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Deadpool owners club. Free chimichangas for all.

By Ericc123

9 months ago

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#183 8 months ago

they are not worth ... they must be comic version, do not you think ???

#222 8 months ago

this month I probably changed my iron man vault by deadpool pro ...
I hope not to be mistaken in the change ..

#281 8 months ago

I still have doubts, change iron man vault by deadpool pro

#326 8 months ago

Go go go go go!!!!!!!

#327 8 months ago

Video unboxing!!!!!!!

#416 8 months ago

would you change iron man vault vs deadpool pro?

#424 8 months ago

I could keep iron man and sell x men ... but I would have to contribute more money for deadpool, besides as I only have 3 games I think xmen is more durable and the other is twd pro that I do not plan to take it out

1 week later
#546 7 months ago
Quoted from HighProtein:

Después de casi una semana después, los cauchos muestran desgaste ...
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
Así que actualicé ...
[quoted image]
Reemplazado cerca de pops y cerca de lil deadpool.
[quoted image]
[quoted image]

how do you see the board and imsert after playing those balls? some problem as in ghostbuster? .marks on the board? Is the board protector necessary? Mine arrives in November.

#582 7 months ago

Very nice!!!!!
Love love love

2 weeks later
#787 7 months ago

I keep asking the owners about the state of their boards after playing some games ... is it the issue of putting the playfield protector ... if it's worth it or not ?.
Today I have seen a video presenting the machine in Germany and many holes are seen in the field because of the ball ... I'm not sure if I can pin it or not

#789 7 months ago

In this video you clearly see the defects on the board ... happens to you? Thank you

#793 7 months ago

I think it's better to buy the protector then ...

1 month later
#1047 6 months ago

I join the club. I saw my iron man VE and bought deadpool pro.the quality of the board is worse but in general I am very happy with the change of machine.It is absolutely necessary the protector of playfield ..... it is a beautiful machine and very addictive

20181112_182025 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#1106 6 months ago

Today, I'll take it down to put on the protector ... I hope it arrives soon, I can not wait to play

20181119_142924 (resized).jpg
#1122 5 months ago

IMG-20181123-WA0060 (resized).jpeg
#1124 5 months ago

it's similar to a very thin methacrylate ... it can be removed at any time ... it protects the board ... I think it's very necessary in these new playfields

#1127 5 months ago

I have a question, does someone else bounce the ball at the beginning of the left ramp and hit him on the ramp?

hit the blue rubber on the ramp and hit the bottom of the drop ramp

#1129 5 months ago

Yes, it is with the game field protector. I am disappointed that there are many balls in the air at all times, when we hit the left slingshot they jump towards the shooter. When hitting the targets of the sides, it also hurts very uncomfortable to play like that. ..
I like it. I like the music, the arts, the animations, the code. But it bothers me a lot the balls in the air, it seems that they are going to break something ... I hate that this happens in a game

#1132 5 months ago

no no, it happened before putting the protector, in only 2 or 3 games that played without the protector already occurred. Also the force was lowered in the menu, from 64 and lowered to 25, but it is still happening. The protector only measures 1 millimeter I do not think ke is the cause, although I can try to put some washers under the posts to give height to the gums. Or do you think another solution?

#1139 5 months ago

it's like this ... the balls pass up to the throwing even in 14 power. I had also thought about the washers. On the other hand, the ball also hits me part of the left ramp that remains in the air, this happens when it hits the blue rubber of the ramp

#1140 5 months ago

I put the small washers, but without them there was also the rubber over the middle of the ball. Even so there are balls in the air

20181125_021255 (resized).jpg
#1142 5 months ago

It's sad.It can make you sell deadpool

#1146 5 months ago

the sheets of the slingshot have enough separation ... the problem is that the ball jumps everywhere ... the problem of the ramp also bothers me, every time I shoot ramp and hit the blue rubber, it goes up and hit the ramp down, do not deveria do this, the ramp gets many hits and that worries me, I can not enjoy the game

20181125_113333 (resized).jpg20181125_113338 (resized).jpg
#1149 5 months ago

hello, the problem was already before putting the protector, and changed several times the height of the machine and the power of the coils, the blue rubber has only one position, is equal on both sides, and probe to change them of posicion.no I know what else I can try. I put washers under the poles of the slinghot.espero I can fix it if I do not have to sell it and this would give me a lot of triteza.es my first new makina and I'm not having a good experience ... greetings and thanks for the help and comments

#1161 5 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Seguro que lo puse en el post lo siento. Todos los mods están actualmente en stock y envío al día siguiente, incluido el Hellhouse.

Is it easy to install?

#1166 5 months ago
Quoted from Jerol:

Implica remover el plástico detrás de él y hacia la izquierda, luego alimentar un cable a la parte posterior del campo de juego, no mucho. Tienes que subir y bajar el campo de juego unas cuantas veces para que se siente bien, pero fue bastante sencillo y las instrucciones incluidas fueron fáciles de seguir. Las pinzas de cocodrilo me ponen un poco nerviosa, pero parece que se han mantenido bien hasta el momento y el mod se enciende según lo previsto.


#1180 5 months ago

Do any of them have the same problem as me? Do the balls rise when hitting the blue rubber on the left ramp? and hit the bottom of the ramp that is in the air?

20181125_113338 (resized).jpg
#1183 5 months ago
Quoted from SLeRiC:

Duh, hay menos gravedad en Europa!

I've tried everything but it keeps hitting me in the bottom part of the ramp that remains in the air ... those damn blue tires ... hahahahaha

#1184 5 months ago

When the ball bounces in the slingshot I jump into the rail of the shooter, the power is only 20

#1185 5 months ago

even the jump hits on the glass

20181125_021230 (resized).jpg
#1189 5 months ago
Quoted from paul_8788:

No, no he tenido ninguno de los problemas que está teniendo. No he tenido una bola golpeando el vidrio una vez, o alguna vez salté de una honda a un avión. Consigo el airball ocasional casi como cualquier otro juego, pero nada que haya notado fuera de lo común. Trate de grabarlo en video a cámara lenta con un teléfono, podría darle algunas ideas sobre dónde comienza a recibir aire y por qué.

in this video you see a jump almost the last of the video .... in this video the slingshot ponent is 12.
to 25 already jumps too much. You can also see the rebounds in the blue rubber of the ramp. I try to make a better video. Many thanks

#1191 5 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

¿Okay? No estoy seguro de que haya visto un video diferente, pero aparte del hecho de que juegas peor que yo (bromeando) no vi ni un solo problema ni bolas de aire continuas, ¿has estado publicando sobre? Las hondas parecen funcionar como todos los juegos que he jugado. Tal vez sus expectativas de pinball son más altas que la mayoría.

hahahaha yes .... it is a very bad game .... hahaha
As I said in this game, the strength of the coils was only 12, tomorrow I will load a game with the coils to 64 which is its factory configuration. I will try to cut in time ke jump and put in slow motion

#1193 5 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

¿¿Pero por qué?? ¡Ajustaste el juego y está funcionando correctamente! ¿Por qué necesitas ajustar más? La configuración correcta es la configuración que FUNCIONA! Solo juega el juego y disfruta.

I understand what you tell me ... but that works with the strength of the slingshot ..
but it keeps hitting me below the left ramp when it hits the blue rubber, it hits the ramp down and it moves a lot. I'm worried because it can break

#1195 5 months ago
Quoted from Pinzap:

Tampoco estoy viendo ningún problema.
Y no estoy seguro de entender tu traducción ... "pero me sigue golpeando debajo de la rampa izquierda cuando golpea el caucho azul, golpea la rampa hacia abajo y se mueve mucho". ¿Te importaría volver a intentar explicar eso? ¿O simplemente estás diciendo que tu rampa no parece estar bien sujeta? Tal vez revise los tornillos debajo del campo de juego si ese es el problema ... o intente explicarlo de otra manera si es otra cosa.

I will try to explain myself better.
shot left wing ramp but if I hit the blue rubber, the ball rises and hits the part of the ramp down and moves a lot

20181201_210306 (resized).jpg20181201_210658 (resized).jpg
#1197 5 months ago

where it hits and moves is this part of wire ramp

20181201_211546 (resized).jpg
#1200 5 months ago
Quoted from paul_8788:

Creo que entiendo, ¿estás diciendo que cuando golpeas el caucho azul en la rampa izquierda, obtienes una bola de aire que golpea la parte inferior del alambre? Nunca he tenido que suceder. Tal vez la bola de aire está pasando fuera de la aleta? ¿Has comprobado que las gomas de tu aleta no estén demasiado bajas y estén lanzando el balón? Aparte de eso no tengo nada más que sugerir, lo siento.

Yes. You understood well.
That's my problem and it's very annoying, check the flippers' rubber and they're in the right position. It's just right in your brand.
Also try to raise the flippers' tires a bit but keep doing the same.
I do not find what else to review ... hahaha

#1202 5 months ago
Quoted from pintechev:

¿Alguna posibilidad de que la rampa sea demasiado baja? ¿O las almohadillas de goma azules no están instaladas correctamente?

I think it's the same as at the beginning.
and the gums are as they came

20181119_120642 (resized).jpg20181125_113338 (resized).jpg
#1203 5 months ago

also jumps when it hits the rubber on the right side of the board. I mean blue rubber wing right orbit, but as there is no ramp on it does not hit anything and does not bother

#1205 5 months ago

I really like this shot, but it's difficult.

#1211 5 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

¿Okay? No estoy seguro de que haya visto un video diferente, pero aparte del hecho de que juegas peor que yo (bromeando) no vi ni un solo problema ni bolas de aire continuas, ¿has estado publicando sobre? Las hondas parecen funcionar como todos los juegos que he jugado. Tal vez sus expectativas de pinball son más altas que la mayoría.

Here you can see how the ball jumps. It is a small sample with the hand, during the game the ball goes faster the jump is much bigger

#1215 5 months ago

ok tomorrow I will make a video from that position.
I also have a lot of rebounds that hit the wire ramp from this post ....
thank you very much everyone for trying to help me ...

20181202_184436 (resized).jpg
#1216 5 months ago

if it can be lowered. right now it is in 12, it is already very low. But although it is low when it makes several rebounds it gains strength and makes the jump

20181202_171308 (resized).jpg
#1218 5 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

¿Okay? Sólo digo que esto es pinball. Estas nuevas máquinas no tienen campos de juego con hoyuelos porque la bola permanece pegada al campo de juego. La única forma en que lo verás es si cambias por un EM o SS . Incluso entonces las pelotas rebotaron así y es normal. La forma en que lo describen las bolas son golpear el cristal y saltar sobre la rampa. ¡Lo que muestras es solo Pinball! Supongo que compró (y venden) ese protector Playfield por una razón. Usted puede estar sobre el análisis de los conceptos básicos. Juega el juego y disfruta.

this is a game field without protector ... in these machines it is mandatory to put it since it left ghostbuster ...
these dimples that are in the photo is due to the jumps of the ball.

Screenshot_20181102-031258 (resized).png
#1219 5 months ago

I have a lot of time playing pinball and I understand that some ball flies. But in this machine my balls hit with everything in the field of play, the ball is raised even when it hits the lateral targets. It is not normal for so many balls to bounce and hit the wire ramp.to someone else happens ?.
I like the game but I do not feel comfortable. It's my first nib and I'm sadder than happy ....

#1221 5 months ago
Quoted from HighProtein:

Puede cambiar la potencia de la catapulta en el menú y puede ajustar físicamente el espaciado del interruptor de la hoja al golpear la propia goma de la catapulta.

yes.e changed the power several times, now they are 12 power, much less than half.
I also try to adjust the sheets manually but that does not change anything, only the reaction time, but the behavior is the same

#1223 5 months ago
Quoted from pintechev:

No estoy seguro de que esté teniendo un problema real. Tienes un protector, has bajado el poder. Si no estás recibiendo daño, debes jugar el juego. Tengo un Pro con jugadas bajas: a veces, la pelota se airea y los hoyuelos forman parte del pinball. Con el tiempo se aplanan. Creo que su protector realmente evitará que eso suceda, nunca usé uno, así que no estoy seguro de si eso es correcto, pero debería agregar más protección.

I do not have problems with the dimples because I have the protector. My problem is the balls in the air and the blows received by the ramp of lambre because of these balls, in addition to the balls that jump in the middle of a partica over the slingshot

#1226 5 months ago

the dealer does not know anything and how it was dismantled to put the protector because it gives me no solution. Call stern is difficult, I live in Spain and do not speak ingles.mañana I will record a video and I will change it to slow camera.e tasted of everything and I can not find any solution. I have raised the flippers a little bit but it does not change anything either, and I tried different types of rubber on the flippers and the slingshots. I can not find the reason for this, I make a close-up video and a slow camera. I think that if I do not solve this in a short time I will have to change or sell the machine, this makes me very sad because I was very excited about this machine

#1228 5 months ago

these would be a good solution ...

#1237 5 months ago
Quoted from pintechev:

Can we see a video like this from this angle:

Want to see the angle of the kicker itself as it’s supposed to move the ball at a slightly downward/parallel angle. Maybe yours isn’t doing that - but that’s the angle. Glass off and as close as you can.

I think the boat produces it when passing by the edge of the protector.
when it returns the ball goes through the edge of the protector and produces the jump ....

#1238 5 months ago

this is slower

#1241 5 months ago
Quoted from Jerol:

Creo que necesitas bolas más grandes y pesadas ...


#1243 5 months ago

how can I solve that?
and put washers under the post to ke the rubber ke higher. Can I raise the batter or fix it? Thank you

#1245 5 months ago


#1247 5 months ago

It is difficult to find the solution for me ... hahahaha

#1254 5 months ago
Quoted from paul_8788:

Convenido. Sé que mannymasy ha declarado que estaba sucediendo antes de que se instaló el protector, pero si yo fuera Stern y alguien me llamara para solicitar este problema, mi primera respuesta sería eliminar el protector. Stern no diseñó la máquina con el protector en mente, y el video muestra que la pelota se está lanzando de algo. Lo único en lo que puedo pensar es en verificar si el campo de juego está deformado, lo que debería ser bastante fácil de verificar con un nivel.


#1255 5 months ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

Ajusta tus interruptores de hojas para que sean un poco más sensibles, de modo que activará el mech antes de que la bola pueda entrar demasiado en el mech.

I tried that a few days ago and I do not solve the problem. Tomorrow I will try again ..

#1256 5 months ago
Quoted from waaylander:

Haga sus preguntas de Deadpool a George Gomez en Facebook el 12 de diciembre a las 3 pm CT


#1258 5 months ago

I also hope for a new code !!!!! regards

#1264 5 months ago
Quoted from crussell:

He tenido un profesional durante aproximadamente una semana y he experimentado ambos problemas. Deje los protectores azules en la parte inferior de la rampa de cables y la eslinga izquierda lanzándola hasta el carril del émbolo. No tengo protectores de campo de juego, todos los ajustes están en stock. ¿No estaba demasiado preocupado por la rampa? Es metal, es un juego rápido, solo asumimos que sucede. Sin embargo, la eslinga izquierda al carril de inmersión es molesta.
No tengo una solución, pero pensé que te haría saber que no eres el único.

I hope we can solve it ..

#1268 5 months ago

I put another washer more and it seems that now it almost never jumps, I think it works much better.
my laterakes targets also caused aerial balls, add a little foam to the targets so that they did not have too much inclination and also stopped jumping the balls.
I can only solve the knocks on the wire ramp, caused by the bounce of the blue rubber on the ramp and the lil deadpool post

20181205_145021 (resized).jpg20181205_145047 (resized).jpg20181205_145058 (resized).jpg
#1273 5 months ago

I think it's much better now.
in another game I jump some ball but it is less common, now it does it much less

#1274 5 months ago

My machine goes better. But if I raise the power of the slingshot to more than 18, it keeps jumping and hitting the glass often.

#1290 5 months ago

I'm happy friends, there are almost no balls in the air!
There is another problem, but I do not know if it's the code. When you have 1 or 2 balls in the katana lock, most of the time in the ball you do not have the lock to turn it on or all the balls in the game field. happens when there are 2 players and the balls remain in the katana of the first player to the second or third. There are times when I have 3 balls in the game when you should only have 1

#1293 5 months ago

What are the superband?
I still have the problem with the katana lock. Leave all the volas instead of just one

#1295 5 months ago
Quoted from schudel5:

Creo que tienes el único juego que fue construido en el infierno. Seriamente.

yes dude ... you are absolutely right.
happens when there is more than one player and the balls are accumulated. When the second player puts a ball in the katana instead of releasing one, he releases them all

#1300 5 months ago

Does someone else have this when there is more than one player?

#1303 5 months ago
Quoted from HighProtein:

Superband es una marca de aletas de goma y anillo, que son de poliuretano. Duran para siempre pero un poco rígidos.
Mis comentarios aquí ...
Compre aquí ...


#1307 5 months ago
Quoted from trk12fire:

Sucede también en la mía. Incluso en un jugador, todas las pelotas salen antes de alcanzar la multibola y no creo que deban hacerlo. Las bolas salen de la Katana tan rápido, que salen de la espada y se tiran al desagüe. Simplemente no sé si la liberación de la cerradura necesita un ajuste o está causada por un código.

Check all the connectors and they are fine. In the test mode, everything is correct.
This light is always on, is it like that or will it be the fault?

20181214_092307 (resized).jpg
#1309 5 months ago
Quoted from PoolFan:

Quité el vaso para probar esto hoy. Comenzó un juego de dos jugadores. Bloqueó dos bolas como jugador 1 y luego escurrió. Envió la primera bola del jugador 2 por la rampa de bloqueo y se lanzaron dos bolas, una a la vez. Dejo que ambos desaguen. Bola 2 para el jugador 1, comencé activando la luz de bloqueo y luego envié la bola por la rampa de bloqueo. Esto comenzó Ninja Multiball. La espada soltó las dos bolas que estaban bloqueadas, una a la vez, y luego lanzó una tercera bola desde el émbolo.

Is it the same as me? true?.
when there is only one player works well

#1311 5 months ago
Quoted from PoolFan:

Es similar al tuyo pero no exactamente igual. El tuyo lanzó las tres bolas en el jugador 2. El mío solo lanzó dos bolas.
Ninguno de los cuales es el correcto funcionamiento.
Pude duplicar mis resultados en dos juegos seguidos, así que creo que es solo un error en el software.

in mine it happens whenever there is more than one player

#1315 5 months ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

Realmente disfruté jugando al DP Pro, pero no quise comprar uno y obtuve un BM66 en su lugar. Supongo que DP puede ser uno de esos juegos en los que no está muy integrado en el departamento de reglas, pero aún así es muy divertido, como Iron Man .

How is a battle canceled?

#1317 5 months ago
Quoted from nicknack66:

Cuando sea el momento de elegir con quién luchar, mantenga presionado el botón Boom (en lugar de presionar rápidamente) y en aproximadamente 2,5 segundos, la batalla se cancelará y la bola será expulsada de la casa de la casa del infierno hacia las aletas.

Thank you very much, it's a great help ...

3 weeks later
#1535 4 months ago
Quoted from Peanuts:

De la Dirección de Stern of the Union - enero de 2019:
Deadpool: Espero que todos los propietarios de Deadpool hayan disfrutado del nuevo código v0.97.0 que se lanzó hace unas semanas. Estamos trabajando en otra actualización de código que está programada para ser lanzada a fines de este mes.

1 week later
#1616 3 months ago

I have the same problem with the lock katana that I had in the previous code ... when I have balls in katana and I pass from the first player to the second one when another ball comes in and loose them all and I get more than one ball in the field .... happens to someone else? this only happens when there is more than one player

#1647 3 months ago

I hope that with this update I work the lock katana well when there is more than one player ...

#1648 3 months ago
Quoted from Pinzap:

Well... other than the changes in the Mechsuit multiball jackpots this looks to be mostly adjustments to timing/grace periods/scoring.
0.96 added a bunch of new fun features, but not so this time. 0.97 was bug fixes and 0.98 are these minor enhances. Don't get me wrong, they are definitely appreciated, but I guess this shows how complete the code already is. Personally, I'm still hoping they manage to throw in some cool stuff to wow us when they release 0.99 and 1.00... before they declare the code to be finished.

this game is not going to improve much more ... I hope to make mistakes but if they release more codes they will only be corrections ...

#1663 3 months ago

I agree with you.
change factory settings, everything is now in difficult mode for the game to be more durable ...

#1668 3 months ago

are the collectible weapons that you have to accumulate to get the multiball or the board manifolds

#1695 3 months ago

You tube...spotify????

1 week later
#1721 3 months ago

I still have problems in the katana blockade when 2 or more players, I loose all accumulated vols when going from one player to another but if playing 1 person alone acts normally. Anyone else has this problem?

#1765 3 months ago

I continue with this same problem. Will not it happen to anyone else? The blocking seems to work well until there is more than one player.

#1769 3 months ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

visto que una vez en un juego de torneo hace unas pocas versiones. pero nunca desde entonces.

in mine it happens whenever there is more than one player ... this in tournament mode or not always does

#1782 3 months ago


#1840 3 months ago

this is my best score now. I have not played much since the last update, the fights of level 2 are quite more difficult than those of level 1 ... also I have all the adjustments to the maximum difucultad.creo that well the game will be more long lasting

20190218_205148 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#1876 82 days ago

it seems that they have fixed the error in the ball lock ... yeahhh

#1879 82 days ago

some video?

#1906 82 days ago

install the new code. change all the options at maximum difficulty. I like this code, it seems that everything goes better

20190228_124206 (resized).jpg
#1908 82 days ago

a question.
Can only mershuit multiball be done once?

#1913 81 days ago
Quoted from nicknack66:

Solo lo he conseguido una vez por juego y he recogido más de 170 armas. A los 45 consiguió Mech Suit, a 75 Extra ball, y a 100 encendió el multiplicador de campo de juego 2X. Nunca llegué a 200 armas, así que no estoy seguro de si eso iluminaría el multiplicador del campo de juego de 3X, pero en cualquier caso, solo tengo un Mech Suit por juego (nota: todavía estoy ejecutando .98 - actualizaré a .99 el código esta noche o mañana).

today I got 200 weapons. bonus multiplier increase but not another multiball

#1932 80 days ago

for me the game has improved a lot. everything goes much better with this new code.merch super jackpot I love it. the game has grown a lot in my

#1935 80 days ago
Quoted from pintuck:

Me gustaría ver los efectos de iluminación de la bola de discoteca durante el modo de atracción junto con la música cursi de la discoteca o al menos hacer que los
efectos ocurran en una combinación de pulsación de botón de aleta. Puede atenuar las luces y girar la iluminación de la discoteca en modo de prueba, pero no le gusta dejar el juego en modo de prueba continua para apreciar este efecto.
Y, durante el modo de atracción, un jukebox que reproduzca las canciones del juego, ya sea en una combinación de presión con el flipper o en la configuración del menú, sería genial.

#2003 75 days ago

I think the lock katana is designed so that the ball between perfect in a fast combo and not to do it with the ball stopped

#2004 75 days ago

over time I like this game a lot more. My only complaint is that the ball rises in the blue rubber bands of the left ramp and hits below the wire ramp

#2009 75 days ago
Quoted from Yfichelle:

Si pienso como tu; o)

thank you. It just happens on my machine

#2010 75 days ago
Quoted from Yfichelle:

Si pienso como tu; o)

thanks.I thought it only happened on my machine

#2035 72 days ago

I put protector because it is true that wood is very bad ...

#2051 69 days ago
Quoted from djxealot:

Los hoyuelos no me molestan. Lo mismo sucedió con mi Avatar Pro en su día. Finalmente, había hoyuelos por todos lados, y el campo de juego solo tenía una especie de textura ligera que no se veía mal. Los hoyuelos solo son molestos cuando son pocos, y se destacan contra las áreas sin hoyuelos / con hoyuelos leves. Todo se nivela con el tiempo.

correct.I step on my twd pro

#2063 68 days ago

Today I managed to overcome my punctuation a bit. This game is pure adrenaline and emotion

20190313_160353 (resized).jpg
#2088 66 days ago

you need to complete 2 times to get to the multiball .... I think ...

1 week later
#2161 58 days ago
Quoted from Olaa:

Un buen juego
[quoted image]

a magnificent game ...!!!!!!!

2 weeks later
#2287 42 days ago
Quoted from SLeRiC:

Deadpool acaba de ser eliminado en el TOP 5 de TOP 100

How is it possible to upload so many posts so quickly? It will be an error?

#2289 42 days ago

Ok ok.thanks!!!!

#2340 40 days ago

this machine is great !!!!
I think he will be at home for a long time !!!
my configuration is all in maximum difficulty !!!!

#2399 36 days ago

I've only seen it once

2 weeks later
#2617 21 days ago

Jajajajaja....I also want..

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