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Dialed In 1.13 Bugs, Issues, and Wishlist

By vireland

2 years ago

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#1 2 years ago

I've done a few of these to consolidate actual bugs and wishlist items into one place for Pinsiders to check out if they're having an issue, and the manufacturer to access, if they are so inclined. Dialed In 1.13 is really clean, but still has some seemingly unfinished areas and outright bugs. This is the place for those.

I'll consolidate posts of bugs into the first post here as they come up, so this first post will have the latest consolidated list. So if you have a bug, just explain what it is and how you think it happened and it will get consolidated into this first post.

- When you have ball save and manually plunge when the ball comes out, the ball launcher will auto-kick with no ball like 5-7 seconds later, even though the ball is far, far away by that point.
- When there are a lot of emojis on screen and you start Acid Rain (and maybe others, it happened on Acid Rain for me) the girl who talks at the beginning of the mode ("Spring Meadows") on the phone is speaking in slow motion.
- "Loop" and "Orbit" need to be reconciled so the same term is being used on-screen and with the callouts. Frequently they are currently at odds with the same shot being called different things.
- When you enable the SIM Card Memory in settings (to allow SIM cards to stay lit on next ball), lite a SIM Card on ball 3 and lose the ball before collecting it, ending the game, then the SIM Card insert is still lit at the start of the next game.
- One black screen unresponsive attract mode event when machine left on for a while. Screen was black, attract mode still working, machine start, etc unresponsive until machine rebooted.
- Black screen unresponsive issue while idle for 5 mins in test mode. Same as above, but in test mode, not attract mode.
- If you collect BOB and SIM card right around the same moment, it will not give you credit for the SIM card even though both the SIM card hole and BOB have their own optos in the subway so the game DOES know you hit both (one ball will pass BOB opto, two balls will pass SIM opto).
- If ball lost at right inlane during ball saver, ball save fails to trigger...after drain game triggered ball search and "found" it in the trough.
- Right inlane hurry up says to hit the right ramp but there is no red light lit on that shot.
- If you have System Settings/Game Restart set to "SLOW (Allow START button to restart game)", and restart during any of the "Crazy" modes, the mode stays ON until you drain a ball. The emojis or lottery ticket will freeze in (screen-covering) place; the selfies will "drip off" as usual soon during your restarted game.
- When Mystery Package is lit during EMP or Volcano, it appears to be scored when hit (there's the whiparound, where the ball in those modes would normally just be dropped, but there's no indication or callout defining the award. If either Transit, Kilowatt, or Spider is lit with the Mystery Package, the T, K or S award value is shown, but the Mystery remains a mystery.
- When the Theater is hit to start Showdown, the ball drop at the start of the (lengthy) intro sequence is inconsistent. You'd think it'd be better for the game to not have the magnet on that whole time.

- Ball management is not up to WoZ standards. When it sends out another ball due to ball search failing, if the stuck ball goes into play, the game goes dead when the first ball exits. This does not happen on WoZ. Hopefully it will be fixed on Dialed In, too.
- If QTE Target is broken game needs auto-fallback to alternate target to charge phone so the game is still playable until it gets repaired.
- Ball can get stuck behind trap door, and ball search logic is inadequate to clear it. If the opto at the opening of BOB is triggered but not triggered again, and the switch at the end of BOB is not triggered....the game should know right away that the ball is stuck and pop down the trap door, then leave it down until the ball exits the orbit.
- If the flipper is held up to trap the ball while mode totals are on screen, it should not defer to info screen. When mode total screen is over it can proceed to info screen if flipper is still up.
- Selfies hide point values that are floating away. There should be a compromise that can handle both.
- Callouts where two choices are lit up to complete the mode requirement only call one currently. It would be nice for those if it called out both in combination, like "Shoot Right Ramp or Theatre" or "Shoot Left Ramp or Side Ramp", etc for the ones with more than one way to finish.
- A number of the phone characters still need animated talking heads instead of stills:
--- > Emp Strike - Only one (?) head talking scene animated
--- > Flash Fires - First and Last talking screens aren't animated
--- > Singularity - No talking animated
--- > Tidal Wave - No talking animated
--- > Alien Invasion - only some faces talk animation
--- > Eruption - first face not animated
- None of the talking heads are animated when they show up in Armageddon, even if they have talking animation from earlier in the game
- Pulse a magnet when ball is dropped out of the theatre to nudge it to a flipper and prevent SDTM losses directly from the theatre.
- Cut 20V coils in addition to the 70v coils it already cuts when the coin door is open. No one wants to have their fingers smacked with the sling arms when they think they're off.

- Timed pricing in setup menu for routes. Pool tables have this now. Why doesn't pinball? Set price by day of the week and time.
- Have theatre magnet auto-adjust. If pullback is done and switch behind theatre isn't activated, that strength level is too weak, so increment it in settings by small amount until it can make the pullback work. Then, when it's working, if the switch activates too fast, decrease power so the pullback ends up in a sweet spot, then is constantly adjusted for consistent performance.
- Some kind of mini-modes along the way to break up the grind of getting disasters (kind of like melt the witch on WoZ). Maybe different combinations of 3-4 disasters nets a different mini-mode (Evacuation? Where you have to "rescue" people from various locations in town stranded from the disasters you just did. There are more casualties for each hit you fell short on each played disaster. Restore power to Betty? Betty blocks all left ramp shots until you "restore power" to her by hitting QED and theatre in some combination, then hitting left ramp in hurryup to complete mini mode. Triage? Where you have to collect emergency supplies to save someone's life that was taken to the hospital. It could involve a subset consisting of the characters or their relatives from the disasters you completed.).
- Better instructions/callouts of when a hand wave is needed to scratch a lottery ticket.
- More stats saved on your phone app if you've linked it to the game.
- Ability to download selfies from last game to phone app that can be saved.
- More enthusiastic Jackpot callouts.
- Options for Shaker Motor to go to 11. Current max isn't super-active.
- More shaker motor effects when certain things like QED are hit.
- DO NOT fire knocker if player holds start to bypass MATCH sequence. Home use late at night, knocker isn't welcome. Alternately, "night mode" option for knocker in settings where time is picked where the knocker won't fire if it's past time specified until 9am.
- Snap a selfie or selfies when the machine is tilted
- Knocker disabled if headphones are plugged in.
- Sometimes if the left ramp is shot, the Quantum Mechanic chick diverts onto the top of the pops. There's no explanation why. It's understood for the mode where the goal is to shoot the pops and it suggests shooting the left ramp where it is diverted. Other than that, no idea what the other times it diverts are about. A help or clue here would be appreciated.
- If you cancel out of multiball, start a mode, and then drain, you're now locked out of starting a mode on the next ball. IT seems like you only get one shot at canceling. Why not let me cancel out anytime I want?
- Play with the power theme more - add something like Blackout Multiball where the power is out and you have to alternate hitting each "sector" and then the QED guy (left orbit, QED, left ramp, QED, theatre, QED, etc) to light everything back up a sector at a time or something like that.
- Another crazy mode where the QED guy goes nuts and goes very fast back and forth, blocking the theatre shot that you have to make a number of times to complete the mode.
- In Armageddon mode when the cell phone is going fuzzy and wavy and play an indistinct clip from WoZ and maybe a faint callout.
- After beating/playing Showdown. The game should end - and you should get this end of game victory celebration of some sort plus a final end of game ball bonus; like 1 mil points for every extra ball you did not use, plus some other end of game bonuses like how you did overall or such. I know this sounds unorthodox-ed compared to what we're used to in pinball. But think about it, you beat the game....and now you start over with disasters again? It doesnt make sense, just like a video game, when you beat it, the game is over.

#5 2 years ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

This may be a stupid question but is 1.13 code out? What version is from factory right now?

Go to the test menu. The current version installed on that machine is displayed in the lower right. 1.13 is the version this early run Dialed In here (from the middle of May) came with.

#6 2 years ago
Quoted from mrgregb123:

Tweet bugs to @jjpsoftware. They do read it, even if they don't always respond. All of the bugs in your original post have already been reported.

There were a few bugs here I didn't see in JJP's twitter. But, this is for JJP AND for Pinside owners/players. Reporting the bugs in a tweet is fine, but they aren't shown anywhere in consolidated form. This is that place.

Quoted from mrgregb123:

Coils fire in test mode without the coin door closed. They told me some jibberish about only having to cut 70v and that 20v is still live in test mode. I thought the coils ran on higher current than 20v....and if not, then what exactly are they cutting power to when coin door is open normally?? Why bother cutting "high power" if the high power stuff still runs? And....perhaps say so on the screen so some unsuspecting owner doesn't get jabbed with a coil unexpectedly. Big liability issue here. Very surprised.

20V is only Left/Right Slings and Ramp Ball Lock release (Station 3) according to the manual, so 70v cut would take out almost all the coils. They SHOULD kill the 20v ones, too, though.

#7 2 years ago
Quoted from mrgregb123:

I've had the black screen unresponsive issue while idle for 5 mins in test mode. Same as your issue but in test mode, not attract mode.

What part of test were you idling in when this happened?

#13 2 years ago
Quoted from Frax:

I wish the theatre magnet would pull the ball around the back to the upper flipper instead of just unceremoniously dropping it down the middle of the playfield. There's absolutely no point to even have a magnet there if the only thing it's being used for is to slow down the game, stop the ball, and then punish you for making a lit shot.
*Edit* Maybe I'll ask around our local group and see if we can disable that one magnet at the location. It's just utterly pointless and blocks a lot of shots intended to go to the upper flipper because a mode happens to be running. Absolutely stupid.

It's not supposed to do that. It's supposed to let it drop a little, then suck it back and around the right orbit to the flipper (like the Shadow sanctum, or to a lesser extent the RBION effect). The magnet needs to be adjusted in device tests. I'd start at -80 and work your way to -120, 5 at a time until you get that effect.

#14 2 years ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Is anyone else's trap door ramp flap curling? Mine looks like it is slightly.

No, but for some reason they mylared OVER the theatre magnet instead of cutting out the middle of the mylar, so the mylar on the one here is bubbling over the magnet post in the theatre.

#18 2 years ago
Quoted from ryanwanger:

I was thinking today...when the Sim Card collect is lit, would it make sense for a lit Big Bang to collect it? Yes, it should be difficult to collect a Sim Card, but hitting the shot directly is very challenging, and I'm most often making it happen from an accidental bounce in.
This change would be somewhat self balancing, because collecting a Sim Card with a Big Bang shot would then unlight your Big Bang...which would have been very valuable in the next mode (especially if you had collected the Sim Card first).

I had that thought, too, but decided it would make it too easy. If you make SIM collection too easy people with reasonable skills will be finishing the game in a week. I can get to Armageddon very frequently now. All that's between that and the end of the game Showdown mode is collecting all the SIM cards (my best is 6).

#22 2 years ago

Did anyone know the Quantum Mechanic chick had a name?

#26 2 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Yes; Flow
Yet sneaky ball steal

Nope. That's not her name.

Did the ball go airborne to get back there?

#28 2 years ago
Quoted from Cloud7:

Isn't it Betty?

See? I knew someone would know. I ran across it in the manual, and thought it was an interesting bit of trivia.

#39 2 years ago

Has anyone noticed loss of coil power across the board? The ball trough started having trouble getting the ball into the lane, and the kickout for the phone has trouble, magnet will now sometimes lose the ball. None of those were issues the first month. I had to bump the power up to get them working normally.

#41 2 years ago
Quoted from Joe_Blasi:

No no no. Other games have tried that and even then I think it was an setting.
also there are other video games where after you win you just roll on to the harder quest to beat it again.

You're quoting the wrong person. I didn't make that suggestion.

#44 2 years ago
Quoted from Leeb18509:

My left ramp doesn't seem to register all the time, even though it works in test mode with a ball. (not at top speed of course)
The arm on the middle switch is fairly loose and I'm not sure which way to adjust it. Sometimes it will hit that nut behind it, stop the ball and then the ball continues after the switch arm gets out of the way. Anyone else?

I had the problem of high-speed balls not registering on the right ramp. I just bent the leaf switch out a little more. Solved the issue. Probably the same fix for your left ramp.

#49 2 years ago
Quoted from Cloud7:

Has anyone else had their moving target start to squeak slightly when moving back and forth? I just noticed it today. At first I wasn't sure if it was the ball diverter or the target, but it's for sure the target.

Betty's arm squeaks on this one. Easy fix, I just haven't don't it yet.

#52 2 years ago
Quoted from thePLAyNone:

Anyone else experiencing problem with a ball caught behind the trap door while it is up? ball searches about 5 times before it coughs up another one.

So the ball gets past the trap door, which then raises, but it doesn't have enough momentum to pop out the top of the orbit, so it's stuck?

#58 2 years ago
Quoted from Vdrums:

Does anyone know where I can play this game in the NYC Area?
I recently had a chance to try WOz and Hobbit. I thought Hobbit was one of the best and most exciting Pinball I had ever played. (I'm no expert and not yet in the hobby). I came across the games at Silverball Museum in Delray, where they had a nice description of the game and of JJP. (I've attached a pic of the card.)
After going back a second night to play, I have a few questions that relate to Dialed In.
Can anyone contrast DI vs. TH, since I've never seen DI.
One of the things I noticed was about the flippers of both games. WOz seems like traditional flippers, fast, response and light pressure needed. TH however seemed to respond slower (meaning I had to anticipate and flip early) and seemed to require more pressure to fire (I already have Repetitive stress from computer work)
How are Di's flippers in comparison.
I really liked the wide body of TH. I believe DI is standard, so how does that compare as far as play.

Looks like three places to play in NYC: Jackbar & Sunshine Laundromat in Brooklyn, also Pioneers (by Koreatown).

The flipper difference is just the way they were adjusted. It's the same parts, they can be adjusted to feel exactly the same across all the JJP games if you're so inclined and have access to the inside of the machine.

Dialed In isn't as chaotic as The Hobbit can be. It also has less multiballs (unless TH had this turned down on the one you played). I personally like WoZ and Dialed In, in that order. I am not a fan of The Hobbit. Beautiful machine, wanted to like it. Didn't.

#65 2 years ago
Quoted from ryanwanger:

When Extra Ball was lit, it would award Multiball. When Multiball was lit, it would award Extra Ball.
All you do is just unclip them from the back of the Crazy Bob's sign and swap which holes they are clipped into.

Well, it IS CRAZY Bob's. Maybe yours was "right"!

#68 2 years ago
Quoted from Vdrums:

Thanks for the replies and the pinball map app. I hadn't heard of it. I will check out the game when I'm back in nyc.

There's also a pinball map on pinside, FYI. I like the pinballmap.com one better, but there's one here, too.


#75 2 years ago
Quoted from pinghetto:

I posted this in the JJP forum too...
One thing I would love to see is the game snap a picture when the game is tilted. And have a picture (almost a wanted poster) scroll in attract mode with the last five tilts or something. Always thought that would be a good use of the camera.
Also, another cool addition would be to have the magnets in the middle of the playfield pulse if the ball is released down from the theatre (when not whipped around to the top). It would really help with straight down the middle drains.
Just some thoughts...

One was already in the OP, I just added the other.

#80 2 years ago
Quoted from JWJr:

The problem with that is that you'd wind up with genitalia. From the Wiki entry for the "Journey" arcade game:
"Although they have cartoon bodies, the faces of the members are shown as black-and-white photographs, taken of the band while on tour. The photo technology was originally to be used in another game, which would take photos for the high scores. However, the game in question failed location testing when one player engaged in exhibitionism, flashing the camera."

They just need that "hotdog/not hotdog" and "pepperoni / not pepperoni" app to filter the pictures. Easy. We're in the 21st century.

#89 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinballomatic:

Perhaps is dropping gently into the skill shot hole but hanging up on the switch thus the kicker can't reach it to kick it out. When my game was new - and I know of others - this switch was not adjusted down properly and the ball would just hang there not triggering the switch and not down into the slot far enough for the kicker firing to reach it. That could certainly happen on a slow right orbit shot too.

THIS. Took me forever to get this switch adjusted right. Lots of fiddling around.

#95 2 years ago
Quoted from Vdrums:

So does that mean that even buying a NIB machine still requires being a tinkerer? Not that I mind, But it seems like the more I learn about this hobby, it appears to me that whatever direction I go, a pinball machine Requires tweaking and maintenance. Am I wrong?

They're mechanical devices. Like literally ANYTHING mechanical, they will require tinkering and maintenance. Some more than others, but generally the more complicated the features, the more tinkering and maintenance.

2 weeks later
#103 2 years ago
Quoted from PinballHog:

What is the easy fix people have talked about for the squeaking arm?

I used a tiny bit of graphite dry lube (do NOT use WD 40).

1 month later
#106 2 years ago
Quoted from JMK:

Hey guys, my DI LE arrived today. Great looking pin and a really fun game all around.
After about 20 games, I notice a bunch of my lower pf insert LEDs weren't lighting up.
When I went into the test menu for all LEDs/flashers, the same lower LEDs didn't function, ie: none of the lower laser beam LEDs lit and a number of the other lower pf inserts stayed dark.
I'm not overly tech savvy and any suggestions would be appreciated.

Check the connections into the computer box. One probably wiggled loose.

#108 2 years ago
Quoted from JMK:

Vireland, Lloyd had also just emailed suggesting I check the connectors. Thanks for the tip.
I will do this tomorrow once I download the manual.
Regarding your advice above, I'm not much of a pin tech, where is the computer box located? (Ie: under the pf or behind the back glass?)
Appreciate the assistance.

It's in the backbox, behind the monitor. The monitor is a little tricky to swing out, so take your time with it.

1 week later
#122 2 years ago
Quoted from tryton1000:

Don't know if this has been reported, but when on the match screen, if you hit start while the match animation is playing, it will fire the knocker. It happens when I hit the button twice for two player games

Is this set on free play? If not, does it knock if there's no credits and you hit start during match?

#134 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinballomatic:

4 LEDs on the apron are a leftover from the original non Bluetooth phone app connection. There were sensor stickers on the apron and glass that you put your smartphone down on to and the LEDs would flicker then light solidly when you were connected. Bluetooth now / no more stickers but the LEDs remain

The original connection was NFC, wasn't it?

1 week later
#156 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

I haven't either an quite frankly don't see why I should considering they work fine. I feel like I can only mess it up! I try to avoid taking a knife to the playfield if not necessary ; )

If you're touching the playfield with the X-acto, you're doing it wrong. You basically just cut around the magnet core in the space between the core and the playfield. It's very easy if you are careful, and in our case made the drone magnet actually work better.

2 weeks later
#171 1 year ago

Thanks for the reply!

Quoted from check_switch_26:

- (Not a bug, working as designed) When you have ball save and manually plunge when the ball comes out, the ball launcher will auto-kick with no ball like 5-7 seconds later, even though the ball is far, far away by that point.

Why is that as expected? The ball is long gone. Why energize the kicker when the game knows (by means of the shooter lane switch, and other switches that activated when the ball left) that there's no ball there?

Quoted from check_switch_26:

- (Not addressed) When there are a lot of emojis on screen and you start Acid Rain (and maybe others, it happened on Acid Rain for me) the girl who talks at the beginning of the mode ("Spring Meadows") on the phone is speaking in slow motion.

Is this a horsepower thing?

Quoted from check_switch_26:

- (Addressed) If QED Target is broken game needs auto-fallback to alternate target to charge phone so the game is still playable until it gets repaired.

What's the compensation target if QED is out?

Quoted from check_switch_26:

- (Working as expected) Callouts where two choices are lit up to complete the mode requirement only call one currently. It would be nice for those if it called out both in combination, like "Shoot Right Ramp or Theatre" or "Shoot Left Ramp or Side Ramp", etc for the ones with more than one way to finish.

Still, it would be nice if these callouts were polished to be more specific when there are multiple ways to finish a shot.

Quoted from check_switch_26:

- (Not addressed) A number of the phone characters still need animated talking heads instead of stills:

Is it in the plan to finish these? It's really weird that some are done and some aren't.

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