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Demolition Man Owners Club.... Members Only!

By Rascal_H

6 years ago

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#740 1 year ago

I just joined the club for the first time. Man, you forget how heavy these SuperPins are until you move one again. My back and shoulders will definitely be hurting for a few days.

I'm really enjoying the game so far. You definitely get a lot of bang for the buck with this one. Overall, the game is in very nice shape. There are a couple of small blemishes in the translite, though. I'm thinking about grabbing a new one, but there is no way I'm paying $120 for a NOS one given how much I hate the artwork. Does anyone have any quality alternates that they would recommend? I'd love to see photos of some cool ones installed.

DM (resized).jpg
DM buttons (resized).jpg

#742 1 year ago
Quoted from Gogojohnnyquack:

Nice looking DM! Did you buy it in that shape or have you modded it already? Could you tell me where you got those lit buttons on the handles?

Thanks! All I did was swap out a couple dozen LED's in the backbox and inserts. The game already had Mike Chestnut chromed handles, GI and LED OCD boards, and the blue LED buttons you inquired about. My buddy that I bought the game from installed the buttons. I don't know where he got them, but I'll ask.

#745 1 year ago

I spoke with my friend last night. He purchased the buttons on eBay. He's going to try to get me a link to them. They were not marketed specifically for DM. He just grabbed them because they fit.

#747 1 year ago

Okay, here's a link to the buttons ... link » 1pc Angel Eye Blue Ring Led 12mm 12v Metal Switch Momentary Push Button

No modifications are needed to mount them. You just have to run two extra wires up into the handles to power them. My friend tapped into the 12v at the flipper boards near the flipper buttons. You'll need to add a resister to drop the voltage to the LED, but they are supplied with the buttons.

1 week later
#761 1 year ago

I don't have a plastic over my upper slingshot. Is there supposed to be one there?

DM (resized).jpg

#782 1 year ago

I randomly came across this last night ...

Has anyone tried this code? If so, what are your thoughts? There are some things I really like about it, but other things I'm not so sure about. I definitely like how the custom code eliminates the ability to easily start the multiballs via the cryo claw. This is a very welcome change which makes the game much more challenging. That being said, it seems like the original code, while flawed, may still be the better option.

On a related note, I installed the profanity ROMs the other day. I like them a lot. My kids are older now so I don't mind the swearing, and they seem to offer a lot more callouts.

#784 1 year ago
Quoted from zacaj:

Just install soren's mod if that's your only issue ...

Thanks for the tip! I had to look up what "soren's mod" was. That's exactly what I'm looking for. As it stands, there is virtually no reason to ever choose anything but Quick Freeze from the claw if you are playing for score. This one small tweak completely changes that. I'll have to do some research and figure out how to apply the patch.

Now if someone can just come up with a tweak that gives players a compelling reason to ever shoot the car crash shot ...

1 week later
#793 1 year ago
Quoted from Apex:

Has anyone tried to polish their handles rather than send them out for chrome/paint/powder coating? I have polished up ball guides, ramps, and hardware before but was wondering if it was worth it to try the handles. On mine, the coating has worn through past the copper? plating so it might be too far gone.

If they are that worn, I don't think there is much you can do other that to get them redone. I will say that nice shiny chrome handles look and feel awesome!

3 weeks later
#839 1 year ago
Quoted from RockBass14:

I've seen the ball go right to acmag and am still seeking a solution to that. It's happened a couple times lately. I'll watch this thread to see if anyone has any ideas.

It could be a bug. What version of the ROM are you running?

#847 1 year ago

You should be able to hit the right ramp from a cradle no problem. If you can't, your flipper is weak.

#854 1 year ago

Looking at the schematics, there appears to be a pair of stacked optos which track the position of the claw ...

Cryo Claw Schematics (resized).JPG

3 weeks later
#868 1 year ago

If you don't want to shell out for the whole set, let me know what plastics you need. We may be able to work something out.

2 weeks later
#879 1 year ago
Quoted from mymalibu:

Hello fellow demo man owners. Mine does not give the ball into the trough for multi ball. Any thoughts as to what might be the problem? Any help is appreciated.

Balls can sometimes get hung up if the trough becomes magnetized. Pinbits sells a plastic shim that slides into the bottom of the trough and prevents this ...

This may or may not be the cause of your problem. It also could be a bad trough switch.

3 weeks later
#890 1 year ago
Quoted from RockBass14:

Wouldn't mind getting my hands on an uncracked set of ramps too....

You and everyone else, unfortunately.

3 weeks later
#906 1 year ago
Quoted from Langless28:

For people with LED's, do you disable the GI dimming functionality?

Yes. I always turn off the GI dimming feature when I install LEDs in the GI. If you don't, the LEDs will majorly flicker when the game tries to dim them. In the case of my DM, it has a GI OCD board, so I was able to leave the feature on. I also have an LED OCD board in the game. Both are excellent products that I would highly recommend.

#924 1 year ago
Quoted from Langless28:

So I cannot take credit for this idea, I read it a few pages back and I think gweempose started the conversation with lots of good info from TheOnlyest. I figured I might as well take some pictures along the way to help others out.

Great step-by-step guide!

#926 1 year ago
Quoted from uncivil_engineer:

I could use the one over the scoop opposite the upper flipper if anyone has one. Mine is missing, and I am going to have to fabricate a bracket for it as well.

I have that plastic. It's slightly used, but in decent shape. Let me know if you are interested.

#931 1 year ago
Quoted from trueno92:

Ordered some.led buttons of aliexpress! I know every button listing said monetary. Does this mean they latch or lock down until pressed again when they release? How did you get around that

It's not "monetary", it's momentary. This means the switch is only active while the button is depressed, and it will revert back to its original position when released. This is the exact kind of button you want.

1 week later
#936 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinballer73:

I'm looking to replace the small red button trigger switch in one of the handles. Any idea where to buy the switches?

3 months later
#976 8 months ago
Quoted from Walamab:

When the ball is launched, its 50/50 for if it will make it around the back and to the upper flipper for a skill shot try. Is this normal?

Unfortunately, that's just par for the course. Mine is probably closer to 70/30, but it definitely gets hung up quite often.

#983 8 months ago
Quoted from Gogojohnnyquack:

I have this left over after installing a new set and I don't know where it goes. Any input?

I just looked over my whole game and can't find that plastic anywhere.

#986 8 months ago
Quoted from zacaj:

I don't make the right loop too often but I've never noticed an issue. My auto plunge isn't weak, when it does make it around it's fast enough that it's a challenge to hit the computer hole. The problem is that the ball seems to deflect sometimes into the lower guide. I'm not sure where the variance is coming from.

Same here. No problem at all on a right orbit shot. The only issue is with the auto-plunge.

#992 8 months ago
Quoted from Demoman1:

I have a complete set of wireforms in perfect shape if anyone is interested. Make me an offer.

I don't suppose you have any extra ramps in perfect shape?

1 week later
#997 8 months ago
Quoted from trueno92:

Hmm, there should be a bolt that sticks out from the left side of the center gate chute. Usually the wire gate can jam on it and stay open ...

Mine does this occasionally. It gets stuck up on the bolt. Is there a way to prevent this from happening?

4 weeks later
#1028 7 months ago
Quoted from cocomonkeh:

Love seeing two SuperPins next to each other!

Me too, but I purposely put The Shadow in between my TZ and DM. My pins are pretty close together. When you have two widebodies next to each other, your hands tend to touch the person's next to you when you flip ...

20180818_182330 (resized).jpg
2 months later
#1063 5 months ago
Quoted from robd222:

Does anyone have an extra trigger button they would be willing to sell me?

Is this what you are looking for? If so, I have two of them. One seems good, and the other has one of the tabs broken ...

Trigger #1 (resized).jpgTrigger #2 (resized).jpg
#1068 5 months ago

3D printing is such an amazing technology and perfectly suited for situations like this. I'm curious about how the finished product looks. Is it the same shiny look that you have on the original molded part?

#1091 5 months ago
Quoted from allsportdvd:

Can anyone point me in the direction of where to buy the Swear Roms? Is it just 1 rom to change over?

Unfortunately, I think you'll need eight new ROMs. I have the files if you have a way to burn them.

#1113 5 months ago
Quoted from allsportdvd:

Marco doesn't have the swear roms either, any other options?

I'd be happy to burn you a set of swear ROMs, but it would be cost prohibitive to ship them to Australia. I'm sure someone more local to you can get them. Have you tried any of the Aussie forums?

1 week later
#1125 4 months ago
Quoted from GreenMachine19:

Doing a full tear down resto. I had to get my subway weldment repaired due to it becoming separated. A nuclear qualified welder hooked me up at work. Should never come apart again.

Yeah, that weldment takes quite a beating. Mine had to be repaired as well.

1 week later
#1132 4 months ago
Quoted from Demoman1:

Picking up a DM in 2 weeks want to order LED's so they get here by the time the pin comes. Anyone have a count on what I need to order? flashers, 555' and bayonets, etc. Really would help.

You can buy a pre-assembled kit that has every LED you will need ...

#1135 4 months ago

I've noticed lately that I no longer am getting a ball save when I hit the car crash shot. I have the car crash ball save set to "easy", which is the factory default. I checked, and both optos as well as the red target are registering correctly in switch test. It even shows the "double car crash" award on the screen when I nail the shot solidly. Any theories?

#1138 3 months ago
Quoted from waldo34:

Picked up a Demo Man last night, happy to back in the club. It's has one broken and one missing plastic. Hoping someone might have extras.

That big one by the upper flipper is always broken. Hopefully, someone has a new or used one lying around. Good luck!

1 week later
#1158 3 months ago
Quoted from Demoman1:

Hi, Looking for the Standup Target assemblies for Demo Man. None of the vendors seem to have them.
A-17795-6 STATIONARY Target Assembly (Yellow) Quantity of 3
A-17799-6 " " " (Opaque Yellow) Quantity of 2
A-18018-4 " " " (Opaque Red) Quantity of 2

I have all five of the yellow ones (the decals can be removed). I pulled them out of my game and replaced them with new ones. They work fine, I just have OCD. I'll sell you the whole set for $25 shipped.

DM targets (resized).jpg
1 week later
#1171 3 months ago
Quoted from djreddog:

I have ramp #2 if anyone is interested.

PM sent

#1181 3 months ago
Quoted from GreenMachine19:

The dimensions suggest that it is not round. 3x2.8x1.2”.

Yeah, kind of strange dimensions for a sphere ...

#1183 3 months ago
Quoted from GreenMachine19:

Curious about group opinion. I’m in the middle of a full teardown resto of my DM. I’ve pulled out a play field protector that has kept the play field very good looking underneath. The game played great with it on. Would you guys rather put it back on or finish it with it off? I would just like to hear what others would do.

I'm generally not a fan of playfield protectors on games with clearcoated playfields in a home environment. I think they are overkill. If it's a routed game, or an older game, then absolutely.

#1193 3 months ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:

Anyone have a fix for right ramp rollback SDTMs?

Yep. A good, hard nudge!

3 weeks later
#1216 69 days ago
Quoted from Spinape:

I just picked up a Demo man last week, enjoying it so far! It’s kinda easy, but I’m ok with that...

You can make some adjustments in the settings that will make the game much harder.

#1221 68 days ago
Quoted from Antennaejim:

Yep that’s the part 10-460.1 thank you! I did research online and that part seems to be out of stock everywhere I look. Figures, just my luck stuck again

Does this kit contain what you need?

1 week later
#1243 59 days ago

Is everything changed in Soren's version? I really like the original music that comes on the game.

#1246 59 days ago

Does anyone have a link to Soren's file?

1 week later
#1249 52 days ago
Quoted from GreenMachine19:

ade my own stainless steel ramp flaps. Tired of rusty flaps.

Very nice! Did you do that by hand, or do you have some kind of laser cutter?

#1256 46 days ago
Quoted from dudah:

Laser cut and painted this today for a buddy, thoughts?

It's not bad for a do it yourself job, but it doesn't look original. I have a brand new repro if your friend is interested.

1 week later
#1285 36 days ago
Quoted from zacaj:

I just welded mine back together

I was just about to suggest the same thing. It's an easy repair for someone good at TIG welding.

3 weeks later
#1368 10 days ago
Quoted from underlord:

GLM is out of business. Tony admitted the site is up but no one can buy anything. A real tease.

Oh wow! This is the first I'm hearing of this. That sucks.

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