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Details new Hobbit Code

By KLR2014

5 months ago

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#3 5 months ago

Wow! This is an incredible update, tons of stuff added and many of them items that owners and players have been suggesting.

This is a type of code update that will take The Hobbit to the next level! Thank you JJP

#13 5 months ago
Quoted from cscmtp:

Still don’t see how code can save a pin with such few satisfying shots but happy for those who still own it. Software updates are always a wonderful thing!

Still bashing the game I see....in a code update thread of all things, wow.

#19 5 months ago
Quoted from cscmtp:

There is a ton of denial going on in this thread. Lol

Dude, get out of here and stop trolling.

#20 5 months ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

It’s a phenomenal game. This will bring it to another level. Your loss.
If you’ve played the game with semi-recent code, you would know that the rhyme and reason of the code/rules & cinematic nature of the game makes the shots very satisfying.

Absolutely. This is the type of code update that elevates a game to a new level. Pretty much everything that has been mentioned multiple times by owners over the past year has been added. Very impressed.

#24 5 months ago
Quoted from check_switch_26:

Thank you all for your excitement surrounding the upcoming software update.
Here are some screen captures from Status Report that show the details on the Arkenstone weighting ("TIER") for the book modes. I completed "Resurgence of Sauron" to illustrate how that is highlighted.

Wow! Very cool. Thanks Ted for all of your hard work on this update.

#42 5 months ago

There's one question remaining and that is...Will we eventually see a "Bilbos Auction" super duper wizard mode added? That is the last major event of the trilogy after all. Lol, just joking.

#164 5 months ago
Quoted from check_switch_26:

Since I can no longer edit my post from the weekend, I have started a Google Doc with ongoing updates for The Hobbit software.
I have color coded the items to show their status. (Fixed / Working as intended / Will not address / Might get attention / Will be fixed or changed).
Hobbit 2.95 Software Status
Thanks again for all the feedback, comments, and kind words.

Another example of JJP offering the best code support in pinball! Thanks Ted

#237 5 months ago

I thought I read some rumors that 3.0 is being streamed today? Does anyone know if that's true?

#239 5 months ago
Quoted from check_switch_26:

I am told that the plan is to show Pirates today. I'm not sure where the Hobbit 3.0 rumor started, but because of all the feedback we still have a few last things to put in.

Cool. Thanks Ted!

#252 5 months ago
Quoted from Rondogg:

Seeing all kinds of new things this code is so deep. Saw a light at Radagast and hit the shot it told me I completed the MAN modes and gave me a free Akenstone. Also like the Arkenstone callouts! Master code.
By the way, having trouble going from 2.95 to 2.96. Anyone else? It's just a delta upgrade right?

Very cool! I'm so glad that option was added as it provides more incentive for beating multiple modes as well as provides another path to Arkenstone mode attempts versus having to repeat the normal qualifier.

One thing I'm curious about is say 3 Arkenstone mode attempts have been made (so all 3 in order), none of them are completed and you start a 4th attempt. At that point do you go back to the 1st Arkenstone mode (Into the Fire) where you last left off, do you start it over from the beginning, or can you choose any of the 3 Arkenstone modes at that point? I agree 100% with JJP that the Arkenstone modes should be played in order as you are building upon the major events of the trilogy. It would be cool though to have the option to select which Arkenstone mode you want to play after a 3rd attempt has been made as at that point all 3 would have been played once.

2 weeks later
#287 4 months ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

If Ted added this one rule change - player select mini-wizard mode, then a player would control his own destiny during the whole game and would pick the mini-wizard he plays. Most games of TH, especially in completion, are not having average players making one mini-wizard every game. So when they get there, why not reward them with a choice? Theynstill need to start/complete(?) the other two min-wizards.

It sounds like Ted and the team really want to have them played in order and I can understand that. Playing the Arkenstone modes in order follows the trilogies story. However, should the modes be played in order? Do we have to play the book modes in order from movie 1 to movie 3? Do you have to play the mini wizard modes in POTC in order? Do you have to play Return of the King, Fellowship of the Ring, and Two Towers muiltiball in LOTR in order? No, you have a choice in all 3 of those situations. It would be nice to have the option to select a mini wizard mode when one has reached.

When an Arkenstone mode is lit it could be really cool to have a large animation appear on the main LCD showing the icons of the 3 Arkenstone modes with the text "Choose an Arkenstone Mode". When you press the flippers it selects between them giving off a lit insert affect as each one is selected.

I see the big 2.95 - 3.0 updates add a lot of choice to the game. It would be cool to see the game make the last step and allow any of the 3 Arkenstone modes to be selected. If JJP is really set in stone on not offering this at least give players the option to select an Arkenstone mode after all 3 are played at least once in order. That would be a compromise then

3 weeks later
#342 3 months ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

It’s been sitting on my shelf for a while, but I just watched the extended 3D trilogy for the first time (I saw the theatrical versions back when they came out)....and as much as I love the Hobbit pinball, having the movies fresh in my mind really amplifies my respect for everything Keith & Ted have done in creating this game. Their use of the movie assets to craft cool modes that make sense with the playfield features is phenomenal, and a stark contrast to the random “shoot the colored shots” of most modern games. The cinematic experience of this game is unparalleled. Yet you still hear people in the hobby parroting old first impressions without experiencing what this game is NOW...they’ll say “the shots aren’t there” or the upper flipper doesn’t do anything. So false, so completely false. This game is immensely satisfying to play due to the layout, code, LCD, rules & sound working perfectly together. The game keeps growing on me! I really hope those who’ve believed the anti-hype give it a go. There’s no game out there right now like this.
[quoted image]

Awesome post and a ton of great points about the game. The theme integration offered by The Hobbit is in my opinion the best in pinball. The number and uniqueness of the modes along with each containing great choreography with audio and video from the films is a bit mind boggling.

Just curious, what do you think about the theme integration on Pirates? Do you think that the lack of movie clips and movie / actor audio hurts the game? After owning The Hobbit I'm having a hard time justifying spending nearly $10k on a Pirates when it lacks the movie audio and actor audio assets. The wizard modes all come across as unique in the game but the chapter modes and movie multiballs all feel too similar in my opinion due to the lack of licensed assets.

#346 3 months ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Yes, it absolutely hurts it. The rules and depth might be there for the “pinball geek”, but for someone like me who likes games with personality and character, it’s a deal breaker. I can’t go from something like Hobbit to something like POTC. When I played it, it just felt really sterile and lifeless. You have all these characters, but no character! You have 5 movies worth of modes based on stories and moments...but there’s no story or moments to go along with the gameplay. There was one mode about a wedding...there’s nothing about a wedding while you’re playing. Stern’s POTC solved the issue of the licensor not branding movie assets: they simplified the narrative and didn’t make it based on specific movie things - you fight different ships with different captains who all have personalities and quotes as you attack, a la Medeival Madness’ castles. You collect gold, walk planks, fight krakens, etc. the sound alike Depp is good and makes you feel like it’s true to the license even tho it does it’s own thing.
Others have said this already, but whenever JJP licenses a movie or show - they should WALK and do something else if they can’t get the audio/video assets. Toy story should be fine since it’s all animation, and Wonka should be fine as it seems like older films are a bit easier to negotiate assets for.

You hit the nail on the head, I agree. I see all of these chapter intro clips played on Pirates like you said "the sword", "the negotiation" (not sure on names), etc but there's no context for what is actually occuring in the scene as no other video and audio assets from the scene involving the actors can be used.

The wizard modes in Pirates do feel like classic Keith Johnson multilayered wizard modes which is awesome but I don't find playing the chapter modes, and movie multiballs to get to them to be very interesting. Thankfully the game does have the character select feature which adds a lot of strategy to the game. Right now I'm going to wait and see how the code further develops for Pirates and see what JJP #5 is at next year's Texas Pinball Festival.

1 month later
#386 65 days ago

Yes! It's awesome that JJP delivered on the code for The Hobbit and listened to owners concerns. The last update was huge and took things to a new level. 2.97 / 3.0 looks like it will really help polish things off. Also heard a pretty substantial update for Dialed In is coming too. Thank you JJP

Also, from an owners and potential customers perspective it looks really good going into Expo with code updates for your games and having very polished release code for your latest game.

#423 59 days ago

I may have found a bug with 2.97. After playing Smaug MB i started the mode "Flashback" that was from the time when Smaug terrorized Laketown years before the films. In earlier code I thought Smaug started moving around almost immediately when the mode starts. When I played the mode today I made a few shots but he never moved once. I ended up draining during the mode so not sure if Smaug starts to move around later in the mode. I got to the point in the mode where you load the Windlance but Smaug still hadn't moved yet. On my next ball I started locking balls again and Smaug moved so I can verify it's not a hardware issue.

Here's the scene the mode is based off of.

2 weeks later
#435 41 days ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

v2.99 is good stuff. I don’t notice Smaug talking much. He has a few lines where he turns and lights up and talks but not often. What are the triggers? Really enjoy seeing the locked mode balls on the screen.

Ball locks towards Smaug multiball
During Smaug multiball (6 stages, a majority of the callouts are used in this mode)
Post game sequence

There's now a lot more Smaug callouts in the game then there used to be and I've noticed that they rotate. In the past it was always the same set of few Smaug callouts that played. Smaug does move around in one of the book mode missions but I don't believe he talks in it. I still wish there was a "Riddles in the Dark" and / or "Thief in the Shadows" book mode or multiball with Smaug and Bilbo going back and forth but overall very happy with how more Smaug callouts are now in the game.

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