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Dialed In 1.50 Code and bugs

By flashinstinct

1 year ago

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#27 1 year ago

There were some pretty big scoring changes/rebalances between 1.13 and any newer version.

#92 1 year ago
Quoted from Stepan:

Besides new "Mini" wizard mode, and relatively tame overcharge mechanic, what else is new from a gameplay perspective?

Among other important things, you can play Showdown more than once in a game now; under 1.13, the whole SIM card dynamic just shut down after Showdown was played.

Quoted from Stepan:

I didn't notice any major score changes. Game is still a linear snoozefest. Hurryups are useless, theater awards are useless, drone area is useless, crazy modes are useless

Theater awards (like all the "holds") are far from useless. The drone area which lights those awards is far from useless. The crazy modes seem to me to be _intended_ to be useless, although LOTTERY can generate some serious points; they're there, I think, to space out the better BOB awards (multipliers and multiballs).

Have you played the new version for more than 2 or 3 minutes?

#94 1 year ago

Where should I be looking to see the "Added design team selfies in attract mode"? I would have expected them on the credit scroll...

#102 1 year ago
Quoted from Stepan:

Unless you turn on Sim card memory, do not have a tilt bob installed, had the best game of your life, or is a pinball god this is not that significant. Our location DI had a grand total of 1 Showdown played, ever, since it was delivered, and I was there for it.

1 Showdown? You guys suck. I almost got to the 2nd one on this game (without SIM memory, with tilt bob):

2017-11-02 17.05.39.jpg

Note to self: wear shirt when taking selfie pix. Gotta see if there's a way to remove _one_ pic...

Quoted from hank527:

Anyone have Bluetooth working?

Not on 1.50, no. The changelog says there should be a new version of the JJP app for Bluetooth compatability, but there's nothing on Google Play newer than May.

#129 1 year ago
Quoted from brucipher:

Are you holding down the left flipper on the machine and on the app after you start a game to pair the two devices?

With 1.13, that would work to connect the phone to the pin, but it wouldn't _stay_ connected for more than half a minute or so. With 1.50, I can't even get the old Android version to connect, and the new version (to match the new IOS version) isn't available yet.

#173 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinballpal:

I think their is a bug in 1.50 concerning the magnet it does not throw the ball the whole way around when it is exposed to. I adjusted the magnet in the magnet tests so it throws it the whole way around but during game play it seems to not work like it was before on the new code.

Mine's still working fine, _most_ of the time, but I've seen a few instances where it threw the ball SDTM _with force_.

#177 1 year ago
Quoted from JWJr:

Mine's still working fine, most_ of the time, but I've seen a few instances where it threw the ball SDTM with force_.

Note to say that adjusting the usually-adjusted TM value downwards (from -90 to -100) seems to have cured this. I am still noticing some fluctuations in the strength of the pullback, both in test mode and in game play - sometimes hard around, sometimes around but slower/weaker, sometimes barely strong enough to get to the kickout above the magnet.

#185 1 year ago
Quoted from TomDK:

Me to .. scratchinh maily on the start of modes, some persons are not to understand due to scratching. hard to describe ...

The newscaster ("Mike Banter") is intended to be a "background" character, like a TV on in the background that you sometimes can't hear when more important things are going on around you.

The new 'droid app works flawlessly (so far) with 1.50. Love the best/last score saving!

#189 1 year ago
Quoted from Waldo:

Where is the Statue diverter suppose to be when the game starts? Didn’t it used to be in the up position?

At start, it should be UP, with either 1.13 or 1.50.

When you power on the game, does the diverter test itself, both up and down?

#201 1 year ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:

Is the theatre during EMP strike supposed to just release the ball back to the playfield? I'm getting SDTM without a severe shove. Once in a while, the theatre magnet will throw it back to the side flipper, but it mostly just releases it during this mode. My guess is that the designers made release it this way so that the lower magnets would hopefully divert the ball from causing a SDTM, but they only do this maybe 1/5 times, if that. Is this just poor code/design or a bug?

Unless you have something else also lit (like a mystery package), the magnet should just drop the ball during EMP.

3 weeks later
#240 1 year ago

Can somebody from JJP explain the PARTIAL setting for Theater Magnet catch behavior?

#243 1 year ago
Quoted from TomDK:

Please subscribe to the JJP customer "newsgroup" om googlegroups. There you will find a full description. I will not copy and paste, its not my posting ...

Link, please?

#257 1 year ago

Instant Big Bang is a _big_ advantage, but connecting the app (and having a phone charger nearby) is a nuisance. I've considered just adding a user-accessible button somewhere, in parallel with the BIG BANG standup switch, just to duplicate the app effect without having to bother with the app.

2 weeks later
#264 1 year ago

Some random kudos:

1. The new "Last ball" legend in BALLS IN RESERVE mode is excellent.

2. I'm not sure when the "number of balls locked" hidden indicator came into being, but I just discovered it.

3. I love "CHAOS" mode, except in a dark room when the last two balls drain simultaneously.

Some random suggestions:

1. Could there be a setting to disable the Bluetooth? I've had to remove the dongle due to interference with other Bluetooth devices in my home, and I'd prefer to not see the "PRESS ENTER" message at random times to have it tell me it's not there.

2. Could the selfie pix for the high scores for "HIGH VOLTAGE", "DRONES GONE WILD", "MONKEY WRENCH" be moved to the _lower_ left corner, instead of the upper left? Where they are, they block part of the category name; since all are (at max) 2-digit values, there's no chance of blocking anything if the pix were in the lower location. (I wouldn't recommend this for "ARMAGEDDON", as the first scoring digit might be blocked.)

Thanks again, JJP folk, for a fabulous game!

#266 1 year ago
Quoted from attack7:

Where is this?

The green stripes on the roof of "STATION 3" on the backglass. When no balls are locked, the stripes are all dark green; when at least one ball is locked, the stripes flash a lighter green in a little race pattern, and then stop momentarily, with the number of stripes "lit" being the number of balls locked.

Very subtle, very cool.

#267 1 year ago

Speaking of STATION 3:

2017-12-22 14.01.09 (resized).jpg


I've had this happen on the _other_ side of the 'trail as well. I need to think up something cool to attach to the back of the cover to steer these back onto the ramp.

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