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Dialed In is awesome. Yes, I played it.

By ryanwanger

3 years ago

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#57 3 years ago

Skimming through front page and the BM66 posts... one thing is clear by comparison, this reveal shut down BM66... i think they picked up 1.5 new pages of posts vs 20+ for this game. Granted much of it is complaining but were still all talking about Jacks game and not the competition, that says something.

#299 3 years ago

I don't see how expressing some dissapointment in the theme (or at least the initial presentation of the theme) along with concern over ever increasing prices is overly negative.

I have not heard anyone say they don't want to play the game or think the game itself is not great and fun looking. I don't think you need to play the game to be able to say you're not enthusiastic about the name do you?

Myself I'm in the camp of being a bit disappointed with the title... the theme as more details have come out sounds cool but it was not presented that way nor does the title convey the theme. You can't blame us for not being there, we only have the input were given and everyone was very interested in this game so yeah were going to talk about what info were given.

I'm looking forward to playing it, whether or not its a buy for me is still dependent on whether I personally like the play, that was the case before the presentation and it still is now.

#307 3 years ago

Another thing I don't get is all the pinside bashing. I've tried reading other forums but hardly anyone is talking about up and coming pinball or they are talking about how terrible pinside is.

A sencere observation from a long time pinball fan fairly new to the forums... most of the negativity I see comes from those who complain about how terrible pinside is. Everyone else seems to be enjoying a lively debate about the state of pinball, where it is, where its been and where its going... then good, bad and ugly.. without (for the most part) rose colored glasses.

I think you all would be more than welcome to participate in the conversation if you care to join. If not please go have fun bashing pinside in your other forum.

#340 3 years ago
Quoted from solarvalue:

So...any more gameplay videos?

I want to see the video they were shooting this afternoon on periscope. Wonder how long until that gets released.

#346 3 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

I agree, you are right. Just got a little aggravated. It's a bit frustrating what is going on with these prices with both parties. Trying to make sense of it makes no sense. I totally acknowledge the craziness of buying a BM66LE or SLE too.
Btw, sorry Jim!

I hear ya there. We all want to support these companies and give them our businesses so they can thrive and continue to pump out great pinball but they are making it hard to do so. And what most frustrates at least me is that it doesn't seem to be outwardly necessary.

#408 3 years ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

What really struck me about the phone integration was that Pat was very proud about the cabinet being 6.5 degrees at rest and the bubble level being back.
Yet they missed the opportunity to put a cheap accelerometer on the playfield and use this bluetooth link they have to provide a way to level the game using the companion app. Adding a little functionality would make the bluetooth seem more valuable as feature.

I was thinking that too... or if they want to be really innovative make the playfield seld-leveling.... I don't think I would actually want that though... a cheapo accelerometer mounted to the playfield with an interface int the diagnostics would be sweet tho.

#411 3 years ago
Quoted from SuperPinball:

We are already complaining about the high price, we don't need to give them a legitimate reason for it.

An accelerometer package is about 2 bucks. Plus in therory they could also do away with the tilt switches and plumb re-couping that two bucks... of course they would need to develop an interface for the module and the ui interface but those are one time expenses that could be dstributed into the platform cost.

#417 3 years ago
Quoted from Pinballlew:

Doesn't sound like Dialed in is going to have to hunt for sales.
Quoted from PinballSTAR's FS thread: "PinballSTAR sold more games in one day of Dialed In than we might regularly in 9 mos to a year. We placed a huge order with JJP yesterday for our initial allotment. I have confidence in JJP and Pat Lawlor that Dialed In is going to be a big hit."

Awesome! Glad to hear it. A name doesn't have to ring my bell to be a hit. I may very well be ordering myself once i have had a chance to play it

#440 3 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

Joe is straight up no b.s.. I'm so tempted. Just wish it was $500 cheaper.

As it sounds like such a great player, packed with features I bet a different name and 8500 price tag and nobody at the show would have complained and far fewer here... some of us here who only saw the grainy constantly moving and obstructed view with a confusing explanation of the theme probably would have still been grumpy but its in fun.

#455 3 years ago
Quoted from Baiter:

Yes, this is the issue with all the limited editions... buyers have to purchase blind (without being able to play or see in person). It's really a terrible way to do business.

Plus there are potential customers who couldn't go to Expo who may want to at least play the demo unit before buying into a CE even if its not known yet what a CE will add... the game probably wont make it to this coast in time for that. However, I guess if I were that interested and could justify spending an extra 3-4k on basically the same game I would have hopped in my imaginary lier jet and checked it out at expo.

I'm excited to see what price point gets set for a standard myself. Fingers crossed its the same route as the other standards (same playfield, major toys and gameplay) but at a price point I can justify to my wife.

#510 3 years ago
Quoted from mystman12:

You know what else could be really cool? If the machine could also act as a Bluetooth controller. Then you could hook it up to a VR device and play VR pinball using an actual machine to control.

Interesting idea. I don't know if I would like VR pinball but I could imagine that opening a world of interactive mods

#515 3 years ago

Also if the tech is good enough for facial recognition I'm sure it could also filter out anything obsecene. Of course nothing's perfect.... but you would probably also have a photo of the offender.

#535 3 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

One observation about the camera.. beyond it being integrated in the game, I'm willing to bet there will be an option to view live video feed. If you listen to east side pinball's podcast, they have a camera system to monitor their games off site. If suddenly your machine is sending you a text that it's being excessively tilted, you could turn the camera on and take a snapshot of the asshat that is abusing your machine.

Tilting happens but this idea could be really valuable for example with an unauthorized coin door entry.

#556 3 years ago
Quoted from pezpunk:

It's unfortunate that the story got reduced to "it's cell phone themed". That really is a disservice to the game.

Totally agree. I do get trying to promote the cell integration but do that with some cheap cardboard wings or toppers that locations can optionally attach

To me calling this game Dialed in is akin to calling the batman prequel series "Utility Belt!" instead of Gotham. Or maybe calling Superman "Quick Change!"... Or spiderman "Webs!"... why? because these names while they may describe an aspect of the character do nothing to convey the actual theme, build any attachment to a character, or add intrigue... plus its ambiguous.

Anyway, I suspect the smart phone tie in's are going to be a huge hit, the camera, facial and motion sensing... wow.. way to advance pinball while retaining the core of the game. While they probably were not on the list for those of us who already love pinball... it may be just whats needed to draw in new players.

#587 3 years ago
Quoted from Baiter:

... after reading the comic.

Well there's yer problem.

I don't know, maybe the app yielding phone is a part of their body kids will get it instantly without having to read a comic and it will lure them away from their phones just long enough to discover pinball.

#657 3 years ago
Quoted from FlippyD:

I'm not sure what revisions they are cooking up in the JJP meeting room but personally I think Dialed In is a great name. It felt wrong to me when I first heard it but after letting it sink in I'm liking it more and more. It's very Lawlor.

I'm ok with the name as it is now as well. However it took a much better understanding of the theme to get the name. So while I do actually personally kind of like the name now, I still think its a problem for that reason.

#661 3 years ago

Watching the stream it felt much more like disaster news... live at 8. I think a name that highlights that would be exciting. Also a commentary on the tyical evening news adage of if it bleeds, it leads.

#693 3 years ago

My current thoughts as I have had time to soak it all in:

1. I like the suggestion of Quantum Chaos, the fact that its a real science term: even better, most people won't care becausenit sounds cool.

2. Keep the phone, but change its role. Instead of having the player be a dumbwitted character who stumbles on some magic phone, make the player an emergency operations manager who is using the phone to corridinate and dispatch emergency responses.

3. D.I.E. Can still be your central villain with their expriment running amok and fighting the player to cover up their role.

#701 3 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

All great ideas, but honestly I'm amazed Jack is willing to even change the name (which will require art changes on the playfield, backglass, and cabinet). Now we want him to throw out all the animations they created too? It's no wonder why JJP can't release things in time, everyone is so critical and Jack bends. By the time this gets released with all the proposed changes, ever tier will get raised $500 and then people REALLY won't want to buy it because of it's updated price.

True and I don't expect Jack to listen to me or any one of us at this point in the games development. Just stating what in my opinion would make it more attractive to myself. Why? For no other reason than I find this game to be the most interesting new game to talk about and thats a good sign for Jack.

End of the day I would agree that $500 less (cost of shipping) over any changes is preferable.

#715 3 years ago

(Ahem)... electronics in back and a shaker motor and yet somehow they managed to find a way to keep the power switch in the traditional location.... just sayin.

#716 3 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

Thanks, Lloyd. Did they happen to mention why they didn't go with them on Dialed In?

I was curious about that as well. Of course on WOZ i really don't utilize the back half of the rails because the harness isn't long enogh... but on RFM I use the whole rail all the time.

#754 3 years ago
Quoted from paynemic:

I haven't played or even seen the game in person, so I'm probably not qualified to give input. However, here it is anyway: What about "Lifeline" for the name of the game?
It has intensity and drama. It has the word "line" in it so it has a more subtle tie in to the phone... I like it.

Not bad, plus it has the same number of characters.

#756 3 years ago
Quoted from paynemic:

I don't think of that, but it might help minimize changes on the art?

Yep. The more I think about it the more I like your idea and I think your right, Dialed In lacks drama.

Not saying anything bad about the game or the theme fit at this point as I'm also one who has not seen it in person... I just think from a cold call perspective, Lifeline seems likely to grab more attention.

#797 3 years ago
Quoted from PinballSTAR:

If you want to play it in person our Dialed In event is next weekend in Philly at Pinball Gallery.

Any word when we will be able to play on the west coast? Lots of pinheads on this side of the country too

#799 3 years ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Does your DVR say "Tape" when you want to perform that function, because my Android still says "Dial" when I want to make a call.

iOS says "Call". Having never really used VCR's for recording programs i use the term "Record" with my DVR and Record is the term it uses

3 months later
#825 3 years ago
Quoted from TRAMD:

I really have to try this game. I had brushed it off due to the awful theme and artwork (which I still think are awful) but WOZ is my favorite pin and TH and TZ are in my top 5. I won't buy it without playing it like I did with WOZ but if it blows me away, I just might pick one up.

Yeah, I have a sneaky suspicion that PAGG might be very expensive for me this year.

#826 3 years ago

I suspect with Dialed In being the third primary line switch they are getting the process down now and future releases are likely to start hitting the line faster.

Lloyd, is JJP still going to be pushing for new game announced by the end of the year? I remember hearing the goal was to get to a game per year pretty soon here.

#829 3 years ago

Awesome! Do you know if that was a new software version? I heard about the emoji attack mode but hadn't seen it and I don't remember anything about the Volcano.

#834 3 years ago

Yeah DI is looking really amazing. If you watch the emoji and the playfield, I think the emoji are following the ball.... edit.. watching again maybe it is the screen scrolling they are reacting to... or maybe something else? I agree that the LCD/game interactions do seem like they are moving towards being really be tied together on whole another level than what we've seen before.

#840 3 years ago

Awesome! Very much needed.

#860 3 years ago

Are there any west coast JJP dealers? I wouldn't mind up to a days drive... yeah it would cost more than shipping but at least I would get a story out if it.

3 weeks later
#913 3 years ago

OMG... DI is at free gold watch?! So going there next week.

1 week later
#921 3 years ago

Okay... this weekend I'm committed... finally going to visit Free Gold Watch AND get hands on time with Dialed In. Super excited!!

#923 3 years ago

Free Gold watch is awesome! Great row of top games, ended up playing for about 4 hours (2-3 on dialed in) there and met up with some other awesome pinsiders.

My wife is heading up tonight so I will go back tomorrow or Saturday with her to get some more time in on Dialed In.

The game is a lot of fun and according to the guys at FGW, its been getting near constant play since arriving. The magnet action is totally wild, gotta keep the middle of the playfield clear during multiball otherwise magnets get dangerous. The kickback save seemed pretty generous to the point where the left outlane didn't feel like much of a risk (Adjustable I'm sure). Flipper attack is cool... its not enough to completely loose control but enough so someone can't sit there holding the ball.

The rules seem simple yet there are lots of modes... Didn't get enough play to know if there is stacking or wizard modes or anything like that... it felt like we were just scratching the surface of the game and its going to take some time to learn it all. Combo ramps are awesome and my god, theres so many paths the ball can take up there in the top half of the play-field.

I honestly have not yet made up my mind though. I probably would jump on it except for having had played AS last weekend which was also a blast and my wife already fell in love with it.... although next to a DI I think would look pretty bare.

There may only be one solution... get both. We shal see... in the meantime I think I will always be open to dropping a pocket full of quarters into DI.

#928 3 years ago

Dialed In is done. According to Jack code is at 95%. Playfields are in in and games are likely going to be rolling off the line in a little over a month.

Also I did not say I was considering them side by side... Itwas a joke that the solution to deciding would be to buy both (otherwise I wouldn't be deciding). And yes having seen and played both in person AS would look pretty sparce next to DI. Thats not bad... they are both fun in different ways.

Not adjustable? Obviously your not at all familiear with JJP's game platform... everything is adjustable down to obsurd detail. However nobody really knows yet so I left it as an assumption.

Anyway got a good amount more play in today and and much better games... even got within a breath away from the top 8.

An intriguing feature to explore here: Started unlocking phone upgrades, noticed it would award a single letter in Dialed In, not yet sure what else it unlocks. Also found a couple more multi-balls. It definitely has that one more game factor as we kept getting drawn back over to it.

I think DI does have more lasting power however DI is also about 60% more expensive than AS. Is there 60% more to the game? Yeah I think so and more... yet I'm still torn.

#929 3 years ago

So to add my wifes take on it, she put it like this....

How did you like Dialed In today?
Dialed In was a lot of fun...

What about it compared to AS?
You know... with Aerosmith, its very fun and the trunck lock is really super cool but also the game is in general pretty predictable. With Dialed In it is also a lot of fun but also there are so many things going on all over the place that walking up you have no idea what is going to happen. Also there seems to be a lot more different goals, ways to achieve them and additional things to discover. Is that what you would call more debth?

I believe her journey to the dark side is now complete.

3 weeks later
#938 2 years ago

There is a Dialed in coming to PAGG (Mid May). It will be interesting to see if it's one of the prototypes currently circulating or if it's a production machine.

1 week later
#954 2 years ago
Quoted from robin:

I believe that's the same proto I played at FGW. Is my high score still in there?

It should be the same one. When my wife and I were at FGW he was telling us to "get our game time in now because it was shipping to Seattle next week". It was a blast though, fun place!

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