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By goren1818

2 years ago

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Post #1 Welcome to the club Posted by goren1818 (2 years ago)

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Post #805 Cut mylar off magnet posts at drones and theatre Posted by cooked71 (1 year ago)

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Post #1451 Adjusting arm on Quantum Mechanic Posted by vireland (1 year ago)

Post #2507 How to get in backbox to check audio connections Posted by pinstadium (1 year ago)

Post #2661 DIY Lighting how-to for sides of Dialed In backglass Posted by lyonsden (1 year ago)

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#4352 1 year ago

Is it too late to join the club? I have references. Fantastic game! Notice the two Pingulps, I’m going to need them as this game is much more challenging than I first thought.

image (resized).jpg

#4364 1 year ago

So is the shot geometry really different on this game or have I just been too addicted to GOT and it’s me? I’ve been really struggling with the flipper angles and general shot execution to where my games have been quite embarassing. Is this normal? I think it’s because I’ve been playing a GOT pro for 2 hours a day for 6 weeks straight.

#4382 1 year ago

My machine (2 days old) is making a hissing/static sound out of my speakers. It starts when the machine is booting up and is most noticeable when the machine is idling between games. It has made this noise since it was unboxed. I did a search of this thread and didn’t find anyone else having this issue. Any ideas for a quick fix before I call/e-mail JJP?

#4384 1 year ago
Quoted from LTG:

Isolation transformer. Call JJP for one.
LTG : )

Thanks Lloyd.

1 week later
#4560 1 year ago
Quoted from crwjumper:

Holy crap! I just watched this again and ...
watch it and look at the theatre. I love all of the amazing details that they have put into this game. Most people would never see this because they are focusing on gameplay. Really cool!

Damn, that is really cool. Can’t wait to get there.

#4583 1 year ago
Quoted from imagamejunky:

I officially joined the club yesterday! LE#289 is in my gameroom now. Born on date is 4/26/18. I’m loving this game. It’s just awesome. Really fun to play!
I have some issues right off the bat.
Number 1 is this terrible static speaker noise no matter what volume the game is set to. I called JJP and they are sending me one of those in-line noise isolators that others have posted about. I have a hard time believing that this will completely fix the problem. The noise is loud. I’ve checked all connections. I connected an external amp and speakers to the motherboard (no noise). So this tells me it’s the cable or the sound board and not the MB or audio out jack. No noise through headphones either. I need to try swapping the audio cable between MB and sound board next to rule that out.
Number 2 has happened only once. Both displays went blank during a game. The game continued as normal. I turned off/on the pin and the displays powered back on. I’m hoping this doesn’t happen again.
Number 3 is strange. The selfie camera takes new pictures only sometimes when I enter in a name for high scores. Sometimes it will display an older picture from a previous game. Really weird.
Number 4 is no big deal. I can’t get my Samsung S8+ to connect to the pin. The app refuses to connect. I’ve tried multiple times. Not that I’m gonna be playing with the phone, but I just wanted to try it.
It took me a while to find the theater magnet settings that you guys have posted about. I was looking for a magnet power setting. That was the mistake. The adjustment is not power, it’s a delay in milliseconds. For anyone else looking, it’s in the test menu. Mine came really high from the factory (-30 I think). So far -90 seems to be working pretty good along with the magnet behavior set to “normal”. I tried the lab test mode too but couldn’t see any benefit.
So far I like the lower flippers at power 21 and upper flipper at 17.
The slingshots don’t have a power setting. Strange. They have another time delay setting. What are you guys setting these at?

I can address problem 1. I installed a ground isolator (or whatever they’re called) tonight and it’s dead quiet now. I was kind of unsure about it especially after opening the box with the unit itself but the directions were quite easy from JJP and it took literally 5 minutes. Thanks ltg

2 weeks later
#4720 1 year ago

Finally got to Armageddon last night after falling a mode or a shot or two short all week. The lighting on this game is just insane.

2 weeks later
#4858 1 year ago
Quoted from LTG:

Two screws remove the clear plastic over the pop bumpers and set aside, a couple lock nuts to remove the plastic on left side of the theater. A couple locknuts and one screw to remove theater and set aside. Then you can check the left and right opto if one popped out of the hole it's stuck in.
LTG : )

This was a huge factor in me buying this game. I knew if things would pop up (and they do) Lloyd would be here. Cheers

1 month later
#5257 11 months ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:

I finally set my Sim to stay lit after drains. Okay, I admit that the game gets 20% better with this small adjustment. My apologies to all the pus.. I mean people that I called pussies.

I’m close. I thought after a month or so I’d master that shot or at least get decent at it.....not even close.

#5272 11 months ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

That doesn’t sound normal. Mine kicks it at a nice speed to the right flipper 80% of the time such that I can do a nice drop catch. The other 20% can be a bit more of a dribble so I have to stay on my toes. I’ve never had it hit the wireform.

Agreed, this doesn’t sound normal Art. Mine spits it out mid right flipper 100% of the time. Maybe Lloyd will chime in.

1 week later
#5305 11 months ago

Like nokoro I have been getting a lot of airballs that always land in the wireform that feeds the right flipper. Not a big deal, but it happens every game now and I’m confused as to why it’s happening. Also wanted to add that this game is a couple of code tweeks away from greatness. Like upper A game, top 5 greatness. One more monster code update with fixes, more balanced scoring, more oomph in the existing multiballs and some new multiballs, enhanced wizard modes and more utilization of the periphery modes/toys (Bob’s, drones, theater) we could be looking at a top 3 machine. I have a good feeling we’ll get there too, this thing is so great to shoot.

2 weeks later
#5446 10 months ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

Received My manual today, and is Unbelievable!!!
What a Joy to have!

Me too and this thing is insanely nice. It seriously weighs at least 5 lbs. Well done JJP.

#5483 10 months ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

I tried to get a few different colors. And I included a few pics of my game room just for fun [quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Frontier!! Nice. Yeah I think the Titan clears are the way to go. I like how they play and clear looks fantastic, thanks for the pics.

#5548 10 months ago
Quoted from imagamejunky:

So far I've replaced all 3 drones because the propellers stopped spinning. They didn't all stop working at once so I replaced them individually as they failed. Everything was great for a little while.
And now all 3 have stopped working. Uggghhh!!
This time it appears that they all failed at the same time. They're getting power because the LEDs work. I called JJP again and left a voicemail.
Have you guys had similar issues?

I have one drone that works occasionally. I need to open a support ticket for some new drones.

2 weeks later
#5800 9 months ago
Quoted from Wildbill327:

Where can I pick up a noise filter?

I got this one from Amazon. Five minute fix that works like a charm. PM me if you need help installing.


pasted_image (resized).png
1 month later
#6379 8 months ago
Quoted from GorillaBiscuits:

Super beyond f'ing thrilled and excited to be finally joining the club very shortly
The game I'm acquiring is bareback but comes with a set of uninstalled protectors. Don't mind the work to slap 'em in but concerned about rejected shots. Is the general consensus to install or leave as-is in a home environment?

I’ve never played one without Cliffy’s but have seen some unpleasant pictures of scoops chipping without them. Welcome to the club and you picked a good time to join because this game with the brand new code is incredible.

1 week later
#6410 8 months ago
Quoted from Mr-Worf:

[quoted image]

Wow, now that’s blowing it up! Nice score. My high is about four million less lol.

5 months later
#7772 3 months ago
Quoted from jorant:

Ordered my LE and getting it delivered Wednesday! Super excited. This will be my first JJP game. I was blown away by it from the very first moment I laid eyes on this game.

Congrats man, you’ll love it. Just like the love I have for that MET you sold me

1 month later
#7969 58 days ago
Quoted from Mbecker:

Seriously? Sounds plausible ..
Also wondering about the 4 LEDs in the apron.. significance?
Is there a best way to feed the upper flipper for that SIM card shot? I do wish there was a setting to leave it lit between balls.. that’s rough to lose it

There is a setting to have the SIM card shot carry over from ball to ball. It’s in there.

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