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Deadpool owners club. Free chimichangas for all.

By Ericc123

2 years ago

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Post #894 Comet GI lighting upgrade - installed with photos Posted by Melhadmj (2 years ago)

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#4109 1 year ago

Just got my nib deadpool pro friday. Finally got it set up today. Its become a favorite of mine from playing on location. A few things i noticed:

1. Mine has code 1.03 installed. Stern website only shows code 1.02? I guess Cable might of built mine?

2. The sounds, music, and callouts are awesome! Can't hear the half of it on location.

3. Maybe its the lit up public location im used to but im not fond of the red leds on the side plastics by dead/pool, red leds are hard to see any of the art with.

4. Are these plastics over the slings normal? I swear i haven't noticed these on the location pro if they are.

5. Again this machine is just Awesome.

20190908_203758 (resized).jpg
#4127 1 year ago
Quoted from Mr_Outlane:

Yes! Totally agree about stock market risk. I have lost many pinball machines worth of money over the years by worrying about the retirement nest egg. Fuck it! I'm going on 56 and many friends have already died. Enjoy your life while you can! I'm going to do the same. Just trying to decide on a Dead Pool pro or a JP2 pro. Cheers! ..

I am a recent owner of both. Deadpool is imo a very good game, its also further along in code. But i think its funny, and awesome, from the callouts/dialogue to the soundtrack. And its just cool, deadpool is cool though. A great home pin. Im not into dinosaurs, so deadpool theme is waaay better. Jurassic park has a lot of unique shots, i have much less experience on it, so cannot talk it up like i can with deadpool, but it has potential to be a great game. It has the best skill shot in a game i think. And with elwin on board i expect the rules to be deeeep like iron maiden. Fuck it, get both!

Well all this talking is making me have to go play pinball now. Cant decide which one ill play first..

#4140 1 year ago
Quoted from sohchx:

Question fellas, I bought a pro NIB last year at release and then sold it shortly after. I had no issues with it. Fast forward to now and I am looking into buying another one NIB. Are there any new issues that I should be aware of that is now happening with the most recent run of these? I already know about the coil stops, but has the "Cleargate" issue taken it's toll on DP too? Just wondering if I should wait or go ahead and buy.

I bout a NIB DP pro last week and it arrived friday. It says August 22, 2019 on the back of the cabinet. I have no pooling, My Jurassic park pro I think has august 12 on the back of cab and has pooling. But the pooling isn't even very noticeable. I wouldn't have noticed most likely unless I was looking for it. The photos make it look way worse than it is.

#4147 1 year ago

Well as an owner of a Jurassic park with pooling i can say the whole pooling scare seems to be quite overblown. Not trying to hijack or start another debate, ive read both sides. But the pooling is hard to see unless you're actually face to glass looking for it. The pictures are super close up and make it look worse than it does in person. And again my deadpool has no pooling, if drowning in the pools is the only thing stopping you from your purchase, id say go for it. If you've never played deadpool in a private setting where you can hear everything it has to offer you're in for a treat. I don't want to part with mine but it will be going on location soon. It was enough to convince me that i need to install a headphone jack on it though, so players can have the intended experience in the wild.

#4179 1 year ago

Fyi i found a little nut with the spiky spinny washer thing when i was chopping down my deadpool shipping box. Decided to examine the underside of the playfield to figure out where it came from. Finally found the culprit the back left screw of the rail that holds the playfield up. The front nut was super loose also, im glad i caught this when i did as the whole side rail on the left side was loose. Have you heard of anyones playfield support rail falling off? That could be disastrous. Maybe check yours next time you have the glass off. I don't think you want to go super tight as you dont want to sink the screw into the side art. But mine were not even hand tight with 1 missing.

20190914_032603 (resized).jpg
#4214 1 year ago

Has anyone experienced the lil deadpool not sensing a ball behind the drops? This happened on my very first game on nib pro. But then had no trouble after that. I just saw it happen on location again yesterday. the opto sensor seems to be registering fine. The only 2 times it has been lil deadpool level 1 for the multiball. After a ball search or two it typically senses it and starts.

#4219 1 year ago
Quoted from Flipnaught:

When this happens are you sure the ball is sitting on top of the sensor?
I have noticed that on my machine every once in a while the ball will get caught on the slight edge between the sensor and the rest of the playfield. I have to give it a small nudge and it will move enough to sit on top of the sensor.

No. it keeps happening to people when im not around. Will investigate more this week. I have seen the ball kind of ride the gap that's there for the drop targets. Ill have to get in there and look.

4 weeks later
#4375 1 year ago

So I've been having an issue where lil deadpool modes won't start all the time. The problem is the metal piece that holds the opto sensor is not level with the playfield. It looks like there is too much clear coat inbetween the metal and the wood, or they didn't cut the playfield low enough for this piece to lay flush. So the ball is getting stuck on the gap between the wood and the metal piece. This thing looks like its connected to the entire backside of the curve around the deadpool lil DP area. There isnt really a bolt underneath that i can try and crank it down tighter into the wood with. Has anyone else had this issue or found a solution?
20191016_210300_HDR (resized).jpg

1 week later
#4450 1 year ago

I agree that the snikt shot is too powerful for a single shot; one that usually isn't even an intentionally shot. The fact that something that powerful can just be accidentally hit by what is usually a missed or unintentional shot is not a good aspect in a competition game.

On a side note does it feel like the flippers are angled slightly further down than other pinball machines? I've noticed it on multiple different deadpools and was wondering if it is intentional or if its a build flaw?

1 week later
#4596 11 months ago

I started a thread about the lil deadpool drop target bank but haven't gotten a reply so I'll try here

I know there are a few people discussing this topic, but my issue seems different. I went into the drop target test under settings to test it and it really seems to me like the coil is not firing all the way. It's like barely moving when it fires. Does anyone know what Ohm reading I should get off of that coil? I guess I'll try adding washers to the screws by the drop targets like one person said, but I really don't see that fixing this. But I guess you never know unless you try.

edit, oh, also theres no coil stop. there's a coil stop plate with just a hole. but the hole looks like it's supposed to be there, bigger than a blown out coil stop. Any idea if that's normal?

1 week later
#4690 11 months ago

Naphtha works better than novus 1. Ive compared both back to back on the same playfield. It takes way less elbow grease to remove ball trails with naphtha as opposed to novus 1. Stern manuals suggest cleaning and waxing once a month or 500 plays. So far I've been following that guidline. Typically wax between 500 and 700 plays, ball trails are noticeable after a couple hundred plays usually. I have 6 pins on location. With that same guideline, newer sterns have 6 balls. So i go about 1000 plays on my early 90's 3 ball pins. And gorgar is 1 ball (1979). He gets a cleaning about 1000 plays. He doesn't look dirty, but i think waxing is more important for him since its a classic playfield without a clear coat.

#4715 11 months ago

You guys scoring that high on lil dp mb. Are you on pro? If left orbit loops i could see that super jp be lucrative. Personally i haven't had a super good lil dp mb on my pro yet, but yeah i see the potential with those timed supers. Most people think its not lucrative and stack it into a mode.

#4725 11 months ago

So i host a lot of tournaments at my location so am constantly turning extra balls off and on. I am astounded that the max extra ball limit is factory set to 5. Are there more extra balls hiding anywhere? I've only ever gotten 2. The one from X amount if weapons, and I've gotten a random light extra ball from mystery award. I read someone completing both quests lights extra ball, but it doesn't do that on mine, is it really supposed to? Any others im unaware of?

#4769 11 months ago

I adjusted my snikt target so its no longer resting on the metal edge. You gotta be careful because if you move it too far in, sometimes when you shoot the katana ramp shot the ball will graze the snikt target before going up the ramp and trigger snikt. I widened the switch gap a bit today and that helped. Be sure to check your snikt switch gap also. So far its been a week and i haven't had to realign the target. I might slightly move it closer to metal rim again though if it keeps getting grazed and triggering snikt. There are 2 places you can adjust the switch. The actual target stem itself attached to the switch, or the bracket that holds the entire switch mech to the table.

I see no change in the easiness of the shot either way. It seems like a luck shot to me. I really think its due to the flippers being angled slightly lower.

1 week later
#4834 10 months ago
Quoted from mbrave77:

And its happening again today ugh. Ill dive into it more this weekend. Clean it and take closer look

See if your drop targets reset if you have side drops knock them all down in game, also knock down lil dp bank and see if they will pop up to lock the ball. I had these symptoms recently and my drop targets were struggling to reset causing the auto plunge. There's a thread i started on the drop targets with a solution if you find that's your issue.

1 week later
#4903 10 months ago
Quoted from Jimmyhonda:

So, I finally finished my chrome upgrade on my Deadpool Premium. I’ve never seen a chromed DP before. Plating done by[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

The red backbox trim bothers me now. Swap it with the machine next to it? How convenient. I think the chrome looks cool.

2 weeks later
#5068 9 months ago

I just cleaned my Deadpool Pro today and after test playing it, I had 2 balls get hung up behind the middle spinner(wolverine shot). I'm wondering if I might of broke something while cleaning, can you guys post close ups of your spinner so I can see what it's supposed to look like? Also, has anyone else had this happen? It took a few ball searches but it did eventually free it. I have not seen this in the 2000 plays or so.

EDIT: There's actually some good ones in the gallery of this thread. I wasn't sure if it's supposed to just float there but it is. I'll try cleaning and oiling up the spinner a bit.

#5069 9 months ago
Quoted from KingHebes:

So I've been having an issue where lil deadpool modes won't start all the time. The problem is the metal piece that holds the opto sensor is not level with the playfield. It looks like there is too much clear coat inbetween the metal and the wood, or they didn't cut the playfield low enough for this piece to lay flush. So the ball is getting stuck on the gap between the wood and the metal piece. This thing looks like its connected to the entire backside of the curve around the deadpool lil DP area. There isnt really a bolt underneath that i can try and crank it down tighter into the wood with. Has anyone else had this issue or found a solution?
[quoted image]

bumping this question also to see if anyone found a solution or has the same issue as well.

#5074 9 months ago

Nice, It was only happening on shots that didn't have enough power to clear the loop(and only like twice out of 9 games). Good suggestions, thanks for photos. My location is closed so I will investigate it more later.

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