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Deadpool owners club. Free chimichangas for all.

By Ericc123

2 years ago

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#3626 1 year ago

Bumped my table up to 7 degrees last week just to see what happens. It's incredibly fast for me.

Also tuned the slings and bumpers and waxed the playfeild, what a difference.

#3656 1 year ago
Quoted from mbelofsky:

A bit geeky but my wife bought me an Invicta Deadpool watch. Note that the hands are swords.[quoted image][quoted image]

My cleaning lady also thinks i have gone too far

dp3 (resized).jpg
#3684 1 year ago

We palyed Deadpool Pingolf on my machine for our weekly comp yesterday, it's a blast.

Adjust the rules to your own skill level, but this suits our little group well.

Deadpool Pingolf;

1. Shoot 30 mill
2. Start a Multiball
3. Shoot Collossus shot 3 times
4. Wheel of fortune Mystery Score (closest without busting) We pick a number tween 10 and 20 mill and then cover the display so you have to drain when you think you are just under without going over
5. Hit Skill Shot on the Plunge
6. One Flipper each Score 15 mill (team of 2)
7. Score 20 mill
8. Light Chimi's
9. Light 'Dead'and 'Pool'

3 ball play. 1 stroke recorded per ball plunged. Let drain after reaching your target.
Where numbers are targets, less than 50% reached equals 2 penalty strokes (5 strokes),
more than 50% to 99% = 1 penalty stroke (4 strokes).
Lowest score after 9 holes wins.

We always have a laugh while playing this and it helps to have a change up in a comp in a small collection.
IMGP0191 (resized).JPG

2 weeks later
#3756 1 year ago

You can get it off the edge of the bumper pretty regularly too.

#3797 1 year ago
Quoted from gumnut01:

Sweet! That looks awesome!!

I see what you did.

1 week later
#3843 1 year ago

Beat them.

#3849 1 year ago

Keep an eye on the flipper stops.

Mine has a bunch of brass shavings from the left one in the bottom of the cabinet.

#3854 1 year ago

I don't know much about it mate, new to pinball. I was given a new assembly under warranty. I haven't put it in yet, but the shavings are dropping on the node board below the left flipper (right one is ok). I was advised to fold a piece of card to protect the board.
My mates Deadpool Pro has the same issue, same flipper. I think it's a stern thing rather than a dead pool thing.

p4 (resized).jpg
#3864 1 year ago
Quoted from Gumby510:

My coil stops on one side lasted a month. I got new ones from pinball life. No issues with the new ones at all. Been a couple months since I replaced them.

Did you replace them both with standard Stern issue ones?

#3886 1 year ago

I'd love to print these, how do i go about it? Inkjet and photo paper? How to size properly?

1 week later
#3963 1 year ago

Yeah balls are round. A square ball would hit it for sure.

#4002 1 year ago

Pingolf is a great way to practice shots. We hold a social comp every Sunday and just to mix it up, now and then we do Deadpool pingolf mine is like this but you can put any shots you like in there;

3 ball play. 1 stroke recorder per ball plunged. Where numbers are targets less than 50% reached = 2 penalty strokes (5 strokes total). 50% to 99% = 1 penalty stroke (4 strokes total). Reach target in 1 ball only 1 stroke recorded.
Lowest score after 9 holes wins.

1. Shoot 30 million (drain once achieved)
2. Start a multiball
3.Shoot Collussus 3 times.
4. Wheel of fortune Mystery Score. (random number tween 10 and 20 million, screen is covered with cardboard so you have to guess and drain when you are ready. Closest without busting (scoring over))
5. Hit Skill Shot on plunge.
6. One flipper each score 15 million (team of 2)
7. Score 20 million
8. Light Chimi's
9. Light 'Dead' and 'Pool'

It's always a laugh, but also a good way to dedicate practice your shots.

1 week later
#4092 1 year ago

Mirror blades if it doesn't have them. I found Deadpool dark (pro) and added blades and Pinstadiums together. It's the only machine i have pinstadiums on, but not the only machine with mirror blades.
Lights up the space between the flippers. you could maybe use some leds in the ball return to shine on that area too or some spots.

#4094 1 year ago

Sure. I like the topper i got too, not positive where that came from. I hate the shooter handle with the Deadpool face and the crossed swords, the swords broke off the first day and now the rough edges cut your hands. I'll have to pull it back out and grind it smooth, but really poor design.

IMGP0190 (resized).jpgdp6 (resized).jpgdp7 (resized).jpg
#4099 1 year ago

I also have pdi glass. Hooking Deadpool and Spiderman up to an external sub today.

#4104 1 year ago

Hooked up an external sub to Deadpool and Spiderman today. What a difference!

#4108 1 year ago

I don't think you'll loose much if any over the long term with a DeadPool. Maybe just that NIB extra coin, but it may come back to you if new prices keep going up.

#4125 1 year ago

I have the same plastics on my Pro.

1 week later
#4186 1 year ago

Mine has minimal to no gap. Chimi shot works 80%+

#4192 1 year ago

I had my left flipper binding and sticking after a couple months and had to undo the linkage and lift it a little. I now have to do the cool stops as there is brass shavings under the left. AMD in Australia gave me a freebie but are there better ones to do it? If so please link.

#4209 1 year ago
Quoted from fissionch1ps:

There some other threads on stern coil stops failing. These are the recommended replacement:
I did it to mine, but haven’t put enough games in to give a review. So far so good.

I'll have to search elsewhere. parts are $4 odd and shipping goes from $50US to $160 US for 2 flipper stops.

As we say in Australia


Capture789 (resized).JPG
#4212 1 year ago
Quoted from fissionch1ps:

Insane. A google search for “515-6308-01 coil stop” shows a few options. Good luck.

We'd call you Champ or legend here.

At an exchange of one aussie ruppee for about 60 cents US, this represents a $150 saving.

Capture780 (resized).JPG
2 weeks later
#4280 1 year ago

Also the kill shot in battles and quests is worth a stack of points if you get it in the scoop after finishing them quick. Can be huge.

#4296 1 year ago

This will answer all your questions.

You actually have to kill the 3 battles twice.

1 week later
#4355 1 year ago

It's thrice to the back of the lil dp area to start the multi. You don't need to knock all the targets down, you can sneak in a gap. Hit the back target and it starts flashing green, hit it again for solid green and once more to lock.

#4379 1 year ago

There's 8 pins here atm and none have a painted base. I don't know how that can bug anyone but if it does now's the time to start masking up.

#4386 1 year ago

Coin door looks like it doesn't belong. Why did you choose to have it a different colour?

#4388 1 year ago

Sure, just seems to stand out is all.

1 week later
#4429 1 year ago

It's going to end up a top ten.

#4433 1 year ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Same here, it’s still my go to pin. Can’t get enough of it.
[quoted image]

I mean long term. I'm new to the hobby but have palyed a few machines now. This has legs (beside the actual legs).

1 week later
#4493 11 months ago
Quoted from Austenc:

Just took delivery on my DP Pro yesterday. First pin I've ever owned. So excited to get deeper into this hobby!

Was my first too in March this year. I now have 12 of them, but Deadpool is still a strong favourite with everybody who plays here.

You'll be very happy and have made a great choice.

#4510 11 months ago
Quoted from wtuttle:

Most impressive. Did you, like me, "re-allocate" some part of your investment portfolio to pinball? You have done better than I--the most I can justify is about one a year. Need a proper house instead of an apartment --we have a baby on the way...
I think pinball is a great investment because you can enjoy the fruit of your labour/savings instead of looking at a (bigger) number on a computer screen.

No, i've been buying them through my business as 'machinery' mostly, although i've bought a couple out of savings. I live in my warehouse so i try to deduct everything i can.

#4534 11 months ago

Just did mine too, also put some new rails on.

IMGP0572 (resized).jpg
#4536 11 months ago

Mines usually wedged in a bank of 4 at the front of the shed but i swapped Spiderman for a Pinball Magic. Just waiting to find a Tales From The Crypt to wedge in between Deadpool and Tommy now.

#4546 11 months ago
Quoted from mbrave77:

Dunno if the right place to ask this. I own a Deadpool premium as my only real pin(built a virtual cab as well). im now thinking about my next purchase(will be NIB newer game) and wondering what would pair well with it. Id like something that plays differently. I really like the look/theme of Houdini but have not been able to play it yet. Im a huge Star wars nut and love the new comic book artwork and that is a very different game from deadpool. What are your thoughts?
Note-will wait for the next stern announcement. If it is Stranger Things it will be mine......

My second pin to sit next to Deadpool was The Hobbit. You won't find a better contrast than those two, both brilliant in their own way.
The Hobbit is long ball times, extremely varied strategies and massively multiball focused. Instead of the three battles on Deadpool, Hobbit has 31.
The most immersive pinball i've ever played.
It's also extremely beautiful.

#4552 11 months ago
Quoted from mbrave77:

I appreciate that suggestion. Played Hobbit and it is a georgeous pin.All of the JJP ones are and their factory is an hour from me! A couple of things have me hesitant with JJP machines. 1 is cost, but I also feel the flippers seem a lot different than the sterns I typically play. Is there anything to that? In my experience stern flippers seem faster and more powerful? That being said if I could own one JJP machine it would probably be WOZ. I love that theme.

I have machines from eight different manufacturers and they all play slightly differently. That's one of the things i like about them. The flippers on the Hobbit are good enough to keep the ball alive for 3/4 of an hour for a good game at my place. Although there is talk on The Hobbit thread about cooling fans may be needed on the coils for those players who can stretch a great game out over more than 2 hours.
This machine is absolutely epic.

I haven't played Wizard of Oz so can't comment on that one. I have played plenty of Iron Maiden though, and if you want a game that's a contrast to Deadpool i wouldn't choose that one. Good game to play but fairly similar Stern gameplay.

#4567 11 months ago
Quoted from Chisox:

Yup that’s why I made that comment. I think it’s the best looking game ever.

Have to say i think Theater of Magic (don't own one but wish i did) is the best looking cab i've ever seen.

#4599 11 months ago

I found Deadpool really dark when i got it between the flippers, although it was my first pin.
Mirror blades really helped with that but i put pinstadiums on there too.
I'd never use pinstadiums again, they are a pain, but they look ok and function well with DP if that's your thing. Some under apron or sling lighting could solve the mid playfield lighting too.
I also put a shooter handle in with crossed swords that broke within days and now has sharp[ edges all over it. Not reccomended.
I like the topper on it, love the PDI glass and also love it connected to an external sub.

#4661 11 months ago
Quoted from marksf123:

I change the shooter rods on all my games to match the theme. Sometimes I buy the Stern rod and other times I like someone else's better. For those of you who have changed the shooter rod, any suggestions on which shooter rod to get for the game?

Don't buy this one. It's a piece of shit and the plastic sword bits will break off within days leaving nasty edges that cut your hands. Cointaker should be ashamed to sell them.

pos1 (resized).jpg
#4689 11 months ago

I use a chopstick and a small piece of micro fiber cloth.

2 weeks later
#4811 10 months ago

That's one way to adjust and clean a switch i guess.

#4813 10 months ago

I'm new too and Deadpool was my first pinball. I tend to have a good hard look at it at first.
You can usually see if it's dirty in the contacts or it's not contacting because you need to adjust the leaves etc.

Clean with a business card soaked in alcohol (not beer or wine), then adjust slightly if needed by bending carefully with a small flat screwdriver or a an adjustment tool.

I'm new as i said and i'm sure you'll get much better advice from some more experienced operators.

#4818 10 months ago

Had a good game on my Deadpool on the weekend and noticed the left flipper at the end of a long ball was taking a split second too long to drop. POointed it out and others could see it too. Ended up costing me the ball.
Anyone know off the top of their head what would cause this to save me the trouble of figuring it out?

#4822 10 months ago

Thanks guys i have some new stops here to go in. My distributor warranted them as there was brass shavings in the cabinet from wear.

Cool, i'll put it on the long list of maintenance i have to do.

1 week later
#4895 10 months ago
Quoted from shlockdoc:

Any good apron cards to share?

There's a long thread by Coindropper where he created a stack of fantastic cards for d/l of which Deadpool was one.

dp4 (resized).jpgdp5 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#4958 10 months ago
Quoted from maroot:

Just ordered Deadpool Premium! Should have it by the 13th of January. My first pin.
So pumped!

Congrats, it was my forst game too, just 9 months ago. Now i have 16 so be careful.

If i could only have one again i wouldn't be dissapointed if it was Deadpool.

#5023 10 months ago

It's one of the joke callouts and is not awarded. It is spelt wrong though.

#5041 9 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:

I know I’m in the minority in this thread, but I found it a bit boring and repetitive. Sold my Premium after 3 months - just couldn’t get into it. But I got it as a trade which helped me out of a game I had trouble selling, so it wasn’t really a game I deliberately went out and bought.
A lot of subtlety in the game. It’s not linear. A lot of scoring options. But did get sick of battling the same 3 villains every game.

You would hate Pinball magic then. You have to make the same shots in the same order every ball.. At least there's more than one way to win a battle on Deadpool.

#5048 9 months ago
Quoted from Bundy:

Yeah I love that one.
I keep hearing new ones every now and then.
I heard something in line with "Let me just adjust my balls first" when I hit the start button a week ago. Had not heard that before.
Maybe it is time for a new thread, "List your favourit DP call out"

There's some crackers in there. i get the tilt warnings pretty regular because of the way i play it.

#5107 9 months ago

Looks like you could dead bounce that to the left flipper as an alternative. That's what i do with the left saucer shot on Lost World so i have a safe shot at the captive ball if lit.

#5146 9 months ago

Sometimes snickt comes off the outside bumper too. Always a happy stroke of luck.

#5160 9 months ago

There's a super secret one too that i got by accident once and then on purpose a couple times. You get the secret skill shot by holding left flipper and going for the Katana shot (didn't know there was one for the snickt). But if you miss the katana and do a right orbit back to the flipper (chimi shot) then back up the Katana ramp it gets 15 million (and a neato callout) and comes up as super secret skill shot.

Edit; Sorry, i didn't see there was another post and someone already posted the super secret.

#5174 9 months ago

My pro shoots the Collusus loop well. One of our goals in Deadpool pingolf is to hit it three times, people usually get it.

Besides the points, you are missing out on all the collosus call outs.

We may have same enemies, but we are not friends....

1 week later
#5265 9 months ago

Dunno if i could do that. It would feel like cheating to me.

#5293 9 months ago
Quoted from marksf123:

I figured I would work on trying to dial my game in today. I have been working on the pitch - going to bring it up to 7.0. I have to say I struggle a little getting it dialed in on pitch and side to side. I am too old to get up and down like that and seems to not move much each time.
Also one of my biggest issues with my game is the red rubber post on the right orbit right above the "P" on the pool targets that the metal guide for the orbit is somewhat behind the post. So when a ball rolls down the orbit it hits that post and goes SDTM. I took it apart but there does not seem much leeway to move the guide. How does this look on others games. I scrolled through the pics but nothing jumped put at me to be able to get a clear view.

Mine has a dirty mark where the ball hits, but i don't get drains from there.

#5315 9 months ago

Put flipper stops in my Pro.

#5368 9 months ago
Quoted from mbrave77:

newbie question. Can I "tighten" flipper buttons? Ive noticed my deadpools right flipper button has a fraction less resistance than the left and it bothers me a bit. Not a big deal at all, but if I could match them up that would be great. Are those two screws holding the wood around the flipper buttons what that is for?

You can also pull the button out and have a look at it. Sometimes the plastic molding has some rough edges that you can sand or file off. You'll see a mark if it rubs.

#5369 9 months ago
Quoted from maroot:

Tried unscrewing, but didn’t loosen. Lifted playfield and saw it was nutted underneath. Looks like I will need to take playfield all the way up. A job for another day.

If you already lifted the playfield to look, another 2 seconds and you would have it lifted up and resting? I don't get it.

3 weeks later
#5537 8 months ago
Quoted from thc666:

Favorite call out is " how did that death save work out for you?" when u tilt.

Haven't heard that one, but 'Keep shaking the machine, there's candy inside' always brings a smile.

1 week later
#5593 8 months ago

That's how i understood it. The boom gives you shots made, the team up gives you points etc.

1 week later
#5629 7 months ago

Concentrate on making the super secret skill shot.

2 weeks later
#5746 7 months ago

And the Hobbit

#5781 7 months ago

They are there on top of the sling plastics. They look like they stick out a lot further than ideal.

#5783 7 months ago

Yeah, Deadpool is the only machine i have pinstadiums on. It's too hard for me to see without more lighting near the flippers, especially with my cataracts.

#5804 6 months ago

May try that upgrade with the spots when the dust settles. At least then i can fuck those Pinstadiums off, pieces of shit they are.

I'd happily wait for a bit of polish and some score tables if Stern went and wrote code for the poor Munsters owners instead. It's not even half finished on that game.

#5806 6 months ago

Just pulled the trigger on the comet spotlights, trough light and flipper button lights. DP is the only machine i have that is pimped, but it needs the light bad.

Now i can throw the Pinstadiums out, they keep falling off anyway, overpriced pieces of shit.

#5862 6 months ago

I also have a sub on my pro that is shared with two other machines and have never had a sound problem i've noticed.

1 week later
#5969 6 months ago

They are having the same prob atm over on the Munsters thread.

#5999 6 months ago

My pro stopped working yesterday. I've got a few mods on it, the pinstadiums run off a seperate wall wart but the topper is installed in the factory plug, and two days ago i put comets 4 spotlight in as per their instructions, and their lighted flipper buttons.
During a game yesterday the boom button stopped working. I pulled the lockdown and adjusted the switch but couldn't get the switch to start a game even without the button. Then tried the start button and it didn't work either.

Haven't lifted the playfield to look yet, but am i right to think that it may be connected to the extra load?

#6020 6 months ago
Quoted from EternitytoM83:

Any alerts in the service menu? Both of those buttons are connected to node 1 in the cabinet, so that would be my first stop to check and see if anything got loosened while you were installing the lighted flipper buttons.

Thanks i'll have a look sometime in the next few days.

#6027 6 months ago

1)Lighting for the center of the playfield.

I started with pinstadiums, but have since bought the comet spots and trough kit. It's the only machine i have that is heavily modded, but the above is important to me as a i loose balls otherwise because i can't see them coming.

Other than that i have shooter rod, topper, external sub (another good mod), flipper toppers, mirror blades, lighted flipper buttons and side armour. If i ever stick a kids toy or an action man on a pinball machine i hope someone beats me up.

#6040 6 months ago

This is what they look like when well lit.
Mirror blades, Pinstadiums, comet spotlights and GI and trough lighting kit.

Lifetime plays since March 2019 = 3200+ (i have a bunch of other machines, but this was my first.)
dp1 (resized).jpgdp2 (resized).jpg

#6044 6 months ago

Forgot, i have PDI glass on my Deadpool too. Great asset. And shaker and speaker lights.

#6048 6 months ago

It's not tied into the game but has a remote so you can change colours, brightness and pulse.

Excuse the terrible scores, i'm still very much learning pinball.

dp3 (resized).jpgdp4 (resized).jpgdp5 (resized).jpg
#6057 6 months ago

I also love the shaker. I have the pinball life one and it's well integrated into the rules.

#6061 6 months ago
Quoted from pinbuoy:

Can you show a pic of the speaker lighta

Found the remote down the back pinball room. You can see it has a pretty wide range of functions, but not tied into the machine like my Spiderman ones were.
dp9 (resized).jpg

Sorry about the blur.

#6076 6 months ago

I just did the bottom of the playfield, slings etc when i did mine. I put the spotlights, trough lights and lighted flipper buttons in at the same time.

Got a rubber kit coming too, 13 months old and the sling rubbers are about to break.

#6079 6 months ago
Quoted from rmarmol1:

One of my sling rubbers broke in like 6 months from new and the other was fine.
I had a spare white sling rubber laying around and used that immediately then swapped both out after another couple months.
It’s terrible they use the cheapest stuff they can. Post sleeves same issue. I replaced all of them because most were almost worn to the metal in less then a year.
Wait are posts a target and are they worth points?

That's gold. Ordered a full kit this morning because...same....

dp10 (resized).jpg
#6082 6 months ago
Quoted from Mr_Outlane:

What is considered a decent score on the pro? I just got 680 million on my 3rd day. I don't even know what the hell I'm doing yet. But what a fun shooting, great time this game is!!!

I've had mine for 12 months and i'm somewhere around that. I have seen plenty of scores posted in the billions here though by much better players than me.

#6135 6 months ago
Quoted from Mr_Outlane:

I installed this kit yesterday and was blown away! It is fabulous. I dimmed it down because it can be very bright. Not a problem with reflection off the playfield glass at all. Also, a bent plastic DMD guard solves it if you do want it really bright. Simple to install and well worth the money. Best speaker light kit ever! Just get the 'Plastic Canvas set for SPIKE 2' he sells for an extra $2.50. They sit behind the foam and work great to evenly spread the light!

Pretty sure that's the one i put in mine.

#6190 5 months ago
Quoted from pinbuoy:

Thanks. I had no idea. Original owner is sending the goodie bag soon

He took it out of the machine? weird.

2 weeks later
#6241 5 months ago

Pinball Life, not sterns ones. Do them both.

#6251 5 months ago
Quoted from Indusguys:

I’m in the club, should see a NIB DPLE tomorrow or Tuesday! I know this sounds counter intuitive but every Game I have bought I have never played before! The only bad decision I ever made was the Hobbit! Can’t wait to see what this game has to offer!

Same here but i like my Hobbit. Didn't much care for Spiderman though.

#6255 5 months ago
Quoted from sirlonzelot:

Great score that I am miles away from

Same here, i'm at an 8/th of that. The bonuses must take 15 mins to count up on a game like that if you let em

#6264 5 months ago
Quoted from jorant:

Dude, game is awesome now.
For Deadpool owners that also own (or have owned) MET, which one would you pick and why?

It think the closest modern stern to Deadpool that I've played is Aerosmith. Great game and i'm on the lookout for one after the rental goes back at the end of the month.

#6267 5 months ago
Quoted from scottslash:

I have both Aerosmith and Deadpool. Closest thing to Aerosmith really is GOTG. Rules, modes, multiballs are practically identical. Deadpool is like neither IMO.

I was merely comparing the two for fun, not trying to say they were the same rules or shots, i apologize for being so bad at explaining myself. I like playing Iron maiden, Jurrasic Park and ACDC....a bit. , Guardians, Star Wars etc less so

I like playing Deadpool and Aerosmith more than any modern Stern i've played.

#6280 5 months ago

Yes we all would, but wishing hasn't accomplished it.

#6298 5 months ago


trio1 (resized).jpg
#6300 5 months ago

Yeah, i'm cheating. The Deadpool is mine, but the other two are rentals.

#6305 4 months ago

The end of a battle when you get the opponents health down to nothing you open them up for the kill shot. Collect at the scoop when the music changes.
This gives a kill shot total depending how quick you beat them and how ,much health you still have. Then it will show the total score you got for the battle and if you happen to drain the second to last ball on a multi at the same time it will show the total you got for the multi.
Each time the music will change.

#6310 4 months ago

I have the pinball life one on my modded out pro. It's well integrated and quite strong without rattling the walls.

#6313 4 months ago

Yeah, one of my mates is an operator and with the pubs closed i've had two or three of his machines at a time rotating through here for a 3 months now.
Helps him out in tough times and i get to put some real time into machines i would never buy for myself on spec.
Had a Munsters Pro here, an ACDC premium, Jurrasic Park pro. The Aerosmith has been here the whole time and is the only one that i intend to buy, althoiugh i am starting to Enjoy Iron maiden in the last couple of days since it's been here. just the music i don't like.

stern2 (resized).jpg
#6315 4 months ago

Yeah i have an external sub, makes a huge difference.

#6346 4 months ago

Mine went in the first month or so, left side only. Dropped shavings all over the node board.

#6375 4 months ago

Guess that's why they stopped doing it.

#6392 4 months ago
Quoted from pinbuoy:

I have to say, I really don't like these OEM yellow instruction/price cards, anyone have a link for some custom ones? Hopefully ones that print out the right size? Thanks!

In this thread by coindropper there are some beauties. He's done some fantastic work for all of us for free as a gift. Top guy.

#6403 4 months ago

Couple of good double danger slide saves will sort it out.

#6407 4 months ago

Just do it. Number 1 mod for any game you are going to keep. If you're not going to keep the game, move it to another machine before listing.

I have PDI on Deadpool and a few others, also have the JJP version and the American pinball version. Couldn't tell you which is better as they are night and day above standard glass. And it makes a huge difference.

#6427 4 months ago

Deadpool disco mode has started. can't wait to see the finished product. Ash Johnston ( ) said as soon as he saw the images i had in mind that he totally got the whole 8 bit thing and couldn't wait to get hold of it. Can't wait to see the light show now.

df11 (resized).jpg

df12 (resized).jpg

#6433 4 months ago

Super yawn.

#6439 4 months ago

Dazzler, or according to the Artist, that smoking hot babe, is done in outline, Deadpool is going to get some more work tomorrow.

smokin' hot babe


#6442 4 months ago

What would you do with that thing?

Reckon i'll stick to my art. I wouldn't own that if you gave it to me.

#6445 4 months ago

Not exactly what i was trying to say, but i still should have kept my mouth shut, i apologise.

#6447 4 months ago

The art is finished for anyone who does care. Sorry for those who have already seen it in the games room thread.

df21 (resized).jpg
#6449 4 months ago
Quoted from Soulstoner:I wouldn’t own that if you gave it to me!

That's lucky, you can't own art. Especially when it's painted on a concrete wall of a rented shed. Art is a gift from the artist to all who look at it and open for their interpretation.

Apology not good enough for some perfect people who've never made an error quite clearly.

#6451 4 months ago

No it wasn't immediately after, it was 2 days after i apologized for being a fuckwit (which i was).

You did the same thing on purpose, just couldn't wait to feel smug.


#6453 4 months ago
Quoted from gumnut01:

I question how people keep saying this game is so easy. I must suck. My highest is around the 700m mark. Haven’t Broken the 100 weapons yet. Only beaten Sauron and sauron and sabretooth. Mechsuit multiball every tenth game. I get a longish game every so often. But for every long game I have very short games. This is not like my TSPP.
As soon as the ball hits the sling there is a good chance the ball will fling straight down the outlane. Rolling back down the katana ramp requires a slap save. A missed schnik shot and even colossus shot can be deadly. I get heaps of drains. Going for the drop targets can rebound fast into an outlane. And lil deadpool if not multiball when he releases can send SDTM.
So how do people stop the slings flinging into the outlanes?
Now I’m not saying there are not fantastic players out there who are not laughing at my suckiness right now, but for the majority of players I would say 3 things:
1) this game can be brutal at times with a mingling of short and long games.
2) there is more content than just the three main battles. Still finding new stuff after 7 months. The strategies are excellent with the team ups and boom button and multiballs.
3) the layout is so different to whatever else I have.
On top of this it’s beautiful and awesome.
Just not as easy as some others make it out to be.

I'm pretty much where you are, but only been playing a bit over a year (pro). My machine does not drain down the side much, rarely off the slings, certainly a dud katana shot hits left flipper with a nudge off the edge of the rail (mostly don't need the nudge but it's habit). Coloussus is safe on mine, but a snikt shoit can roll down the middle occasionally.
Lil dp is rarely a middle drain on release, i reckon maybe 1 out of 30.

I do have my outlanes closed to the lowest hole, but set fairly steep.

Sounds like we are about on the same page but maybe my machine has a bit more manners?

I've had some 500 odd games and still have the GC on my machine at 650 odd, but nothing over 300 since last year. thought i would get a little better since my cataract op but although my flipper skills seemed to have improved my stamina is going down hill and i think that is affecting my scores. Just can't hold the concentration.

You're only 5 hours down the freeway, you are welcome to bring your machine up for a weekend and sit them next to each other for a bunch of games. i have an op mate with another one, we could get a triplet going.
dp11 (resized).jpg

#6455 4 months ago
Quoted from gumnut01:

Ha! I’ll put it in my barrow!
Thanks for the offer.
Know what you mean about stamina. Mech suit can be pretty draining.
The lil deadpool drain is rare. But it does happen on the odd occasion. But yes I get heaps of sling bounces to outlane. My posts haven’t been moved from factory settings.
In a way it is good to suck. This game will last me forever.

Well then you are welcome to jump a train and just come play mine for a weekend. There's a whole spare flat here and we have a comp Sundays starting next week again.

is factory closed for the outlanes? lots recommend opening them here but i'm learning too.

I like that Deadpool is a fairly forgiving game, like Aerosmith, Houdini, The Hobbit etc that i have, a good game can go for a long time. These are my fav's, i'm not big on brutal (although i'd never let Sorcerer out of my sight).

#6458 4 months ago

Yeah, i have mine on the bottom hole, we're mashers round here. Game plays better when it's faster, but i don't need to make it harder.

#6461 4 months ago

Who's that clipclopping on my bridge?

#6488 4 months ago

Mine was new in March 2019. 3500 odd plays. Definitely not posting the average score. my god that's impressive.

dp12 (resized).jpg
#6494 4 months ago

You have to let it count down after a ball like that.

To get your breath back and stop your legs shaking a bit.

#6519 4 months ago
Quoted from Jomo33:

Thought I would post my PinGolf spreadsheet for other owners out there. DP is my only pin, so I got a little creative this weekend to give my wife and myself a new way to enjoy DP, while still keeping it fresh & competitive. Just ask Siri or Alexa or Google to give you random #'s between 1-44 to fill out your 9 or 18 hole PinGolf score sheet. This allows the goals to change each time we play PinGolf. The par for the hole is just my initial estimates on how many balls it should take to complete the goal (for us), but adjust it any way you see fit, including increasing your "balls per game" setting on your machine, which allows up to 10 balls per game. Enjoy!

This is how we play a social pingolf on Deadpool when there's not enough players for regular comp here. It's fun, we are all below average players so we set the goals accordingly and help each other by explaining as we go.

Give it a go, bet you and your wife enjoy it.

1. Shoot 30 mill
2. Start Multiball
3. Shoot Collossus shot 3 times
4. Wheel of fortune Mystery Score (closest without busting to a random 10-20mill number with the display covered with cardboard held up with blu-tak)
5. Hit Skill Shot on the Plunge
6. One Flipper each Score 15 mill (team of 2). If uneven numbers then a timed high score challenge of 2 mins/1 ball to acheive points.
7. Score 20 mill
8. Light Chimi's
9. Light 'Dead'and 'Pool'

3 ball play. 1 stroke recorded per ball plunged. Let drain after reaching your target.
Where numbers are targets, less than 50% reached equals 2 penalty strokes (5 strokes),
more than 50% to 99% = 1 penalty stroke (4 strokes).
Lowest score after 9 holes wins.

New players need the more experienced ones or a scorekeeper to talk them through each of the objectives before each round. It's a very fun afternoon and goes for a couple of hours with 5 players but always fun. Any more than 5 and we do group match play on all machines.

#6521 4 months ago

You are very welcome. Owed the thread a constructive post.

2 weeks later
#6576 3 months ago

I have pdi on my pro. Good investment.

#6579 3 months ago

I've got a few different variants and they are all good mate.

#6615 3 months ago

notthisagainjs6 (resized).jpg

#6620 3 months ago
Quoted from awesome1:

Cool! Thanks for the info!

Why downvote him then?

q1 (resized).JPG

#6622 3 months ago

Go-Go Yubari, Kill Bill if you are asking about the avatar. I have had the same avatar everywhere i go for years. People know it's me on multiple subject forums.

#6624 3 months ago
Quoted from awesome1:

No - your post just above. "Aw Jeez, Not this shit again!"

Well, the same thing is said every couple of pages.

We want new code, fix kearning, expand high scores. Once a month at least.

We all want it but whinging about it has not resulted in a win so far.

#6627 3 months ago

Yes mate, i agree.

Preaching-to-the-Choir-1-1200x628 (resized).jpg

#6630 3 months ago

Houdini has the most whinges about flipper fade.

#6656 3 months ago

Often if you email a supplier they'll do something about it. I bought some sorcerer target stickers from Action Pinball the other week and instead of $US40~ shipping they put them in an envelope for $3.

Great service for the asking.

#6658 3 months ago

I probably should get a pair too, go you halves in the shipping, including the cost to send to me up the coast ($10) gumnut01 ?

Assuming same cost to ship 4 vireland ?

#6660 3 months ago

Thanks, i've reached out to gumnut, will see what he says.

#6675 3 months ago

If it's the coil stop there'll be brass dust in the bottom of the cab.

#6695 3 months ago
Quoted from Zambonilli:

Anyone have a loud knocking sound on match win? I just got a pro machine from the distributor last week. He said it was a March build and it's running v1.0.3. I ended up having to turn the match win percent down to 0 because it's so loud and it's almost like it's going to blow the speakers.
Also, the game is amazing. It's our families' 1st pinball machine and we couldn't be happier.

Wait till you have a good game then. It may make a loud knocking sound again.

#6731 3 months ago

Hear, hear (pun intended).

2 weeks later
#6802 78 days ago
Quoted from awesome1:

You can't go wrong with any version of Deadpool.
For me, I couldn't "justify" the additional $1,700 for the Premium. I added shaker, HD glass, external sub and several other mods and I still have over $1,000 leftover to go towards my next game!

I'm the same. i actually advertised looking for a second hand prem to trade on my HUO Pro i bought new but still wouldn't pony up when i found how much of a premium the premium now has on it.

I have only one machine that's 'pimped' and DP pro was my first pinball machine.
Started with pinstadiums, it now has those and the comet light kit, lighted flipper buttons, flipper toppers, external sub, speaker lights, shaker motor etc etc.

I'm another one who's never played a premium or an LE to compare so can't give an opinion on anything but the value. As i said, i now own other machines in LE, but won't pony to trade up.

#6806 78 days ago

He deleted it after i was rude and nasty to him.

#6808 78 days ago

Yes it did. The post is still there above the shitfight a few pages back, you could PM and ask him.

#6820 77 days ago

It doesn't go back to the pops, as said there's a gate at the top that opens and it goes back to the left flipper. If yours shoots to the pops there's a fault in the top gate.

That set's up three skill shots (that i know of), but i think they are only available from the plunge and you open the top gate (pro) by holding the left flipper up.

First one is straight from the left flipper up the katana for 5 mil. Second one os round the chimi loop to the left flipper again and then up the katana for 15 mil (acheivable) third one i seem to recall reading but haven't done is two chimi loops and then up the katana, but i may have imagined that and certainly have never done it, although i have scored the super secret 15mil.

#6846 75 days ago

I can't see anything from that photo. My playfield on Deadpool is worse than my other sterns, but it doesn't affect play, and unless you're looking for it you don't see it so?

Just seems like a non issue if it's not damaging it or affecting the ball.

#6848 75 days ago

umm no. if you need to zoom you should have done that once so everyone doesn't have to do it themselves. your story bro.

#6868 74 days ago
Quoted from medic7000:

The manual was hitting it. Now fixed

Was about to suggest that. Happened to me a few times now on machines.

#6879 73 days ago
Quoted from pinbuoy:

Damn you !!! ( I want that stuff too) plus lighted flipper buttons and mirror blades

got all that stuff on my pro too. pdi glass, pinstadiums, external sub, comet trough and sling light kit, lighted buttons, flipper guard siderails, topper, speaker lights, bat toppers, shaker.

all these things (with the exception of the pinstadiums) are relatively cheap and add to the looks and attractiveness of the game (to me). The more immersive, the more i enjoy it.

dp3 (resized).jpg
#6883 72 days ago
Quoted from Sluggo39:

I want to put the mirror blades on my DP, did you use decals or the stainless steel ones?

There's some guys here in NSW that make rails and stuff for pinballs, Railways they're called believe it or not. they made the stainless mirrors and the lollipop side armour. they are really cheap, great quality and a little side earner for a couple of really nice pinball people.

(sorry to post link to another forum but that's all they have)

dp13 (resized).jpg

#6890 72 days ago

I dunno about all that. I've had my mirrors for a year now and the machine is the most heavily modded one i have, so playfield is often up. There is one little group of faint marks on one side that i reckon would buff if i wanted to bother. i've never seen them before till i just went and looked for them, so i don't think i'll even bother.

#6895 72 days ago

Can't you just swap the springs?

#6898 72 days ago
Quoted from Ericc123:

Deadpool, Jurassic Park, and Iron Maiden is an epic line up. Well done gentlemen.

I don't like JP at all and wouldn't have it back in the house, the callouts kill me. I have no interest in having an iron maiden in the house either after having them both here on rental.

My favourite three sterns that i have by a million miles are Deadpool, Aerosmith and The Walking Dead. the order may change as i've only had TWD for a couple of weeks. What a great game.

#6912 71 days ago
Quoted from MechaDog:

Does anyone know if there has been a slowdown on production of the Deadpool games? I ordered a Deadpool premium that the distributor (well-known distributor that I chose based on what I read on Pinside) that distributor was expecting to arrive last week of July/first week of August. I contacted distributor and was told hasn’t arrived from Stern yet (we are both East Coast). This is first Pinball machine, so I don’t know how fluid delivery times are usual with pinball machines. Thanks!

Yeah, there's a bit of a flu going round.

1 week later
#6955 62 days ago

Yeah i have had the sub hooked to DP, Tommy and Hobbit. DP is definately the best improvement. Hobbit is actually better without it.

2 weeks later
#7116 43 days ago

Just practice the katana skill shot every time with left flipper held in. You'll muscle memory it eventually.

#7119 43 days ago

Hold the left flipper when plunging the ball it goes to the left flipper (on my pro anyway) You then get to shoot for either the katana for secret skill shot or the chimi loop and then katana for super secret skill shot.

#7121 43 days ago

I was suggesting it's a good way to learn the right hand shots without distracting you during the game. Bonus is either 5 or 15 million instead of 2.5 million once you start hitting your range.

#7123 43 days ago

Like i said, for practice.

#7166 39 days ago
Quoted from mbrave77:

deadpool was my first game 2 years ago and still have it. Have now added SW comic premium, TMNT LE, and have AIQ on order. Safe to say Ive caught the bug! Though I am thinking about selling deadpool premium when something new comes out that catches my fancy(maybe GnR). well see.

Same here! I bought Deadpool last March and now have 20 odd, or will when my Avengers is built and my Alice Cooper is delivered.

#7223 33 days ago

Lighted flipperz plug into a spare led socket on the coin door. No adaptor.

2 weeks later
#7293 15 days ago

Flipper stops only here. 4-5000 games at least.

#7328 12 days ago
Quoted from Lrrr:

And if you pick up a JJP at some point, you don't need to take the balls out to raise the playfield

If you stick a mircro fiber cloth in the ball release you don't have to remove them from your Deadpool either.

#7330 12 days ago

Doesn't take much.

#7351 10 days ago

I've played 4-5000 games on my deadpool and it's still coming out with callouts that crack me up and i've never heard before now and then.

#7368 8 days ago
Quoted from pinbuoy:

did they print out the right size easily?

Instructions in the first post to print sizes and resizing options.

#7386 7 days ago

I'm also a drooper.

dp14 (resized).jpg

NIB March 2019 build 3,925 total plays.

Really need to clean it before comp on Sunday.

#7388 7 days ago

Comet makes a really nice trough kit and spotlight kit for it. While you are there you may as well pick up their GI kit and lighted flipper buttons if that's your thing. Doug from speaker lights does a nice remote settable speaker light kit. Shaker from pinball life, some good glass and i like the bat toppers. I put side armour and mirror blades in.

I have pinstadiums, but if i was doing it again i would not have purchased them.

dp4 (resized).jpg

dp13 (resized).jpg

dp14 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#7417 22 hours ago

I wouldn't do it personally because it seems like cheating to me. Not saying you shouldn't do it on your own machine, just then i wouldn't feel like comparing scores with a machine without the rubber removed would be fair.

No problem with people making the game harder, but changing the furniture to make it easier doesn't seem right.

Of course i don't care what someone else does in their own home so long as they don't hurt anyone.

#7420 22 hours ago

I understand you view it differently than i do. I also respect and understand your view and already understood it before your latest explanation.

Pity you can't see and understand that others view it differently.

Enjoy your amusement and your game.

#7423 21 hours ago

The difference is that I've been very polite and understanding of your views, and once again you have been insulting. You cannot accept that some people can not agree with you and both opinions can be valid.

By all means, play some pinball.

#7426 20 hours ago

I have the pinball life shaker in mine too and really like it.

#7431 19 hours ago

It's all good mate. As everyone on both sides has said, do what you want on your own game, lifes too short to sweat the small stuff.

I never would have said anything at all, except you posted about it a fair few times and seemed to want others to do it too. I apologize if you took it as a criticism, wasn't meant to come across that way and i thought i'd chosen my words fairly carefully as i knew i was open to misinterpretation.

#7439 14 hours ago

Have another beer mate, you'll be right.

The drama is all sorted and i don't think you'll be able to reinflame (yaah! new word!) it, but good luck anyway.


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