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Deadpool owners club. Free chimichangas for all.

By Ericc123

1 year ago

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#933 12 months ago

Hi all, my dp premium is coming... but i dont put a playfield protector... i see a lot of discussion concerning the dimpling especially on Deadpool...

Do you have a PP on your deadpool ?

#972 11 months ago

Hi all,

I find my deadpool premium very "punitive" on the outlanes... i have no rubber on the small plots between the outlanes... and i thought stern has forgotten them... but when i see photos of the pinball, sometimes there are rubbers and sometimes not...

I have put 2 rubbers and now the gameplay is more enjoyable, less punitive because the ball dont take the outlaned each times.

But you ? Do you have rubbers on the outlanes ?


1 month later
#1346 10 months ago

Wowwww mech multiball is so awesome !! Flow, sound, lights... with more features added, i think deadpool will be soon a great pinball !!

1 month later
#1728 8 months ago

Wow i'm just near you ) 3 balls, factory settings.

On this pinball, if you want to score high, dont fight anyway, you have so many things else to do. And fight only if you have team up ! Thats the secret !!

20190204_223651 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#1821 8 months ago

This pinball is for me the best stern pinball. I love all... rules, shots, artwork, music... each game is never the same because you can do so many things.

2 weeks later
#1970 7 months ago

My distributor said me that for all the new stern, the feet must be as low as possible. And i have no problem with my deadpool.

After that if your scores are so low, do you have clearly understood the rules ? Because DP is rather an easy pinball.

Do you launch your battle with team up ?
Dont hesitate to cancel your battle if you have no team up.

Dont use your boom button in the battles except if time is against you... a boom button used during multiball is so much interesting.

Use the loops again and again to collect teamup, to light disco, to light boom button (on the premium), is really helpful.

I never search to lock the 3 balls in the katana, i do that with fast combo (ninjapocalypse), the ninja multiball is not the most valuable in this pinball.

I like this pinball so much. My record is 1,9 billion ;o) do that, you will increase your score immediatly.


#1985 7 months ago
Quoted from Audioenslaved:

Ok I really want a deadpool. Just wondering those who went the premium/Le why did you chose that version over the pro? From what I can see the pro is the exact same game as the premium/Le just without the drop ramp. I can grab a le for not much more than a nib premium

If you have the money take the premium (le not necessary). I like this pinball and it is really my favorite especially because all the shots are different and it is a real adventure. The best shot in this pinball and the most important is the disco loop :

Why this shot is important ?
It launch disco loop, disco multiball, team up, berserker, several jackpot, battle shots,... and on the pre/le you can chain with a lot of pleasure this loop !! And you light the boom button really quickly... Really the most important shot of this game !

On the pro you can not chain this loop !

So take the Premium ! You do an error if you dont take it.


#1987 7 months ago

Katana is difficult if you try to lock your ball. But on this pinball, its a complete error to try to lock specifically the balls. I dont care the lock because i ever lock my balls in the katana with the ninjapocalypse combo ! And it is a 100% successful shot !

I have a new highscore to 2,1 billion ! So this strategy works perfectly !

Katana is not a problem on this pin even at 6 degree or 8 degree ^^

#1997 7 months ago
Quoted from mbrave77:

I have settled into a 7 degree angle but i also see people say “get the feet as low as possible”. What does this really mean? And why would this effect anything with pitch being the same.

Well... in a normal pin, when the lock is lighted, i shoot especially to lock my ball.

With DP, the lock is in the katana with the famous ramp and you fail sometimes (due to the degree angle) if you shoot with the ball stopped on your left flip.

But if you do a combo with a very quick ball which make loop + katana, the ball will be locked with 95% of success and you do a ninjapocalypse to ;o)

And you do this combo several times in one game...

So all that to say : there is no problem of degree in DP, just problem of knowing the game and experience in the game.

Put your pinball as low as possible or at 7 degree dont influence the katana shot if you make this combo because the ball go so quick that the ball will be blocked.

#1999 7 months ago

Its that ;o)

20190306_134524 (resized).jpg
#2005 7 months ago
Quoted from mannymasy:

I think the lock katana is designed so that the ball between perfect in a fast combo and not to do it with the ball stopped

Yes i think like you ;o)

1 week later
#2066 7 months ago

Same here ! DP is in my top 3 !! Very very good pinball !

#2097 7 months ago
Quoted from marksf123:

I am thinking about moving out 2 games in my collection - MB and BSD and replacing with Star Wars Premium and Deadpool Premium. Thoughts?

I have these 2 premium pins ;o) its really a good choice, i like so much these 2 pins... my third is Iron Maiden but really want trade it for a BM66 !!

Great choice for a nice small collection.

#2123 7 months ago

Here is a small Video of my Deadpool premium and my last score today )

Hope it can help some people having difficulties to do high score on this pinbal...

I love this pinball !! my best pin actually !!

#2127 7 months ago
Quoted from BeeGeeMtl:

1) I just noticed that the BOOM buttons are accumulating as BOMBS on the screen since the last code update. WHEN is the best time to press the BOOM button to utilize those bombs in the best way?
2) I still don't notice any "meters" in terms of the QUESTS, am I missing something? How do you know that you're getting close to completing the quests? I just keep hitting shots until I'm done but is there another way to gauge how you're doing?

1) the best moment to use the bombs is for me during multiball to reach faster the superjackpot (its unlighting several arrows). I try to not use them during a battle except if i see that i will lose the battle ;o).

2) yes its difficult to see the advance during the quest. For megalodon, you need to count the red arrow (5 red arrows and the megalodon is dead). For t-rex, rules say 4 lildeadpool shots.

#2134 7 months ago

Im so tired with the JJP pinball... if it is NIB, there is always 3 or 4 problems to solve... stern : 0.

You play one week with your JJP and you need to repair it each week end. Its very frustrating... on my stern pinballs, i have minor problems.

Now considering the gameplay, i will say its not the same... DP is purely fun, fun, fun : a real great pinball like we want to have at home.

POTC, i really want to have one to... but i prefer to wait the update of the code and see if people will have mechanics problems in some months... after, why not to own one ;o)

#2135 7 months ago
Quoted from PoolFan:

At Halloween I found this funny Deadpool candy bowl holder and thought it would make a great pinball topper.
I may have gone a little overboard but here is what it inspired.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Omg... i say you the truth : it is horrible ! You have completely destroyed the beauty of this pinball...

Sorry to be honest...

1 month later
#2639 5 months ago

I cant play DP without the disco loop of the premium. Its so satisfying ! If you dont have it, you cant understand how it is so good !!

DP is the best pinball actually for me... For a very good pinball, a premium is a minimum

2 months later
#3563 3 months ago

I have both... I think the pleasure is not the same :
- met : you are stressed, you have not a lot of time to play : met is the pinball for that. Even after the honeymoon, you can chain the games because you can pass your stress on it. It is really a great pinball, a keeper in a house.

- DP: very satisfying, very fun : but after the honeymoon, you do 2 or 3 games before to stop.

In one year, dont sure to keep my DP. Met will stay in my house for a longer time.

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