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Deadpool owners club. Free chimichangas for all.

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11 months ago

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#309 10 months ago

What all is required to qualify Sinister? I had a game just shy of 800, had up to 3x playfield, completed both quests and won all 4 battles. Are supers during the three primary multiballs required? Maybe activate all 4 team ups? Is it in the game yet?

#399 10 months ago
Quoted from chuckcasey:

Wait, what is a Snikt ?

It’s the ricochet shot that increases your playfield multiplier. You have to bank off the Wolverine target that’s to the right of his spinner, and make it up the ramp.

#425 10 months ago

Finally got to Sinister and the game rebooted. So much for putting up initials on my first billion+ game. Keep killing it Stern

2 weeks later
#762 9 months ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

What you say makes sense regarding Juggernaut MB stacking, but even still arguably at this point Sabretooth should always be first given how super easy he is. He probably loses hit points too quickly in my opinion. He can be killed with one shot into L orbit if you have the Wolverine team-up. Constrast that with how much harder it is to take out Mystique and Jug. Doesn’t add up.

Juggernaut is the only battle you should consider when lil deadpool is qualified green. Mainly because shooting the side targets is so dangerous that you need that ball save even if you don't knock the second ball loose right away. I'll even choose Mystique over Sabertooth if I have a boom lit and the Wolverine teamup qualified. You can hit BOOM before the ball even gets back to your flippers, take a big chunk of damage, and just start ripping ramps right away. Sabertooth will still be easy later, you have to take advantage of everything you can for the other two.

1 month later
#1045 8 months ago
Quoted from heyitsjoebob:

My left orbit spinner never "rips", most I'll get is one or two rotations, sometimes the ball will go under without spinning the spinner at all. Other times it sort of clunks. Is there a way to adjust it at all?

Make sure the switch actuator is in the right place on the spinner wire. You want it to be going straight through the playfield hole, if it's angled if could be pulling on it funny and resisting the spin. Also put a tiny drop of lubricant on each side while you're at it. Mine rips so hard I can usually get into disco multi off two clean shots.

3 weeks later
#1236 7 months ago

I have a custom message on 0.95 just made sure you enter it through the main menu custom message setting not the adjustments one.

2 weeks later
#1343 7 months ago
Quoted from speederice:

I know it's silly for home use, but as an operator, I'm hoping these tutorial videos are going to be extremely helpful. If I had a quarter for every time someone couldn't figure out how to start a game, or where to put the coins.

Every. Damn. Time. I am thrilled they are adding these and hope they bring back the whitestar era “insert bill” animation.

I’m also thrilled with the gameplay objective tutorials they put on Iron Maiden, they need to do that for every game.

2 weeks later
#1477 6 months ago

Team ups are important and which ones you have qualified should dictate which enemy you select, this is my basic strategy for each one.

If I have Wolverine qualified I will usually go for Mystique, and ideally with a boom ready to go. Wolverine has to be the first hit to make her vulnerable and when he teams up you get double damage, so with a boom you can accomplish that before the ball even hits your flipper kicking out of the scoop and then will have both ramps ready to deal damage and a huge chunk of her health taken out.

Sabertooth is the easiest by a lot, so if I don't have any team ups I'll usually go for him first. However, ripping that right orbit should be your first order of business at the start of the game (to get to work on quests), and two shots there will give you the Domino team up which will drop it into the pops which also damage him. So I guess if she was the only team up I had I would go for him, she also awards super slings/pops so it's good to get that early on too.

Dazzler is probably the most useful for Juggernaut simply because it's usually the longest battle and she doubles the amount of time you have (Deadpools health). Your best bet with Juggernaut is to qualify the lil deadpool multiball so the light below it is green and the drops are down, then start the battle. This way you can lock a ball in there which activates ball save and you can safely bounce off the side targets. This is how you make him vulnerable, but it's very dangerous especially on Premium/LE models. You can knock the ball out and stack those modes, but lil deadpool mulitball isn't worth shit until you work up to super jackpots and even then I'm not sure it's really worth all the wood you have to chop in order to get there. I'll usually just leave it and focus on my shots until the lock times out and it will give it to me anyway.

Colossus doubles all scoring that takes place during a battle so it's great on any of them, just make sure you nail that finishing move. I've gotten nearly 100 mil just in the finishing shot with a quick battle, Colossus team up and a 2x playfield running.

Otherwise focus on weapons until you get to 75, then probably work towards wrapping up both quests for the second extra ball. With 6 multiball modes you can be in multiball almost constantly, especially on a Pro model. I got 930 mil with this strategy the other day, which is my best for .97

Oh and don’t forget to move an unlit BOOM letter to the inlanes every time you hit a ramp, that’s free button shots just for paying attention!

#1522 6 months ago

I hit a red super boom today during mech suit right after activating 2x. This new code is so good I can’t stop playing, it’s definitly becoming one of my favorite games.

#1524 6 months ago

And six double Jackpots doubles my score lol

1 month later
#1844 5 months ago
Quoted from bwalter:

Last night while playing on my DP Pro, the left ramp's right bumper popped off during a multiball.
Took me a while to find the two tiny black screws. One was still on the play field nearby, but the other fell into the cabinet's subwoofer and took me a while to locate.
The screws weren't stripped; they must've been loose. Easy enough to remedy, but most of the other bumpers like it aren't very accessible and so I can't really tighten them without some disassembly.
[quoted image]

I noticed my top one backing out after the first few games on my machine. I tightened it and kept and eye on it, and sure enough it started backing out again. I put some blue loctite on it and 2,000+ plays later it's still snug in there.

While we're talking about it I had the same small black screws that hold the katana handle cover on fall off and require loctite, so maybe check those while you're at it.

2 months later
#2466 89 days ago
Quoted from Chisox:

Does Stern build their LEs to be more solid than their pros and premiums? This is my first LE and this thing feels like it’s made by JJP. I have a GOT and MET which I’m afraid to give a good nudge and have owned other Stern pros and premiums but this one feels different. Just upgraded the code and added a sub by the way and holy shitballs!

Starting with I think Maiden they started using the more solid W/B style leg brackets instead of the flimsy Data East style ones.

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