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Devil's Dare missing some speech

By sbmania

4 years ago

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#1 4 years ago

Any 80A Gurus here? I have a Devil's Dare which plays correctly, has all sounds correct, but only says "Ball Save" when appropriate. None of the other speech phrases are ever made. I have tried two different MPU boards, three different connectors between the MPU and driver board, replaced the 7404 on the driver board, and repinned the J5 connector coming out of the driver board.
In game play, when a phrase is supposed to be spoken, the game instead plays a sound or music notes instead of the correct speech, and then all sounds tend to go off until the ball drains.
In self test, the board seems to be doing what the manual says it should. First push of self test gives "AHHH" and second push gives a solid tone. Next push takes it out of self test.
Anyone with some experience here? Thanks!
PS I also tried a different SC-01 chip with no difference.

#4 4 years ago
Quoted from noflip95:


Yes there is one command line missing, and I can tell you which one.
On the DD, the sound board use 5 bits commands (S1, S2, S4, S8 and S16).
The "Ball save" voice message has the command code (hexa) : $0E
The others voice messages "Shoot..., Captive..." are $11, $13, $14, $16 and $1E - and as you can notice, all have the 5th bit set to "1".
This means that the missing command line is S16.
On SYS80/80A the S1..S8 sound signals are driven by the MPU board (and the drivers board - replacing the Z13/7404 on it, was a good way).
But the additionnal S16 signal was not original planned, and Gottlieb use a lamp to drive this one. On the schematic you can see that the S16 wire does not follow the same way than S1..S8.
The missing signal can come from several places:
- The sound board itself. The S16 entry stage use an intermediate LM193 (U24). It can be toasted, but that's extremely rare.
- The connectors. The S16 goes through several connectors before arriving at the sound board: A3J2 from the driver board, A12P4/J4 in the lightbox, and A6J1 on the sound board.
- The driver board. The S16 "sound" is basically the L9 "lamp" ! Thus, check if the Q10 transistor (MPS-A13) is burned or not.

Wow! Ton of info! Thanks! I have continuity across A3J2-9, A12P4/J4-14, and across A6J1-2. Q10 tests good in circuit. Could it still be bad? Also, I have continuity all the way from Q10 onto the sound board, so I am doubting edge connectors could be the problem.
What about Z3? Is that a possibility? It's a 74175. Any other thoughts on how to test? The only way I know to actuate the sounds is to put the game in play and drop 3 drop targets, or raise the bonus to 40k or 60k to get it to say the missing speech. What should I look for then when I am getting sounds played in the place of the correct speech? Thanks!!

#6 4 years ago

Thanks Noflip95!! Your help has been indispensable! Followed your advice about jumpering the two resistors and got the game to say "Fire"! So the problem is definitely on the driver board. To confirm, I put in a driver board from my Spirit and got full speech.
I replaced Q10 with no change. Tested the resistor upstream and it appears within spec. My only other option it seems is the 74175. Unfortunately, I am trying to locate one as I don't have any in stock. Can these be tested in circuit?

#8 4 years ago

Can i sub a 74ls175 for the 74175?

#10 4 years ago

Noflip95- You have been a tremendous help with my Devil's Dare speech problem, but I am in need of your expertise once again! I replaced Q10 (an MPS A13) with an ECG 46. I replaced the 74175 Z3 with a 74LS175. I checked the resistor in between the two. I also checked for continuity from pin7 of Z3 to the resistor, from the resistor through to Q10, and Q10's pins through to the edge connector and also through to the other transistors in line with it. I also checked Z3 pin 5 with Z4 and Z5 pin 5 to make sure of continuity. But the speech is still missing! I know the problem is with the driver board from the diagnostics you provided earlier and also because I substituted in a known good driver board which gives me all of the speech sounds. What am I missing??

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