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Deadpool owners club. Free chimichangas for all.

By Ericc123

11 months ago

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#439 10 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Basic leveling and all shots are smooth and satisfying.

I've been watching a lot of video on this game waiting until I can play it myself. I see a lot of variation in the katana shot consistency. For instance, in the initial Stern unveiling video, that shot hit like it was greased. In the Premium unveiling, it hit like it was blocked! In the side-by-side on Twitch (DeadFlip), it hit very consistently with some rattlers that looked to me like they deserved to be rattlers. The PapaLive play was inconsistent on it. Pinside owners and other reviews also state mixed experiences. Some say it's perfect; others say it's shit.

Do you think that this is an assembly issue and will vary by machine (luck of the draw), or do you think that this is a setup issue and can be dialed in on every machine if you take the time? By that I mean with pitch and level, not mechanical adjustment.

Also, is the SNIKT shot hittable on purpose? From a cradle, I don't think there's enough oomph, and on the fly is a narrow window.

2 weeks later
#740 9 months ago
Quoted from RDReynolds:

So...was kicking around getting a GOTG (one of my favorite movies), but just can't get into it. Started playing a DP Pro, and really dig it! The movies are something of a guilty pleasure of mine, but as I put games on location at charity arcade for kids, I can't really have a game that is super questionable in content (sounds, graphics, modes). As the game is based on the comics, I am guessing we'd be good to go? Or is that not the case?

I agree with all of the pros/cons. I would add that if kids or non-pinheads are going to be playing it a lot, I think DP would be the better choice. I love GotG, but it can be a butt-kicker. I think DP has a longer ball time and easier gameplay. And FYI, there's a DP Pro for sale at a great price about 3 hrs south of you!!

4 months later
#1811 5 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Agreed. Every time I get a new game I put the back levelers all the way out so they are even with the collar, and the front ones all the way in. Then I put the legs on the game.

I think 7 degrees is that middle ground sweet spot. It makes the game play fast, or faster than standard 6.5, but doesn't restrict the lateral motion reducing side drains. Can't setting a game too steep take a lot of the side to side action out of a machine and make side drains less likely?

2 weeks later
#1892 4 months ago

I'm on the fence between this and BM66. Was leaning to DP, and this really ups the ante. I like that they put this at .99. Makes me think that there's still more to come, and it will get even better.

#1899 4 months ago
Quoted from Guinnesstime:

BM66 might have a current code edge, but it’s SUPER clunky. Played it a bit this summer and thought the layout is pretty awful.

I put in serious time on both last weekend. BM66 was tough shooting, but I could find most of the shots. It was easy to lose them again!! I did think that DP shot well, even the Katana ramp. The Snikt shot is so damn hard, that when you hit it, it is one of the most satisfying shots in any game.

Quoted from GorillaBiscuits:

I’m not a fan of theme at all, but the design team did a great job with their interpretation of it.

I like both themes, but the DP layout is better and that's what's pushing me in this direction. While both are basic fans, DP has some really interesting playfield differences.

1 month later
#2242 3 months ago

They played DP on the Stern Pro Circuit. Video was on Deadflip's Twitch channel. They are playing in a tournament so strategy is different from a home setting, but the commentators do a great job of describing what the players are doing.

4 weeks later
#2640 83 days ago



So you're saying it comes down to flow!

I agree. The Premium is going to be my choice when I finally pull the trigger.

1 month later
#3207 52 days ago

Finally joined the club!! Got my Prem set up and have been playing the hell out of it for the last two days. Two games over 1B. EB at 20 weapons, replay gives EB (takes over 500M now), no outlane post rubber.

Pitch is set at 7. The lock shot is pretty smooth, but the ball wants to catch the bottom of the left sling when coming off the loop. I've gotten used to it, and the Ninjapocalypse is a great combo. The Snikt is hard (I won't say impossible) to hit on purpose. I just shoot for the Wolverine loop and a miss has a chance.

This machine has an amazing layout. I LOVE THIS GAME!!

#3256 48 days ago

DP has been getting a lot of play since it's arrival, and the auto-plunge is acting up. When a game starts, if you have the game auto-plunge the first ball, the ball will make the edge of the top lanes and fall down thru the left orbit...it's not moving very fast though. With how often balls fall into the shooter lane, the auto-plunge gets progressively weaker with every firing until a ball can't get out of the lane. In any multiball, except LDP because it's only one more ball, the shooter lane fills with balls that just go up the rail and right back down.

I checked for loose screws and everything is tight. The mechanism looks fine (although I doubt I'd know if it didn't). There is some side-to-side play in the metal "plunger", but not a lot. How much is too much? Any ideas what's going on and how to correct it?

#3258 48 days ago
Quoted from vireland:

Move the auto-plunge manually and see if there's resistance in moving in and out of the coil. Then ohm out the coil with a multimeter and see if the resistance is off. Your coil might be bad.

The auto mech moves freely with little to no resistance. From your question, I assume that's not good. I don't have an electrical meter. I can get one. What connections am I checking? What resistance am I looking for? Thanks for helping a novice repairman!

#3263 48 days ago
Quoted from vireland:

No resistance moving in and out is GOOD. Is there a spring on the shaft to force it back out (gotta check the obvious)?

I can't remember. I'll check when I get home.

#3276 48 days ago
Quoted from sethi_i:

The mechanism looks fine (although I doubt I'd know if it didn't).

Probably bad form to quote myself, but the mechanism was the issue. @apex came over tonight to look at it and noticed right away the problem wasn't power. The auto-plunge arm wasn't shooting the ball straight up the lane. The ball was being shot at an angle, so it was bouncing off the left side of the lane about 4 inches up. This caused the ball to bounce side-to-side as it went up...losing momentum.

He disassembled the plunge arm, and the angles of it didn't look "right". He did some adjusting and some bending, then did some testing. After doing this a few times, he got it to shoot fairly straight. It still hits the sides somewhat, but not enough to kill the momentum. He also upped the power on the auto-plunge from factory 200 to 210. We tried other settings, but at higher power, the problem actually got worse. The ball just rattled in the lane more. After all that tweaking, we had no problems when playing. And I have to admit that he kicked my ass! I played a few more games after he left, and the ball made the curve every time.

Anyone having this problem may want to look at the assembly. I'm probably going to buy a new arm and compare it's shape to the one that is in the game. Does anyone know where to get one?

#3294 47 days ago
Quoted from Gumby510:

Thanks apex for that write up will mess around with it some more. Here is a quick video I shot showing my issue. Thx

Here are pics of the arms on my GotG and my DP. You can see on the GotG arm (purple in pic) that the arm is square shaped. The arm on the DP is a little mishapen and not fully square. That's why we discussed getting a new arm. So far though, apex's fix is still has it working like a champ.

GotG Arm (resized).jpgDP Arm (resized).jpg
#3339 41 days ago
Quoted from Guinnesstime:

Did anyone ever get the super secret skill shot? Holy crap it's awesome. Lucked into it, I admit, but now I know at least.

The super secret is tough. Only hit it once by trying to just quickly one-timer it into the Wolverine shot. 15M point miss!! The MXV (don't know what that stands for) is my favorite. It's just a Ninjapocolypse combo but scores 12.5M. It's hard but doable. Even the SSS is great. Players love it when that ball whips around the playfield.

I think this game has one of the most imaginative playfields (with great shot combo/point ideas) available.

#3341 41 days ago
Quoted from Grandnational007:

What is it exactly? Secret Skill Shot (hold left flipper, full plunge around and up katana ramp), then combo into something else when the ball drops out of the katana into the right inlane?

Super skill shot is plunge / katana ramp...5M+
MXV super skill shot is plunge / Domino right loop / katana ramp...12.5M+
Super Secret skill shot is plunge / Snikt...15M+

edit....you have to hold the left flipper for any of them.

#3349 40 days ago

Auto-plunge still working perfectly, but something new crept up. I checked the thread and haven't seen anything for it yet. My top-right gate is acting up. It no longer stops the ball and puts it in the pops when it should. During Sabretooth Battle when hitting the left loop (Dazzler), the ball would hit the lowered top-right gate and fall in the pops for battle damage. Now it just makes the Prem loop back to the right flipper. The gate doesn't lower.

It also crops up on the plunge or right loop (Domino) shot. If I hard plunge without holding the left flipper, the ball will sometimes hit the top-left gate and bounce hard enough to go back down the shooter lane. The top-right gate doesn't come down again. The same thing can happen with a clean right loop shot. The ball whips around the loop, hits the top-left gate and rebounds to the right. Gate isn't down, so the ball will sometimes fall back into the shooter lane.

During Berzerker Rage, the gate does seem to lower, but I need to do more play-testing to be sure.

Any ideas?

#3353 39 days ago
Quoted from HighProtein:

some can't be trained the simple etiquette of not smacking a plunger end into pieces eventually...

I have a friend that is a "smacker". I cringe every time he does it. I tell him that there are skill shots that he's missing out on...trying to be kind!

#3359 39 days ago
Quoted from vireland:

Check your orbit switches first in switch test mode.

I played a game to check if the problem was still there, and it was. I ran the switch test. There were no errors. I inspected the switch and the "black flap" (not the technical term, I'm sure) was stuck in the up position. I pressed it down. There was no resistance. I played another game, and everything was fine. A couple more, and it was still good. After a couple more....the problem came back. I inspected again, and the "flap" was stuck back up. I ran the switch test with it up and got no errors. I pressed it down and ran the test again. Again, there were no errors. So my question is...what should I look for now. Thanks for helping a rookie out, again!

1 week later
#3474 28 days ago

Finished my DP Prem for the second time last night. Factory settings except for EB at replay. This is an awesome game!!

DP Finish 2 (resized).jpg
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