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Deadpool owners club. Free chimichangas for all.

By Ericc123

11 months ago

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#77 10 months ago

LE ordered. The family is also so excited; delivery can’t come soon enough...

2 weeks later
#237 10 months ago

The pin does look very fun and fast.
I didn’t watch the entire stream; but there was one player who appeared to be hitting the right ramp quite seamlessly and there didn’t seem to be many clunky shots (which a few posters in earlier threads have referred to).
No doubt it would be nice to see more rule depth and development.
Really looking forward to playing it soon.

1 week later
#324 10 months ago

Xfassa, let’s see some pics of that beauty once you get it unloaded- you must be psyched.
Waiting (not so patiently) for my LE to arrive in Canada.
Been told mid-late September for delivery here.

#352 10 months ago

Xfassa- any further thoughts on the pin?
Are you guys hitting the Katana ramp fairly seamlessly and how do you find the current rules/code?
Game looks really sharp in your pics.

1 week later
#462 9 months ago

Congrats to all the recent LE owners.

I recently played an LE at a friend's pad and the game IMO is not nearly as clunky as the boys in the SDTM review indicate.
The left orbit to 'lift' ramp would definitely make a difference with the ball seamlessly ending up on the sword ramp returning to the right flipper.
Overall, I found the pin had good flow and had me wanting to hit the re-start button.
I was making the Katana ramp fairly regularly and found it such a satisfying shot.
I feel setting this pin up with proper pitch is likely going to make a noticeable difference (particularly for the Katana ramp).
The 3 modes and 2 quests are all fun to play.
The screen graphics were cool and the pin looks beautiful.
The pf, powder coated trim and mirror backglass & cab art all look so much better in person.
Love the inner art blades, shaker and lit speakers to boot.
I remain very excited to receive my LE.

#468 9 months ago

@ Chuckwurt, my friend indicated that his LE I played was set at around 6.7-6.8.

#566 9 months ago

That's awesome Frolic. Mine is being delivered tomorrow. Can't wait!
Enjoy your amazing birthday 'gift'.

#596 9 months ago

LE #250 in the line-up!
An absolute blast to flip.
Will post some thoughts and a brief review after some further game-play.

E23A5770-0298-448C-A48F-AF6A06C5CAF9 (resized).jpegEDA2C774-9226-4A85-BEF2-A1FE625B757C (resized).jpeg
#597 9 months ago

T-Rex and Sauron!

8B3504DC-7111-4CA2-B36B-A0F91C98DA5B (resized).jpegB183A4D1-A94D-489C-81F2-E6E07457CE5D (resized).jpeg
#599 9 months ago

After putting some additional time on the pin, our clan is loving our Deadpool LE.

Not to offend the boys at SDTM but my initial impressions are very, very different.
Gameplay does not feel clunky with our set up.
We’re currently at 6.8 and may even raise it a bit more.

Left orbit to lifting ramp is seamless and one of our favorite shots.
Left ramp is quick and clean. Not tough to hit and returns to the left flipper without any issues.
Collossus is likely the chunkiest shot yet we all found it still fun to shoot.
Scoop is straight forward and easy to hit.
We all hit the Snikt shot, ricocheting up the ramp- very cool, but not a simple shot.
Spinner, mini Dead Pool and right orbit all feel good.
Mini DP multiball is easy to start and novice players will likely target that mutiball early.

Now, on to the most controversial shot of the pin: the right Katana ramp.
This will no doubt be a divisive subject.
With a dead-stop, I found the shot mostly hittable and oh so satisfying.
At a quicker pace, it is a tougher shot on my set up, you need the right mix of angle and speed.
Both of my young sons were making the Katana ramp on a fairly regular basis. Myself, not as much when the ball was traveling at a decent speed.

Overall, the layout is unique and fresh. We have never owned a pin quite like DP.
Sounds, music and lighting are all great.

Although rules are on the shallow side, they are still engaging and the modes & quests are fun to play. I’m hopeful Stern will flush this out and provide further depth.

Raegarding visual appeal, the game is stunning.
The mirror backglass, pf/cabinet art and speckled powder coat are all impressive.
Throw in the invisiglass, lit speakers, shaker and art-blades, and there’s some nice enhancements on the LE.

The game is not a drain-monster but still requires some precision to have longer ball time.

I continue to feel pitch & set-up will be very important on how this game plays.
In a home environment this shouldn’t be an issue; but out in the wild, I can see this game being an ‘adventure’...

#635 9 months ago

Question for DP owners: I’ve just noticed that not all mini Deadpool target shots are registering.
In switch test, the softer-medium speed direct hits are registering fine.
At faster speeds, the switch doesn’t always register.
The ball bounces off the target without triggering the switch.
I’ve attached a few pics of the switch under the pf.
Im not a real techie guy and find these switches can be tough to adjust.
Any suggestions as to which pieces/actuator should be adjusted would be greatly appreciated.

Post Edit: I’ve resolved this issue.
Further different switch adjustments did the trick.

2 weeks later
#881 9 months ago

Just loaded the update and have played about 10 games since the update.
First off, our clan really enjoy this pin.
I re-leveled and reduced the pitch from 7 to 6.6 degrees. This seemed to increase our right Katana ramp shots to an even higher percentage rate.
Also changed from super bands back to regular stock rubbers and found I had better ball control.
With the new code, I had a couple of deeper games beating Sauron and getting into round 2 mode battles; however I have yet to really see much change in the animations or rules.
I can see the pf lighting has changed but that’s about it.
Ofcourse it’s tougher to watch the screen when you’re knees deep in battling the enemies.
Looking forward to further code development- still such a fun game.

#883 9 months ago

The more I play this title the more I enjoy it.
I feel that since set up and pitch are so important for the game to shoot properly, it’s likely going to result in lots of players not enjoying this pin out in the wild.
My example does not play clunky nor have many bricked shots.
I think the left orbit lift ramp on the premium/LE is a real enhancement and allows for a seamless transition on to the sword ramp to right flipper.
The lighting, music & theme are very well integrated in my opinion.
It’s not super deep like some other Stern offerings (so far) but I don’t think this takes away from the overall fun factor of the game.

1 week later
#982 8 months ago

cyberkryten: I've posted that in my opinion pitch is very important for this game to shoot properly.
I recently re-leveled and reduced the pitch from 7 to 6.6 degrees. This seemed to increase our right Katana ramp shots to an even higher percentage rate.
I also changed from super bands back to regular stock rubbers and found I had better ball control.
I haven't experienced much in the way of air balls so perhaps reducing pitch some more will help with that.
I use a digital level in measuring pitch and leveling my games. My friend often also uses the clinometer app on his iPad.

Now, waiting patiently for updated code to drop. Such a blast to play.

3 weeks later
#1144 7 months ago

Have to agree- I’ve had my DPLE for a while and haven’t experienced any airballls.
I would also recommend calling Stern support to see what they suggest.
I’ve put rubbers on the out lane post but that hasn’t altered much.
Chas at Stern is very helpful with trouble shooting.

1 week later
#1257 7 months ago

Man, I keep coming to this thread hoping for some news on a code update.
The pin is very fun but IMO needs some deeper rules and mode progression.
Don’t get me wrong, our clan is still really digging the overall gameplay.

Regarding mannymasy’s ongoing airball issues, I think the protector is likely contributing to this problem.
I’ve owned an LE for a while and have virtually no airballs.
It may be tough for Stern to problem solve this issue due to the installed pf protector.

2 weeks later
#1329 7 months ago

Awesome- really looking forward to Mechsuit multiball and Berserker Rage.

#1359 7 months ago

finisher604: although it took a while on my crapppy desk top to download the code; the actual install on the pin was only about 10 minutes or so.
Did you eventually get it to install?

#1378 6 months ago

Installed .96 last night and just upgraded to .97 this evening.
Mechsuit multiball is a blast.
Also got to see Disco multiball for the first time- our clan loved it.
Digging Berserker mode and the new animations when defeating the villains.
Overall, love the update.
IMO, an under-rated pin which requires some extra time to dial in perfectly.

#1381 6 months ago

@Lemerods: on my LE, I had to re-level and adjust the pitch a number of times to get the best desired result for the Katana ramp shot to shoot seamlessly.
My example doesn’t feel clunky as some others have reported; but IMO getting the pin properly leveled will make a difference.
Really enjoying the new code enhancements.

#1386 6 months ago

Lermods, I posted earlier that I lowered the pitch down from 7 to 6.6 and I feel our success rate on the Katana ramp is now in the 90%+ range plus all other shots seem to play so smoothly.

4 weeks later
#1600 5 months ago

Any update on next code release?

Last update added some really fun enhancements (Mechsuit multiball & Berserker).
Still really digging the game.

#1627 5 months ago

A new issue just started happening on my Deadpool:
The far left Lil Deadpool drop target sometimes stays down, sometimes stutters and other times works fine.
When I look at the mech underneath, everything seems ok, including the springs.
Has anyone else had this issue and are there any suggestions?

2 months later
#2319 3 months ago

Update looks good- can't wait to install this evening.

1 month later
#2896 65 days ago

Has anyone loaded and played the new 1.02 code yet?
Sounds like Stern has addressed the main reported bug.
Looking forward to updating this week.

1 month later
#3390 31 days ago

mcuzz: The LE is a really stunning package. IMO, you won’t regret it.
The powder coat really enhances the cabinet’s art and the mirrored backglass looks really sharp.
I think the high def glass, art blades and the lit speakers are nice add-ons as well.
With all the code updates, the pin is a blast.

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