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Dialed In is awesome. Yes, I played it.

By ryanwanger

3 years ago

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#123 3 years ago

Nicecatch, badbilly!

Thanks for the review, Ryan.

I think the game exceeds expectations for innovation.

This alone, imo, deserves a round of applause.

Tons of hard work, to create what is now available.

I'd love to own one, and only have price hesitation.

My mind keeps saying S6995, and a record number of sales.

I guess I would be happy and blessed with any of the new games revealed.
My wallet.....not so much.

Makes my appreciate the minty Judge Dread picked up recently under 1500.

But crap, all of these are winners for everyone!

#160 3 years ago

I am confused by those that feel changing the name is a "major league" need.

What I'm wondering now for operators to share, does this make money at $1.00 per game?
Does it accept a $5 Bill?
Or if it's blue tooth, can you connect vi paypal, and run up a "tab"?

#170 3 years ago
Quoted from BrianBannon:

I am sure that you can install a DBA that will take anything from $1 to $20. Real question would be how much per game and do you offer a bonus or not?

Agreed, ops know.......on a 10k game, what
would they charge per game?

#240 3 years ago

One word after playing a bunch......


#315 3 years ago

I played a whole bunch today, and there is much to say, but so much I don't know.
I can say, that video and pics do not share how visually inviting and exciting the game looks.
The left ramp is very generous, and smooth as butter.
The magnets in the drone area, pull some nice stunts ala magna slings, twd, etc, but because it's in a corner,
The effect is different. The ball swirls, looks like a short kick out, as well as full playfield fling.
There appears to be 3? Magnets hidden in the playfield. Multi ball rules appear to have options...go for 2 ball or wait for 3
The self ie pictures are hysterical in a public setting or with friends, as why snow tried to get a finger off in a self ie
While I was playing.

I didn't find anything not to like!

Sadly, Batman did not get a ball launched, and Aliens looks very promising.

Dialed in with 4 or 5 games on the floor were packed, with a 90 percent positive vibe.

Indeed, a topic of talk were the pinside threads, and some comments that show a WTF are you talking about, this is awesome fun.

Certainly very different, yet familiar, and not like the other games...they all stand on their own.

I can't say anything is different about pricing, accept that JJP, hears our concerns....this might help.....
Can t say what I heard, but it's all good.

I want one, bu t I also want Aliens and Batman.....WTF!!?!

#361 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Only thing that I see as really too bad are it appears the arm chair QBs are out in full force. The resounding vibe at the show is that DI is fantastic. I sure hope JJP is ignoring the likes of you. They have bottled lightning and it does not need any of the changes you suggest.
I always find it a bit odd and sad when people not at a concert are sitting at home critique the show they are not even at. This seems to be the same way. Without a doubt, this game is VERY well recieved at the show. There is zero doubt in my mind this is JJPs best game to date. Pat Lawlors best game to date, will sell Very well, and would do amazing on route also.
I am not sure what to say but this is really a case of some people should probably just stop typing till they play it and experience it for themselves. After three years of development if you consider yourself a pinhead, then you own it to yourself to just calm down and find a way to lay hands out it yourself.
Bye. Going back down to find a way tomsneak in to the vendor hall early so i can play some more DI. Seriously, could not sleep and woke up excited like a kid on xmas morn to go play with the new toy. I have not felt like this and pinball since playing TAF and TZ for the first time 20 years ago!

Right behind you again, Hilton!

Since others have mentioned.

Wait and see about a Standard, with a lower
MSRP, and then our usual wheeling and dealing. We may be surprised to see the final cost of a Standard, being something to be happy about
Tossing away price for a moment, getting ready to line up and play all day!

What great fun this pin is!

#394 3 years ago
Quoted from Pugsley:

I think that the prices alone are responsible for all the negative comments. People cant afford it and get all bent out of shape. Now if this had been a 6k game I don't think you would have heard as many complaints about it.

Ok What's true is if 10,000 units were sold, this could be sold at $6995.
This is valid, and an opinion shared by decent conversation.
What my hope is, for the home user, is to remove the selfie camera, blue tooth, shaker, invisiglass, plastics, or to make those all a la carte, and get a Standard game out as low as possible, to watch this game take off.
In its form here, the extras work when group play.
But it has an insane amount of potential.
Say you add on later blue tooth.
Whysnow and I both have the game. We could theoretically play each other, couldn't We?

We are just scratching the surface of this vision.

Yes, for many the theme, flow, play won't work.
No problem.
Loved the respectful negative post.

#398 3 years ago

My apologies, WiFi needed....sorry..typing and eating a maple mustard pretzel pork chop and coopers hawk....good excuse

#442 3 years ago

Played about 25 games today.
What a blast multi ball is!
There are several magnets under the playfield
That not only throw the ball the way you'd just don't know where and when.
They also do a mini pulse, that changes the
angle of the ball by a few degrees.
Wow that keeps you on your toes!

This feature messes with balls more then
Magna slings!

Also to share, from JJP.
Prices aren't set yet, and they hear our concerns.
Lots of talk between JJP and players about
Price, so hang on, you may be surprised
by the final price.

Its just so quirky and fun, in a Pat Lawlor
I saw only 2 adjustments made to switches
The entire time.
Brilliant to have them working so well
and 5 games for everyone to play.

As Aurich and others mentioned, you'll
need to play this, before any judgement.

All I can end my expo trip with is, I wanted
to come home knowing what my next game
is, in a year, and Dialed in won me over!

#469 3 years ago

Being at the show, the difference in quality
between Vendors was easily seen.

The game isn't about cell phones, it's part of all
The toys when you play.
Hard to explain until you play.
The game is packed. It costs a lot to make small volume toys.
Look at what an after market mods go for.

I'm not defending the high prices, more that
I wish to share the cost of doing business
for those that manufacture.

I agree and do so myself now. GB
was the first full price game le, I bought
without playing.
If I wasn't at a show, no way would I give
any funds, unless it's shipping out
right away.
Kinda over the plaque, number, powder coat reasons...
I want gameplay.

I feel Dialed in achieved this.
Then Aliens.

But if I was home and not at the
Show, is likely agree with all the confusion,
and misinformation about all these
games that were new.
This was talked about extensively among
Basically, " WTF is pinside talking about?"

Hang on, plenty of time to decide, and many more shows over the next year to play and decide.

#511 3 years ago

Donnie suggested if you tilt, it snaps your picture, and has a wall of shame rotate on display

#528 3 years ago

Photobombing was a blast!

#542 3 years ago

Forgot to mention the weak flipper mode......
Very different then WOZ.
More of a stutter, and weak. It's inconsistent,
But very playable.
Short and infrequent enough to keep it' exciting!

#614 3 years ago

You can mess with opponents.

I know you can change the weather, while your opponent is playing, and I heard another
"method" was already in the game as well.

Just the weather alone was fun, as eventually your opponent would "know" what he is doing, and its a
"WTF?" moment.

Gimmicky, yes...but damn fun.

#624 3 years ago
Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

I always thought theme didn't matter much if gameplay is awesome - but to own it and put it in my basement, I guess it does.
Everything I read makes me think this is a great game, then I envision it sitting in my basement. Just can't see looking at the pin collection and liking having that title/art package in my lineup.
Pinball to me is not just a game, the machines are decoration in my basement. I like them to look cool. I want friends to come over and say "what's this one?"
IDK, just really still disappointed in the naming and theme. I feel like I waited so long for this machine - and they got just about everything right but still missed hitting the ball out of the park. Just can't believe then went to production with this title/theme. Doesn't anybody do a focus group anymore. JJP was so intent on developing this game in secret, why not throw some ideas out there to the community and ask for opinion. I know you have to wade through all the BS on pinside, but there are still some really good honest constructive criticism that would of ended in a more appealing overall package.
Maybe if I get the chance to play it, my mind will change. But - I know if I never have that chance, I will have 0 desire to buy it - whereas I am extremely compelled to buy BM66 - based on art, theme, etc...

Honest and Logical!

#650 3 years ago

I thought, "Quantum Disaster!"

5 months later
#940 3 years ago

Love the Game, just wish JJP was more present since Expo, with some output to potential customers, to keep us excited....
I hate having to hunt down little tidbits.

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