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Deadpool owners club. Free chimichangas for all.

By Ericc123

2 years ago

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Post #264 Disco Ball (for Pro machines) by Lermods Posted by Lermods (2 years ago)

Post #270 Troubleshooting the Katana ramp shot Posted by chuckcasey (2 years ago)

Post #385 Tilt Graphics art blades - installed with photos Posted by jeep-mustang (2 years ago)

Post #414 Deadpool Rulesheet - 1.02 Posted by jeep-mustang (2 years ago)

Post #544 Post Rubbers wearing Posted by HighProtein (2 years ago)

Post #638 Cliffy's - Installed with photos Posted by cpr9999 (2 years ago)

Post #646 Bright silver powdercoat for Katana Posted by Robertstone0407 (2 years ago)

Post #725 External Subwoofer Hook-up Posted by _xizor (2 years ago)

Post #889 MODS: "HELLHOUSE" villains lair by The Mod Couple Posted by Yelobird (2 years ago)

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#55 2 years ago

Wife said YES! But - Only if we upgrade from a queen to a king size bed and get a new couch.

Maximum stoked!

#59 2 years ago

Ya raised a good one!

1 week later
#125 2 years ago
Quoted from jeep-mustang:

Just got mine today!
Set it up as level bubble front to back and side to side.
I did not overslope it or anything, just kept it the way it was designed to be and it shoots beautifully.
I’m no great player, but I hit the lock (right ramp) multiple times, not bricked once. The only ones that missed were crappy shots on my end.
The only shot I have not hit consistently is the bounce off the “snikt” deflector up the right ramp.
One of the pop bumper contacts was to tight and machine gunning, so quick easy adjustment and fixed the issue.
Other thing that’s not a problem but kinda annoying is that they still use a fan that is louder then need be, I’ll mess with that when I can fab up a fix.
The best compliment I can give this machine is that anyony who knows me knows I’m a tightwad, rarely putting money into anything unless I can make money on it. But dropping $5,800 on this was not a cent wasted!
Freaking great game, tomorrow I’ll update it and it will do nothing but improve.
I’ll be putting in multiple hours more over the weekend before I give a real review, and I’ll update with any issues.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Who did you get your game from?

1 week later
#263 2 years ago
Quoted from Nevus:

Mod Couple speaker light kits added. That rounds out my Pro with shaker, Pinball Side Mirrors and Lighted flipper buttons. It turned out great.
The speaker lights do not show the individual LEDs to the eye. You only see a red ring. That’s just the camera picking it up. Like the flipper buttons, brightness is adjustable. Overall, I’m very pleased.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Looks great!
Can you post a couple more pics/angles of the mirror blades? I’m thinkin they’re on the to-get list!

#314 2 years ago

Officially put in my order for a Pro today!

#317 2 years ago
Quoted from Finisher604:

Joined the Deadpool club 2 weeks till delivery

When did u order? Tommy didn’t give me an eta!

2 weeks later
#639 2 years ago

Thanks for posting, going to email tmrrw!

#642 2 years ago

Do they look better in person than this?

pasted_image (resized).png
#653 2 years ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

personal trick (i did on new or still perfect pins) :
remove the buttons
put a well cutted rectangular (including round corners) piece of mylar, its thin, and quite invisible
cut easily with a cutter the hole button and remove
put back the buttons...
than you have a 100% working & cheap DIY cab buttons protector, done in 10 minutes
check, could you see it ?

Looks great. Cuz i cant see it!

#661 2 years ago

Just got my Pro up and running!

Only issue so far is the action button... has it been slow to react for anyone? I need to hold it for 3-5s for it to launch or select a mission. Tried to pull the tabs up a bit but no diff yet...

#683 2 years ago

Anyone know what the deal is with Juggernaught?

If select him first, no shots are lit until I make 5 random shots.

Glitch? Or where am i supposed to shoot?

#699 2 years ago

I added a new toy too - Shaker.

Works great, I love it!

#706 2 years ago
Quoted from flashinstinct:

For those on the fence to get this hooked up to a sub.....you are missing out.

Got mine hooked up the other day, and wow.
That's slow, cool, deep vocal 70's song that plays betweens balls (the original teaser song) absolutely pounds!

#751 2 years ago

Had my game for almost a week now and have to say I'm absolutely loving it!

Obviously this is the first thing you see as you start the unboxing process and MAN does it get the stoke going! Bright, vibrant, clean and so much detail to look at. I really appreciate all the work that went into this thing.

Sound / Soundtrack
SO much variety, I did not see that coming! As per a previous comment, I wouldn't go make a CD for the car or anything, but it makes the game super fun. I'm always excited to find out what song I'm getting next.

Sound / Sub
Most of the tracks straight pound with a 10" sub. This is a must have mod for this game.

Sound / Call outs
I have it set to "R" and it's mild at best. That's not a big concern for me though as I feel everything has fit the theme very well, but I hope they include more call outs as they're starting to get a little bit repetitive. I don't really focus on them too much as the soundtrack pumps and gets you pretty immersed in gameplay.

• Standard skill - I like that you have a real skill shot, no switching the lanes once you plunge.
• Super skill - I've hit this shot quite a bit off the left flipper and the odd time with a bounce over and back hand with the right. Super fun!
• Secret skill - Only hit this once and wow that was awesome. Starting the game with 15M and 2X is a great feeling too.
• Left loop - Probably the easiest shot and the first team up I go for because it's so safe.
• Left ramp - I often over look this ramp in general, but is nice to hit and sets you up with lots of combo options.
• Colossos loop - The hardest shot to make in my opinion. I frequently get rejects, but it's a pretty key team up for big points.
• Scoop - Nice easy shot. Glad to see it came with a Cliffy installed.
• Center spinner - Fairly easy shot to make, but I feel that Colossos, Scoop, and Wolverine are clusters so close together you have to be super sharp and careful not to start a mode before getting Wolverine.
• Sknit target - The GEM shot of DP. If you're going to dial in a shot, make it this one! It's the route to all PF multipliers and ALWAYS feels great when you make it up the ramp. Oddly enough, I make the shot more times from the right flipper than I do with the left - I try to hit Colossos, miss, and some how it finds its way up...
• Deadpool bank - I haven't really focused on this shot and kind of take it when it happens. Stoked to have drops on a pro tho...
• Katana Ramp - Is it hard? Yes... But like I said earlier - I think the Colossos shot is harder. The Katana ramp is definitely easier to hit from a trap, but completely doable on the fly. This shot took way too much heat early on, and I feel like I want to avoid it because I've read how hard it is, but I hit it more times than not.
• Right loop - I find this shot tricky actually, but I'm also not a great player... This is probably my least favourite shot because the ball clunks against the wall before looping around. It just feels rough... I've looped this shot 5x in a row one game so that's cool!

Shaker - Great feedback from the shaker, specially when in a battle. Every hit has a good rumble, and tied in with the sub, the whole place - booms.

Rules - I think there's PLENTY going on for the average player like me. The game is straight forward, but it's also not a piece of cake. I'm looking forward to more details coming out in future updates, but saving booms, trying to get to 5x pf and completing battles will keep me busy for QUITE a while.

Animation - IMO it's Sterns best use of the screen to date. Fun to watch while others are playing and ties the theme in well.

Lighting - Really easy to understand where to shoot. Disco MB is WELL done even on the Pro, so I'd love to see how the disco ball looks in person. Might have to get one!

No Video mode? Seems like a good theme to add one!

All in all, I'm 100% happy with the purchase and would suggest this game to anyone lookin for a new machine.

Shout out to Nitro Pinball who was great to deal with for my first NIB.

1 week later
#819 2 years ago

Hmmm, maybe thats the cause of the clunky feedback Im experiencing on my right orbit.

I was assuming it was just the feel of the ball passing over the shooter lane then slamming into the the orbit wall before looping around.

#825 2 years ago

Alright so I took my right orbit mini-guide off and here's my thoughts.

- Pretty simple to do. Unbolt the nuts from the bottom and take off the two philips screws that hold the sword blade down. You'll need to take the handle plastic off which requires removing 2 pretty small philips screws. Be carful to not snap it as the east side of the handle is clipped on... From there you have your last philips screw. You can then lift the whole sword enough to get the mini-guide out.

- The shots feel much smoother than before. I like!
(I think my shots would hit the right guide near the DP arrow, then hit the mini-guide, then hit the right orbit. Which would result in a rough-feeling shot.)

- A few shots would hit the post above where that mini-guide was then hard bounce down the shooter lane - I don't like...

- When the ball would come out of the pops on the right side, my game would normally bounce off the edge of the orbit, cross the PF and land on the left flipper. Now, more times than not, it will come straight down on top of the right slingshot. I don't like this because now it's a nudging game and who knows where that ball is going next.

All in all I think I like the reliability of the bounce over to my left flipper from the pops more than the smoother feel to a right orbit shot. I'll probably put the mini-guide back in when I get around to it.

#831 2 years ago

Quick update - I have another dozen plays since removing the right orbit mini-guide and think it might be growing on me. The smoothness is nice, and the returns to the top of the right sling haven't been TOO bad.

Does it help that since I've done that I have finally gotten to Sauron? No... Probably not, I've come close quite a few times previous haha.


Does anyone else experience a weak auto-plung from time to time?
Sometimes my auto won't make it past the 1-way gate and rolls back into the pops, then other times it fires hard around no problem. Is this code? The ball always sits nice and settled before it fires.

#859 2 years ago

Mmmm - opt out of starting battles. Yes!
I wish you could build your team ups during multi ball tho.

#865 2 years ago

Does hitting the Snikt target restart the multiplier timer or can you only do that by making combos? I guess I could just take the glass off, but this fits my laziness

#887 2 years ago
Quoted from paul_8788:

I think the code update broke my already limited skills. Not sure what it is but the last couple of days I have been bricking everything. Keep hitting start though.

I took a dozen rips on the new code yesterday and absolutely sucked as well!

#913 2 years ago

Digital media display of course

#943 2 years ago

Really? No one is going to work with the “PP on your deadpool” material!?

#989 2 years ago

The Quest modes seem like they last longer because after you collect the minimum number of jackpots - 4 or something, you can keep going and collect more for a certain amount of time. They're worth quite a bit so I usually try get a few more before hitting the scoop to move on.

#1007 2 years ago

11 original tracks?

Netflix > Cooking on High > Episode 2 > 9:55 / second dish review

Im not up to date on my hiphop loops, but is this not so original after all?

Spoiler alert - This show is absolute $#!+. I suggest u just FFW...

#1012 2 years ago

Love my shaker, whats ur issue?

#1071 2 years ago
Quoted from HighProtein:

Has anyone hooked up an external sub yet?
Reviews and Suggestions...
This is for on location setup.

LOVE my sub. The soundtrack is deep, punchy and works very well with an external 10”. It fills lots of ambient vibration too, and then when the actual shaker kicks in on highlight effects? Boom...

#1073 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Make combos to keep it going.

And don’t forget to toss the odd Sknit-n-up to increase that multiplier while ur at it.

Haven’t gotten past 4x yet.

Actually, haven’t gotten many multipliers when it would matter, and certainly not very deliberately.

#1104 2 years ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

Just powdercoated a clients premium red and I was suprised how good it came out. Did the wireforms candy red too. Hit me up if youd like your game done
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Looks great dude!
Did you question the leg bolts? I'm thinking black would retain that Deadpool color scheme, even as an accent. But then again, maybe that would look cheap?
That said, black leg levellers might be spot on too!

#1109 2 years ago

Nothing hotter than a Chimi-fire!

I'm ordering up for one as well as the disco ball as soon as a little spare cash rolls in.

#1128 2 years ago

Is that footage with the playfield protector installed?

Nice Lazarus @ :21!
I've noticed, that this happens a lot on this game with even an easy drain down the right side. Don't be so quick to walk away!

#1136 2 years ago

For what its worth, I’ve had 1 air ball that I can remember hitting the glass. Otherwise my game plays fine right outta the box.

Are your sling rubber sitting a bit too low maybe?

#1141 2 years ago
Quoted from mannymasy:

balls in the air
[quoted image]

I feel like this should be a lil deadpool call out

#1145 2 years ago

Can you adjust your slig switches so they’re not so sensitive? Maybe they fire before the rubber absorbs enough energy?

Whats ur pitch at?

Maybe a super bands or titan rubbers will have a different reaction?

#1156 2 years ago

Looks awesome. And it'll be a lot easier to tell my buddies on the fly to hit the Hell House instead of:
The scoop
The what?
The hole
A hole?
This right he-... Never mind you drained.

1 week later
#1266 2 years ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

I adjusted mine and now if you really aim it isnt to hard at all
t (resized).jpg

Just want to double check how you drilled your pilot hole.
Stock, my target is fairly square with the hole and yours looks like the south end as been pulled in.
IMG_0828 (resized).jpg
So did you just adjust the one top screw by re drilling to the right?

#1272 2 years ago

Quick update on the Robertstone mod - Works great!

I only played 3 games and was FAR more successful hitting the multiplier shot. Even from a rebound off the lower pop... I only got a handful of tries from a complete trap on the left flipper and never really hit it, but from rolling down the inlane - much easier.

Again, this was a quick 2mi, glass-on test after a months hiatus so I'm sure it works even better with some more time on the flippers.


1 week later
#1312 2 years ago

Anyone wanna shed some light on their strategies at this point?

Obviously to get to the wizard mode you need to just not suck and beat everyone, but, what's your route for blowin' the game up?
How do you play or utilize your multiballs? Any stacks?

I haven't really focused on trying to high score my game, rather just go with the flow, battling it out, and that's that.

#1322 2 years ago

Does anyone utilize their multiballs to get towards anything?

I’ve tried using them to increase my Booms, PF multipliers, and Bonus multipliers, but it never amounts to much cuz i suck haha. I wish you could collect Team Ups during MB...

Every time the ball goes into the shooter lane I try to lightly plung into the top lanes befor the auto-plung fires, to build the Bonus multipliers.

#1352 2 years ago


Mech MB is rad, great sounds and new animation. Couldnt keep my eye on it tho.

Bizerker has potential to be big points

Bonus count sown is finally legit with a nice light show!

Think i heard new lyrics to some songs, bew call outs, animations and lighting.

Has anyone else had their entire machine freeze up them shut down mid game?

I was about to get beat by Sabertooth when the LCD froze. Flippers kept working. Then the sound kicked off but I could still play. Then it all went dead and said ‘rebooting’ or something.

#1354 2 years ago

Nope. My 5X playfield has never been lit!

#1375 2 years ago

Anyone know how exactly to restart the PF muliplier?

It’s the hardest f’n shot and seems to be over in seconds, even during multiball.

I wish the rare as hell Sknit shot would allow u to add a multiplier to ur next shot or something - Leave increasing the PF to some other shot or combo!

#1392 2 years ago

Ok so I noticed a few posts from some of you saying you finally got to disco multi ball, and I didn’t think much of it because I thought hey, maybe the game is brand new to you.

But the posts keep coming... i have stock settings running, and my disco starts after the second shot. Its kind of a pain actually cuz it starts before i even light Dazzler and I wanna get battling.

Does everyone have their settings different for that mode??

#1400 2 years ago

Thanks guys!

Yeah it seems my spinner hits warp speed. I’ll bump it up to 100.

Im not sure yet if it’s the same for the Wolverine shot (shots or spins). But 3 shots up there starts Berzerker too.

1 week later
#1500 2 years ago

Mine has crashed only once on .97
Been solid otherwise

#1534 2 years ago

So in Mechsuit for example, does the Super Boom hit every jackpot on the playfield, or only 4?

I worked towards Mechsuit and collected enough weapons during Disco MB. Fortunately got 2X going towards then end then started Mechsuit. As soon as the ball kicked out I hit the red Boom but only got 30M. I SWEAR the 2X was still going, but it sure didn't show point wise.

#1553 2 years ago

Did he sheer off at the hips or is it fixable?

#1568 2 years ago
Quoted from Dkjimbo:

Here is another observation as an owner for 2 days of a pro. Why is the right orbit so clunky and why as the elevated shooter lane not implemented? Most of Sterns games seem to have the shooter lane sort of ramp up so that the right orbit is silky smooth AND prevents the ball from ever rolling back into the shooter lane. This game doesn't have that and its very strange. Was it intentional cost cutting? Did someone really think this was a better design than the shooter lane ramp like Metallica and others?
This is my only complaint about the game at this point, just curious others thoughts on this. I am really enjoying the game a lot and look forward to getting deeper into it, just sort of disappointed with the tendency for a failed or clunky right orbit shot and a pretty regular occurance of the ball inadvertently rolling back into the shooter lane....could have been so easily avoided.

There’s a lane guide you can take out and it makes the right orbit much smoother.

Take advantage of having the ball fall in the shooter by either soft plunging to the top lanes, or adjusting the auto plung to about 110 so it fires it up to the top lanes. Then work on building your bonus multiplier.

#1606 2 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Software has improved, but the playfield has that trademark Gomez clunk. Can't get over that without physical changes, which aren't happening.

We heard you!
That said, I Was super stoked to buy your DP insert mods (which look great), but now I just can’t be bothered to support someone who continuously knocks a game while still trying to capitalize a profit off it.

#1633 2 years ago

Not mine. Got a coin taker on max.
Volume at 6 when bein quiet and 13 when buddies are over. You can hear the shaker when on 6, but its not startling.

#1669 2 years ago

Yeah the X’s just show you where you can make a combo.

Each combo is otherwise known as a weapon, then you collect all those weapons at the scoop.

#1704 2 years ago

.98 was last week wasnt it?

#1705 2 years ago

Oh nevermind, You updated, right?

Scared me, i thought i missed an instagram update!

1 week later
#1743 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Play this on its own. Just use it to collect weapons. Better to play battles in single ball play.
Good point on the boom button. If you store 3-4 booms in the button and have lots of teamups, you can get to the final shot scoop just from pressing the boom button.

I seem to remember Not being able to hit the final shot with the boom... Haven’t played the new code much tho. Will tonight!

Katana tip - when the ball is coming around the loop, give a Slight nudge to the right as it’s about leave the guide. I find one-timers off the left flipper go up the ramp almost 100% with the nudge.

Question - Does anyone have any good ways of Stopping the ball when it comes out of the loop? Unless I go for the katana, its always a game of hot potato befor I get control for an important shot - a battle kill for example!

#1749 2 years ago

The pops are great, I’ve had a ball get launched up the sknitt a few time - ill take it!

#1764 2 years ago

Is there and end shot, or does the timer just run out?

#1776 2 years ago

Shaker and a sub - 100% satisfied and recommended!

1 week later
#1863 2 years ago

The head is still on my LDP, but im concerned it may only be a matter of time.

Is there a way to fix it if it falls off? I havnt seen any discussion

1 week later
#1924 2 years ago

I try max out my weapons with Disco MB, or LDP MB after finishing a mode (if stacked).

Another key combo is left ramp > LDP on the TRex quest. Fast and safe. My left ramp is backhand able too so that helps if i catch it on that side.

#1941 2 years ago

That’s a hell of a comparison list!

DP is one of those games where you can approach it for modes/journey or go for points. I love that.

Art, music, lights. Stern’s best use of the lcd in my opinion so far. Shaker and subs work very well.

My only gripe is that I personally find it easier to have long ball times than other games. Which is fine, unless im playing woth my wife - who knows when im not trying to keep the play time down, or against my friends who naturally have short ball times cuz they dont play.

That said, i also have plenty of games that are quick and under 15k! Whoch is probably because of fun mindless flipping - which is also a big plus for me

#1959 2 years ago

Just finished a great game but I had a Super BOOM lit, I start Megaladon with 2X going, and hit the red boom button - 5Mill...

Shouldn't I have gone to Point City for that!? Anyone else try it yet?

#2027 2 years ago

No tilt, no warnings, no worries

#2031 2 years ago

I've had mis picked battles as well from hitting both flippers...
Furthermore, I've had Booms be used by starting a battle with the action button - That pisses me off even more!

#2084 2 years ago

I’d normally love a movie based cleland style mod, but after owning this game for a few months, i dont think it would match the theme at all.

This game hit the mark

1 week later
#2156 2 years ago
Quoted from Borntolose:

Had a pretty insane first ball yesterday
[quoted image]

Sucks to be the runners up!

1 week later
#2198 2 years ago

The only time i can hit the sknit with any purpose (and at like 50% sucess rate) is via the left ramp.

Cross shot or backhand, the speed coming down the return seems to be just right to do an early flip that gets a solid bounce of the target.

Fukin love this game. I’m gettin a poutine

1 week later
#2313 2 years ago

I was just going to say, in my experience it can. I had a few movies on there and my DP read it’s own files fine!

#2327 2 years ago


Almost need a flow chart now

#2337 2 years ago
Quoted from Wotto:

Added Modes:
- Mr. Sinister: The Megakrakolodonus Rex
- Battle the Megakrakolodonus Rex.
- Hit blue shots to reveal his weak spot at the Lil Deadpool target.
- While he is in a weakened state, hit his weak spot at the
Lil Deadpool target for big points.
- Mr. Sinister: The Final Battle
- Defeat Mr. Sinister.
- Phase 1
- Timed single ball mode: 45 seconds
- Collect the 4 Teamup shots
- Phase 2
- Timed multiball: 70 seconds
- Shoot blue shots to collect jackpots until time runs out.
- Lit Teamup shots double jackpot value.
- Hit final shot for big points in the last 15 seconds of the multiball.
- When mode ends, all balls drain, and a new ball is served to shooter lane.
- Mode Progression Updated:
- Complete Juggernaut, Mystique, and Sabretooth Battles
to light Sauron Multiball
- Complete Sauron Multiball
to light Juggernaut, Mystique, and Sabretooth Sauron Teamup Battles
- Complete T-Rex Quest, Megalodon Quest, Sauron Multiball
to light Mr. Sinister: The Megakrakolodonus Rex
- Complete Juggernaut, Mystique, and Sabretooth Sauron Teamup Battles
to light Mr. Sinister: Clone Multiball
- Complete Mr. Sinister: Clone Multiball
Mr. Sinister: The Megakrakolodonus Rex
Mechsuit Multiball
to light Mr. Sinister: The Final Battle
- Complete Mr. Sinister: The Final Battle
to restart the mode progression

Oh wow, sorry boys, I legit thought that was an acronym for some reason haha.
Musta been too stoked on powering through the feedback!

#2347 2 years ago

Ohhhh... Dare I listen to the final track!?

#2355 2 years ago

Haven’t played the prem but if I could have afforded it, I woulda gone that route, kinda like the comment above.

That said though, I too am 100% satisfied with my version!

#2362 2 years ago
Quoted from jeep-mustang:

who didn’t give a flip when setting it up.

Figurative AND literal, I like it!

#2363 2 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

- the Premium FEELS better.

I’ve found this to be true for every Prem I’ve played. Why!? They feel significantly heavier and solid...

#2375 2 years ago
Quoted from Apollyon:

Hey, can you premium or LE owners let me know how your game reacts in TRex mode. I’m specifically wondering about the lil deadpool target bank. What happens if you keep bashing the targets without hitting any other shots. I thought on the older code the targets stayed up all the time until you hit a green shot. Then the targets fell for a bit for you to hit the lil deadpool target behind the 3 bank. Then the 3 bank goes up again and stays up until another green shot is lit. Repeat 4 times to collect tooth. On mine, since the latest code, i can hit down the 3 bank targets and they stay down, then hit the lil deadpool target behind to collect. In essence i can finish the mode with just hitting lil deadpool over and over without ever hitting a green shot. Is this the same on your machines? Also, at times the game puts the 3 bank up and then drops it and it stays dropped when i thought they should stay up. Just wondering if this is new code or a hardware issue on my game. The drops work in test mode, staying both up and down.
Any help appreciated.

Mine has played like this at least since the previous code.

After you hit a green shot, there’s a hurry up at LDP.

What Im wondering, does that hurry up start after you knock down the first target and you gotta get the rest or sneak a shot thru that 1 hole asap? Or is there no count down at all and you get full points?

#2376 2 years ago
Quoted from heyitsjoebob:

One had the katana tails, may have been an LE.

What are katana tails?

#2385 2 years ago

I think the bank target is part of the mode and not a bug as damn near everything else is lit during trex!

The bank is easy cuz its right there but its sketchy too and time consuming.

#2427 2 years ago

Do you have any links to where you bend the exit? I haven’t read that yet...

You can also take out the bent rail on the inside of the entry on the right loop. Open’s it up, makes it smoother, but prone to more balls down the shooter lane. Which is fine if ur into building ur Bonus

I also re angled the sknit target. Makes the bounce up a bit more consistent and doesn't affect the center shot. Probably a huge no-no to many purists out there, but Im havin more fun!

#2441 2 years ago

What’s all this grain talk?

#2491 2 years ago
Quoted from scottslash:

For the first time... Just fought (and defeated) the Megakrakolodonus Rex!!! But got no further. Of note, the ~500M final score was less than a third of my best scores. I guess I was going for progression over points. Love this game!

Was your game super long? Im thinking lengthy battles with low mode scores?

#2552 2 years ago

Just had my best game yet at 879.9M and noticed a few things (latest code)

- Super Secret Skill Shot
I was mid ball (1), at least a minute deep when I had a ball fall back into the plunger. Launched it and somehow one-timer'd it up the Sknit for a SSSS. Is this a bug or available all the time?

- Super Boom
I had three Booms saved up, went to battle Magaladon. That didn't go well, but as soon as it went down the outlane, I was able to collect my last letter then hit the Super Boom button. Due to the animations you can never tell how many points you got for a Boom during a drain, however, on my next ball it showed I had a super boom available - The big one, right! Anyways, the button wasn't flashing and no matter how many time you hit it, it wouldn't do anything. So definitely a bug.

- Ninja Apocalypse
Had two of these this game... Is it just a rad animation/sound or do you get any decent points? Doesn't show...

Anyways, all in all I beat Sauron, had a killer Mech Suit but got no further.

Maybe next time!

#2560 2 years ago

What’s your highest bonus multiplier?

Last night I had a few 4x going bringin in over 45M. The increasing sound maxed out, and then soon after that the background music hit a new deeper tone.

Great light show too!

Also forgot to mention I finally hit my first 100 weapons to solidly lite 2X for a ball or two

1 week later
#2678 2 years ago

Went to give my DP a quick wipe this morning and figured I'd take some photos.

Here's the dimple status on my pf.
IMG_3017 (resized).jpeg

The dimples are everywhere, and you can see them when you play, but they were actually very hard to get a photo of. And when I ran my fingers over them, I could NOT feel them at all.

As for the woodgrain issue others have mentioned, I couldn't see any at all.

I did notice that my mylar has lifted towards the upper lanes. Anyone else?
IMG_3020 (resized).jpeg
Looks more like the post as crimped it downwards, but even right at the factory... I've never noticed if it arrive like this. Should I try trim it, or maybe tuck it under the post?

Finally, for those who bent the exit of your katana entry loops... Sorry, don't know what to call that section... Does this look like it needs bending?
IMG_3018 (resized).jpeg
I find the ramp fairly easy to hit as it is, but maybe some tweaking would make it even better?

One last thing... In your audits, it notes Games Played and then under it Lifetime. Is this lifetime audit true, or only since a certain update?

#2747 2 years ago

If another lit shot is made, the hurry-up value is boosted and time is added.

I like the sounds of that!

100,200,300 weapons for pf x... thats not actually new is it?

#2782 2 years ago

Just played a couple quickies on the new code - Love the updated T-Rex mode!

- Little DPMB
First time I had my ball locked, it sent a new ball in the plunger and flashed red until I hit the target bank (like normal).

Second game, it was flashing green, so I went to lock a ball, bank went up, wait wait wait, then it released and DPMB had begun with a second ball launching shortly after.

After my first plunge I hit the right orbit, then up the ramp. Scored the secret skill shot, but not Ninjapocalypse... Did I have to have a spawned ninja first to score it?

#2828 2 years ago

DIY Deadpool wind chimes

#2909 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinzap:

Just saw a post on Tilt Forums that T-rex now has a scoring
exploit with the new code. Tournaments should not use 1.01 or 1.02
because of this exploit which in the example provided on that post
could give you up to 3B for 4 collects of the T-rex if you were to
build the hurry up with max multipliers.
Makes me want to try this at home just to see my score blowup,
but then I'd have to reset GC because I'd never get to beat that
after they fix it (which will probably be soon the way they are
cranking out fixes/updates). Who am I kidding? I'd never be able to
hit enough shots perfectly anyway, so probably wouldn't be
noticeable to me.

Anything can be an exploit if ur bossy enough to get 5X going, and keep it going! Thats the beauty of the whole risk/reward of this new TRex mode now, no?

#2913 2 years ago

Ohhh k, that makes more sense!

On that thought tho, would be nice if the multipliers were applied to collecting ninjas and weapons! I could sure use the extra help

1 week later
#3034 2 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

That’s insane!
I’m guessing 5x Snikt’s in Mech Suit, Sauron, clone sinister, megakrakalablabla and mr sinister?
Makes me wonder if they did anything to tweak their Snikt shot or not? I wonder what pitch they run it at? Has anyone done anything to make their Snikt shot more successful?

Theres room to angle it a bit more.

I did it and the ball definitely gets up a sknit more now, but purposely is another topic.

#3038 2 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

How did you do it? Did you just straight up bend it? or did you loosen it, and give a little tweak as you retightened?

From my post #1266
73DB0866-379F-408B-B03A-2B892E3E505C (resized).jpeg

Take out the top screw, loosen the bottom and rotate. Theres Just enough room for a new screw hole (giggity).

I didn’t make a pilot hole either and she screwed in just fine.

No issues with hitting the center shot either.

1 week later
#3244 2 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Sorry. But that just does not fit into the game well. It’s like the oversized wolverine figure in X-men.

I love my shitty little LDP toy, but have compliment how well done this mod looks!

2 weeks later
#3432 1 year ago

Maaaan, i love my pro, but I really wanna try the prem!

4 weeks later
#3732 1 year ago
Quoted from nitroman28:

Which came first? Go to 6:30 and name that tune.

I found the same thing about 8 months ago, but on netflix:

Quoted from Mahoyvan:

11 original tracks?
Netflix > Cooking on High > Episode 2 > 9:55 / second dish review
Im not up to date on my hiphop loops, but is this not so original after all?
Spoiler alert - This show is absolute $#!+. I suggest u just FFW...

Can't remember, but I'm pretty sure it's the same tune

1 week later
#3754 1 year ago
Quoted from Ravvis:

So what is the trick to hitting the sknt!!! shot with some sort of accuracy? I am new to pinball and I am having difficultly finding it on the flipper. Its a great game. Thanks!

I find the shot has more success via the left ramp. Seems to come down the lane with just the right speed.

4 weeks later
#3999 1 year ago

For me Dazzler is the easiest. Otherwise:

3. Domino
2. Colossus
1. Snikt

1 month later
1 week later
#4263 1 year ago
Quoted from thc666:

joined the club last week to busy beating on it to make this post. a few small issues out of box but nothing major.[quoted image]

I feel like theres some good material to work with here

1 week later
#4330 1 year ago
Quoted from Yesh23:

When does the 2x,3x, 4x and 5x light when playing the game? Mine comes on in attract mode but I don’t know if I’ve ever scene them come on during gameplay

Oh you’re very much not alone!

#4335 1 year ago

Take the glass off. U have to hit the target then pass the opto at the top of the ramp. Within a certain amount of time.

#4339 1 year ago

Top lanes = Bonus multiplier
Sknit = playfield multiplier

My only grip is that you need UNIQUE combos to keep the pf multiplier going. Any old combo would be better for a half cooked player like myself

#4341 1 year ago

Trying to read and understand that snippit is harder than actually physicallt increasing the multipliers.

Get a snikt = bump the multi + add time
Unique combo = add time

#4361 1 year ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

What else do you need protected??

Cliff also makes that post protector for the right loop doesnt he?

#4365 1 year ago

That post ahould be flush.

And i think you have to email him for that post protector as it’s not listed.

#4372 1 year ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

And need those high score tables.

I never really cared for these until the other night when I started off with ninja apocalypses and ended up with 80+ towards the end of the game.

So stoked on that alone!

Even just stars, chimis and weapons would be nice

1 week later
#4415 1 year ago

Can anyone confirm if Cliffy makes a protector for this yet, or was that a one-off thing a few pages back?

1 week later
#4523 1 year ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

I took pics of the process (which required more parts removal than I expected) and will see if what I have is coherent enough to make a step by step post with pics.

Please do!

#4544 1 year ago
Quoted from sethi_i:

Maybe a dumb question, but what does a "registered" hit to the Snikt shot do? Isn't it's only purpose to rebound up the ramp for the multiplier?

If the ball doesn’t activate/register the snikt switch, then you wont get rewarded a multiplier when it passes the opto at the top of the ramp.

#4554 1 year ago

Thanks homie!

#4555 1 year ago

While on the topic, my snikt target is way past the guide as well and registers just fine. Maybe it was just the switch that needed some tweaking for the other guy?

#4562 1 year ago

Thought I’d share this with the club.

We had a kiddo 3 weeks ago and my wife received a professional photo shoot as a gift at her baby shower.

When they asked if we had any ideas in mind for a shoot - Well, you bet I did!

C9A3A0D8-3EB2-4031-906A-BB51C89B6886 (resized).jpeg

*mind the quality, this one was off my iphone

Between hockey gear, surfboards, pinball machines and nakeys on a rug, this kid was an absolute rock!

#4573 1 year ago
Quoted from WJxxxx:

Is this definitely the logic used?
I've had balls (in MB) where a ball has gone up the ramp from the snikt target, at the same time as another ball has gone through the opto on the lower part of the ramp and not been awarded a playfield multiplier.
I'm also pretty certain I've been awarded a playfield multiplier when the ball has gone up the ramp direct from a pop bumper bounce, without hitting the snikt target.
Maybe the logic used is if the upper switch on the ramp is triggered without the lower switch on the ramp being triggered award the playfield multiplier.
I don't own a DP so can't do a glass of test, if somebody else would like to.

Had the glass of my DP so just went down to test it.

Definitely need to hit the snikt target before passing the opto. Furthermore, the sequence needs to be fast - under half a second. Anything slower and nothing happens at all. Well, other than spotting a katara light if it’s flashing.

#4578 1 year ago

My target overlaps as well, but will not budge. Is there something under the pf I’m supposed to loosen?

#4598 1 year ago

Other than the health bar on his side of the screen, no.

#4628 1 year ago

Yeah that blue one wasn’t actually a boom, it was just acting as a mode select/launch button.

#4683 1 year ago

What are you guys using to clean your playfields?

I have minor ball trails for example that would come off if I applied enough pressure with a dry cloth, but im thinking a nice light spray of something would require less pressure, in effort to prevent possible scuffs and blemishes, while picking up the surrounding dust particles and stuff. Light duty.

#4693 1 year ago

Thanks for the advice, just what I was looking for!

#4695 1 year ago

I think its your run of the mill colman camp fuel. Think you can keep a couple Oz in a spray bottle or will it eat that up?

#4710 1 year ago

Same with disco. But I could be missing something too as I always end up using them to try build a big bonus multiplier.

#4744 1 year ago

My mylar has lifted in the exact same spot. Posted about it about a year ago and got no suggestions. Hasnt gotten any worse and doesn’t affect the play so I might just leaver!

1 month later
#4964 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinball-Pat:

I’m thinking of a new stern pin. Have there been reports of pooling deadpools? No pun intended. Wondering if anyone in this club has had issues with art chipping etc...?

Might depend of manufacturing date.

Mine was preorder, so early, with no issues other than the mylar lifting in the top lanes.

Newer models that align with JP might have issues. Or what came before JP? Something around there

#5040 1 year ago


My morning routine involves sippin on a coffee and flippin through my pinside favorites. For the last 4 mornings ive sat down to a green icon with 30+ new posts in this thread, where i then convince myself - Today’s the day, polished code!!

Always a good read though

#5109 1 year ago

I usually hold the right flipper up when it ejects from the scoop. A light nudge to the left right when it's about to hit usually traps the ball right away with no dicey bounces.

1 week later
#5231 1 year ago

Whats competition mode!?

#5271 1 year ago
Quoted from marksf123:

. I think I have actually gotten worse now that I focus on the team-ups before fighting a villain.

This is typical me on Every game I play the minute I grasp some rules and develop a strategy.

#5279 1 year ago

*copies and pastes ‘pedantic’ into google...

#5304 1 year ago

Finally joined the billion club! Had a hell of a game and drained right befor 100 weapons. Was really hoping to to get that solid 1X to play around with. Plus a match!?
7EC05C79-9BF4-4A08-AAC4-2D498000BB5D (resized).jpeg
Heard a new fav call out too during sabertooth. Something along the lines of - we could turn you into a nice rug and really tie the room together. Beauty

#5363 1 year ago

Whats everyone replacing their balls with? Ninjas? 5Pack from Marco? Other?

#5444 1 year ago

This was the update last April.

- Complete Juggernaut, Mystique, and Sabretooth Battles to light Sauron Multiball

- Complete Sauron Multiball to light Juggernaut, Mystique, and Sabretooth Sauron Teamup Battles

- Complete T-Rex Quest, Megalodon Quest, Sauron Multiball to light Mr. Sinister: The Megakrakolodonus Rex

- Complete Juggernaut, Mystique, and Sabretooth Sauron Teamup Battles to light Mr. Sinister: Clone Multiball

- Complete Mr. Sinister: Clone Multiball
Mr. Sinister: The Megakrakolodonus Rex
Mechsuit Multiball
to light Mr. Sinister: The Final Battle

- Complete Mr. Sinister: The Final Battle to restart the mode progression

1 month later
#5653 1 year ago
Quoted from newovad:

Not sure what I did but had a Big BOOM of a bug. I had just finished Mech Suit and needed to defeat Sabretooth to take on Sauron. Looked up and had a big boom. Hit the button on mode start and nothing happened. Light wasn't working either. Drained and the game ended. Started the next game, still had a big boom. Restarted with the button and it was still there. Good news is that a full reset fixed the issue. Strange.

I had a superboom glitch too i think...

My case a while ago - “I had three Booms saved up, went to battle Magaladon. That didn't go well, but as soon as it went down the outlane, I was able to collect my last letter then hit the Super Boom button. Due to the animations you can never tell how many points you got for a Boom during a drain, however, on my next ball it showed I had a super boom available on the screen - The big one, right! Anyways, the button wasn't flashing and no matter how many time you hit it, it wouldn't do anything. So definitely a bug.”

1 week later
#5733 1 year ago

Hell yeah!

#5756 1 year ago

Surely theres a dozen threads on this.
But as a pro owner im 100% happy, but would love to try a prem for the disco loops feature.

#5797 1 year ago

Love the FDMB on location!

At home, I recently had the ball drain on the right and rip right back up the left back into play. Not during a ball save scinario but exciting nonetheless!

#5817 1 year ago
Quoted from coop:

It seems my Snikt shot is not registering. if I have the glass off and the game running shouldn't I be able to push the Snikt target and then run my finger by the opto on the ramp and see the 2X light illuminate on the playfield? Nothing happens and not sure why. I hear a sound when I push the Snikt target so it seems like it's working.

When u test with ur finger, u gotta swipe the opto in under a second or it wont register successfully

2 weeks later
#6022 1 year ago

I think this comes down to if you drained slightly before OR after the ballsave timed out.

Cuz if it timed out before, then no mb for you. And if the locked ball went sdtm, then good burn.

For lil dp mb, i always manually plunge, let it bounce over from the left flipper to the right then quick flip it up to the bank.

Works every time.

#6041 1 year ago

That disco ball topper would be rad if it was tied into the mode like the mini mod!

Wait, is it!?

#6052 1 year ago

So I went and put a lift kit on my katana guide. No damage underneath but I can see where it would happen eventually!

As a quick note, I followed vireland’s instructions and had little to no issues. But in addition, I added a washer to the 3rd contact point under the plastic/popbumper as it was going to be airborn, and now it has support throughout.

After I got everything back together, I realized I forgot to bend the exit section of the guide.

Can this be done with it installed? Is it worth it and makes a difference?

#6081 1 year ago

Sounds decent!

3 weeks later
#6260 1 year ago
Quoted from Jakegreenhaus:

Thanks I got 400 weapons on ball1

You tape off ur out lanes or what!?

1 week later
#6314 1 year ago

+1 for the shaker
+1 for a sub

#6335 1 year ago

I have a mystery screw that showed up towards the top of my playfield today - Near the Colossus loop, and I can NOT find any holes where it would go!
Can someone tell if there's a screw under this post to attach it to the ramp? It's on there solid so I have my doubts, but I otherwise can't figure out where it goes
screw (resized).jpg

3 months later
#7060 9 months ago

Any preventative measures for the ol head falling off issue?

Dab of glue in there of some sort?

Any fixes other than calling Stern/Distro?

1 week later
#7142 8 months ago

Loosen the flipper clamp, rais’r up a bit and clamper back down!

#7154 8 months ago

Not just the katana eh, maybe all the guides need a lift kit

#7205 8 months ago

Is the plastic paper thin? I cant imagine why it would ever shear off...

1 month later
#7490 7 months ago

Stuck at work! What's DJ Mixer Mode!?

1 week later
#7595 7 months ago

Wow right when I was going to hop on here to vent about the Disco music - Boom!

1 week later
#7728 6 months ago

Should hit your left flipper no problem. Maybe you got a big lean to the right?

3 weeks later
#8030 6 months ago
Quoted from DaddyManD:

Thanks so much all! It really does look like mylar lifting to me. It's not a scratch but the mylar actually coming up. But i think PinMonk's solution is something I will look in to either way.

Just the mylar, same with mine. Mine’s worse

1 month later
#8373 4 months ago

Is it just me or does anyone else notice a progress bug with Mystique?

Ball 1 - Reduce half her life, drain.
Ball 2 - No flashing. No progress!?
Ball 3 - Suddenly flashing again, with progress made?

1 month later
#8898 84 days ago
Quoted from Digduglus:

Any suggestions for dialing in the super skill shot?

I usually give a slight nudge to the Left soon as the ball is going to leave the orbit, then flip on the fly. I can hit it almost every time this way.

Seems though i doesn’t work for my after a full orbit shot, only from the plunger. Must be traveling too fast from the full orbit/ninja apocalypse

#8923 83 days ago

When you test the target and opto, the opto has to be triggered VERY closely after the target. Within under a second for sure

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