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Colorado Pinball Club

By jaystile

9 months ago

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    #1 9 months ago

    I wanted to make a spot for our social club on pinside for non business related chat. Like me killing MMr today! (Those pinstadium lights still look awesome)


    #2 9 months ago

    I have an original. This one has the shaker, colordmd, invisiglass, prosound, lighted back board, two headed dragon,
    Central stadium lighting (not shown in these pics), cutom armor, Full cliffy set and a Laserific Topper

    441EC052-F8C2-4370-A490-F9EDBC2030D2 (resized).jpeg619CA720-613F-4BDB-B994-DD9955E13BE8 (resized).jpeg

    #3 9 months ago

    Picked up an Old Chicago to add to the Bally lineup this weekend!

    #4 9 months ago

    Are you interested in the Deadpool pin?

    #5 9 months ago

    I live in Denver. I play at Mutiny and 3 Kings. I don't own any machines, can I still be part of the club?

    #6 9 months ago
    Quoted from Allah_Pinsider:

    I live in Denver. I play at Mutiny and 3 Kings. I don't own any machines, can I still be part of the club?

    Heck yeah! Send a message to 5280wzrd and he will get you added to the e-mail distribution. We are a casual group that gets together and talks and sometimes play pinball.

    1 week later
    #7 9 months ago

    What is currently on your 'to fix' list?

    #8 9 months ago
    Quoted from jaystile:

    What is currently on your 'to fix' list?

    I need to manufacture a metal guide for my Ghostbusters Prem. I bought two plastic ones that broke apart. For some reason the launcher shoots the ball into the backboard and the right orbit rides the side rail up and over the switch. The protector guides the ball down so it will smoothly launch and orbit.

    #9 9 months ago

    I need to fix up my WCS, JD and PZ. Lots to do.

    #10 9 months ago

    A few tweaks needed on my Rocky & Bullwinkle before putting it up for sale, hopefully that will happen this weekend. First game I've had to sell, feeling remorseful already but I'm finally out of room.

    JD insert matrix has been wonky since I bought it, hopefully I'll finally get that straightened out this fall/winter, and then move on to installing new cab decals.

    #11 9 months ago

    got thru all my lil' gremlins with Top Score last night and cleaned and waxed her.

    Next I need to tackle my Surfer. Fiddled with it when it stopped working while slightly intoxicated at my 4th of July party and dont know what the hell i did haha. Should be fun.

    IMG_20180809_213946_256 (resized).jpg

    2 weeks later
    #12 8 months ago

    September meeting will be at Blizzard Mountain Saturday the 1st. Details coming soon.

    #13 8 months ago
    Quoted from 5280wzrd:

    September meeting will be at Blizzard Mountain Saturday the 1st. Details coming soon.

    Hello fellow Pinheads.

    Sorry for the lack of communication. It's been a crazy few months for me.

    I was thinking due to Labor Day this weekend, lets move the September meeting to next weekend.

    Meeting scheduled for next Saturday September 8th at Blizzard Mountain Pinball in Conifer 11am.

    25797 Conifer Rd, #C-206
    Conifer, CO 80433

    Hope to see you all there!

    #14 8 months ago

    Have there been any sightings of any newly released pins out there? I'm looking to try out Deadpool.

    #15 8 months ago
    Quoted from jaystile:

    Have there been any sightings of any newly released pins out there? I'm looking to try out Deadpool.

    Dead pool is at 1up lodo, 1 up Colfax, Greenfield's and more north at press play in Boulder

    All 4 have iron maiden as well

    And you can always go to game exchange and check out the new games and chat with JJ

    Iron maiden LE at Lyons classic pinball too

    #16 8 months ago

    Wonderland has it too.

    All of these are listed on the Colorado Pinball Map, which most people seem to be pretty good about updating.


    #17 8 months ago

    I played Deadpool at Wonderland last weekend - pretty cool action. I need to go back and play it when it's not so crowded....the ambient noise of people/other pinball machines was drowning out the Deadpool sound effects, commands, and speech so much that I couldn't hear it hardly at all (and sound is half the fun).

    #18 8 months ago

    I know 5280wzrd loves debugging stuff, so you can follow my drama here: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/mmr-owners-club-all-things-mmr-discussed/page/72#post-4575132. My right flipper on my Medieval Madness (Remake - Standard) is not 'holding' any more.

    I made it to 1-UP Lodo, infinitelives, and played Dead Pool. I really liked the flow. The modes were pretty easy to figure out how to start. I look forward to when I can actually hear the sound.

    #19 8 months ago

    We had another successful meeting of the Pinball Club. Thank you, kevkat for hosting at Blizzard Mountain!

    #20 8 months ago

    Was bummed to miss - to many kids activities... glad the day was fun!

    1 week later
    #21 8 months ago

    The Mrs. and I tried out the new JJPOTC at Arapahoe Lanes. Fun, but I had some trouble getting it up the right ramp.

    #22 8 months ago

    Any techs in the group that can help me solve this problem? I installed this new coil. It is receiving 37 volts, but it doesn’t fire when the slingshot switches close. The pads on the switches were cleaned. I have been able to ground out the coil and cause it to fire at the coil and at the transistor on the driver board. What am I missing?

    9FE671F9-5D58-403A-9E0C-81CC0AF59B7B (resized).jpegB5F18BF6-A4F8-456F-8C75-1EAD1F74A3ED (resized).jpeg
    #23 8 months ago

    What game, why did you replace the coil?
    Does the switch register in switch test?

    #24 8 months ago

    The game is Tri-Zone, Williams system 6. The coil was burnt up when I got the game (see pic). I purchased new boards for the game after trying to refurb the original battery acid damaged boards. I just tried the switch test, which I didn’t try before, and it is not registering, so that must be the problem. The switches do register when closed on the multimeter, but the game is not reading the closed switch. The last pic is the transistor that controls the coil on the slingshot.

    04B59E1A-1DEE-4344-9E21-28A08A78656E (resized).jpeg0CE15B55-F354-4807-9A4A-8017542D286F (resized).jpeg242D058C-71EA-4987-B829-D757F412ADAB (resized).jpeg
    #25 8 months ago

    Switch might be losing a wire from another switch, check the matrix and inspect all switches on that column/row.
    Past that you would need to check if the switch closes when connected at the board, basically test to see if you have a wiring problem, or a board problem.

    #26 8 months ago

    I checked across the matrix and all switches on the same row and column as the right slingshot (kicker) work. I then noticed that the wiring to the switch isn’t white and gray as specified by the matrix. I then found a loop of string on some black wiring, the same color as what is on the switch. Seems related, right?

    4A16F0A9-0954-485B-AD0A-71BC13F0A6E1 (resized).jpegC52CF017-90AE-4988-9A9D-9575CA28AFB8 (resized).jpegCCF8CBA8-3872-4FCC-8A88-3188945E52B1 (resized).jpeg
    #27 7 months ago

    I’m lost on this... turns out the white/gray wire runs to the scoring switch on the solenoid plunger, so I think the wiring is ok. I picked up a logic probe, but I haven’t been able to determine how to diagnose this issue with it.

    #28 7 months ago

    Hey all, next club meeting is Saturday October 6th. The meeting will be at Game Exchange. 12pm

    Game Exchange is at 2650 6th Ave. Denver 80204.

    Thanks JJ for hosting us!

    1 week later
    #29 7 months ago

    I sent this in an email to everyone on the mailing list, but I heard you had a thread on Pinside and thought I'd post my email here because I'm nothing if not thorough. If I don't get the chance to meet you tomorrow at Game Exchange, you can always reach me through my website: https://www.colorado-pinball.com/contact/ I'm rarely on Pinside so while you could message me here, my reply would come a few months later..

    Hi there Pinball Club!

    I've been wanting to attend since your first meeting back in March but just couldn't find the space in my schedule until now.

    I thought I'd write a quick email to make an introduction to you all as I'm big on networking within the pinball community and maybe intrigue some of you to come out to Game Exchange who might not have otherwise.

    I'm a pinball junkie who runs the website https://www.colorado-pinball.com/ with the intent to connect players, owners and operators throughout the state. I came onto the scene 3 years ago because my husband bought an Addams Family. I didn't grow up playing and never had an interest until there was one in our house. Initially I was attracted to the fascinating underside of the playfield but after watching Pinball 101 and playing diligently during my lunch breaks (I work from home), my husband Paul returned one day to find he was no longer on the scoreboard. We now own 6 which is 1 more than our house can reasonably hold.

    I also stream pinball live on Wednesdays and Fridays on our Twitch channel. Twitch has been a great platform to share the gameplay knowledge I've amassed over my 3 short years (see my PinPals here: https://www.colorado-pinball.com/what-are-pinpals/) as well as chat with other enthusiasts I might not have run into otherwise.

    I would really like to meet you all and pick your brains about growing pinball in Colorado. I have ideas - please bring yours! And if any of you have a spouse you'd like to bring into the mix, I'm happy to give my best pitch. Women in pinball is growing so rapidly. Denver's got a Belles & Chimes chapter (B&C is a pinball club for women) and Fort Collins is going to start one up soon too.

    If you're around tonight, you can catch Paul and I live on Twitch from 8p-11p. https://www.twitch.tv/coloradopinball We will be testing out some beta software Paul wrote to log pinball speed runs and a new bounty scoreboard. Tonight we'll be playing Lord of the Rings. I'm happy to share my Valinor strategy for those who are curious. Only did it once, but I heard once gets you in the club.

    I'll also be bringing my streaming rig on Saturday and perhaps setting it up for some live gameplay for those who might be interested.

    Hope to see you all tomorrow!
    Snow Galvin

    #30 7 months ago

    See you all tomorrow! I have DeadPool Premium on floor now too!

    #31 7 months ago

    Thank you, JJ (gexchange) for hosting the October meetup of the pinball club! I had a great time and we had a very large turnout! (It turns out people really like games set on freeplay!) Here are some pictures of the warm up. Thank you, Cowles (ddabk) for picking up pizza!

    IMG_20181006_123648296 (resized).jpgIMG_20181006_124048054 (resized).jpgIMG_20181006_125945495_BURST000_COVER_TOP (resized).jpg
    #32 7 months ago

    SnowGalvin was nice enough to set up her live streaming rig. We really appreciate her outreach to the community!

    IMG_20181006_124125315_BURST000_COVER_TOP (resized).jpgIMG_20181006_143130324 (resized).jpg
    #33 7 months ago

    JJ (gexchange), was nice enough to give us a history of The Game Exchange https://gameexchange.biz/. We got a tour of the parts department, the warehouse, and service area. For me it was really cool seeing all of the diagnostic equipment. If you didn't know you can get your parts on Saturday if you call ahead Monday-Friday. They will pull them and put them in the Will Call for Saturday pick-up.

    Again, thanks to Lem (5280wzrd) for keeping the group rolling and organizing us. He really likes it when you engage and RSVP, so keep in touch! As a reminder this is an open club to everyone in the Colorado area, so if you're interested in getting added to the e-mail distribution (or being removed) send me a message! Also, if you object to any pictures taken of you while at the events let me know and I'll take them down. Or if you would like a full size copy of the image let me know and I can get it to you!

    IMG_20181006_130603241 (resized).jpgIMG_20181006_130615265 (resized).jpgIMG_20181006_130619569_HDR (resized).jpgIMG_20181006_131117544 (resized).jpgIMG_20181006_131121272 (resized).jpgIMG_20181006_131128274 (resized).jpgIMG_20181006_131257746 (resized).jpgIMG_20181006_131730185 (resized).jpg
    #34 7 months ago

    Hello! I t was nice meeting the group briefly on Saturday as we bought our first Pinball Machine Houdini.

    My name is Maryalicia, and I am the wife and PR for Brian. We ar just only one makes shoo fat. e from Pueblo, and do have a place large enough to host, just only one machine. Look forward to meeting more of you in the future. Horrible picture attached, however, it gives you a face to the names

    15390159351951947712233 (resized).jpg
    #35 7 months ago
    Quoted from PinballPyxi:

    Hello! I t was nice meeting the group briefly on Saturday as we bought our first Pinball Machine Houdini.
    [quoted image]

    Congrats on your first game! So happy to get to talk with you guys Saturday. Look forward to seeing you guys again!


    #36 7 months ago
    Quoted from Gexchange:

    See you all tomorrow! I have DeadPool Premium on floor now too!

    Thanks for hosting us JJ. First class all the way!

    #37 7 months ago

    Can you give some of us lurking a bit of info on the club? As in what you guys normally do when you meet up? Is it all just pinball and socializing or is there some structure to the meets. I know this time might have been a little different with JJ hosting, but just trying to get a feel for what goes on.

    #38 7 months ago


    In the past we have had a soldering practice workshop on old boards (provided by Game Exchange). We have also spent time diagnosing and repairing some EMs. We have visited a number of locations around the metro area as well. We have met with some local opperators and heard a little bit about that side of pinball. We had a "club room" at The Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown
    where the room was mostly Colorado Pinball Club members games (thanks Dan and Holly). Snow with the Colorado Pinball Collective showed us the streaming aspect of pinball last week (thanks Snow)!

    The club is geared more to the collectors, restores and hobbyist. There are a few competitive members as well. All are welcome! The club is still young and looking forward to getting more structure. We do tend to hang out and play a bit as you can imagine. Hopefully in the future we can put together more workshops and maybe get something going for the community.

    There is a great chance for networking within the club, moving games, finding games, repairs, restoration help (painters, powder coating, welders, electronic guys etc..) not to mention things unrelated to pinball!

    We are sure to have more workshops in the future too!

    If anyone reading this is interested in getting on the club email list please PM me and attach your email.


    Screenshot_20181009-223546~2 (resized).png
    #39 7 months ago

    I ran into a couple of familiar faces at the Maker Faire!

    2 weeks later
    #40 6 months ago

    Hello all.

    So the current plan is to meet at Oskar Blues in Lyons this Saturday November 3rd 11:00am.

    I was thinking about talking about repairs. Parts to have on hand. Maybe work on a list and make "kits" and order in bulk?

    After the meeting we are going to go over to Lyons Classic Pinball. Kevin is going to tell us about his place and maybe we get a tour of the basement!

    It should be fun.

    See you all this Saturday!

    Lemuel A. Scarbrough III

    Screenshot_20181009-223546~2 (resized).png

    1 month later
    #41 5 months ago

    Hi, all! We've moved private announcements to a closed a group. You can find us at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/coloradopinballclub

    December's meeting is today, December 1st, at Lem's. You'll have to join the private group to get the location details.

    5 months later
    #42 16 days ago

    Hello all! Colorado Pinball Club is still a thing and meets every first Saturday of the month. If you have any interest in joining us, please PM me. Lots going on within this group! Many tutorials, classes, tech help, hanging out, and pinball!


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