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Deadpool owners club. Free chimichangas for all.

By Ericc123

1 year ago

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#298 1 year ago

So people are just getting Deadpool machines in and playing them. I have pinball machines in a theater and debating on a Deadpool vs Iron Maiden. Obviously Deadpool's theme fits the theater better. However, I know Iron Maiden is a great game. So can Deadpool compete with Iron Maiden? Which should I buy? How good is Deadpool?

#308 1 year ago

A lot of great info guys. Thank you

#346 1 year ago

Thanks for the video. Looks fast. How's the overall feel and flow?

1 week later
#451 1 year ago

My Pro is on order, but dang that LE looks nice!

#473 1 year ago

I want to get some speaker lights too. I was trying to figure out which ones to use with the new Stern's.

#476 1 year ago

That LE demands attention for sure.

#516 1 year ago

Going back to speaker lights for a minute. I'm looking for a red speaker light without the bells and whistles (no remote or dimming), just a red light. I used to buy mine from Pinball Bulbs and was very happy with them. However it doesn't appear their style has changed since the new Stern's came out. Anymore suggestions or does anyone know if the Pinball Bulbs work well in the new Stern's?

#557 1 year ago

I just bought some speaker lights and the acrylic design from DugFreez. He was very helpful and the original designer of Speaker Light Kits. Great communication! Thanks Dug, I'm very excited.

#602 1 year ago

My Pro came in. Love it! My eject hole switch only works 75% of the time (for enemy select). What's the fix, bend the switch up? I tried that and it doesn't seem to help. Any suggestions?

#605 1 year ago
Quoted from jeep-mustang:

When I said screws, I mean the screws that hold the switch to the the bottom of the scoop.

I looked at that and they all seemed tight. Thank you for the response. I only visually checked them, so maybe I'll try to tighten them.

#613 1 year ago

To help celebrate the arrival of Deadpool, all machines will be on FREEPLAY ALL DAY TODAY 12am to close. I need to prove I can bring in business to the theater and cafe. Please come join us.
Sierra Cinema
840 E Main st
Grass Valley

#618 1 year ago
Quoted from HighProtein:

The first run has a problem of no locktit on the 2 screws holding the switch in place, tighten and add locktite.

So tightening the screws didn't work for me. On my machine the switch just wasn't long enough. Maybe they drilled the screw pilot holes a little off. I needed to stretch the switch longer to reach the ball. Anyway, the switch broke while doing this, but luckily I had another one, stretched it out and now seems to be working fine. I'm thinking there's got to be a better switch that could fit into this location. Maybe the Star Trek Pro switch?

#620 1 year ago

This is my only photo of the broken switch. I basically replaced it with the same switch, but I bent the arm with needle nose pliers to extend the length

KIMG1236 (resized).JPG
#623 1 year ago

If people are having more problems with the switch, feel free to pm me or I can go further into depth if you like. I've just been playing the hell out this awesome machine. INMD is my favorite pin but this comes real close in my opinion. There's a lot more going on and has better music haha. The shots just seem more satisfying and there's more depth. Besides the switch, I'm super happy.

Anybody know how to restart lil Deadpool multiball after getting the muliball once. Maybe just hit it a lot. I had 2 in 1 game, but I don't know how I did it. If possible, I'd like to set the machine to make it have more lil DP multiballs. I haven't checked the settings yet.

#631 1 year ago
Quoted from Darkwing:

With the latest code, try running the lil DP mode then beating a boss. Should be available again. I seem to have the most luck starting a boss fight and then stacking lil DP multiball anyway, even if just for the ball save timer

ahh ok, I do still have the old code in it. Thanks, I'll try that.

#662 1 year ago

I've had no problem with mine.

#684 1 year ago
Quoted from Mahoyvan:

Anyone know what the deal is with Juggernaught?
If select him first, no shots are lit until I make 5 random shots.
Glitch? Or where am i supposed to shoot?

The same thing happens on mine, but I haven't updated code yet. I'm hoping the new code will fix it.

1 week later
#774 1 year ago

Anyone else have a problem powering up their game? Mine didn't power up after 10 minutes and I had to turn it off and back on. This happened to me twice. I heard the bill collector power on, but the machine stays off. I still need to update the code, but would this cause it to happen?

#792 1 year ago

Where’s the power source on these new spike 2 systems (for the speaker lights)? I can’t find where to plug into. Used to be to the right of the coin door

#795 1 year ago

Never mind, I found it. Just a little to anxious. Haha

#796 1 year ago
image (resized).jpg
#797 1 year ago

They look great. I like the acrylic design too.

#805 1 year ago

Wow, the new code had a big improvement on the game. More Lil Deadpool multiball, new music and sounds. Made the game even better. My katana sword is dropping all the balls at once now, since the new code. I’m not sure if its supposed to do that or not. It used to space them out a bit.

1 week later
#877 1 year ago

I think the background is new. Before starting a game it'll show a moving Deadpool theme on the dmd.

#890 1 year ago

So I feel my Deadpool is running pretty good set to 7.0 incline. However, sometimes the ball barely makes it to the top of the Katana and there is also times when it stops short and rolls back down the ramp. I'm thinking of lowering it a bit. I think we need a poll for everyone to vote on the best angle. What's the latest review? What's your angle/setup and why?

#945 1 year ago

Got my new personal high score today. Almost half a billion! I put a little bit of Blitz wax on the playfield, had it set to 7 degrees and the Katana ramp was smooth as butter. Additionally, I popped the glass hard a few times. I thought the glass was going to shatter. Has this ever happened? Normal popping of the glass is cool, but this was BOOM!

#947 1 year ago

Mine happened during multi-ball. One ball was rolling down the playfield and I hit it with another ball coming from the flipper.

Once my playfield glass was standing against the wall in my garage and it fell onto the concrete floor. I couldn't believe it didn't break.

#949 1 year ago
Quoted from heyitsjoebob:

I've pretty consistently hit glass hard when going up the left ramp. Hops right over the plastic, hits glass, then the hammock Deadpool.

Wow, I haven't seen that yet. It would be cool a couple of times, but then get old quick.

#955 1 year ago

When you say won't boot, do you mean the game won't power up or won't play a game.

#959 1 year ago

A couple people, including myself had this problem and needed to unplug the machine for a couple minutes and then plug it back in. I don't know what this does, but the problem never came back.

#981 1 year ago
Quoted from cyberkryten:

I just really don't know what else I can do?
Just to check, what is everyone's play field set at, pitch wise? Snikt and Katana locks were hard to hit last night and I suspect I may have moved it.

I use a clinometer app on my phone. It's a free download in the play store. Additionally, you may be able to adjust all coils to a lower level. Make sure they are not set to high. Then slowly increase your sling power. I'm not positive if this machine has that adjustment setting, but I know my ST Pro and X-Men had it.

1 week later
#1022 1 year ago

Are all the balls supposed to come rolling out of the Katana at once (touching each other) during multi-ball or are they supposed to be spaced out (couple inches apart). Additionally, when 1 ball is holding in the Katana and I shoot another ball up the Katana (lock NOT lit) both balls roll out of the Katana, not just one. Before the new code I thought it only let 1 ball out and held the other one. If I have 2 in the Katana and shoot a 3rd, all 3 balls roll out, but it's not in Ninja multi-ball yet. Question- is this supposed to happen, is it a code problem or is my lock not functioning correctly? What does yours do?

#1028 1 year ago
Quoted from Jerol: It sounds like your lock gate is staying open too long

Anybody know of an adjustment for this locking gate, a screw to tighten or a part to replace?

#1036 1 year ago

It doesn't bother me to badly, that the balls all roll out together during melt-ball. My issue is that, when I shoot a ball in the Katana and it's supposed to spit one ball back to me, all the balls roll out of the Katana and not just one. It seems like the problem is getting worse.

#1042 1 year ago
Quoted from mrbillishere:

Give Chas a call on Monday, he's great. Let us know how it goes.

He just helped me out with my SW. I feel guilty emailing him again. However, I just might. I was just trying to find the quick fix.

#1068 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballkyle:

Hi there, has anyone came up with a fix for the switch in the mode start kickout hole? Occasionally, when the battle is lit and the ball is shot in, it will not register the mode, instead the game will do a 'courtesy kick'. I've tried to do many adjustments to make it 100% but I haven't had much luck yet. I'd say 8/10 shots to the mode start hole work correctly on mine. Thanks

I posted a couple weeks ago of having the same problem. I adjusted the switch and it didn't improve the ball kick out. After looking closely, I noticed that the switch didn't extend out far enough, therefore not reaching the ball and registering. The fix for me was to stretch the switch out a little, by removing the hump in the switch. This will extend the switch so that the ball falls onto it. I believe that they screwed my switch in to far from the hole. Be careful, the first time I broke the switch. Luckily I had another one. I haven't had a problem since.

1 week later
#1123 1 year ago

Is that a sticky mylar or do you just lay it over the top of the playfield and can be removed later?

1 week later
#1233 1 year ago

How come I can't create a custom message on mine? I didn't have a problem with my STpro or IM.

#1235 1 year ago

It might be a glitch. I tried both settings and spent an hour on it with no luck.

1 week later
#1306 1 year ago
Quoted from mannymasy:

Does someone else have this when there is more than one player?

It happens on mine too. Even on one player all the balls come rolling out before achieving multi-ball and I don't think they're supposed to. The balls come out of the Katana so fast, that they roll off the sword and dump in the drain. I just don't know if the lock release needs adjustment or its caused by code.

#1326 1 year ago

I found that the SNIKT shot is easier to hit when I shoot for the left ramp, ball goes to left flipper and then aim for the spinner. This in turn hits the SNIKT shot. IMO, my chance of making this shot is easier then if I had the ball cradled on the left flipper.

#1377 1 year ago

Love the new code. It made this machine over the top. One of my favorites for sure!

#1383 1 year ago

Anybody in the Billion club yet?

#1388 1 year ago
Quoted from GravitaR:

Once I find an updated DP I'll be in the Billionaire club.

My high games are around 460-480 million. I haven't broken 1/2 billion yet and have only gotten Disco multi-ball twice. The new code definitely helps your score. I'm love that Mechsuit multi-ball.

#1394 1 year ago

I've kept my Disco settings the same. I haven't changed it.

1 week later
#1476 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Never go into a battle without at least 3 teamups. I get all the left side teamups, then start a battle.

I only use lil Deadpool to collect weapons.


#1478 1 year ago

Wow, really good detailed advise.

2 weeks later
#1619 1 year ago

I like the Tarzan Jackpot call out.

1 week later
#1690 1 year ago

Thanks for the update. I haven't had this problem, but now I know what to look for if I do.

#1702 1 year ago

This game keeps getting better. So many options to shoot for.

#1718 1 year ago

You'll have a ton of fun with that!

1 week later
#1826 1 year ago

Anybody have issues with all 4 outlane bulbs being dim or not working? I replaced the bulbs to hopefully fix the problem, but it didn't change anything. I thought I'd ask before diving further into it.

#1831 1 year ago
Quoted from nicknack66:

Not sure if we are talking about the same bulbs but the clear white bulbs under the plastic return guide (between the inner and outer return lanes) to my right flipper were going dim and flickering. I kept on resetting the bulbs but often it would come back.
[quoted image]

Yep, same bulbs. I can't imagine the sockets would be loose in such a new game. I was thinking there was a wire touching/shorting. I'll have to try and pinch the sockets a little I guess.

1 week later
#1958 1 year ago
Quoted from pinhacker71:

Anyone know what size rings for the slings?

2 1/2"

2 weeks later
#2106 1 year ago

Are the flippers supposed to droop down a little on this game. Mine seem to sag a little, making it difficult to cradle the ball. Maybe it helps to make the Katana shot or do mine need to be adjusted.

#2149 1 year ago
Quoted from Murphelman:

I have had similar problems with my scoop switch. I am currently on my third switch in my game right now. It has held up so far so fingers crossed.

I removed my scoop switch and straightened the hump out a little, with some needle nose pliers. Therefore elongating the switch. My switch didn't extend out far enough and the ball wouldn't trigger it. I haven't had a problem since.

#2168 1 year ago
Quoted from Gov:

Beat me by a million

Right when you started feeling good too. Haha

1 month later
#2840 1 year ago

I noticed one of my flippers getting stuck. Upon investigation, I noticed that the center of the coil stop broke free. This was causing the stop to wiggle and get stuck inside the sleeve. Could this be due to the flipper being higher strength or a cheap coil stop? Is there a stronger coil stop anyone can recommend?

2 weeks later
#3109 1 year ago
Quoted from Gumby510:

What are lollipop rails? And where do you get them from. Also I just got the stern factory shaker motor it’s a must buy.

Lollipops rails protect against ware near the flipper buttons. They look pretty cool too. I like to get them powder coated.


2 months later
#3894 9 months ago

Love the Megalodon cards!

#3929 9 months ago

Is that rust or grease?

#3931 9 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

That's not rust, it's the blood of Gary Stern anointing the springs of every drop target assembly. You're fine.


#3974 9 months ago

Maybe check the connections to the Node board. You might get lucky and find a loose contact. Also check for a wire that might be shorting.

1 month later
#4297 8 months ago
Quoted from punkin:

This will answer all your questions.
You actually have to kill the 3 battles twice.

Nice rule sheet. I haven't seen that yet.

2 months later
#4952 5 months ago

Im guessing the auto plunge doesn't work in coil test?

#4972 5 months ago
Quoted from sethi_i:

Finally got around to checking this....and it does not work. Just makes the "whir" sound in test. Is this a replacement issue, or is there another fix?

I'd suggest to look at the auto plunger underneath the play field. I'm guessing there is something binding or broken with the unit itself. Check the coil, coil sleeve, coil stop, elbow joints and make sure nothing is loose. Check the tiny white sleeves that are in the elbow of the bracket. Also look at the coil plunger and make sure the plastic attachment hasn't come off or cracked.
From my experience if one of these parts failed, it usually doesn't make a sound. That's why I think it's binding on something and not allowing the auto plunger to work. So, look under the play field and hopefully it's obvious.

#4973 5 months ago

Haha, got me by 37 seconds Monk.

#4997 5 months ago
Quoted from jalpert:

LOL. He asked for something, you gave him something else. He’s wrong and your right. Love it.
I’ll stand by while you succumb to your last word disease.

This is kind of a dick move when a pinsider is trying to help out another pinhead. I agree with Monk. He's giving solid advise.

#5003 5 months ago
Quoted from Pinball-Pat:

Loaded question Alert!!!
Is there enough variety with the modes in this game? I am a little scared of it getting too repetitive... But it does seem to have good variety. Honest opinions please I had an Aerosmith most recently and it just didn’t have the staying power. I’d like to keep my next pin at least a year. Thanks in advance

Well, it doesn't get old quick. It has staying power, because of the 2 difficult shots (shnik & Katana). Its very unique and has lots of different call outs, compared to older games. It doesn't get boring. However, when I bought JPII, I immediately switch to that pin to try and figure out modes. I do continue to go back to Deadpool for enjoyment.

#5004 5 months ago

I've never enjoyed Aerosmith to much. IMO, DP is much better.

#5009 5 months ago
49 (resized).png
3 weeks later
#5337 4 months ago
Quoted from rmarmol1:

I was at Logan Arcade, in Chicago, last night and surprise surprise... their VUK switch was also broken! Well, to be fair the VUK was not working so I assume same issue.
Does anyone know if a better switch can be installed instead of the factory POS that Stern provides?

I used some needle nosed pliers and bent the blade of the switch out a little, so it extends further. Works fine for now, 400 games in.

2 weeks later
#5492 3 months ago
Quoted from rmarmol1:

My Colossus figurine now has a small pinball in his hand.
What do you guys think?
[quoted image][quoted image]
Never mind those damn dimples you can see on these pics... F’n Stern with their cheap ass play fields.

Silver Balls brother

2 weeks later
#5605 3 months ago
Quoted from Wildbill327:

Kicked Mr. Sinister’s butt last night...pretty cool.
[quoted image]

Haha, I didn’t know there was a clone multi-ball.

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