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Deadpool owners club. Free chimichangas for all.

By Ericc123

2 years ago

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#443 1 year ago

Has anyone received a Premium yet? Keen to see some photos. I'm especially interested in the katana blade side rails that were briefly showed-off during the Dead Flip reveal.

2 months later
#1119 1 year ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

Depends if you like stuff like HD glass, shaker motor, powder coat rails, disco ball, drop targets, HD speaker system with 3 channel amplifier, illuminated speaker rings, plastic figures, Art blades, complete chimi truck, etc. not on the PRO.
Heck you can read:[quoted image][quoted image]

Let's also not forget what the "L" in "LE" stands for. There is value, both financially and in personal gratification, of having one of only 500 in the world.

1 week later
#1269 1 year ago

LE owner #254, here. Absolutely loving it! Fast and flow-ey at 6.5 degrees. So morish!

I hope future code improves the story narrative - give players a reason to shoot other than getting points. Why is DP battling? Why does he need to collect teeth from T-Rex and Megalodon? Why does he need to defeat Mr Sinister?

Don't underestimate a good story narrative to keep players coming back.

1 week later
#1304 1 year ago

How does one get into Disco Multiball on a Premium or LE? I can only get into Disco Loops. Thanks.

3 weeks later
#1474 1 year ago

I'm interested to hear people's strategies on the current code. My GC score is just short of 900m. I don't have a solid strategy, but I usually do the following (roughly in order):

- Go for the Super Skill Shot. It's more fun, worth big bucks (5m) and I've gotten pretty good at it.
- Progress Lil' Deadpool while ball save is active.
- Battle Juggernaught if I'm near Lil' Deadpool MB. Select Juggernaught then start Lil' DP MB (D-E-A-D P-O-O-L targets are dangerous on a single ball).
- Battle Sabretooth if I'm not close to Lil' DP MB and have no team-ups (he's the easiest to defeat).
- Go for my team-up shots. On the way I'll also be collecting chimichangas, disco-loops and weapons.
- Battle Mystique when I have several team-ups.
- Do Quests as they become available, if I don't have team-ups, or if I've completed my battles.

Anything else I get along the way (Ninja MB, Katana-rama, Mechsuit MB, Beserker Rage, Disco MB, etc.) is incidental.

#1531 1 year ago

Woohoo! Finally joined The Billion Club tonight! My strategy was to hit all the blinky things and not drain so quickly.

773D24C3-968E-40C0-8F27-11635592F3A2 (resized).jpeg
1 month later
#1727 1 year ago

Happy Friday, everyone!! Just got my top score on .98 code. 1,557,362,540. Oh, what fun!

E0A22DE2-2AB3-4638-8862-B597BB0A7347 (resized).jpeg32166AC6-4063-459B-A6F2-E8D1ABE72D68 (resized).jpeg
#1794 1 year ago
Quoted from mbrave77:

i collected 58 weapons today(my best so far) but it didnt start mech suit. do I have to do anything after getting the weapons?

Shoot the Hellhouse scoop.

#1795 1 year ago
Quoted from crussell:

How’s everyones scores been since .98? I haven’t been able to rack up the points like I had in .97 even though I don’t think much changed.

My top score is 1.5b on .98 code. Default settings except I've got rubber on the outposts. Also, I've got an LE so I get good flow on the Dazzler shot but get less of the bonus multiplier lanes.

2 weeks later
#1901 1 year ago
Quoted from twenty84:

I hope Stern will give us the option to keep them someday, and also keep all the other settings I have to reset manually each time (set to Free play, Q24 to knocker, knocker volume off, do not start game with boom button, etc.)

I agree with keeping settings, but don't agree with keeping high scores after code updates. Games change with code and hence it's not fair to compare scores across codes.

1 week later
#2018 1 year ago

Darn it all to heck! Just 49m short of 2b. Got my first x5 playfield multiplier and got to fight Mr. Sinister. Default settings. This game is so good on the latest code.

A3368E53-2E9E-42AC-B254-1751644AB373 (resized).jpeg
#2026 1 year ago
Quoted from mbrave77:

Teach me your pinball wisdom please.... ive said it b4 I need a good way to practice nudge shots. I lose sdtm all the time

Are you using up your 2 tilt warnings per ball? Tilt warnings are very valuable to me and I always keep track of how many warnings I've used up. If you're not getting warnings (with the plumb bob set at reasonable sensitivity) you may wanna try being a little more heavy-handed with your nudging. Of course, you can gently nudge without getting a warning, but if you can see a ball going sdtm then a good side jolt will usually save it. It helps that I have my machine on coasters on a wooden floor.

Of course, making your shots is the best way to minimise sdtm. Also, check to see that your playfield is side-to-side level.

3 months later
#3417 1 year ago

When I first got my machine, the Hell House VUK would kick the ball to the top of the right flipper, allowing me to catch it. Nowadays, it kicks to the plastic just above the flipper, sending the ball wild and often into the slings. Does anyone know how I can rectify this? Playfield is perfectly balanced. Even when I adjusted the legs to lean a little more left, it still happens. Thanks.

#3429 1 year ago
Quoted from Devinsupertramp:

I would love all your opinions. I'm going to buy a Deadpool pin. I keep on going back and forth between the Premium and Pro. Love how the Pro looks a lot more. However love the disco ball, and the right side ramp, with drop targets. For those that have played both machines, is the Premium that much better of an experience? Worth the extra money despite me not loving how the Premium looks compared to the Pro?
Also, any chance anyone owns Deadpool and Batman 66? And if so you have a preference over one or the other? I'll be buying in the next couple of days, any insights will be huge on what I purchase.
I currently own Dialed In, Medieval Madness, White Water, Jersey Jack Pirates, Monster Bash, Attack from Mars, and TNT.

I own a DP LE and BM66 Premium. DP is more fun to shoot due to the wild layout, music & callouts, and 90s-video-game style. BM66 is more strategic due to Lyman's deep code, but its layout is boring (standard Gomez fan) and the shots are clunkier than DP.

As much as I love my BM66, DP gets more play at my home from myself and the family due to the fun factor. If you're not a fan of the Batman TV series, I'd lean towards DP.

2 months later
#4213 11 months ago

Woo hoo! Just had my best game. Defeated Mr Sinister in the Final Battle which caused the flippers to go dead and the screen just went blank light blue (I thought I broke it). Then after a few seconds the screen says "Respawn", you get a new ball and start over again. Kinda weird.

cNSc+iasTNGLlGLTSwXcMw (resized).jpg
4 months later
#5273 6 months ago
Quoted from Bricarus:

There’s a light on my topper that just points straight out the side. I think it may be intended to light up the spinning thumbs up. Because mine is kinda dark. In this pic it’s only lit up due to the camera flash. Would someone with a topper please look to see if yours looks like my pic? Thanks![quoted image]

Mine is the same. I've slightly bent the bracket holding the light so that it kind of hits DP's thumb. Most of the light still shines on my wall, though.

2 weeks later
#5468 6 months ago

I just beat Mr Sinister Clone MB, Megakrakalodonis Rex MB and Mr Sinister III - The Final Battle! The flippers go dead and another ball respawns. Is there anything else after these 3 wizard modes?

IMG_7421 (resized).jpeg
2 weeks later
#5550 5 months ago

Speaking of left ramp plastic, has anyone else's cracked? I'm wondering how I can get a replacement...

IMG_7513 (resized).jpeg
#5561 5 months ago
Quoted from maroot:

Had my 2nd best game ever with 785 million, but lost 2 balls when they shot out of the scoop and hit right above the right flipper, bounce over to the left sling and gets shot right into the right drain! Seems like my machine has been doing this a lot! Where have you guys found where it hits coming out of the scoop? Do I need to tweak the scoop power? (Assuming there’s is a tweak for that...haven’t looked.) Seems like it just recently started doing this.

Yeah, mine was annoyingly doing that. Just lower the scoop kickout power a bit so you’re able to catch the ball.

3 months later
#6296 74 days ago
Quoted from kingau:

You won’t regret it, I have a premium next to my Batman 66 and Lotr.
By far one of the best pins of our time!

Not a bad trio...

IMG_6908 (resized).jpeg
#6297 74 days ago
Quoted from kingau:

You won’t regret it, I have a premium next to my Batman 66 and Lotr.
By far one of the best pins of our time!

Not a bad trio...

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