off most of my collection bc everything else just isnt as fun to play...

this is your opinion.
I play my games cyclically and I can’t stop playing one game during that time and without playing anything else.
I recently traded my wh2o + money with a DI LE ( will get it in January) and I am sure I will play it again and again like any new game. But what I already know, is a funnier and more humorous game than MM is not yet born. (..ok in my opinion).

1 week later
#1860 1 year ago

Hi there,
Next new owner soon.
Do you think next code could change the chaos of quantum mode as it plays like regular MB with same jackpots but with higher points?
Just wondering if it was in Ted’s plan to code something different.

2 weeks later
#2037 1 year ago

Question for those who own a CE machine, what is a customized software?

#2042 1 year ago
Quoted from ronaldvg:

Customized means changed specifically for the CE. So there will be changes to the normal software especially for the CE. Like the Smaug attract mode in The Hobbit Smaug Edition. The dragon scene in the attract mode is not in the LE.

Could it have more rules?

3 weeks later
#2374 1 year ago

Hi there,
Is there a pic of the plastic that prevents air ball in end of left ramp?
My issue is I loose one ball of 2 when I hit left ramp.
Certainly too much speed but I need to make left loop shot.
A buddy advertises me to open a ticket as JJP made that plastic protector.

Édit: i forgot I get another issue.
When turn on, it says issue on trap door. But when I test, it works and during game too. WTF?

#2376 1 year ago

i will try but i guess it also depends on the slope of the playfield
factory set up, i was really to slow for me so i raise it. no sure what you done will work for me

#2381 1 year ago

I made a wireform, airball issue is resolved.
I try now to set my machine, coil power and I need to know the right ball moves
In factory set up, I couldn’t make left ramp by backhand whatever the power. So I set up flipper bats slightly upper.
When you hit left loop, does the ball is supposed to go to upper right flipper?
When the trap door is supposed to open? When the bob insert is lit/flashing?

#2386 1 year ago
Quoted from snaroff:

When you hit the left loop, it can land in the pops or sail around to the upper flipper. Depends on how hard you nail it. Can also sneak into the skill shot.
The trap door opens when you complete "Bob" and one of the lights on the "Visit Bob" signage is lit/flashing.
Can you post a photo of your wireform? Curious.

Here is a pic, it is just temporary solution until I found a better and longer one. But, right now no airball
I was wondering if my trap door was really working properly as when I started a game it says I need to check test report and so the trap door device malfunctioned. I test it and it seems to work ( it opens and releases when Ordering).
So you complete bob targets ( kickback activated) and one light go visit bob signage is lightening? Then the trap door opens? How is lit the bob insert in the left loop?

Édit: when the lights above the glass panel in the background are lit?

E789E206-8284-4B17-8782-EDF78227C5C3 (resized).jpeg

#2387 1 year ago

well, i know now why trap door didn't work and why i didn't understand bob shot
i had one wire loose and the release metal plate loose. now it works properly

IMG_3987 (resized).JPG

#2403 1 year ago

this game is clearly a monster drain, isn't it?
and some shot are clearly tough like sim card and vuk shot (don't know why so many shots who seem to be perfect are finally "rejected").
you need to hit the sim card with the ball you play or you loose it for the next.
the ball is really difficult to pass from one flipper bat to the other, really different from stern or B/W.
trying hard but frustrating right now
what are your set up? buble level, outlane, flipper bat..

#2411 1 year ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

That's a bit much. I've had 4 Sims stacked and collected them all. It's hard, becasue it's the key to scoring...makes sense.

You mean with a single shot you have collect 4 SIM cards that were stacked? Good to know and Happy you succeeded this shot while i guess if I were beside you at this moment I could have learn all English swearings...

#2412 1 year ago
Quoted from Lermods:

There is a setting to carry over the SIM card to the next ball. SIM card shot is pure luck, which is unfortunate because it’s the key to high scoring. rest of my game plays perfect on factory settings, except theater magnet set at -105. Wish sim card shot was more like camera shot on tz.

Strange...never get a problem with magnet theater (coming on my left flipper) but in the mod when magnets playfield on i always get one ball straight down in the middle...bye bye to complete the mode!

#2413 1 year ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

I haven't really found much of that....but then again I owned a GB so it's all relative. Like a lot of Lawlor games that right outlane is a dick though.

Had GB pro and premium and sincerely it is equal...
Left outlane is really draining and it is impossible to hit the lower bob target, so you reactivate kickback by luck

#2424 1 year ago

Armageddon? can't collect more than 2 sim cards...
who plays with 5 balls, and keeping sim card shot for next ball?

#2426 1 year ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

U only got to get threw the modes to see Armageddon.... if u really wanna c it u cld time out the modes but then its not worth much. Showdown is the hard to get to wizard mode.... most ive collected is 4 or 5 letters

You are right. As SIM card shot is hard, maybe I will set up the game with keeping this shot During all game.

#2456 1 year ago

I need a break. The more I play the more it sucks.
I think I found the JJP’s GB
Just for my information, who has removed the vuk cliffy? Snaroff said vuk shot was easier without it. Who could confirm?

#2469 1 year ago
Quoted from snaroff:

Here is what the v2 Cliffy looked like installed. As you can see, the corners have a slight lift which leads to more rejects. Cliffy sent me a v3, but I haven't installed it. I prefer the way it shoots without the protection, and the hole has no damage after many plays (unlike the SIM card hole, which is very fragile).

Mine looks like this v2 one as I don’t know how looks v3
I will try without it.

#2470 1 year ago

Great layout but right now I find it artificially hard coz of what you know

#2473 1 year ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

How much time have you spent with the glass off the game, just letting that ball roll down and practice that shot?

0 min glass off...but 50% of my vuk shots are in the center but I don’t understand why they are rejected that is why I say artificially. This is not normal...this is the most important shot with SIM card shot (that you can’t really succeed intentionally)...never had any problem with vuk shot in another game before.

#2474 1 year ago
Quoted from Insanity199:

Thanks to all on theater Mylar advice. I sure hope that removing it from magnet will solve the inconsistent behavior that has begun.
For what it is worth, I have no problems making he VUK phone shot with factory protectors. Can make the shot forehand and backhand.

What is you rate to do it?

#2495 1 year ago
Quoted from JMK:

I've owned a DI LE for about 4 months now.
It has the factory installed protector on the SIM card hole- I have only successfully hit that shot from the upper flipper a couple of times.
I also recently installed the factory phone scoop protector. That shot now is about twice more difficult than without the protector.
I have just ordered the full cliffy set; and will be very interested (and hopeful) that it will make both the Sim Card & Phone scoops easier to hit.
Now in saying this, I love this game even with the current level of difficulty on both the scoops.
One final comment, before upgrading to 1.52, my theatre magnet, set at -90, successfully launched the ball up and around to the upper flipper on a regular basis.
After 1.52, and changing the magnet setting to -90, the magnet definitely behaves very differently; with a lower percentage of balls being launched off the magnet to the upper flipper. I have adjusted the theatre magnet setting percentages many times, but simply can not get the same success rate as before the code update.
Regardless, it's just made the magnet a bit more unpredictable- which isn't necessarily that big a deal.

Did my best score this afternoon (2.4m), feel better the shots, but I loose a ball on trying to hit this vuk shot.
Easier in backhand for me
So Let us know about cliffy set. thanks

2 months later
#3481 1 year ago

Hi there,
This pin needs to be precisely set up to play well.
Sometimes my shooter rod works bad, hitting the ball on the top and whatever the strength the ball cant reach the playfield...sometimes i can’t do the left ramp in backhand by lack of power....sometimes the ball is blocked by the diverter arm on the left ramp, slightly down too much .... the scoop shot is still hard to do and I doubt it is only coz of the cliffy protector ...the SIM card shot is also tough, too much tough...I can’t remember if I already succeeded it otherwise than by luck (and draining before sucks)

First I just want to know if someone has adjusted differently the flippers than factory set up?


#3491 1 year ago
Quoted from KingPinGames:

Actually, what I would recommend is loosen the shooter housing, then on the outside of the cabinet, place a small flat washer between the cabinet and the bottom of the housing. then tighten the top screw of the housing first, followed by the bottom two. What this will do is tilt the shooter rod down a little so that it misses the auto launch and hits more in the center of the ball.

That is what I was thinking about..a kind of DIY...was just thinking to work inside the cabinet and place washer on the top of the housing...I will see.
Am I alone in this case?
Seriously, why the final customer needs to do that kind of adjustment? It seems to me incredible.
Thanks anyway

#3498 1 year ago

I have installed orange convolux protection. What a great enhancement!

3 weeks later
#3812 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

It is either a shooter rod adjustment OR the playfield brackets have "faded" (bent) a little, allowing the autolauncher to drag on the shooter rod tip. Dialed In and Hobbit both did this over time on us. WoZ never did. Dunno why.
The fix is easy, though. Bend the right bracket curve a little, OR you can put a thick washer between the bracket and the playfield where it screws to the underside. It doesn't need much - a 1/16" is probably enough. Having done both as I dealt with the issue on both machines (numerous times on TH, once on DI), I came to favor the washer method.
You can see if it's off-center shooter rod vs faded brackets causing rod drag on autolauncher by slo-mo filming a manual ball launch with your iphone.

I get the same problem with my shooter rod. I think I'll have to plane the wood to bring down the mechanism. Adding a washer does not work or not enough.
Now I can say it is not a surprise for me that a more complexe mech like 3 spinning discs on POTC does not work properly or enough reliable to be kept as JJP is not able to build/design a simple mech like trap door (they are still building pins with this issue). Either their testing process is bad or their engineers are bad...or both. And I do not tell you about all the little problems (mechs adjustments) that the game has at the exit of the factory, seriously ruining the experience of buying a Nib game.

#3813 1 year ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Seems like a very challenging, yet fun, shot. Do you have the original JJP SIM card protector installed or the one from Cliffy? I heard with the Cliffy SIM protector that the shot is slightly easier to make.

Seriously, how a shot done by luck 99 times out of 100 can it be fun?

I also think if there was a thread about the worst important shot in pinball industry It would be highly ranked in my top.

#3815 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

Oh, no! Don't grind the wood down to fix this!
If you tried with washers, you just didn't use thick enough washers or you put them in the wrong place. They need to be between the playfield and the bracket, on the screw closest to the edge of the playfield. Stack a couple, it doesn't take much, and this is completely reversible, unlike grinding a playfield's wood.

I’m not talking about grinding playfield’s wood but the cabinet, the house mech not drilled enough lower.
Sorry about my English, don’t know if I explain well what I would like to say

#3817 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

Grinding the cabinet or playfield should not be necessary. Take a picture of where you installed the washer(s). That's the best solution (and completely reversible).

It should certainly not be in the right place as it is inside the shooter house mech ( front cabinet). The aim was to swing the rod axis forward in the shooter lane to knock the ball lower.
I prefer to get a pic of the right washer location to fix this problem. Thanks

#3861 1 year ago

When the manual is supposed to be received?

1 month later
#4393 1 year ago

Hi there,
I would like to have an advise.
I traded my DILE. The new owner has broken the flap of the trapdoor.
Can it be changed? Does JJP send a new flap or eventually the whole assembly bracket? Does he need to open a ticket and if yes how to do?
Thanks all.

#4395 1 year ago

Why not under warranty?
I bought it NIB

#4397 1 year ago
Quoted from LTG:

Warranty doesn't transfer to new owner.
LTG : )

So I will ask for me.

I think that form of warranty is illegal. A warranty should follow the product it is sensed to cover and not the buyer

#4400 1 year ago
Quoted from LTG:

Not in this country. And written very clearly in the rear of the manual.
LTG : )

Still waiting the manual. Do I need to ask them?

#4407 1 year ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

That sucks. It seems like a tough thing to replace. I wonder where the failure point is. It would be nice to know if there was something that could be done in advance, like reinforcing the underside somehow.

38A1138C-AED2-431B-9652-FB32CB836675 (resized).jpegED5391A5-BEDA-4F98-984A-43C4F5EB8512 (resized).jpeg
#4408 1 year ago

I just realized That I should have registered my game, what I didn’t. I think I can wait for a long time for JJP response...

#4446 1 year ago

What is the average response time limit of the JJP tech support when a ticket is opened? Thanks

2 weeks later
#4654 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

1 day to infinity. I just call.

I got a response 2 days later.
Steve will order the complete trapdoor with the flat riveted. They were in inventory so he said it will take a while.
That was 20 days ago.
I asked him an update 4 days ago all the more as I have now a drone down and no response.
Why so long? Why this game has so many issues?

#4656 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

I wouldn't say Dialed In has more issues than comparably complex games, it's just pinball, and the more complex the mechanical action and the more of it there is, the more likely something doesn't work right or at all. Check out the Iron Maiden (Prem/LE) issues thread, that's a much less complex game that has a ton of issues out of the box, way more that I ever experienced on Dialed In, IMO.

I do not have an Iron Maiden so I can’t compare. I have a thought to all 2nd owners that have only their eyes for crying coz the guarantee is not following the product that is sensed to guarantee

#4687 1 year ago

I’m really disappointed about JJP support service.
Ask them some updates about my trapdoor and drone issues and no one is replying.
This game has so many issues out of the box that I think good communication is the least they can do.
I don’t think I would buy again JJP game for a while.

#4689 1 year ago
Quoted from poup:

E-mail jack, you'll have an answer fast.
No problem for my game but I just asked for new cliffy and they are now travelling from the US to France.

I have had a quick answer at the beginning of the month. I must have a new trapdoor but they were in inventory so he explained me that would take a while. I am asking for update. No reply.
I think each guy must stay at his own place. Maybe I will email jack but it is not his job, there is a support service for these questions.
Thanks buddy for the advice

#4696 1 year ago
Quoted from Insanity199:

I have had lots of out of box issues and several after delivery issues. Service through the online ticketing system works well sometimes and not well others. Calling is usually more effective. When new parts are needed, quite frequently I would have to follow up.
With all the above said, ultimately JJP has made things right and got me the parts and support that I needed.
Frank in support is a great guy and he has been out of office recently due to a death in the family. Paul in the parts department quickly jumped on a confusion in one of my parts orders and got me the parts I need.
They are a great bunch of guys that want to make things right. I do believe they are sometimes overwhelmed but are trying to do all the right things.

The guy who has answered me was Steve. No response since 3 weeks.
I’m outside US (I hope it is not working against me) and sincerely i don’t speak English enough well to call the support service ( in fact it is horrible).
So I just ask that someone answers me and gives me update.

#4704 1 year ago

So who could call them for me? I will provide the mail that Steve sent to me, serial number...
Thanks if so can help me.

#4714 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

You can also get some pretty quick answers by joining the JJP google group. Lots of JJPers on that and many (including Jack) often jump in with answers.

Still no answer. I wrote to jack this morning. Maybe I would try google group.
I’m just the case#2468. Don’t know how many they sold but it seems everybody get an issue with his game.

#4716 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

It's private so you have to ask Jen to get in. Email her and request access jen@jerseyjackpinball.com

She is his daughter if I’m not wrong?

#4717 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

It's private so you have to ask Jen to get in. Email her and request access jen@jerseyjackpinball.com

Fast reply from Jack. Many thanks. I hope that will speed up my request.

« I’m sorry about that Laurent, I have copied Frank, we will get you what you need -


Jack »

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