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#4251 1 year ago

Officially in the Club as of yesterday. LE #998 is arriving next Thursday. I can't be more excited!

2 weeks later
#4529 1 year ago
Quoted from rai:

Yep it seems like each extra hit will raise the battery by 10% and the points will be raised accordingly. So if your phone battery is 150% the points should be 1.5x the normal value.
But when you drain (before starting a mode) it will reset to 100% although I'm not sure if there is a setting to keep that value.


I did not know this! Thank you for the helpful tip!

In regards to the scoring, I found that it doesn't go up by percentage points, but it goes up 1,000 points per shot, per extra 10% of charge you add. Example - Meteor Shower mode at 100% charge, the first shot is 6,000 points. If you charge the phone to let's say 170% before the mod, you would add 7,000 points to that first shot and now it's worth 13,000 points.

Max charge is 200%.

What excites me about your tip, it changes the dynamic of the game. Do you gamble and run up the charge, hopeful it doesn't drain before starting the mode? Do you do it for some modes and not others? Do you wait to gather a few sim cards before running up the charge?

1 week later
#4626 1 year ago

To All DI Owners & Players:

I found a thread (see link) that discusses the challenging SIM Card shot and strategies on how to make it with some sort of consistency. For those of you who have found success, have insight to the ideal side flipper setting, etc., could you chime in on the thread below? It'll make it easier to sift through your comments than the 4600+ posts here.

Thanks in advance!


#4653 1 year ago
Quoted from ralphs007:

What did JJP have to say about your problem?

I had the same problem happen about 100 games in. During gameplay, my montior, phone and theater went out. After the game, I checked all connections and they looked good. I turned the pin off, then fired it back on. Everything worked again. I never had an issue after that.

1 week later
#4721 1 year ago

Would anyone be so kind to take a few pictures of their ball trough connections, including the soldering to the eject coil?

I'm getting an error telling me to check all connections to my ball trough. Currently my ball trough is continuously firing off balls while playing a game.

Thanks for the help!

#4725 1 year ago

Bumping for my trough request. Could any of you kind DI owners take a few minutes to snap pics of your ball trough connections, including the soldering to the eject coil?

Thank you in advance!

#4727 1 year ago

Thank you for the pictures! Everything looks correct to me.

I might have to give ltg (The Professor ) a call when he opens up at noon for further troubleshooting.

#4729 1 year ago
Quoted from check_switch_26:

What does the switch matrix look like in test?
With 5 balls in the trough, it should look like this:

With 4 balls in the trough, it should look like this:



Hi Ted,

Thank you for chiming in.

Five balls are in the trough. All five matrices are green. However, I kept the machine on the matrix screen and the "5-Ball Trough Jam" matrix switches between green and yellow.

Would that have anything to do with the balls auto-firing into the game? I tried another game it will shoot two, three, four or all five balls into the game.

DIballtroughMatrix (resized).PNG
#4731 1 year ago
Quoted from check_switch_26:

If the trough jam switch goes green, the game will think a ball is stacked on top of another, then fire the coil to clear the problem.
Try taking all the balls out and looking at the matrix again. I suspect you will see all of the switches toggling between green and yellow. Most likely cause is a loose connection. Check the power supply (red & black wires) connectors on both circuit boards. Also check where that small harness connects to the main harness. Try wiggling the switch matrix connector (7 white wires & 1 green wire) and see if the switches toggle in test.


Hi Ted,

I took all of the balls out of the trough. However, "5-Ball Trough #5 (right)" and "5-Ball Trough jam" are continuously switching from yellow to green without any balls in the trough. Odd right?

All connections look tight and connected. Thoughts?

#4733 1 year ago
Quoted from LTG:

Please with power off the game. Reseat the ball trough connectors. And to the Opto driver board under the playfield.
Then go to the I/O board in the head. Reseat connectors involved there.
LTG : )

Thanks for all the help guys. I'll check back when I have some time to go through the troubleshooting later tonight.

#4737 1 year ago

A quick thanks to oshara , check_switch_26 and ltg for the help today.

It ended up being a bad opto board on the ball trough. I swapped the new boards I received from JJP and reinstalled the old ones on the new trough. Go figure.

Thanks again guys!

4 months later
#6381 8 months ago

I just finished my best game on DI, collecting five SIM cards, and coming up just short of 3,000,000 points. My wife could care less, so I thought I would share my victory with you guys.

I haven't downloaded the new code yet, but I will by this weekend. Can't wait.

DI is such a fantastic game.

20181127_192713 (resized).jpg
2 weeks later
#6477 8 months ago
Quoted from Allibaster:

I've lowered the rubber to the playfield on that post above the hole. I've also replaced the Cliffy with mylar.
Between those changes and the new feature of being able to collect SIM cards during multi ball, I may turn off the SIM card save feature.

You can collect SIM cards during multiball on the original software.

However, maybe you mean in Chaos City Multiball for example? I haven't downloaded the new software yet, so I'm unfamiliar with the new options.

#6586 8 months ago
Quoted from DeeGor:

I checked archive.org and the old 1.50 link points to
It looks like that link is still valid.

To confirm, I can still download 1.57 without having to go to 1.60?

#6642 8 months ago
Quoted from check_switch_26:

I'm at a loss to explain it, which is why I asked for additional info. Joe and I tested on three machines before releasing the update, and several others (such as yourself) have reported that the latest code is working well.


If I can get to it today, I'll download 1.61 to provide more feedback on the animations.

My build date is 12/6/17 and I believe my original code is 1.52.

#6716 8 months ago
Quoted from DeeGor:

I checked archive.org and the old 1.50 link points to
It looks like that link is still valid.

Dumb question, is the 1.57 code in the 1.50 download? I haven't updated software in a pin before, so I wasn't sure if I have to install 1.50, then install 1.57.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

#6718 8 months ago
Quoted from Marvin:

No 1.57 is not in 1.50. It would need time travel to do that. Just install 1.6 then 1.61. If you find issues report them so they can be fixed.

Thanks for the quick response. I was hopeful someone had the 1.57 download somewhere. I'll either download 1.60/1.61 as suggested or wait for the next update.

1 week later
#6792 7 months ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

Is EMP mode like 10x more dangerous in the version 1.57 of the code than it was in 1.52, or is it just me? I used to complete it relatively often. Now, the ball is flung all over the place, and I drain more often than not.

In my opinion, the EMP mode is equally dangerous in 1.52 and 1.57 code. The magnets make my ball aggressively fly around everywhere.

My problem is, I'm too competitive to allow that mode to time out with the ball sitting on my flipper. I always try to complete the mode and get pissed when my ball drains 7 out of 10 times.

#6815 7 months ago
Quoted from holminone:

I’m SERIOUSLY thinking about pulling the trigger on a Dialed In LE to complement my STTNG. My 16 year old daughter (and key sponsor on the purchase!) and I had an epic 8 mile bike ride out to The Flipper Room to check it and others out. She laughed out loud several times and score over 300k on her very first game and collected a SIM card on her first disaster.
Huge Lawlor fan. Super reluctant to buy new especially in light of the new tax.
What say you all? Waste of money or good idea?
[quoted image]

I have three pins - WOZ RR, AFMr LE and DILE. My dad, wife, and nephews, who are "okay" at pinball, suprisingly always want to play DI out of the three.

For me, I've only been playing DI lately because of its amazing replay factor. I literally don't want to stop playing it. It's fun, challenging, and a great shooter. If it wasn't for the theme, I bet it would be rated in the Top 3 games on Pinside.

In regards to the enforcement of online sales tax, are you okay with adding another $500-$700 on your purchase? For me, I will be WAY more selective in the future when purchasing a NIB.

My advice, instead of paying $9500+ for a NIB, you could wait and find a lighly used DILE for $8,000, give or take. That's a decent chunk of savings. However, if you can't wait to buy it, I don't think you'll go wrong buying this pin as a NIB because the replayability is fantastic.

Good luck with your purchase!

#6828 7 months ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

What's the default combo high score? I'm one above that.

Default combo high score is five. I just tied you tonight!

#6854 7 months ago
Quoted from holminone:

First, what do you think about Mirror Blades?

Mirror blades are a challenge because of how tight the playfield fits into the cab. You might end up easily scratching them anytime the playfield needs to go up or down.

With that said, others have installed a thin felt on the sides of the playfield, which has helped. Maybe those who have can chime in on their success.

I personally like mirror blades, but won't install them on my DI because of the tight fit.

#6855 7 months ago
Quoted from holminone:

while it is my hard earned money, and I'm all about saving a couple of g's, I feel kind of bad for Jersey Jack Pinball trying to make a go of it when you have a real prospect who goes second hand vs. taking an allocation from new inventory.

Don't feel bad. It's the same as buying a used car, rather than new from the dealer. Do what's best for you.

Quoted from holminone:

If I did do the new one, the local distributor would actually haul it back to the room it will reside in... trying to put a fair value on that. Because if they dump it in my garage or driveway, there is a real scenario I won't be able to move it for several weeks...

Wait to buy until you're ready. DILE new and used will be an option in several weeks.

#6901 7 months ago

Sorry, I have to share this because it happened again tonight.

Is there a better shot than nailing "Big Bang" during the end of a mode, then having the ball immediately ricochet straight down the Sim Card hole?

Man, I love this game!

#6933 7 months ago
Quoted from Kenz:

Why so many used DI's appear up for sale ?
It it just lots were sold or does the pin get old quick!

This game does not get old.

FatPanda is correct. Just like any game, all pins get sold all the time to fund new releases, make room for other pins, or for funding a non-pin related venture.

Also, any game can get boring, dull, and repetitive. DI is no different than any other pin in that regard.

It's bizarre for me to say, but DI gets the most attention from everyone who comes over to play.

3 weeks later
#7133 6 months ago

I set the SIM card to carry over, and haven't manipulated anything in the playfield. This has kept the game challenging, yet not easy to run up the score.

Be patient. The more you play, the better you'll get with the SIM card shot. I know my playfield well, which allows me to bank, ricochet and nudge the ball with somewhat more consistency into the SIM card hole.

#7150 6 months ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

I don't know about that. There are 8 letters to collect. I'm an average player (maybe even less so), and I've collected 4 letters without carrying over. I'm sure if I only played Dialed In and nothing else, I could get close or reach it. It's doable, just not so overly easy that the game gets dull. Play the modes strategically, ones that you know you can finish. Maybe even stack 2 or 3 together. Get a MB started, and use the MB to try to collect the cards. Use the BOB mulitballs to light and collect cards. There are a lot of opportunities.

I have to respectfully disagree with your assumption on how difficult it is to collect SIM cards. I know you didn't say they were easy to collect, but from you comment, you make it sound like it's a walk in the park for any average Joe. Yes, you obtained four of them. But do you do that on a regular basis? I'm assuming the answer is no.

I'd consider myself an average to maybe an above average player depending on the game, and getting 3+ SIM cards is challenging, even with carryover. I think my high is 5, and that's a 1 in a 1,000 type of game.

Is collecting all 8 SIM cards doable? -- of course. I'd like to see a pro record a game obtaining all 8. Does anyone know of a video that already exists that exhibits this feat? I know one exists with 7.

#7154 6 months ago
Quoted from WJxxxx:

Having SIM card not carry over makes the chances of reaching Showdown significantly harder. Having them carry over still doesn't mean that it's making it too easy to get to Showdown - you still have to light the SIM card, and then collect them - one at a time (shame there isn't an option to earn multiple SIM cards then collect them all with a single shot).
Look in your audits and see how many SIM card collect shots you've made on average per game (whether it's lit or not), I will bet it's not more than 8.
I've got to Showdown twice - FFS I've got to LMS on TWD, Encore on AcDc, Vailnor on LotR more often. So those people saying it makes it too easy are surely talking nonsense.

I'm roughly at 1.5 SIM card hole (in the audit, it's call "subway") makes a game, lit or not.

#7157 6 months ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

Of course we all have different playing levels. I had an exceptionally good game. I see TWD scores up near the billion mark and my best is 435 million. To me, that seems like an impossibility, but for others, it's obviously not. Of course, you can set it up how you like to set it up. I prefer not carrying the Sim cards over, you can can carry them over if you please. I'm just saying it's not impossible to reach Final Showdown on factory settings.

I totally get it. I felt you were alluding that your average skill set, and your success with obtaining SIM cards, created a perception it's easy to collect them. I feel like when a shot is part skill, part luck, you can never assume it's an easy shot to accomplish.

I don't mean to come off crusty, but maybe it's because I'm still pissed off that we lost to Wisconsin last night.

#7159 6 months ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Even with carry over, the best I've done is 4 letters and just under 3 mil.

It sounds like we have had the same success. My high score is 2.9 million with either 4 or 5 letters collected.

Most rewarding and frustrating game I have ever played. I love it.

#7163 6 months ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

No worries we're all here because we can all agree that this game is awesome and a blast to play, however you like to set it up!
I do agree that there's skill and luck involved with hitting the Sim card, and that it is quite difficult, and that I believe that Pat and Ted designed it that way purposefully, as it makes the road to Showdown difficult, but achievable and rewarding.
As far as basketball goes, the men's team definitely dropped several notches since Bo Ryan left, to the point that it's hard for me to watch. Fouls, missing free throws, turnovers...all the things that Wisconsin was known to be the best in the country at, has all dropped off since he left. Makes me sad.

Bo Ryan was a great coach. It'll be interesting how Wisconsin does once Happ leaves (although he has struggled quite a bit lately). The reason why you guys are winning is your good shooting. You lead the Big Ten at 40% from three point land.

We shot 7% from three last night, and couldn't hit anything from five feet away. Incredibly frustrating. If I actually had an outdoor winter hobby, I'd think about giving up my season tickets.

Best of luck to you guys the rest of the way.

(Now back to DI)

#7169 6 months ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Whoa whoa...are you saying you hit the sim card hole 1.5 times per game period? Wow...now I wonder what mine says?

Yes (period)

#7175 6 months ago

(Credit to wjxxxx for bringing this up)

thelaw and everyone else - I would love to see everyone else's "Subway" success stats. If you're willing, please post a picture of your "Subway" stats below.

Audits > Game Audits > Playfield Audits (scroll way down) > Subway

I'm currently sitting at 1.43 per game; or as it shows - 143% (Subway successes/# of games played)

#7178 6 months ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Isn't the trap door entry included in that?

I don't think so, as there is a Trapdoor audit. Let me take off the glass and find out.

Update: The answer is no. I put two balls down the trapdoor; and only the trapdoor audit registered it, while the Subway stayed the same.

#7182 6 months ago

You fought the law, and the law won.

#7184 6 months ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Hey now, I respect the Tranq, but I gotta give a down for calling Armageddon a wizard mode. Just how I live my life

Understood. I'll take my recent thumbs down from you as a sign of respect.

#7187 6 months ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Quick check shows I haven't thumbed you down since at least Thanksgiving+
Was it a cargument, where you talking "game immersion?" Cause that would do it.

#7189 6 months ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Ahhh Wtf... Yeah that was you. Yeah that was earned.

Apology accepted.

#7221 6 months ago
Quoted from pb_lawww:

allmost 3 per game...[quoted image]

You're a boss! Very impressive! Also, thank you for sharing.

4 months later
#8106 51 days ago
Quoted from PjM:

Held off long enough! Absolutely love this game.

Congrats on your purchase! Although I'm currently selling mine, it's an absolute blast to play.

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