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Dialed In Owners and Fans Club

By goren1818

3 years ago

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Post #1 Welcome to the club Posted by goren1818 (3 years ago)

Post #14 Game play video. Posted by solarvalue (3 years ago)

Post #800 What happens if you don't cut mylar off magnet core posts Posted by crwjumper (3 years ago)

Post #805 Cut mylar off magnet posts at drones and theatre Posted by cooked71 (3 years ago)

Post #1026 Ball adjustment for tilt Posted by vireland (2 years ago)

Post #1079 Adjustment for flipper that feels "clunky" Posted by spida1a (2 years ago)

Post #1128 Left inlane post does NOT need a rubber sleeve! Posted by Mageek (2 years ago)

Post #1151 Adjusting the kickback Posted by pinstadium (2 years ago)

Post #1246 Another ball trap location Posted by Vyzer2 (2 years ago)

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#9386 1 year ago

Joined the club yesterday.
What a great pin
980 000 currently as my best game

#9397 1 year ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

t'as craquƩ !? ...


#9412 12 months ago

First million reached
First Bob trap broken..
Any advice

74883045_148044193090943_1823631792347807744_o (resized).jpg
#9416 12 months ago

Thanks !

3 weeks later
#9504 11 months ago

Getting better.. 2.5M limit broken!

4 weeks later
#9619 10 months ago

Same issue here. The qed guy is a pain with the playfield protector. I was wondering if a small mod being the target would allow to avoid the ball stalling behind him..

#9622 10 months ago

OK, but I like it fast :/

1 month later
#9761 9 months ago

I agree that Dialed in has a special feeling on flippers. I did not get this with willy Wonka or woz, really related to this model.
I was wondering is it's not a spring issue. For me, the flipper has not as reactive as I expect to come back in place, and I found also that some shots are weaker than expected on cradled balls. But that's mainly in contrast to other machine I own, bally and stern are also different each others

#9775 9 months ago

To avoid them being crazy, you need to do specific shots. Like qed guy or between bumpers.. The rails of leds on the playfield is showing the time remaining before the attack happens, when moving lights touch your flippers, that's a really well thought design. Love it

#9777 9 months ago

Man, that's helpful !
I was justing listening to the voice mentioning who was attacking to know where to shoot ^^
Yellow : QED
Blue : Theater
Red : bumpers, agree that's a tricky shot

need to keep that in mind !

#9796 9 months ago

About flipper reactivity, I made a test today.
I've installed stern flipper springs instead of the original one.
Feeling is better for me, snappier, don't know if there is a link but made my GC score 2 plays after, with a nice 4.5M, 2 quantum theater, 1 chaos and 4 letters..

1 month later
#9986 7 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that I never knew you could delay the main multiball with the flippers and instead start a mode first. Just noticed that while watching the Buffalo Pinball stream haha. That's a great strategy option to have.
I still wish that the main multiball was 3 balls as opposed 2 as it often ends too early if you can't get the add a ball.

I mostly aim for 2 balls locked, in order to get a better multi! It's written on the phone, you know :p

#9989 7 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Oh, before you start the main multiball you can lock an additional ball to make it a 3 ball multiball?

Yes, just cancel the 2 ball by double tapping both buttons and lock a second one.

#9993 7 months ago

Thanks for the detailed explanation.
That's indeed the behavior

#10011 7 months ago

Depends on the state of each
Each is around 1800/2000 in medium/good shape

#10013 7 months ago

I had shadow and jd, and I'm not sure I'd go for a switch. These are three middle games, far away from Dialed In in term of flow and beauty.

#10015 7 months ago

That prices can exist, but only in ultra collector state.. And I don't see someone trading 3 collectors against one nib

#10019 7 months ago

Size of the collection is a good point.
I'm trying to reduce to 6 slots, therefor it's more focused on really good games.
Shadow is great, fast and interesting but I'm not so fan of the comic or the movie, so it's not so appealing.
Judge Dread has plenty of things to do and my kids were in love with the supermodel start. The theme is really well done and fun.
Demo is lower in term of interest, never bothered to get one at home.

But at the end, I turn on dialed in, lightshow is wonderful and all ramps are butter smooth. It's really more challenging than the three other ones. That's the new generation and side by side, these three get old fast.

With a DI LE NIB I'd go for a 2-1 swap with bigger titles.. Eg : JP or Deadpool, LOTR, Spiderman..

#10027 7 months ago

Same incline, but i had mostly finished shadow in less than 2 months and felt it a bit repetitive. Callouts and so. Light show is poor, lock magnet also gets old.
I've not yet reached showdown on my DI (my playfield protector seems a good helper to miss Sim cards..

#10031 7 months ago

Question on playfield.
My DI has had playfield protector when I bought it. I'm considering to remove it as I made that move on my deadpool and the gain in precision of shots was significant.
That said, I'm planning to pu some mylar in the potential wear area.
I've cliff's installed, but were do you recommend to protect?
Exit of the phone seems to one risky area?
Or nothing to fear in a normal 5-10 games per day rhythm?

#10034 7 months ago

Cliffys are already installed,
Any feedback of other owners that removed their playfield protector?
Thanks folks for your advices

#10036 7 months ago

tranquilize cut the mylar ?? taking a x-blade an removing mylar that is factory laid on the magnet ??

#10048 7 months ago

No issue on coils on the latest version

3 weeks later
#10177 6 months ago


i'm the owner of a DI Std.
I am really in love with the flow, the lightshow, and the gameplay, BUT I'm considering selling it.

The flippers !

It's driving me nuts.
I can't stand the behavior of the flipper. They are properly tweaked, but i really don't like how they work.
They feel floaty, buttery and not reactive.

For comparison, I've got Stern but also a WOZ and played wonka.
I've played another DI and the buttery feeling was the same.

The strength settings does not change this feeling at all, any suggestion before I let it go (with a real deception..)

#10184 6 months ago

Thanks mates

#10193 6 months ago
Quoted from gjm7777:

See my post a few pages back
Post #9870

All feets at min and flippers a bit down gave a real better feeling.
Still a bit frustrated when the left orbit just can't do it, but that's more playable. At least it gave me back the feeling I had initially.
When I moved it I had put back feets at max and forefeets at min to gain speed. Seems not good for this one

Will see in the coming days but that's really better.

3 months later
#10881 81 days ago


not sure if it was already adressed, but ball sometimes stucks under the BOB trap. It enters well on floaty shot, but then doesn't move under the playfield to the phone scoop. I have to raise the playfield and give a good shake for the ball to go down.
Otherwise plays perfectly.. any tricks, tweaks to recommend ?

#10883 81 days ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

I had the same issue, raising the right back leg some helped I think

ok, but as the whole pinball is flowing at its best, I fear to kill the whole equilibrium found
I'm questioning about a small piece of mylar or like that to cover the junction of the ramp..anyone tried ?

#10886 81 days ago
Quoted from t500:

I had the same thing happen and the info here completely solved my problems:

Seems exactly what I'm looking for!

1 week later
#10916 72 days ago

Can you share the link to me also please?

3 weeks later
#10944 50 days ago

I really love my Dialed In, but there is one thing that is bugging me so much : ball stuck behind the moving guy. It happens 2-3 times per game, and I have to wait for a ball search..
Did anyone face the same issue and find a trick ?

#10951 49 days ago
Quoted from poup:

Leveled up the upper right leg, It happens less. The playfield protector is also one of the reason

I already removed the protector, no impact on that issue. And It's well levelled for the whole flow.
3D printing would be ideal. I have the printer but not the 3d design skill ^^
If someone is skilled enough, and as spare time, i can work with to design a prototype.

3 weeks later
#11007 25 days ago

Was considering in selling my Dialed In.
I played a lot of Turtles Stern recently, which is more punitive.
Seems that It trained me also as I just raised my HS in Dialed In from 2 to 5.4M
A blast game, DIAL but lost two letters. Twice quantum multi and a good chaos city.

This game is really great.
So finally not selling it

#11017 25 days ago

Wonka seems to gather less love, so not sure about it keeping a better value..

#11028 23 days ago

You may need to.. Dialed in your pinball.
I agree that the shot is clunky on cradled balls, but it works well on rolling balls
The subway seems anyway to be the real target in the orbit. Not like a lord of the ring fast orbit shot...

#11030 21 days ago

The main 'issue' or at least 'difference' between dialed in and my other machines (jjp and stern) is the flipper feelings.
I don't know why but they react differently.
It's not bad, it's just not.. usual
They feel not reactive and strong but can anyway send powerful shot. It's a bit a weird feeling.
But once you get used to that, they play fine

1 week later
#11059 12 days ago

The Bluetooth audio is indeed already working on all JJP's machine for beta testers
Gnr is the first to include it as an official feature.
Same for wifi updates.

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