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#718 1 year ago

I have outdated firmware (the original), and I'd like to update it. I also have the original sound rom, is that worth the update? It's a bit on the pricy side....

#720 1 year ago

Well I can buy the Roms with updated firmware and sound from I don't know why they wouldn't be?

#724 1 year ago

During game play, my DM has started doing random ball searches. In the course of an hour it happened about three times as the ball was in active play. Any ideas where to start looking for the culprit?

#728 1 year ago

I've noticed since installing my LEDs that when the flippers are activated it very faintly dims the GI. Has anyone seen this happen before? Wondering if the GI OCD board would fix this or if theres something else I can do?

Quoted from TheOnlyest:

make sue there are 5 balls in the trough before you power it on next time. If there are, go into switch test and make sure all 5 optos are seeing a ball.

I'll make sure of that next time and keep an eye on it. I have done the switch test on the opto's and they all check out fine. It could have been the ball in trough issue as I was working on it previous to that.

#729 1 year ago

I was hoping you guys could check my work. Ramp and loop shots are hard, typically the ball makes it 1/2 to 3/4 the way up the ramps and then it rolls back. To me, this means it's flipper rebuild time. I was hoping you guys could check my "shopping list" and let me know if the parts I have in the cart are all I need. I used Vid's flipper rebuild guide to make sure I got the "extras" although I think the EOS switch he recommends isn't for DM games according the the pinball life website. I think I'll stick with the stock EOS that come with the kit, unless that's a bad idea? I ordered an extra "left flipper kit" for the third upper flipper. The coils look like the originals as well so I figure I could replace those. I attached a picture of my shopping cart, let me know how it looks!

Alternatively, I could spend an extra $20 and save myself a few hours by just buying the complete assemblies.....hmmmm

Thank you!

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 9.05.59 AM (resized).png

#735 1 year ago

Do you guys think just to save the time and hassle to get the fully assembled units versus doing the rebuild on my own?

I could alternatively buy 2 11629 for lower flippers and an 11630 for the upper and call it good. Other options are coil stops and EOS switches. I think for a few bucks extra it's worth it to just buy the complete assemblies. Here's what I'm looking at;

#738 1 year ago

Thanks guys! One more question, the "shoot again" lamp doesn't work. I've checked that there is power getting to the socket and I tried multiple bulbs. Next up I'm going to replace the socket. Since I'm getting my parts for the flippers from pinballlife I'll get a socket there as well. They don't have the 3 pronged socket with a diode. But they have a socket and a diode. I can't find in the manual if this is the right diode though. Does this look right?

Here's the socket

Here's the diode

2 weeks later
#760 1 year ago

Wondering if someone could post a picture of how the upper slingshot plastic is oriented. I took it off today when cleaning it and putting new rubbers on and can't quite envision how it was prior to taking it off. I took a lot of pictures before removing the ramps etc, but just didn't get that angle.


#764 1 year ago

I eventually figured out the orientation of it. Not exactly intuitive at first since there is only one screw hole, but I figured it out by trial and error.

IMG_2762 (resized).JPG

#765 1 year ago

I'm considering getting some new chromed handles for DM. I recall in the past seeing a mod that had LED lit thumb buttons in the handle but can't see to find that setup anywhere. Does anyone know where I can pick one of those up?

#766 1 year ago

Has anyone located a US shipper that has those LED push buttons for the handles? I'm wary to deviate from what the OP linked since I know they. Seems like there are some variations out there with different connectors and he mentioned the need to have a resistor, which was included. Just wonder if anyone has tackled this project yet.....

I've looked at a couple here; link

Here link

And here link

#768 1 year ago

I'll check those out. It looks like there Are two power connection points and two wires sticking down, is that where the diode connects to?

The only ones I could find in a pair as you describe in a "momentary switch" type are these but the connection points look totally different. link

Did you install them yet? Curious to know, specifically, where the original poster tapped in. He mentioned something about 12v wires near flipper buttons?

#773 1 year ago

So, I don't live in a world where I blame my woes on a message board post. If I f*** up my pin, it's on me.

Now, with that being said, you're right. I'm not an electronics expert and this is my first pin. But, I've already had it apart, cleaned, soldered many wires and connection points on various boards, replaced switches, sockets and diodes. I can figure it out with a detailed guide. Whether or not you provide that is up to you, but people like me benefit from knowledge that guys like you have. I know there is more than once person in this group that is interested in this mod.

I can read English, so whatever you post, I can follow. But, it's not like we are paying you for this, it's up to you if you want post or not. If you do think creating the harness is that difficult for newbies like me, let me know how much $ I have to PayPal you to create this button/wiring combo and we can go from there.


#775 1 year ago

Well, I appreciate all you've given me so far. My working knowledge of electronics is not such that I can map this out on my own. If I had a guide, I'd certainly be able to do it, but having never done this I wouldn't want to just take a shot in the dark. Kind of like rebuilding flippers, I wouldn't try it without vid's guide.

Thanks again for the info you've provided so far.

If there's anyone else on this group has done this mod and would feel comfortable creating a step by step or even just pictures of each connection point, id appreciate it!

#776 1 year ago

Here you go, these are the black onlyest used in his picture. link

#779 1 year ago

So, once you created that harness, it's simply a matter of soldering in a resistor and the ends of the harness to the appropriate prongs on the switch? If so, I think I can handle this. I'm also interested in learning how to create a pinout. I'll do some youtubing on that....

#781 1 year ago


If you dive in, would be great if you could do a photo tutorial of the install!


1 week later
#788 1 year ago

Hard resets are becoming more frequent, apparently it's not uncommon with WPC's. I have the pinwiki on how to trouble shoot it, but before I do, is there a common cause for DM that I should start with?

It typically happens mid game which is going really well then just resets.

#790 1 year ago

It seems like those are rated for approximately 1000 hours of usage depending on how much heat they're exposed to over the course of time. Seems like a scary fix for a newbie, but I'll willing to give it a shot. Are there any good references out there on how to accomplish this?

#803 1 year ago

The elevator on my DM has gone intermittant. Usually a jiggle or two gets it going after I open it up, which would make me think it's a loose connection. However, all the connections seem to look pretty solid. I'm considering desoldering and resoldering the connections to the motor. Any other "usual suspects" with the elevator going intermitant like this? I did check the opto and it checks out good, although I am considering just replacing that as well.....

#805 1 year ago

I'll try that. I will probably just replace them while I'm down there. However, when the ball goes into the elevator it won't move. I get a credit dot and when I go run an elevator test, it doesn't move. I go jiggle motor and wires around and then it works. This leads me to believe it's most likely not the opto. What do you think?

#807 1 year ago

Good idea, I'll check that!

#808 1 year ago

This DM is the gift that keeps on giving. In an effort to trouble shoot the random reset problem, I ought a pro daughterboard, hopefully that will give me a clue as to whether or not its a power supply issue. I have read some posts from other pins before that said if there are diagonal lines on the dot matrix when it resets it's probably something display related, mine does have these symptoms.

Back to the daughterboard, when I installed it I got a U6 CHKSUM error, took it off and it went away, put it back on and the error is back. The DM manual says to replace the the Rom, but the game runs just fine from what I can tell. So, I guess I'll leave it on and hope that the daughterboard can tell me what's going on.


#809 1 year ago

Checked the EMI board like Zacaj suggested. J2 is pretty loose and it makes sense that could be the culprit since the issue is intermittant. A video is attached below. The fix for this seems like I might need a new female end of the plug, I tried bending the tabs down that are in the plug to get a more secure fit, but it still wiggles around like in the video. Does anyone have another fix?

#812 1 year ago

Yep, there is a buzz and the diagonal lines just like the slam tilt show when they're activated. I found the one on the coin door pretty close to the contact, so I was hoping maybe that was it, but it just reset again. Both slam tilt switches were adjusted so it's nearly impossible for them to make any kind of contact. I'm unfamiliar with the memory protect issue, but, what you say is exactly what I'm experincing as far as visual and audible ques.

FWIW, I have put on a color DMD, replaced all 3 flipper coils and done all LEDs. I also put LED strip lighting in the "windows" at the back behind the cryo claw and the jets. I dont think these would necessarily lead to these resets, but I wonder if I should at least take the color DMD out as a process of elimination? It also seems to happen 90% of the time during a multiball.

#813 1 year ago

Disconnected coin door and other slam tilt and it still did the same thing :-\

#814 1 year ago

Ok, so......

Watch this video......

Left sling and upper sling.....It has to be a wiring issue down there, no? A quick look at wiring for both slings looks pretty solid....

#815 1 year ago

Do you suppose it's the upper sling, or is there a way to determine which one it is? Also, could it be a bad diode on the leaf switch that activates the sling?
The only thing that looks potentially out of place is the lead switch on the upper sling as depicted in the photo. I can't tell if that extra metal leaf off the side is supposed to have a wire or diode solered in, but it looks like something was there before. How do I find out if someting is missing from there, it's a leaf switch attached to the upper sling?

IMG_2921 (resized).JPG

#817 1 year ago

Thanks for the idea. I went ahead and rewired the leaf switch like the other ones and added a diode, problem solved!

Thanks for the help!

#819 1 year ago

Nope had nothing to do with the slam tilt switches, I unplugged them completely and it was still happening. I haven't found the diode yet, I wonder if the previous owner had someone do that hack job?

#821 1 year ago

About a page or two back, there was discussion of some pretty radical lighted handle buttons. They'd require a bit of wiring but it's worth it IMO. Check that out.

#825 1 year ago

I put the LED Color DMD in mine and it looks great. I wasn't sure if I wanted the LCD or LED version but have no regrets about going with the LED option, it looks great and suits the game, IMO. I couldn't find any used ones anywhere, I think you're pretty much going to have to buy one new from the Color DMD folks.....

#828 1 year ago

I ended up going with; I too was on the fence about LCD vs LED and the cost, but have no regerts. Once you start getting into the special modes and some of the more obscure parts of the game the color stuff is pretty cool! Here are your pics! Also added the blue LED strip lights inside the windows at the back of the PF; I also highly recommend that!

IMG_2974 (resized).JPG
IMG_2976 (resized).JPG

#833 1 year ago

I had the same problem. It was an incline issue. Make sure you've got a steep enough incline!

#834 1 year ago

Had an interesting thing happen; I was working on a museum multiball and got two balls consecutively up the right ramp for the super jackpot. Both balls ended up in the elevator, it picked up one, dropped it at ACMAG, went back to the elevator and picked up the second then dropped it back into the elevator. I ended up draining the ACMAG ball and the ball in the elevator wasn't found until a ball search. I guess they don't have logic in the software for something like that.

Another strange thing I've seen happen twice now; shortly after activating the cryo claw, I'll shoot a ball up the right ramp, it goes to the elevator, the claw picks it up and goes right to acmag and drops the ball. It doesn't activate acmag, it just returns the ball to play. Whats up with that?

#837 1 year ago

I've seen the ball go right to acmag and am still seeking a solution to that. It's happened a couple times lately. I'll watch this thread to see if anyone has any ideas.

2 weeks later
#857 1 year ago

My dm has this thing where it throws a credit dot probably 70% of the time I turn it on. The strange thing is that there's never anything wrong. I most commonly see fault reports for the switches up in the claw (ie capture Simon) or for the R2 flipper button. I always activate each switch during game play and the dot clears. Any ideas why this is happening?

#860 1 year ago

Good info, thanks! Never knew that.

1 month later
#886 1 year ago

Does anyone know where I can get my hands on some of the metal ramp guards for the left ramp (left side) and the right ramp (left side)? Pictures attached for the specific spots I'm looking for.....Wouldn't mind getting my hands on an uncracked set of ramps too....

IMG_3462 (resized).JPG
IMG_3463 (resized).JPG

#888 1 year ago

I checked Marco and I don't think that's the one I need. That looks like its for the right ramp I need the side ramp (inner ramp that leads to retina scan) and the left ramp left side metal guard. Thanks for checking!

#891 1 year ago

Great question about who would remove them. Best guess is that back in the day it was on a route and was snagged for some reason or another? I'm going to see if I can find a sheet metal worker to start pumping out some of these bad boys after market....Otherwise I might end up doing some fiberglass work.....bastards.....

Also, WTF to these shipping charges for that steel plastic piece over the upper flipper?

IMG_3468 (resized).JPG

#893 1 year ago

Yeah, I just saw a thread about that. Too bad. The forwarding service looks like a PITA and too expensive, that’s a shame.

Anyone have that metal cutout to replace the plastic over the upper flipper they want to sell?

#895 1 year ago

No, doesn't. They make those slick metal replacement pieces to go in place of that ever cracking plastic over the upper flipper.

3 weeks later
#908 12 months ago

Sold my demo man to spiromeo47 a couple days ago. He sent me a video of the elevator lifting the ball to the claw but the claw not grabbing it. He has a “magnet broken” error. It was working when he picked it up, in fact he played a game and got a right ramp shot and used it. I’m trying to help him trouble shoot the issue. My best guess is a solder broke and a wire came off? Any thoughts on what we should try? I read a post from a while back that said someone found fuse 901 popped and that fixed it but that’s on the fliptronic ii controller board. Is that related to the claw magnet somehow?

#910 12 months ago

So it could in theory be a fuse then? I assume the power to the transistor runs through one of the fuses?

Also remind me, since I can’t open it and look anymore, the fliptronic board is in the back box?

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