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Deadpool owners club. Free chimichangas for all.

By Ericc123

9 months ago

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#896 6 months ago
Quoted from Melhadmj:

Got around to installing the Comet GI lighting upgrade this weekend. Only used 2 instead of 4 spotlights but can finally see the playfield now and no more red color wash. Well worth it imo! Attached the before and after...
[quoted image][quoted image]

Looks great - not overdone, but does really brighten the playfield up in a nice way. What GI lights did you change out and to what color (looks like white) and where did you install the 2 spotlights?

#899 6 months ago
Quoted from Melhadmj:

Replaced all GI bulbs with their 2smd Frosted Sunlight and added 1 spotlight on the top of both slings. I think a trough lighting strip will finish the lower play field.

Thanks (and now I see the spots on the slings). I am thinking of picking up a Deadpool Premium. If I do will probably copy your lighting changes since I agree with you that the changes are well worth it.

2 weeks later
#1008 6 months ago

What is the most balls you can get on the playfield during the multi-ball modes? I know the game takes 6 balls, and today during I think Ninja multiball I had 4 balls going at once (although I have no idea how I got from 3 to 4). Can you get 5, or even 6 balls going at once in the game?

#1018 6 months ago

With regard to the metal posts between the out and in lanes, have most people left the rubber rings off those posts (like the game came from the factory) or have they added them on? I read/heard that George Gomez thought ball times were too long with the rubber rings on, but that's definitely not the case for me (which I guess says something about my pinball skills) and my game is for home use (not on location). Having said that, I don't want to make the game too easy. Right now I have left the rubber rings off and have the plastic posts/openings near the outlanes set at their middle setting.

#1034 6 months ago

Thanks for everyone's input on the rubber bands on the out/in lane posts. I decided to put them on and see how it goes. Also playing around with the playfield angle a little. Had it a 7 degrees, but then saw someone thought 6.8 was even better so will try that. Perhaps with the rubber bands and the revised angle I'll actually be able to beat more than two battles/quests (although have only had the game for a week so far) and get Ninja Multiball more often. As far as Ninja Multiball, have only gotten it a few times but on mine the balls are released with a space between them (same thing when I have 2 balls released from the katana at the end of the game - which is how my game often ends).

#1079 6 months ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

I adjusted mine and now if you really aim it isnt to hard at all
[quoted image][quoted image]

How did you adjust it? With your adjustment it is definitely more angled than on my game. I am not very good at making that shot - not sure if it's my lack of skill or the way it's currently adjusted on my game, perhaps a combination of both? Thanks.

#1080 6 months ago
Quoted from hawkmoon:

Talking about buying one now huh???I got my DP/LE as soon as they were released,and mine is no.300! Only 77 pinheads are registered as having one,wonder where all the others are??

Are they produced in order? So if you have 300 does that mean at least 299 were made, and were made before your game? As far as where the others are, as much as some of us actively participate on Pinside likely many others don't participate as much (so perhaps have the game but just haven't added it yet to their collection), or not at all.

#1082 6 months ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

Lift the playfield and loosen the screws that mount it to the playfield. If you dont adjust it take one out and angle it the way you want and you'll have to drive the screw in where there is no longer a hole. Huge gameplay change. If you aim you'll find yourself hitting it more. The slot cut for it has a huge adjustment window like it should be able to adjust

Thanks, will try adjusting it by loosening the screws. Appreciate the info. Hopefully now my game play on that shot will improve. Overall I am really enjoying the game though and can't wait to see what else is added/adjusted as the code matures.

#1085 6 months ago
Quoted from hawkmoon:

In reply,my Distro says "yes"they were made in order and released to the Distro's in their order! And my Distro also indicated they THOUGHT all the LE's are sold!! Only 500 were made!! Worldwide!!

Thanks for that info. I always wondered whether they were built in order or not.

1 week later
#1157 5 months ago
Quoted from Mahoyvan:

Looks awesome. And it'll be a lot easier to tell my buddies on the fly to hit the Hell House instead of:
The scoop
The what?
The hole
A hole?
This right he-... Never mind you drained.

Have had the exact same experience at my house.

#1207 5 months ago
Quoted from Pinzap:

No... they currently work. Bonus multipliers are activated with the Snikt shot. This is a shot to the standup target just the right of the wolverine spinner that ricochets off the standup target and onto the katana ramp/sword. This advances the shot multiplier to 2x, then the next shot to 3x, and so on. The multiplier only last a short time (I think 20 seconds, but might be wrong). The sound effect when you hit this shot is supposed to be the sound of wolverines claws deploying... in the comics, they pen this as "SNIKT".
Difficult shot, but the more I play the higher my percentage of pulling it off is becoming. No way I could ever do it every time, but I'm happy with 10-20% or so success rate.

So while I know how to activate the 2x, etc., I am not entirely on what it does. Is every shot on the play field doubled (or tripled if 3x) while its flashing? I know from the BAM! the bonus at the end (weapons, chimichangas) are doubled (or tripled) but that’s easy to see on the LCD screen. Not sure about the 2x from the Snikt shot and what it doubles. Thanks for clarifying.

#1265 5 months ago
Quoted from crussell:

I’ve had a pro for about a week and experienced both issues. Off the blue protectors into the bottom of the wire ramp, and the left sling throwing it all the way to the plunger lane. I have no play field protectors, all settings are stock. Wasn’t too worried about the ramp? It’s metal, it’s a fast game, just assumed it happens. The left sling to the plunge lane is annoying though.
Don’t have a fix, but figured I’d let you know you’re not the only one.

As far as the left sling hitting the ball into the shooter lane, mine did that at first, but one person early on in this thread recommended moving the rubber on the sling a little, which I did, but i also think a big factor in having the issue go away was simply playing the game and letting things settle down. It used to happen almost every night, and now a few weeks later it hasn’t happened in weeks. Give it some time, play/enjoy the game, and see if with time it settles down. Note, I have left the sling power at the factory settings.

1 week later
#1305 5 months ago
Quoted from melumga:

How does one get into Disco Multiball on a Premium or LE? I can only get into Disco Loops. Thanks.

After you complete Disco Loops you have to spin the dazzler spinner a number of times again (I think at least 100 but there is a new counter on the screen). Then like Disco Loops the Disco insert will light up, hit the Dazzler spinner again and you have Disco Multi ball.

#1316 5 months ago
Quoted from mannymasy:

How is a battle canceled?

When it’s time to choose who to battle just hold the Boom button down (instead of a quick press) and in about 2.5 seconds the battle will select will cancel and the ball will be ejected from the hell house scoop back towards the flippers.

#1371 4 months ago
Quoted from mozach:

Awesome score. I love the mech suit MB, but doesn't it seem odd that a 6 ball MB is kinda easy to get? You would think it would be a mini wizard mode.

Is it 6 balls automatically? I got it last night and thought there were only 4 balls, but then again, there was a lot going on and I was also trying to look at the screen from time to time. On my NGG you can start with a 3 ball multiball, but then are able to add another ball, and then another ball in Ripoff MB. Wasn't sure if with mech suit MB you had to build up the multiballs in some way (e.g. the Add-A-Ball) like in some of the other multiball modes or if it starts with 6 and I just missed it. Thanks.

#1384 4 months ago
Quoted from trk12fire:

Anybody in the Billion club yet?

Despite my best efforts I'm not even in the half-billion club yet.

#1385 4 months ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Got it. I run mine at 7 degrees. Ramp is about 80%.

I'm at 6.8 and also think I am around 75-80%. I usually make it with the left flipper, but have made it backhanded from the right flipper as well. Most of the time when it doesn't make it I know it's my fault as opposed to wondering why it didn't make it.

1 week later
#1444 4 months ago

I know it's personal preference, but was curious as to whether other LE/Premium owners installed the Pro plastics (e.g. Colossus and Deadpool on the hammock) on their games. Am thinking about doing it since they were included with the game, but not entirely sure since they are flat instead of 3D like Dazzler and Wolverine. I may end up just installing them and removing them if I don't like the way they look, but I don't want to unnecessarily work on the game if the general consensus is to leave them off. Thanks.

#1449 4 months ago
Quoted from paul_8788:

Is anyone else ever getting decent end of ball bonus multipliers on a Premium/LE? I am at 1x 99% of the time. From watching videos of the Pro, the ball is in the top lanes way more than Premium/LE due to the Premium/LE doing the full orbit up the ramp. Looks like on the Pro the diverter is down most of the time to drop the ball into into the top lanes and then into the pops when shooting the left orbit.
My guess is it is much easier to get a decent end of ball multiplier on the Pro than the Premium/LE, or maybe it is difficult on both, or maybe I just suck.

Most of the time I am also getting 1x bonus but I think part of it is that I like to go for the super skill shot. It’s worth more, may lock a ball if the lock is lit, and it fits my personality (I like the full plunge with the super skill shot - no patience for the delicate plunge shot to try and hit the lit upper lane). Sometimes I do get 2x but that’s the most I’ve ever gotten. My playing skills probably suck as well so that doesn’t help (still haven’t crossed 500 mil even with the latest code update).

#1454 4 months ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

You can buy figures cheap on eBay, instead of plastic![quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Cool! How do you attach them?

#1455 4 months ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

Which character is this ? Cable?[quoted image]

Yes. He’s also the one driving the Chimi truck when you go on quests.

#1457 4 months ago
Quoted from pintuck:

I think it would be great to have a Disco Loops attract mode, with the playfield GI totally switched off, and only the disco ball lit up and turning.
Maybe playing the associate music track too. In diagnostics, its possible to do this without the disco music.
Would be awesome to have the machine do this for a short time.
Would Stern listen to such suggestions?

George Gomez said no attract sounds. Apparently drives bartenders at barcades batty so they turn the game’s sound off. Not sure why they couldn’t make the attract mode sound an option but maybe the fear is it’s a lot easier to just turn the sound off when it’s annoying than a menu setting.

#1463 4 months ago

Anyone else think Wolverine sounds like the Tasmanian Devil in Berserker’s Rage mode?

#1484 4 months ago
Quoted from Pinzap:

I've been running 0.97 since it came out and probably a few dozen games or more. No issues with crashing here... I think there would be reports in this thread if this were true.

Same here - no crashing and have played many games on .97. Still some bugs though, but assume/hope they'll be worked out in future updates.

#1485 4 months ago

LE/Premium owners - does the ball ever fall off the Katana sword when you hit the ball around via the left orbit (Dazzler Spinner)? It doesn't happen to me very often, but sometimes when the balls comes flying around and goes up the shooter lane up/down ramp, rather than land in the sword and then roll down into the right inlane, it just bounces over the sword (above the protective metal piece that is perpendicular to the sword) and onto the playfield. If that protective metal piece was longer it wouldn't happen. Wasn't sure if this issue was specific to my game and/or if there is something I should adjust to prevent this. Thanks.

#1490 4 months ago
Quoted from Zukram:

That happens to me a couple times a game.. Most of the time it takes the intended path, a couple times hops the sword into the playfield, and sometimes if it does not make the full orbit cleanly, the ramp that pops up/down ends up being a little mis-timed as well, and blocks the ball from making it to the sword.. I've noticed the latter problem more if the side to side level is off.. And I think, popping off the sword seems to happen most often if the ball really whips around the orbit cleanly..

Thanks. Appreciate the info, and glad it's not only my game (and my game does the other things you've mentioned as well). For the most part things work fine, so more minor annoyances then anything else (except once the ball jumped off the sword and drained down the middle and that did annoy me).

#1509 4 months ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

It happened occasionally so I added an additional piece of cushion to existing rubber at the end just before it jumps onto sword. Fixed it

Thanks for that tip. Will give it a try. I have some felt with adhesive backing that I will place there and see if that helps.

#1546 4 months ago
Quoted from Ben38:

It is maybe not the more objective post to ask this , but after some months, how is your feedback about the flow of this pinball?
Slower or faster than others new games (games of the last 2-3 years), stop and go or continuous flow, tactical game or "empty the mind" game ?

The game is faster than most of my other games, but those are from the 1980s/1990s (DP is my only modern pin). To me it's more continuous flow than a stop and go type game. I know some people have described it as "clunky" but other than the Colossus shot, it doesn't seem clunky to me (although isn't buttery smooth like my Steve Ritchie games). I don't have an issue at all with the ramp shot to the Katana that some people complain about. When I make a clean shot it typically works and when I make a bad shot it doesn't work. No different than the "Wall of Death" on my Rollergames. I would not say it is tactical like Star Wars, GOT, but there are more rules than all my other games (again 1980s/1990s). What I like about it is that my friends/relatives can quickly walk up to DP and have a great time playing it, but for me there is still a lot to do and still yet to accomplish (which my friends/relatives will probably never reach). I've had the game for over two months now and am still really enjoying it. It's fun to play, I like the theme and element of humor in the call outs, and the music and sounds effects are great and very varied. If I had to do it all over again I would buy it again.

#1575 4 months ago
Quoted from Zukram:

Yay! Deadpool LP's have arrived @ Stern HQ. Guess however long it takes to ship / etc to go..

Awesome! Time to go find my old Technics turntable!

#1617 3 months ago

I know it’s perhaps “adolescent humor” says the adult here but one of my favorite call outs in the game is when Lil Deadpool starts multiball and says “Now you have both your balls.” Puts a smile on my face every time.

#1635 3 months ago
Quoted from Mahoyvan:

Not mine. Got a coin taker on max.
Volume at 6 when bein quiet and 13 when buddies are over. You can hear the shaker when on 6, but its not startling.

Hmmm....maybe my hearing is going? I have mine on 20 when it’s just me playing and 24 when the buddies are over and we have multiple machines going. Love the sounds, music, and callouts on this game so don’t want to miss anything.

#1637 3 months ago
Quoted from Zukram:

Anything over 12 here, usually gets me evil looks when i'm playing but others are in the house.. And my stuff is in a distant part of the basement even..
It seems fairly loud even here, I don't think I ever turned any of these much past 15..

Lol. Instead of evil looks I usually get the basement door slammed shut as a sign of annoyance! And the funny part is when my kids are in the car I'm the one usually saying they need to turn down the music (which I think is partially based on volume and partially based on I usually don't like the majority of what they listen to, although they would say the feeling is mutual).

#1655 3 months ago
Quoted from Peanuts:

I still believe that these two modes are coming (as seen in 0.96 & 0.97 with pinball browser) :
-The MegaKrakolodonus Rex
-Mister Sinister Part III
They only want to fix some bugs and make some adjustments before adding more content.

I hope they add these too, although since with my "skills" I haven't even made it to Mister Sinister Part 1 yet, I am personally more interested in The MegaKrakolodonus Rex mode. Perhaps they are saving these for the "final" update (except for any further bug fixes)?

#1673 3 months ago
Quoted from Dr_Gonzo:

Thanks, so is there nothing on the playfield to indicate the team up? I know the dmd will show their health is increased but when reading the rulesheet a team up icon is mentioned

There are blue triangles that light up next to each character on the playfield when you have earned their team up.

#1683 3 months ago

What does the small number on the weapons indicator represent?

69E3113F-CBED-449B-AF03-F13F40256A9F (resized).jpeg
#1685 3 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

That’s how many weapons are ready to collect at the scoop.

Thanks! Never noticed it before but it caught my eye tonight.

1 week later
#1736 3 months ago
Quoted from mbrave77:

How are both of you starting and progressing to hit those scores? Im stuck at ~135m. Im finding this pin gets constant side drains which kills any chance of high scores. It came with the black rubber circle off the rod guarding the side drain, but i put them on. I feel like the ball bounces out into that drain even when it shouldnt.

In addition to going for the various multiballs, and Disco and Mech Suit can definitely be big points, I also try to strategically beat the battles quickly by using Lil Deadpool multiball while in battle mode, Team Ups, and/or the Boom button. I think the faster you win the battle (or at least the less damage you have sustained) when you hit the scoop/finishing move, the greater your points. My biggest problem is that I can always seem to hit the scoop until its time for the finishing move and then I often seem to hit everywhere but in it.

#1738 3 months ago
Quoted from mbrave77:

ha me 2. I try to save the easy mini DP multiball for my first battle if possible. Maybe Ill try to do that to start, then go for disco MB.
I am new to real pinball and kind of dove in head first buying this machine. Im still trying to get better at passing from right flipper to left safely so I can go for katana multi or snkkt. I am getting frustrated with how many side drains im getting!

In case you don't know this already, you can adjust the openings to the outlanes. There are three positions for the post on each side that makes the opening a little bigger or smaller (but in pinball those small increments really do make a difference). I have mine set to the middle (I am not a great player, but also have been playing for awhile so I feel like the middle spot is a good spot for me), but if you are new to the game and find you are getting a lot of drains to the sides, you can make the openings smaller by moving the post down. I also find that lighting the Regeneration on the left lane helps too. Overall, I've found my DP to be pretty balanced between outlane drains and SDTM drains (as opposed to other games where the outlanes are drain monsters).

#1746 3 months ago
Quoted from mbrave77:

im such a pinball newbie Im kind of scared to do anything like that! Ill take a look. thanks

Not to be insulting but make sure the orange regeneration insert is lit. If it’s dark it hasn’t been activated yet and it won’t save the ball. You have to hit all the DEADPOOL targets several times to get that to light up and work.

#1748 3 months ago
Quoted from mbrave77:

Yup. I understand that part. Im going to install shaker motor later so ill give it a look down there.

Great. You said you were new so I didn't want to assume anything, particularly if it meant you didn't need to mess around with the switch, but glad you understand that part. Hope you are able to easily fix the issue.

#1751 3 months ago
Quoted from mbrave77:

Any chance you can post a pic of what you mean by adjusting the side opening?

Sure. See the screw to the top left of the Regenerate insert. Thats the screw that holds the post that you can move up and down three spaces. Same thing on the right side to the above right of the M insert. Does that help?

E624DE40-47A5-49FD-92FE-32210AFD60A9 (resized).jpeg82B86294-8B3D-4005-BB92-3AC2E3DD97AC (resized).jpeg
#1757 3 months ago
Quoted from PoolFan:

Put in some new mods today...Replaced the split Lil DP side post rubbers....

Nice! I am about to replace those side post rubbers as well. My right one is split. Turned it around to buy some time, but at this point time to replace it.

#1760 3 months ago

Saw something new today. Was having a really long Disco multiball, glanced up at screen, and it had a white background with this green looking creature. Had to refocus on keeping the balls in play, but I never saw that screen before (and given my quick glance have no idea what it was). Anyone else seen this before?

#1766 3 months ago
Quoted from Dr_Gonzo:

Anyone know how you end the berserker mode where you have to shoot the spinner? I've shot it a lot and haven't finished. It kinda sucks because you can't start anything else.

I didn’t even realize there was a way to end it. For me it just ends when I drain or it times out.

#1775 3 months ago
Quoted from djxealot:

Shaker motor... worth the $ or no?
Also, the fake knocker sound Stern uses these days is horrid. Turned it off. If I want it back... will buy the kit.

* Shaker motor worth it - yes, the $100 bucks or so is well worth it. Really adds to the experience (e.g. when you press the Boom button)
* Stern fake knocker sounds horrid - yes, but not worth it to me to buy the kit. I left it on and just deal with it. All my knockers actually sounds a little different, so I just consider this yet another knocker sound (although agree it's the least satisfying).

#1790 3 months ago

I know after a battle the greater Deadpool's health meter the more points are awarded when you make the final shot to the scoop, but after defeating the villain and the scoop starts flashing red does the quicker you make the finishing shot make a difference in points awarded too (or is it just that you have to make the shot before the timer runs out)?

#1797 3 months ago
Quoted from crussell:

How’s everyones scores been since .98? I haven’t been able to rack up the points like I had in .97 even though I don’t think much changed.

I have been able to get the same score but it’s harder. I think when Mechsuit multiball was first released it was really easy to get some big points there, but with .98 they revised it and now I don’t feel like it awards as many points (at least not as easily).

#1802 3 months ago
Quoted from bwalter:

Me too. I had a ~500M game on v.97 and I've only broken 100M on v.98 twice (115M, 118M). Haven't really figured out the reason yet.

I really think it was a change to MechSuit Multiball. I got my first 500M game with v.97 and that was in a big part related to my score during MechSuit Multiball. In the Read Me notes for v.98 it says "Scoring balanced" among other things (see below) and since then, while MechSuit multiball is still worth a lot of points, it's not worth as much (at least not with the same level of effort/skill). Of course, who knows what the next update will bring - can't wait though.

From v.98 Read Me notes:
- When Mechsuit Multiball is Lit, disable Disco modes, Berserker Rage,
and Katanarama Time.
- 5 Jackpot shots are lit (L. Orbit, L. Ramp, Center Shot, R. Ramp, R. Orbit).
- Collect 5 jackpots to light Super Jackpot at the scoop.
- Super Jackpot awards big points and 1 BOOM.
- Scoring balanced.

#1806 3 months ago
Quoted from mbrave77:

I bought a digital level today and will see. Im talking perfect shots thats dont make it.... Ill trust Mr Gomez!

Make sure to take the glass off and put the level on the actual playfield. I place my digital level between the flippers and then again up towards the middle of the playfield to measure incline angle. I have mine set to 6.8 or 6.9 degrees and it works pretty well. Fyi, when I take the glass off I rest the bottom on a piece of carpet or bathroom mat. It's tempered so don't want it to hit the hard floor and shatter into a thousand pieces. Good luck.

#1815 3 months ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

2) it has the worst rules of all time. The game is 100% about the snikt shot. A pf multiplier on one flip? ONE FLIP!? Insane. Incredibly lame. I’ve gotten 1.2B on a game where I only beat one villain. Why? 5x mech suit. Silly. Points and game progression should be somewhat tied together. I’ve sent plenty of ideas to stern. Sure hope they listen.

I wish I was good enough to consistently hit the snikt shot. I can sometimes intentionally get 2x, but 3x is an accident, and I don't think my game has ever seen 4x or 5x. Agree with you on the layout - it's really nice to have something different and not just another game with two ramps up at the top of the playfield (I already have that with my T2).

#1828 3 months ago
Quoted from trk12fire:

Anybody have issues with all 4 outlane bulbs being dim or not working? I replaced the bulbs to hopefully fix the problem, but it didn't change anything. I thought I'd ask before diving further into it.

Not sure if we are talking about the same bulbs but the clear white bulbs under the plastic return guide (between the inner and outer return lanes) to my right flipper were going dim and flickering. I kept on resetting the bulbs but often it would come back. However, after several attempts they seem to be good now (knock on wood). Maybe those sockets are a little off and unless you get the bulb just right it loosens up again and flickers/dims.
A2A89BCD-565C-464C-A271-076BC4DBD892 (resized).jpeg

#1838 3 months ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

...And I still don’t understand why ppl call this clunky. Only the Colossus shot is clunky.


1 week later
#1869 82 days ago

Almost got my first billion tonight. So close! “Missed it by that much.”

46A21C3F-2435-4216-BA22-B8A09305ED04 (resized).jpeg
#1883 81 days ago
Quoted from twenty84:

I agree, there seems to be this movement recently that the playfield always needs to be brightly lit or else the game isn't playable. I agree that we should have the option of having the GI off during disco MB. It really is a cool effect with the spots of light not only dancing around the playfield but the entire room.

I know some people have complained they can't see the ball when the GI goes off, but I never had a problem and like others have said love the effect. Agreed there should be an option so everyone is happy.

#1909 80 days ago
Quoted from mannymasy:

a question.
Can only mershuit multiball be done once?

I've only gotten it once per game and I've collected over 170 weapons. At 45 got Mech Suit, at 75 Extra ball, and at 100 it lit the 2X playfield multiplier. Never made it to 200 weapons so not sure if that would light the 3X playfield multiplier, but in any event, only one Mech Suit per game in my experience (note: I am still running .98 - will upgrade to .99 code tonight or tomorrow).

#1915 79 days ago
Quoted from RDReynolds:

Saw a random award I'd not seen before today - Extra Ball is Lit. Not sure if that's new, but I dug it for sure.
And definitely need to get that option to turn off GI light for Disco Multiball for sure. Looking forward to 1.0.
This game is REALLY good.

They fixed the extra ball in the .99 code. Before it wasn't being awarded as a mystery award, but now it does! Agree the game is REALLY good.

#1916 79 days ago
Quoted from paul_8788:

...the change to have balls auto launch into the pops for multi-ball really helped out there.

Agreed! This small change really helped out/makes a big difference in achieving the bonus multiplier for me.

#1933 78 days ago
Quoted from mbrave77:

Oh and got to sauron for first time. Does that hit at 500 mill?

You get Sauron multiball after you complete the three battles.

#1937 78 days ago
Quoted from PiperPinball:

Whats the difference between the Pro and Prem/Le?
Thinking about picking up this pin.

You can find this on the Stern Pinball website.


AE4DC78E-5634-44CE-BAC6-08A982313755 (resized).jpeg
#1956 77 days ago

Anybody know what causes the Special insert to light? I think I’ve only seen it lit in attract mode.

9471158A-8962-4938-8C4D-AFBDD59BA818 (resized).jpeg
#1962 77 days ago
Quoted from vireland:

Start playing really badly. The game will insult you with that insert.

Intriguing - thanks wil give it a shot. Sounds like it could be pretty funny.

#1966 77 days ago
Quoted from vireland:

Start playing really badly. The game will insult you with that insert.

I tried but no matter how poorly I played i couldn’t get it to light. I even changed my special percentage to 50% just to see if that would help, but no luck.

#1968 76 days ago

NP. In the back of my mind I was wondering if you were f***ing with me, but you’re right it does sound like something DP would do.

1 week later
#2058 67 days ago
Quoted from oldmanpinball:

so far this game has gone from OK to fantastic. i don't think meany people will be looking to sell.
do other people feel the same ???

I actually thought it was great when I first played it back in October - enough that it was my first Stern purchase after looking for awhile, but agreed, it's only gotten better and better with more and more people feeling that way after some initially mixed reviews.

#2074 66 days ago
Quoted from Jediturtle:

Anyone have issues with Lil DP dropping trapped balls straight down the middle? Obviously not a big issue when multiball starts, but anytime a ball is released from behind the drops, it's going straight down without a huge tilt inducing shove. I tried a slightly larger (cliffy) post sleeve on the right side where the ball rests, but that didn't do anything. I'm considering doing some bending on the metal side wall, but I haven't taken it apart enough to see if that will mess with the opto that is there or not. Anyone already deal with this? I'm at about 7 deg, which seems to be the sweet spot for the shots.

It happens on my game from time to time, but not regularly or frequently enough that I am going to mess with my game. I just chalk it up to the physical aspects of pinball. What I find more frustrating is when I hit the left orbit, the balls does up the diverter ramp (LE/Premium models), but then rather than rolling a little down the Katana and dropping into the right inner lane, it bounces off the Katana, onto the playfield, and then straight down the middle. Then I really feel cheated by the game. Thankfully this is a rare occurrence (and I know a few Pinsiders have suggested a fix to that, but I haven't gotten around to it yet).

1 week later
#2152 58 days ago
Quoted from Borntolose:

Had a pretty insane first ball yesterday
[quoted image]

Impressive (and your pretty insane first ball score is better than my really good three ball games).

1 week later
#2244 45 days ago
Quoted from Cserold:

Dead Pool LE #37 NIB arrived yesterday. Would appreciate some feedback from the group. Have you guys found a best pitch angle for this game? Are there any tweaks that most have needed to dial in their NIB games (i.e. making Katana shot more consistent, etc.) ??
How do you get the vinyl album?
Would appreciate any feedback you guys have.

Congrats! It's a great/fun game. As far as pitch, most people seem to like between 6.8 and 7.0 degrees. I also try to periodically clean and wax my playfield, which seems to help (I always seem to get a great score after I do that). As far as the album, there should be a card with the stuff you received with the game that you complete and mail in to Stern. You should also update your code. The game is up to .99 now, with another update planned for this month.

#2270 42 days ago
Quoted from Stones:

I'm having trouble finding the service bulletin for the Kitana sword shot. Wasn't there something to adjust on the PF to make the shot smoother from the left flipper?

I don't think Stern posted an official service bulletin, but Fattdirk posted earlier in this forum thread what he did based on guidance from Stern. Basically adjusted the metal ball rail guides.

#2354 37 days ago
Quoted from Blackzarak:

One questions for all the pro and premium owners Im debating getting the premium or pro? Just want to know what's more bang for your buck is it worth getting the premium or just save the money and go with the pro? I personally like the pro art better but not sure how the gameplay between the both is better any help will be appreciated.

I've played both and while the Pro is very fun, if you have the money I'd go for the Premium. Is it financially "worth" the difference in cost, no, but in my view this was my splurge item (I have a few more pins but they are older) and I wanted everything the game had to offer, and thankfully I love my purchase. I've had the game almost 6 months now and since I got it it's been my go to game most nights (I feel a little guilty how much I am neglecting my other pins).

#2398 35 days ago
Quoted from BeeGeeMtl:

I've owned DEADPOOL PRO for about 6 months now and I'd never seen this screen animation before, have any of you? (during DISCO multi-ball)
Saw it during Jack Danger's stream of DP here (around 1:55 mark): https://www.twitch.tv/videos/406736594
[quoted image][quoted image]

Yes, I've seen it, but rarely (or I just miss it). The first time I saw it I was like what was that! Not entirely sure what drives that screen, but I think Dazzler goes out into the skating rink and her bright lights bounces off the disco ball, which lights up the room, and kills the skating vampire (or something like that). So yes, I've seen it, but hopefully someone else in the forum can tell us what causes it (unless it's random just based on time in the disco multiball mode).

#2412 33 days ago
Quoted from balt:

How complete is the Deadpool soundtrack that was released? Isn't there a disco song that was not included?
[quoted image]

Yes, it's missing some songs, including the disco song(s). At least with version 1.0 of the software you can go into the Service Menu and under I think the sound checks play most (including disco, if not all) of the songs. Not great for portability, but at least you can play them on demand and in their full length that way.

#2416 33 days ago
Quoted from OnTheSnap:

Pulling the trigger today on a Deadpool Premium. I was on the fence at release last year, but this pin has really grown on me.
I have a 7 year old son that just loves this game. So good times ahead for us!

Congrats! My 9 year old niece loves the game when she visits, and despite what some people say about the Katana ramp shot, she doesn't seem to have a problem making it (and she really isn't even that good of a player, although of course her uncle is very encouraging and just very pleased to see that she is playing pinball in the first place).

1 week later
#2544 24 days ago

Broke my first billion tonight, all the way to 2.7 billion!

3EEAF0FF-EBD0-4675-8B77-BDB70EA7C564 (resized).jpeg
#2576 22 days ago
Quoted from Gumby510:

Also was looking over the GI lights, this one on the left is way lower than the one next to it and the right side. Lifted up the playfield and it’s under the flipper bracket but looks all the way in. Did they use the wrong size socket?
[quoted image]

Mine game looks the same as your game (and my game was made back in late September). Not sure if that's just the way they are all built, or just some sloppy manufacturing (and you and I got ones that are slightly off). It bothered me a little at first, but now I don't even think about it, and funny enough, those uneven bulbs have worked perfectly while on the right side, even though the two GI bulbs are perfectly even, one of them kept loosening up and flickering (although I seem to have finally fixed that).

1 week later
#2756 11 days ago
Quoted from mjs2:

Can anyone explain on how to retain setting and preferences during an update. Thanks in advance.

The below was in the version 1.0 Update File. Haven't tried it myself yet
Added UTIL->SAVE and UTIL->LOAD which save and restore all game settings to/from a USB thumbdrive.
- When restoring the settings to the SAME MACHINE, you can choose to restore:
- When using the saved settings with another machine of the SAME TITLE and MODEL (for example
settings file created on a DeadPool Pro and restoring to a different DeadPool Pro)
you can choose to restore:

#2784 10 days ago
Quoted from Pinzap:

I have noticed that most of the time the right orbit doesn't register for a couple seconds after the plunge, so maybe this is it. Personally, I understand not counting the right orbit switches on a plunge, but the timeout delay should really be set to like a quarter or half second because it's quite possible to hit that right orbit again immediately off the plunge and I'd certainly like to get credit for it. I'm hoping they fix this if possible.

I've noticed the same thing (and at first thought I needed to adjust the switch there) and likewise agree that I hope they fix this if possible. Seems like your suggestion to shorten the timeout delay would solve the problem.

#2787 10 days ago

For those of you that have upgraded to 1.01, given what seems like a bug(s), is the update worth the bugs, or better to hold off and stick with 1.0 for now?

#2796 9 days ago
Quoted from Pinzap:

Plus... now that the settings are saved when you update, you really aren’t out much by updating. The bug i saw wasn’t a game changer or anything... just a minor annoyance that will soon be fixed I hope.

Quoted from vireland:

1.0 has bugs that are annoying, too, like losing the regen without getting your ball back. I'd still recommend 1.01.

Thanks! Going to update to 1.01 later tonight then.

#2810 9 days ago
Quoted from HighProtein:

It typically makes sense to wait a week after any update to see results.

I see what you mean. I had weird Lil Deadpool like others here with the update. Lil Deadpool muti-ball worked fine, but then Lil Deadpool Frenzy started prematurely. T-Rex was better, but game felt a little "off" to me. I would imagine this will be fixed soon, and thankfully the updates now save the high scores and settings so it makes the updates that much easier.

#2863 7 days ago
Quoted from Zukram:

... also similar with disco multiball, started without needing to hit the full left loop... And I don't recall exactly, but a couple other things felt odd as well..

Had this happen to me today with 1.01. Disco loops said I needed 14 more spins, but as soon as I barely hit the spinner it went into Disco Loops mode. Never had this happen with prior codes. Note, I appreciate Tanyo and team continuing with the software updates so not complaining - just want to confirm this as apparently a bug to hopefully be fixed (and so you know you weren’t “crazy”) . Reported this apparent bug to Stern.

#2867 6 days ago
Quoted from Buckman:

How about these 3 figures, do they go on the playfield somewhere?
[quoted image]

They are the plastics from the Pro. You can add them to your LE, if you want. The Deadpool and Colossus are I think relatively easy to add. Domino is more difficult. I chose not to add them since I wanted all my figures 3D, but others have added them and may chime in here on how easy it was to add them.

#2898 5 days ago
Quoted from JMK:

Has anyone loaded and played the new 1.02 code yet?
Sounds like Stern has addressed the main reported bug.
Looking forward to updating this week.

Just loaded 1.02, played several games and no more issues with Lil DP. Thank you Tanio and team!!!

#2952 2 days ago

On the Premium/LE translite there is what looks like a woolly mammoth, a hairy Alien type creature, and a Skeletor type of character. Are these in the game anywhere? Not sure if I've missed them, haven't made it far enough to see them, or if they are just part of the art but not in the game. Thanks.

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