Deadpool owners club. Free chimichangas for all.

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Deadpool owners club. Free chimichangas for all.

By Ericc123

7 months ago

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#113 6 months ago

Got my Pro coming Thursday!
I’ve never been a NIB buyer but the hand drawn art (vs crappy looking cut and paste “art”), the metal ramps and the great looking layout got me with the first look. Stern is really making awesome looking pins now.
Would have been interested in the Iron Maiden, because it’s gourgous and has metal ramps but the animations are a bit much for my family friendly house (not a bad thing, just too much for the kiddos)
I know guys have bashed the clean callouts on Deadpool, and I wouldn’t be opposed to an R rated setting, but having at least a clean setting makes it a no brainer NIB buy for me.

Got buds coming over Saturday night to put in some hours. Interested to see if it will shoot the right ramp smooth out of the box or see how Much tweaking it will take to shoot as smooth as the one in the stream they did. I’ll post my resaluts, as the ones I’ve heard about on location have been pretty hit and miss sounds like.

#122 6 months ago

Just got mine today!
Set it up as level bubble front to back and side to side.
I did not overslope it or anything, just kept it the way it was designed to be and it shoots beautifully.
I’m no great player, but I hit the lock (right ramp) multiple times, not bricked once. The only ones that missed were crappy shots on my end.
The only shot I have not hit consistently is the bounce off the “snikt” deflector up the right ramp.

One of the pop bumper contacts was to tight and machine gunning, so quick easy adjustment and fixed the issue.

Other thing that’s not a problem but kinda annoying is that they still use a fan that is louder then need be, I’ll mess with that when I can fab up a fix.

The best compliment I can give this machine is that anyony who knows me knows I’m a tightwad, rarely putting money into anything unless I can make money on it. But dropping $5,800 on this was not a cent wasted!
Freaking great game, tomorrow I’ll update it and it will do nothing but improve.

I’ll be putting in multiple hours more over the weekend before I give a real review, and I’ll update with any issues.

A6EF093C-7F8F-4740-AAC5-61CF5CB8707F (resized).jpegCB400343-AA56-466C-9F2D-78CE471A8300 (resized).jpeg
#128 6 months ago

I got my pro from Tommy at Nitro.
Nothing but good things to say about Tommy and his crew, great folks that give personalized service!

Jackofpots- did you level up your machine perfectly with the machine bubble and a level side to side? That’s all I did and mine shoots super smooth. If you did level it, i wonder if your machines guide ramps to the right ramp are slightly off?
I haven’t looked to see if they are adjustable or not.

I’m doing the code update tonight, pumped to put some more hours on it.

#172 6 months ago

150 games in and here's what I've learned. This is my first NIB Stern.

1- This game is very, very, sensitive to pitch and level. About 75 games in I releveled it because the rear levelers had loosened and lowered and threw the pitch off just enough to mess up the Katana ramp shot.

2- When first starting the game I needed to adjust one sling shot that's contacts were to tight causing it to machine gun.

3- When first starting the game I had to fix one BAM! rollover that was misadjusted to get it to register balls.

4- The playfield is already dimpled way beyond what I every would have thought is normal. It looks like it has acne scars. In comparison I've got a 26 year old Getaway sitting next to it whos playfield has less dimples, this is really disappointing.

5- After 140 games the "battle scope" switch screws backed out. One fell into the cabinet, the other was just loose. reinstalled screw and it works perfect again.

6- I still don't know what the BAM! rollovers accomplish???

The Good, That In My Mind Makes Up For The Bad

1- Even after these few issues I consider this one of the funnest pinballs I have ever played. The rules are easy to understand for most of my casual playing friends, but still a real challenge to accomplish them.

2- The visual of the fight scenes on the LED screen brings everyone hanging out around the game into it with the player.

3- I love that there are critical shots all over the playfield requiring good shots from both flippers.

4- The Katana ramp is a challenge, but if every shot were stupid easy like the battle scoop then the game would be a lot worst in my opinion. I like having a couple shots on any game that make you feel like you earned them when you get them perfect. Also allowing two ways to get the Katana ramp is awesome! I suck at hitting the "Snikt" shot but the handful of times I've hit it are awesome.

5- I'm sure the code will get polished with updates, the only thing missing is selectable "R" rated callouts. I don't need them but pretty much all of my buds thought the callouts were a bit vanilla for Deadpool.

So far I see this game as an amazing home owners machine and at best a pretty finicky location machine. If you have a route operator who only looks at his games every 1,000 games then this thing is not gonna be a lot of fun to play out of level, since it drastically changes the makability of the Katana shot.

Only thing that I'm disappointed with is the dimples all over the playfield. I have no idea if this is normal for Sterns or if I got a lousy playfield?

Overall crazy fun game that everyone should try, if setup well it's awesome!

3 (resized).JPG
#174 6 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Normal. Dozens of threads on this. Any new game now a days is like this. Even worse on ones that get lists of airballs.

That's a bummer. I do automotive collision repair and to me it looks like they either used a very soft clearcoat or it didn't have enough time to setup and harden.

#177 6 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Also your car isn’t being hit with pinballs at high rates of speed. Haha

True, but even with car finishes you can get different levels of hardness with clear coat.
What’s on the play field feels like soft, catalyst free, lacquer clearcoat.
Maybe using a soft clear is on purpose, it would be much less likely to chip when soft.
Might just be a trade off of dimples compared to chips.

Either way not the end of the world for me.
Deadpool is still easliy my favorite game!

#285 6 months ago
Quoted from Lermods:

What kind of scores are people putting up? My high is 214 mil, my son just put up 210 mil.

My high so far is 187 mil and my friend got 197 mil. On my machine.
Hopefully I’ll be beating those tonight.

#303 6 months ago
Quoted from jeep-mustang:

My high so far is 187 mil and my friend got 197 mil. On my machine.
Hopefully I’ll be beating those tonight.

Just won my GC back from my friend!
I feel like I own my machine again.

5773FDA2-89BB-461B-8F73-135DE0F97F99 (resized).jpeg
#367 6 months ago
Quoted from T-800:

Anyone have definitive advice on fixing the right ramp rejects other than pitch and level? Getting really tired of having fast smooth shots go through the path only to get rejected over half the time instead of going up the ramp. Shot is so fast it's really hard to tell what it's smacking into and if it's usually the same obstacle or not...

My game does shoot very smoothly.
But even with that, just because I hit the lower enterance to the right ramp does not mean it’s always going to make it.
I did pull the glass off and shot the ramp by hand from as close to the same location as possible each time and the shot flowed 100% of the time.
There is a lot of geometry going on with a huge amount of variables with ball bounce and what location it leaves the flipper at when shooting with the flipper.
On mine if I hit the lower guides too fast the ball will bounce between the guides making it rattle in the guide and does not make it. Hitting the lower guide at a medium speed seems to be the golden ticket.
It is a hard shot to make correctly. Some machines might be better then others.

This guy slightly tweaked his guide ramp to improve his shots. His post is half way down the page.
Because my machine is so great it’s a bummer hearing others not making the shots, with some adjustments on poorly setup machines it can shoot amazingly!
After playing a good one I’m sure you’ll dig this game.

#368 6 months ago

That’s a post I made earlier, trying to answer another fellas katana ramp issues.
I’ve come to expect a super fast shot that looks smooth to not make it because it bounces between the guides on mine.
Might be different on other machines though.

Look at the other guys post where he bent his guide and vastly improved his game.

#385 6 months ago

Just installed Tilt Graphics art blades.
It’s well worth the $88 to fill the color void and really helps complete the look of the pro.

And yes I already tore the top right side decal. Putting the play field down after working on it, not being carful, duh.

46936F96-609F-41F1-AAE2-6B0EBD5B8A08 (resized).jpeg57A391BF-4FC9-4CB1-A7E2-AA59767FDCDE (resized).jpeg85BB6E03-CCB0-4C80-A687-B0C712A51218 (resized).jpeg
#414 6 months ago
Quoted from jgentry:

Any one have a rules sheet made out yet? Trying to figure everything out.

Here’s a pretty good layout of the rules-

#437 6 months ago
Quoted from PinballZach:

Hey guys! Quick question. Is it worth updating to .84 yet? I heard that some people were having their game restart right in the middle of a ball with the .84 code. Should I go ahead with the update or just wait for the supposed bug to be resolved?

Since updating to .84 I have had one reset, which only happened with a ball trapped and flipping through the instant info. So if you avoid that then they did update a few things with lildeadpool and the 4th wall animations that are fun.

But overall they didn’t change enough to the code to make it a need to update if ya don’t want to till the next drop.

#440 6 months ago

The snikt shot is very Makeable from the left flipper.
When I’m trying To hit it I get 1 out of every 10 try’s.
The misses aren’t because the shot doesn’t work but mainly because I’m not very good with my shot placement. When I miss it normally goes around the Wolverine loop (building towards team up), which is great anyway, and feeds back to the left flipper to try again.

Funny that I can backhand the left ramp from the left flipper way easier then hitting it from what looks like an easy shot from the right flipper.

1 week later
#563 5 months ago
Quoted from Valyrian_Stahl:

#349 has arrived!
[quoted image]

Dang that’s a good looking machine! Every time you guys post your LE pictures it gets me thinking I need to upgrade from pro to LE.

Enjoy it, I’m over 300 games in and still really digging it.

#588 5 months ago
Quoted from heyitsjoebob:

Ok, so I'm settling in after one week with Deadpool, and have some questions about my first pinball machine.
I've picked up new fancy balls, rubber feet for the legs, and am ordering a Pinstadium. What else do I need? Are plastic protectors, Titan rubbers, or anything else necessary to keep it nice?

One thing I did, is installed a plastic protector set (found by several venders on pinside) when installing it I removed the large metal washers under the kicker plastics (down by the flippers).
Not sure if it’s an issue but was thinking those hard metal washer may put nicks in the balls which would make the ball chew at the play field quicker.

I also installed the side art blades, but that’s just a preference.

#603 5 months ago
Quoted from trk12fire:

My Pro came in. Love it! My eject hole switch only works 75% of the time (for enemy select). What's the fix, bend the switch up? I tried that and it doesn't seem to help. Any suggestions?

It’s been very common for the screws to back out.
One screw fell out of mine and the other loosened, it was doing exactly what your describing when the screws were loose.
Hopes it’s an easy fix for ya.

#604 5 months ago

When I said screws, I mean the screws that hold the switch to the the bottom of the scoop.

#686 5 months ago
Quoted from Mahoyvan:

Anyone know what the deal is with Juggernaught?
If select him first, no shots are lit until I make 5 random shots.
Glitch? Or where am i supposed to shoot?

You have to hit the all of the “dead” or “pool” shots.
That gets him to crash you through the wall and knocks him senseless. After that the the heavy damage shots (ramps and loops) are lit.
I’m not sure if 5 random shots will get him to knock you through a wall as well, knocking him senseless, and lighting heavy damage shoots?

I normally get the wolverine team up lit and spend the whole battle shooting for the “snikt” shot.
If I miss the snikt it will go up the wolverine loop, causing team up wolverine, and does double damage so he normally ends up dead and I get the 2x or 3x multiplier.

1 week later
#791 5 months ago
Quoted from mannymasy:

In this video you clearly see the defects on the board ... happens to you? Thank you

Mine started off with a glass fine finish, 350 games in and it’s looking a lot like the game in the video (not as bad yet, but mine will get there)

1 week later
#925 4 months ago
Quoted from wdpvideo:

Yes it is what color? lol

I don’t know the color for sure, but looks like translucent red clear over the standard chrome wire form.
Using translucent (clear) with red tint over chrom gives a “depth” because the shine is coming from the chrome under the multiple layers of red.

2 months later
#1584 61 days ago
Quoted from Parzival:

Got my LE today! Are custom free play cards available anywhere?

I’ve been using these ones another pinsider made.

#1585 61 days ago

Several guys have made free play cards.
You can look through the image gallery for this thread and I think there’s at least three different styles guys have made.

#1591 60 days ago
Quoted from Ferrone:

Hi Gang,
Has anyone had issues with little Deadpool 3 bank drop targets? The ball gets stuck behind them and won’t release for the multiball when hitting the targets! I did an opto switch test, coil drop target test, checked pin plugs and all is good, can seem to find the problem? Got me stumped! Is it software related maybe?

I’m pretty sure someone had a similar issues many many posts ago. I think it had to do with adjusting where the drop target bank was under the playfield. I think the drops were hanging up on the edge of the playfield, or something like that?
I have not had this issue just thinking back to someone else’s post.

1 month later
#1939 17 days ago
Quoted from mjs2:

Anyone know why the new code download would be failing? Clarify, the download from the web is failing at 1.70 GB spot then times out and says file not valid.
Disregard. Downloaded on Mac but now have to transfer to pc to transfer to usb drive.

I had trouble if using enternet explorer, kept stopping download.
Firefox downloaded perfect and much quicker.

1 week later
#2067 5 days ago
Quoted from amkoepfer:

Havent looked at the readme file on the changes with the new code, but has anyone else had problems with the auto launch not getting the ball all the way around? It stalls right about at the gate and its up in the air which way it will come down

They set the auto launch to be softer in the new code, so during multiball auto launch balls won’t hit, and interrupt, balls that you flip up the disco loop.
You can adjust the it in setting if prefer them coming all the way around the loop, but I like having them drop in the pops, helps build the end of ball multiplier.

#2071 5 days ago
Quoted from mozach:

Actually they changed it so the upper left gate is closed during MB auto launch so the ball can drop in the pops. They didn’t the auto launch strength.

Yup, you are correct.
I was getting mixed up with what several guys on here posted about, (and what I ended up doing before the code update) softening the auto plunge to drop it in the pops.
Closing the gate has the same effect, but you are right they didn’t soften the auto plunge.
Sorry for my misinfo on that.

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