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Dialed In LE vs Deadpool

By wilsonza

34 days ago

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#12 34 days ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

This pretty much nails it and not much else to say....

...but since you insist
When i was searching for my 4th game a few months ago, i set myself up with a $7500 budget and wanted to seek out something ‘different’ yet still exciting and fun. So stern was pretty much off the map as i owned 3 stern pro’s and didn’t want another fast paced flow fest style pin. JJP seemed to fit the bill for something different. Hobbit didn’t quite hit the mark but was extremely close, and within budget, but it didn’t pull me in as a must have but it remained on the list. I owned WOZ in the past and loved it, it fit the bill perfectly. But i only wanted 2.0 boards, NIB standards with 2.0 boards were overpriced (compared to what i paid for in the past for a WOZ), RR75 was out of reach budget wise, and getting a used WoZ with old light boards wasn’t up my alley as I don’t have that kind of time to upgrade - if it was me 5 years ago, i’d be all for doing a 2.0 swap out but i have little kids now and work is more demanding so that was a big no on WOZ. However, i then got excited on the rumors of the YBR. And the rumors of it being stripped down made it possible it would be within budget....boy was i wrong lol. Then there’s JJPOTC, amazing game, but over budget; and the more i played it, the less excited i got about wanting to own one - it began to feel like a lot of work, but still an amazing game and if i could find a standard within budget i would have picked it up. The last JJP within budget was DILE. Love this game, but my 3 pin lineup was already a flowfest, plus the game lacked that pinball synergy that really gets a player excited to hit start - the rules are a bit linear and the immersion just didn’t capture and bring me into the world. Still a great game, but not one for a small lineup IMO.
Then BK3 & Wonka news hit. The hype train was in full force and i was ready to go all in and go against my new ways of ‘do not own an incomplete game again’. I started believing the same ol shit i used to believe a long time ago in that ‘this is a new era of pinball, the code will be much better with these releases, especially with all this hype surrounding it, how could either of these games go wrong...” Well, needless to say, when released, neither of these pins excited me to the point of wanting to buy and i was quickly reminded that games are much more fun to own when they are finished (or at least near finished). So perhaps BK3 or Wonka will be on my radar again a year from now.
Then something happened; a few pinheads told me, why not try out Deadpool? i was like, ‘pffft, that game is a complete turd’ - i was basing that opinion of mine on the initial release of pro’s that i tried on location. With Lyman not on the code, i felt there was no way this game could be a winner. But these guys insisted i give it another go; and these are pinheads who have been around for awhile who share very common interests in games, the kind of peeps you can trust your pinball life with. So i listened and began the research; i read up on some of the current code (it was at .99 at the time) and started watching Deadflip streams. The game was nothing that i remembered it being at release. I thought to myself, there’s something going on here - a spark of pinball life! What is this game and why is no one talking about it? i continued to research it, i got brought into a new streamer i never heard before (dontpanicflip), and his stream sold me on the Snikt shot alone. One of the pinheads who told me to get this game had a DPLE and just before pulling the trigger on an NIB, he offered that i try his out. Unfortunately, our schedules didn’t coincide at the time so I sought out a DPLE on location. All i played was 2 games, and i knew i was sold. Coincidentally, there was a DILE there to play too. I had my wife have a go and i asked her thoughts, she was like ‘what is this shit’. I knew i made a good choice not to bring in DI. I sought out a Deadpool Premium the next day and finally hooked and reeled one in and have had it for one month.
I have a hard time prying myself away from DP to play my other pins. I know I’m still in the honeymoon phase, but I’m also 200+ games in. This sound package is sterns best since LOTR. It is so good; from the call outs, to the script, to the music, to the variety. The game screams pinball and immersiveness on so many levels. The only negative on the game is that it does have that Gomez Klunk to it, but hot dam every shot in that game feels good.
I have another friend who hit me up recently who hasn’t bought a game in a long time (yo robt !), he asked for my thoughts on Munsters. He was ready to buy it because it (the premium) was the most beautiful pin he’s seen, and i agreed. However, we were both suspect to the code and longevity of the layout in a small collection. I told him to give Deadpool a look; and like me, he was like ‘Deadpool?!?’ - mine showed up a week later and he came to try it out. He was sold instantly. We hadn’t had that much fun with 2 player games in i cant tell you how long. Despite my honeymoon, this game is the real deal. That said, I’m happy to report my friend has an LE incoming!
Sorry for the long post, it was meant as a fun story on how i came to like Deadpool.
Oh and One last thing i will say. During my research for a new pin; i did give ACNC another go. I pretty much wrote this game off, much like DP, when i played it back in October, but holy crap it’s a fun game now. It’s on my radar and i may actually think about trading my IMDN for one if the opportunity ever presents itself. It’s amazing what code can do to a game - A lot of people say you can’t change the geometry of a game once its complete. While that’s true physically, i do believe code can change how that geometry can be played, and turn it into an amazing game. TWD, BM66, DP, ACNC, WOZ, etc... are proof of this.
TLDR: Deadpool is legit!

Between the two I’d pick Deadpool. But I’d pick Alice over Deadpool, unless you’re routing it. Then Deadpool all the way.

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