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#338 5 years ago

I just bought one on Saturday from dmacy. It's my first machine and is in excellent condition. I put about 115 games on it over the weekend.

My high game is just under 3 billion. It's nowhere near as high as some of the ones I've seen, but I haven't had the machine that long. I got Demolition Time once, which was pretty bad a$$.





3 months later
#351 5 years ago

I'll do my best to help, but I'm still new at all this.

Quoted from Jimid34:


I just got a DM last week for my first at home pinball purchase!! It is a great game. Have a few newbie questions for anyone out there who has worked on this game before.

Congratulations on your DM. I really love mine. We've put about 1,500 games on it since I bought it back in October.

Quoted from Jimid34:

1) The MTL lanes at the top of the game. I think the M and L lane wiring is backwards. When you go through the "M" lane, the "L" letter lights up (and visa versa). I looked under the playfield to switch the wires to the MLT lights, but they don't seem long enough to switch. Any other ideas?

Not quite sure on this. You can go into the switch test menu and then activate the switch manually. Then look up the switch number in the manual and make sure it's the correct switch. Maybe the lights are wired backwards and the switches are correct?

Quoted from Jimid34:

2) My leg levelers are REALLY rusty. Put WD40 on them a couple of times, and still can't wrench them free. Any other ideas? I am about to just say screw it, and buy new legs and levelers. Any suggestions so I don't have to lift up this heavy ass game to level it....

New legs, cabinet protectors and leg levelers might just be in your future. Not to sound rude, but you broke the lock nut free first, right? If so, you can try something like PB Blaster to break them loose. You should be able to get that at any auto parts store.

Quoted from Jimid34:

3) A couple of the narrow yellow targets (not the round ones), lean over in the holes they are in after some game play. I moved and straightened them up, but they just keep going back. How do you keep these "Centered" in the holes?

You don't. I tried centering mine about 10 times before I gave up.

Quoted from Jimid34:

4) Above the "Computer" hole, there appears to be some piece missing. Right now there is a clear piece of plastic wedged in there to keep balls from getting stuck in this area. Also, have a couple of cracked plastics (right side above the "Car Chase") and the right side of the playfield before the right loop. Is there a good online place to get spare plastic parts for this game?

There should be a piece of plastic above the scoop. Can you post a picture? Unfortunately, plastics are very hard to find and ramps are impossible to find. I suspect because it's not a high priced game, people don't think it's worth making spare parts.

Quoted from Jimid34:

5) My cryo-claw does not go all the way to the ATMAG slot, sometimes. I have moved it over to the left a couple of times. Is there a way I should be adjusting this under the playfield so this works 100% of the time, instead of physically moving it into place when this happens?

I haven't had this issue, thank goodness, but I've read that the optos are the first thing to check.

Quoted from Jimid34:

6) Man, I make a perfect, hard shoot up the left loop for an extra ball or multiball, and sometimes it goes through to the MTL lanes or back down the left loop. Is this normal? Is there something to "adjust" to help this issue?

7) My lockdown bar seems "loose". If you look at the holes and then slide the yellow lever in the coin door area to the closed position, the left bar is nice and long in the hole, but the right one doesn't go in as far. Is there a way to adjust this so the right one works the same as the left bar?

You'll want to go to the store and buy some weatherstripping foam. That stuff with the sticky back. Cut a square about 2" x 1" and stick it inside the scoop for the extra ball shot right where the ball would hit the scoop. Make sure you put it lower than you think it should be. I kept putting mine too high and I had to move it down.

Play a game, test and move it if necessary. Mine went from being about 30% effective to about 80-90% effective. It still hops out sometimes, but it's much, much better. It was always so frustrating because that shot is hard enough anyway.

You might also have to bend the gate a little. When you look back there, you'll see an "L" shaped gate thing that keeps the ball from bouncing back. I think from all the thousands of games on mine, it got bent forward allowing more room for the ball to hop out of the scoop. Be careful bending it so you don't break anything.

As for the lockdown bar, mine used to be the same way. If you take off the lockdown bar, you'll see two flathead brass screws. Look in the slots and start turning the screws. You'll see how it works to tighten and loosen the lockdown bar. I would recommend that you take some of that foam weatherstripping and run it along the inside of the lockdown bar. It stopped mine from sounding like the glass was going to break every time I nudged the machine.

#354 5 years ago
Quoted from karmalord:

Nice, I will have to try that scoop remedy also. I didn't realize the ball was going in and popping out,I just assumed it was bypassing it all together,lol.

I used my iPhone to take a slow motion video while my wife threw the ball around the orbit. Each time you could see it hit the inside of the scoop and fly back out.

1 year later
#456 4 years ago
Quoted from RabidBunny:

Looks like I have a new hobby (it is my first pinball machine).

Congratulations on your first machine. My first was also Demolition Man. That was in November 2014....Now I have 7 and I'm finishing my basement so I have room for more.

I not addicted. I can stop anytime I want.

2 weeks later
#470 4 years ago
Quoted from dmacy:

Sold mine to a friend

That guy is a dirtbag.

3 weeks later
#482 4 years ago

I got a topper at Pinfest. Unfortunately, it doesn't respond to the remote so I think I might have to send it back. I'm sure Laseriffic will take care of it. At least it's stuck on blue.


3 months later
#527 3 years ago
Quoted from goatdan:

It eliminates the strategy of Lock Freeze Lock Freeze Lock Freeze that otherwise gets you through the multi balls thus making it much harder to do, and forces you to play the other modes, most of which are actually pretty good, just waaaaaaaay too undervalued in points.

I'm pretty sure if you disable the claw, the modes at random and don't duplicate until you've cleared them all.

I played DM in a tournament, the claw was disabled and it automatically picked the mode when I shot the claw.

3 months later
#555 3 years ago
Quoted from Edenecho:

When you have chosen a mode, for example lock freeze, it stays solid. is it possible to choose this again next time you shoot into the cryo claw and start the multiball by choosing freeze lock second time, or must you finish all the modes before you can choose the same ones again?

You can choose the same mode over and over again if you want. There are two main ways to attack the claw. One is go Lock Freeze all day. That way you can run thorough all 4 multiballs relatively quickly and get the huge jackpot following the 4th multiball.

The second way to do it, is to cycle through each mode and make it to Demolition Time. The way I attack that, is I start with Capture Simon first. When the ball returns from the cryoclaw, it ends up in the right inlane which lights Quick Freeze on the left ramp. Shoot that immediately and now you have multiball lit and Capture Simon running.

You can do the others in any order, but I save Prison Break for last. As soon as the last mode is started (Prison Break), it lights the computer for Demolition Time. The nice thing is that Prison Break feeds the upper left flipper. So if that's your last mode, you get an immediate shot on the computer and can start Demolition Time right away.

2 months later
#596 3 years ago

Has anyone run into an issue where the elevator come up, the claw grabs the ball and then the claw just sits there until ball search? Is there a sensor that tells the claw that it successfully grabbed the ball? Mine doesn't this on a completey random basis.

3 months later
#650 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

Hi All
My "eye" in DemoMan has dried out! No fluid at all, this causes it not to roll.
Can anyone suggest/know where I can get a new one

I bought mine from Marco, but it appears as though they are out of stock. I didn't see them for sale anywhere else when I was shopping for a new one.

#652 2 years ago

Yes. There is supposed to be fluid in them.

7 months later
#894 2 years ago
Quoted from TheOnlyest:

Thats a default shipping fee for anything, because they do not ship to the US anymore.

Wait, I'm confused. Marco doesn't ship to the US anymore? I thought they were in the US?

#896 2 years ago

Ah. I got confused. There were a bunch of Marco links flying around so I assumed that was who stopped shipping to the US.

8 months later
#1110 1 year ago

Do the buttons register during switch test?

4 months later
#1322 1 year ago

My claw is misbehaving as well. It works sometimes but a lot of times it moves to the right to grab the ball. The elevator moves up and the claw grabs the ball. After a few seconds, it drops the ball and then waits for ball search. Sometimes it will grab the ball during ball search and drop it down the ACMAG lane. Other times it just sits there while the elevator goes up and down.

Mine also acts weird in test. Right is fine, but left gets "jerky". You have to hit the button about a hundred times to make it go left.

I was thinking of just replacing the opto board, but I can't find the thing anywhere.

#1325 1 year ago
Quoted from zacaj:

I had that issue too. In the end I replaced my claw optos and repinned the connector, and it's been rock solid since. The software doesn't seem able to handle even the tiniest of blips in the signal

Let's just pretend that I'm not skilled at board repair and wanted to just buy a new board....

4 months later
#1472 11 months ago

Mine claw is randomly going off during game play. Based on the switch test, it’s the Elevator Hold Switch which appears to be an opto.

It also goes off when you smack the playfield, which is weird since it’s an opto.

Neither side connection is loose under the playfield and I tried unplugging both and plugging them back in again with no change.

I’m not sure how you nail down the culprit.

F28154C8-4DA5-43E0-AB33-D370CB0F4AE8 (resized).jpeg

#1474 11 months ago
Quoted from zacaj:

Repin and reflow anyway

Any idea how to get them out? It looks like half the machine needs to come apart to get to them.

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