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Deal Of The Week

By o-din

1 year ago

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#29 1 year ago

I'm the guy you stuck your tongue out at. I truly do hope you sell all 3 of your $2200 games for the $11,500 you're asking despite your childish response to my PM. The fact is that even if every one of these is pristine and you want to call them $3000 each, $11,500 is not a deal of the week. When you list "buy 2, get 1 free" you're saying each game is worth close to $6k?!?! You're out of your mind. I guess maybe you were figuring that after you sell these, you'll buy 2 TNAs & then get the 3rd free for the price that someone overpaid for your other machines? Anyway, good luck. At least you have people looking.

#44 1 year ago

Okay, fair enough. I agree that these are all great titles. You can't fault me for trying to low ball @ $4500 (or maybe you can). But... He listed them as buy 2 get one free and based on pinside's current prices, that's what 2 of them are worth. His initial price was $8 million and then he had "buy 2 get one free for $11,500 in the listing. Having oddball prices thrown around, it seems like the seller doesn't know what they're doing and also you never know what someone's motivation to sell is. That said, There is nothing in the listing about these being any kind of special quality machines. there is one picture of 3 machines together and listed only as Earthshaker. If your machines are AWESOME, you highlight their AMAZINGNESS!!! Show pics of the play fields, list that one has a signed apron, tell all about how special they are. If BK2K is the prize here, list that machine on the ad. Actually, why not list each machine on separate ads? When I see an ad with 1 far away pick of multiple machines that are listed as just coming off route, I assume they're trashed and that if purchased, I'm going to have to put in some work to make them nice. If you all legitimately think these machines are worth $6K apiece, more power to you. I guarantee I can find each of them for way less. $6K will get you a brand new Stern (though to be honest that's not saying a lot). Heck, a little more than $6K will get you that NIB TNA you've been lusting after. And you don't have to limit your searches to SoCal. If I'm buying a machine in another part of the US, I just drop the price I'm willing to pay by $400 to cover the shipping. I'm not looking to overpay for machines. Obviously most of you guys are friends and have done the 'research' on these particular machines and therefore think they deserve to fetch the highest price possible. If that's really the case, why even waste your time with a very generic pinside ad? Why not either put more info about your specific games or just try to sell them to your friends who already know the quality of the machines?

#46 1 year ago
Quoted from jmountjoy111:

Based solely on my glance at the bk2k ad these are better than players condition.

Did you notice that the original BK2K ad that Odin listed here in the comments was not in his original ad? If he'd mentioned anything about the quality in his original ad, I might have been more 'realistic'.

#48 1 year ago
Quoted from o-din:

Of course I don't want to sell them, would you? But if somebody gave me an offer I couldn't refuse, of course I would.

I totally understand that. I currently have a Laser War that I paid $650 for. It's 100% working but 'player's condition' I know I could sell it all day long for $1200 but there is no way I'd want to part with it even if I doubled my profit on it because I love the game so much. The problem I have is that I'm being told to do some 'research' and that I'm unrealistic and the prices I've listed are accurate 'in 2008'. How am I expected to know about YOUR machines? You have your whole profile set to private and you have minimal info on your ad. I know most of the smack talking has been coming from others but you instigated it with your initial response to my PM. I hope if you do sell your machines, you'll be happy with what you get for them & the buyer will be happy with their purchase.

#50 1 year ago

And BTW, that original ad for your BK2K makes it look Superb! You have yourself a quality machine there. I'm actually quite jealous. Good luck in your quest for TNA. I'll be getting my butt kicked by my DI in the meantime.

#52 1 year ago
Quoted from o-din:

Hey I apologize if for some reason you feel like the brunt of some joke.... But man as long as somebody is finding some sort of humor in all of this, then it's worth it.

I'm good. I feel like we understand where each other is coming from now. I very much apologize for throwing out an insulting offer on your beloved machines. I should have at least offered $6K for the 3 even if I assumed they were trashed. In ANY condition, at that price I'd have still been able to make a profit on them. Sometimes greed gets the better of me. I was looking for a great deal and when I saw 'buy 2 get 1 free' I got excited and my pin-predator instincts kicked in. I'm used to picking up fixer-upper machines and giving them some love and making them worth more than what I bought them for. Speaking of humor, I have to give you props for your use of Archie Bunker in your initial response to me. You're showing your age there though. I guess I'm kind of showing my age by that fact that I recognized the pic.

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