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Deadpool owners club. Free chimichangas for all.

By Ericc123

1 year ago

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#3626 3 months ago

Bumped my table up to 7 degrees last week just to see what happens. It's incredibly fast for me.

Also tuned the slings and bumpers and waxed the playfeild, what a difference.

#3656 3 months ago
Quoted from mbelofsky:

A bit geeky but my wife bought me an Invicta Deadpool watch. Note that the hands are swords.[quoted image][quoted image]

My cleaning lady also thinks i have gone too far

dp3 (resized).jpg
#3684 3 months ago

We palyed Deadpool Pingolf on my machine for our weekly comp yesterday, it's a blast.

Adjust the rules to your own skill level, but this suits our little group well.

Deadpool Pingolf;

1. Shoot 30 mill
2. Start a Multiball
3. Shoot Collossus shot 3 times
4. Wheel of fortune Mystery Score (closest without busting) We pick a number tween 10 and 20 mill and then cover the display so you have to drain when you think you are just under without going over
5. Hit Skill Shot on the Plunge
6. One Flipper each Score 15 mill (team of 2)
7. Score 20 mill
8. Light Chimi's
9. Light 'Dead'and 'Pool'

3 ball play. 1 stroke recorded per ball plunged. Let drain after reaching your target.
Where numbers are targets, less than 50% reached equals 2 penalty strokes (5 strokes),
more than 50% to 99% = 1 penalty stroke (4 strokes).
Lowest score after 9 holes wins.

We always have a laugh while playing this and it helps to have a change up in a comp in a small collection.
IMGP0191 (resized).JPG

2 weeks later
#3756 85 days ago

You can get it off the edge of the bumper pretty regularly too.

#3797 80 days ago
Quoted from gumnut01:

Sweet! That looks awesome!!

I see what you did.

1 week later
#3843 72 days ago

Beat them.

#3849 70 days ago

Keep an eye on the flipper stops.

Mine has a bunch of brass shavings from the left one in the bottom of the cabinet.

#3854 70 days ago

I don't know much about it mate, new to pinball. I was given a new assembly under warranty. I haven't put it in yet, but the shavings are dropping on the node board below the left flipper (right one is ok). I was advised to fold a piece of card to protect the board.
My mates Deadpool Pro has the same issue, same flipper. I think it's a stern thing rather than a dead pool thing.

p4 (resized).jpg
#3864 70 days ago
Quoted from Gumby510:

My coil stops on one side lasted a month. I got new ones from pinball life. No issues with the new ones at all. Been a couple months since I replaced them.

Did you replace them both with standard Stern issue ones?

#3886 67 days ago

I'd love to print these, how do i go about it? Inkjet and photo paper? How to size properly?

1 week later
#3963 59 days ago

Yeah balls are round. A square ball would hit it for sure.

#4002 56 days ago

Pingolf is a great way to practice shots. We hold a social comp every Sunday and just to mix it up, now and then we do Deadpool pingolf mine is like this but you can put any shots you like in there;

3 ball play. 1 stroke recorder per ball plunged. Where numbers are targets less than 50% reached = 2 penalty strokes (5 strokes total). 50% to 99% = 1 penalty stroke (4 strokes total). Reach target in 1 ball only 1 stroke recorded.
Lowest score after 9 holes wins.

1. Shoot 30 million (drain once achieved)
2. Start a multiball
3.Shoot Collussus 3 times.
4. Wheel of fortune Mystery Score. (random number tween 10 and 20 million, screen is covered with cardboard so you have to guess and drain when you are ready. Closest without busting (scoring over))
5. Hit Skill Shot on plunge.
6. One flipper each score 15 million (team of 2)
7. Score 20 million
8. Light Chimi's
9. Light 'Dead' and 'Pool'

It's always a laugh, but also a good way to dedicate practice your shots.

1 week later
#4092 45 days ago

Mirror blades if it doesn't have them. I found Deadpool dark (pro) and added blades and Pinstadiums together. It's the only machine i have pinstadiums on, but not the only machine with mirror blades.
Lights up the space between the flippers. you could maybe use some leds in the ball return to shine on that area too or some spots.

#4094 45 days ago

Sure. I like the topper i got too, not positive where that came from. I hate the shooter handle with the Deadpool face and the crossed swords, the swords broke off the first day and now the rough edges cut your hands. I'll have to pull it back out and grind it smooth, but really poor design.

IMGP0190 (resized).jpgdp6 (resized).jpgdp7 (resized).jpg
#4099 45 days ago

I also have pdi glass. Hooking Deadpool and Spiderman up to an external sub today.

#4104 44 days ago

Hooked up an external sub to Deadpool and Spiderman today. What a difference!

#4108 42 days ago

I don't think you'll loose much if any over the long term with a DeadPool. Maybe just that NIB extra coin, but it may come back to you if new prices keep going up.

#4125 41 days ago

I have the same plastics on my Pro.

1 week later
#4186 33 days ago

Mine has minimal to no gap. Chimi shot works 80%+

#4192 32 days ago

I had my left flipper binding and sticking after a couple months and had to undo the linkage and lift it a little. I now have to do the cool stops as there is brass shavings under the left. AMD in Australia gave me a freebie but are there better ones to do it? If so please link.

#4209 32 days ago
Quoted from fissionch1ps:

There some other threads on stern coil stops failing. These are the recommended replacement:
I did it to mine, but haven’t put enough games in to give a review. So far so good.

I'll have to search elsewhere. parts are $4 odd and shipping goes from $50US to $160 US for 2 flipper stops.

As we say in Australia


Capture789 (resized).JPG
#4212 32 days ago
Quoted from fissionch1ps:

Insane. A google search for “515-6308-01 coil stop” shows a few options. Good luck.

We'd call you Champ or legend here.

At an exchange of one aussie ruppee for about 60 cents US, this represents a $150 saving.

Capture780 (resized).JPG
2 weeks later
#4280 16 days ago

Also the kill shot in battles and quests is worth a stack of points if you get it in the scoop after finishing them quick. Can be huge.

#4296 16 days ago


This will answer all your questions.

You actually have to kill the 3 battles twice.

1 week later
#4355 5 days ago

It's thrice to the back of the lil dp area to start the multi. You don't need to knock all the targets down, you can sneak in a gap. Hit the back target and it starts flashing green, hit it again for solid green and once more to lock.

#4379 1 day ago

There's 8 pins here atm and none have a painted base. I don't know how that can bug anyone but if it does now's the time to start masking up.

#4386 1 hour ago

Coin door looks like it doesn't belong. Why did you choose to have it a different colour?

#4388 15 minutes ago

Sure, just seems to stand out is all.

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