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Deadpool owners club. Free chimichangas for all.

By Ericc123

1 year ago

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Post #270 Troubleshooting the Katana ramp shot Posted by chuckcasey (1 year ago)

Post #385 Tilt Graphics art blades - installed with photos Posted by jeep-mustang (1 year ago)

Post #414 Deadpool Rulesheet - 1.02 Posted by jeep-mustang (1 year ago)

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Post #638 Cliffy's - Installed with photos Posted by cpr9999 (1 year ago)

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#213 1 year ago
Quoted from Ericc123:

At the moment I'm going to say no, but I really want to see that disco ball in action before I can pass final judgement. I can't imagine it's $1,700 cool though and I prefer the art on the pro.

I also prefer the art on the Pro but thought that the drop targets and left orbit returned to the flipper might be worth the extra money for the Premium.

Would love to hear more opinions on the differences

#282 1 year ago

I'm in the club! Delivery on Friday. Very excited, it's my first pin!

#306 1 year ago

I think that Maiden might earn better if your location caters to "pinball people", and Deadpool will earn better for casual passerbys in a movie theater waiting for a movie to start. As others have said, that assumption is just based on theme.

Once the quarters (or dollar) drops, both games are real fun.

#406 1 year ago
Quoted from Jakenjoi:

Wow that's awesome. That's like making the Gem shot banked off the Tron target but even harder. I love it!

When I was considering buying this machine I was really worried about that shot and the "regular way" to hit the katana ramp. My son (10 yo) and I played a bunch of games at my local comic book store and he was able to hit both shots just flailing away. That sealed it for me - the shots are hard, but not impossible and very satisfying when you hit them.

#466 1 year ago

I've heard a lot of loose screws stories. Mine comes tonight, I'll be going over as much as I can to make sure we're all tight and happy

#496 1 year ago

Just got my Pro! Everything is running great and the katana shot is smooth as butter. I did have an issue with the Boom button switch being activated constantly, but a little bending of the switch corrected that.

Very happy with it so far!

#551 1 year ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

Has anyone put the missing rubbers on the outlane posts? Or is it better to leave off for faster play?
Also, pinball instruction cards - any custom ones out yet?

I put them on thinking it might make the game a little easier for my son, because this thing flies. Honestly I don't think it's made much difference, I outline drain a lot still.

#583 1 year ago

Ok, so I'm settling in after one week with Deadpool, and have some questions about my first pinball machine.

I've picked up new fancy balls, rubber feet for the legs, and am ordering a Pinstadium. What else do I need? Are plastic protectors, Titan rubbers, or anything else necessary to keep it nice?

1 week later
#745 1 year ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

-obvious paths to success (start with Sabretooth)

Let's discuss this!
I always choose my opponent based on where I'm at in the game. I prefer to face Juggernaut with a multiball close, Mystique with a team up lit for an extra shot, and Sabertooth when neither of those are available.

To be fair, I'm not a super accurate player, and my ramp and orbits rattle a lot so I'm not usually taking out multiple battles in a single ball. But I feel like it's the best strategy. How do you guys attack it?

1 week later
#880 1 year ago

My favorite way to start a game used to be holding the left flipper on plunge, hit the right orbit to start the truck, then hit the right katana ramp for super skill shot. That doesn't work with the new code - looks like there's a time delay after plunge on the orbit. Kind of a crap way to prevent the short plunge cheese if you ask me.

Otherwise, loving the new callouts and expanded battle modes. Great update!

#948 1 year ago

I've pretty consistently hit glass hard when going up the left ramp. Hops right over the plastic, hits glass, then the hammock Deadpool.

Doesn't happen every time by any means, but enough it makes me nervous.

1 week later
#1009 1 year ago

You can get Add-A-Ball as a mystery award during ninja multiball, which explains how you might have gotten that 4th ball.
That's as many as I've ever had, but I've never gotten to the Sinister multiball.

#1021 1 year ago

Rings on, have not moved the posts. Still have some factory scores on the board, so the difficulty is fine for our home.

#1039 1 year ago

My left orbit spinner never "rips", most I'll get is one or two rotations, sometimes the ball will go under without spinning the spinner at all. Other times it sort of clunks. Is there a way to adjust it at all?

3 weeks later
#1225 1 year ago
Quoted from mannymasy:

I do not have problems with the dimples because I have the protector. My problem is the balls in the air and the blows received by the ramp of lambre because of these balls, in addition to the balls that jump in the middle of a partica over the slingshot

Are you certain that you didn't cause whatever issues you may be experiencing? Play field protector, adding washers to change the height of slingshots, etc...that's a lot of physical modifications right out of the gate. I've played 3 Pros and an LED and airballs are not any more common than any other pin I've played.

A week ago somebody suggested you call Stern. What did they say?

#1232 1 year ago

Stern posted on Facebook that their games have Easter eggs hidden if you play in certain days, times, or certain lengths of time.

Anyone know of any for Deadpool yet?

1 week later
#1283 1 year ago
Quoted from BeeGeeMtl:

Anyone have issues with their BOOM button? I purchased my Pro Deadpool pin about 2 months ago, and last week the BOOM button started getting "stuck" (it would take time to "pop" back up). Then within 2 days, it got stuck altogether. Took it back to the dealer and he said "We've never had to replace a button before" (guilt trip) but they went ahead and gave me the one from the showroom.
I took it home, put it on my pin and it worked just fine. For 2 days. Today I noticed it is getting "stuck" again.
Any advice?

I had an issue where the switch below was pushed up a little too high so when I locked the bar down, it was pressing the button constantly. Posted about it somewhere in this thread.

Pull off the lockdown bar and fiddle with the button. If it's moving without resistance, then you know it's the switch. My guess is maybe it's not aligned just right so it's not giving your Boom button the tiny push it needs to pop back up.

#1313 1 year ago
Quoted from Mahoyvan:

Anyone wanna shed some light on their strategies at this point?
Obviously to get to the wizard mode you need to just not suck and beat everyone, but, what's your route for blowin' the game up?
How do you play or utilize your multiballs? Any stacks?
I haven't really focused on trying to high score my game, rather just go with the flow, battling it out, and that's that.

I'm not very skilled, but I do try a few things.
I try and stack Lil Deadpool multiball with Juggernaut. Both of the other Villians just need you to be able to hit the shots.
It might be wise to cancel out of battles unless you have a scoring team up.
Get some chimichangas on ball 1, you want that bonus score at the end of the ball.
Never shoot at the little Deadpool, it's really dangerous.

#1345 1 year ago
Quoted from Thrillhouse:

Is anyone else having a problem with the villian progression with the new code? I beat Mystique on my first go around but couldn't get the scoop to relight the villians afterward. I completed the DEAD standups at least 4 times while not in any other mode. Mine is a pro btw.

I have the Pro too, did not have your problem.
I did get a ball "lost" locked in the mini Deadpool when kicking off his multiball. That was a new one for me, not sure if it was related to this code.

#1353 1 year ago

Anyone seeing weird lighting issues, like the 5x multiplier and the skill shot lane lights blinking oddly at the wrong times?

Not sure if my Pinstadium made something screwy or if it's this code.

#1362 1 year ago
Quoted from titanpenguin:

Does there really need to be a pinstadium plug in every single thread?

Technically it's unplugged right now while I try to figure out what I did to cause the lighting glitches.

#1399 1 year ago
Quoted from Mahoyvan:

Ok so I noticed a few posts from some of you saying you finally got to disco multi ball, and I didn’t think much of it because I thought hey, maybe the game is brand new to you.
But the posts keep coming... i have stock settings running, and my disco starts after the second shot. Its kind of a pain actually cuz it starts before i even light Dazzler and I wanna get battling.
Does everyone have their settings different for that mode??

On my machine, the left spinner bracket was bent slightly, causing the spinner to hang crooked, and nobody was ripping it ever. After I adjusted it, I generally get disco after the 3rd or 4th orbit. Regular settings.

2 weeks later
#1532 1 year ago
Quoted from melumga:

Woohoo! Finally joined The Billion Club tonight! My strategy was to hit all the blinky things and not drain so quickly.
[quoted image]

I gotta try that strategy. Can't break the 700mil barrier using my current method (flailing wildly).

2 weeks later
#1676 1 year ago

Anyone having issues with the mini Deadpool drop targets not staying up?
Most of my games begin with a triple-pump of the mech that pushes them up, and about half of the time they'll all stand up.
But when it comes time to trap the ball for lil-Deadpool multiball, the rightmost target consistently drops itself over and over.

Here's a video of what I'm talking about:

Is there something I can do to fix this? I noticed it happening on the Deadpool on location nearby as well...maybe it's intentional?

1 week later
#1711 1 year ago

Just thought I'd follow up based on the issues I've faced.

I had a lot of wacky playfield lighting issues, such as the Villians, BOOM lane, and multiplier lights flashing at the wrong times. A new lighting board resolved that.

My far right Lil Deadpool drop target refused to stay up. Adding a washer to the mech behind the ledge fixed that right up.

My scoop was also spitting out the ball without giving me credit for hitting it. I found that the tiny screw in the switch had fallen out and it was dangling down. Easy fix and all is right.

Feels good being back at 100%! Now I just need to retake GC with the new code.

#1716 1 year ago
Quoted from speederice:

I've had some similar lighting issues with my machine as well. Did you need a new node board?

The (wonderful) guy at Stern called them lighting boards.
Specifically, they were the boards under the playfield with circuitry and the LEDs in the bottom center (Ball save, x Multipliers, Villains), as well as the right side that lights the POOL targets.

2 months later
#2351 1 year ago

Played a couple of quick games yesterday on the new code, and man it's great.
I swear the right orbit is easier to hit now!

It's VERY satisfying to hit the Snikt and follow up immediately with a Mechsuit or Disco multiball. Such a fun game.

With all of the hubub about new machines, I start to think about trying to sell, but this game is so much fun to play it wins me over again each time I start to want to explore what's next.

#2368 1 year ago

I flipped a few Pro's and Premiums tonight at MGC. One had the katana tails, may have been an LE. I wanted to gauge how my Pro at home stood up to these NIB's from Marco.

All of them are MUCH faster than mine at home, especially the Premium. Balls zipped right through the lanes past me more than once. My timing was off, but my aim was fine. None of the machines today rejected good ramp or orbit shots. I got a Ninja Multiball on ball 2 of the 1st game I played on a pro here.

Both feel good to me. I like my Pro just fine. I wish I had the Disco loops but for me the couple thousand dollars are better saved up for the next game I want.

#2377 1 year ago
Quoted from Mahoyvan:

What are katana tails?

Whoops! Katana rails.

1 week later
#2533 1 year ago

For those who have been playing since early code...

Anyone else struggling now to get team ups? I used to start battles with a Wolverine and one of the orbits just by flailing...now I'm cancelling out of a battle or two just waiting to get a helper.

A typical game last night:
Ball 1 mostly wasted, defeated Jugg with Colossus and spent the Lil DP Multiball. Drain at about 70M.
Ball 2 triggers Ninja and Disco multiballs, probably a katanarama, definitely extra ball, but no battles. Long ball, draining out at the 400M mark or so.
Extra Ball I trigger a battle, disappointed that my only teamup is an orbit. Take T-Rex instead, drain out in that fight after a bad fall out of the Lil DP target
Ball 3 finishing up T Rex, Mechsuit Multiball, draining out at 700M or so.

I'm guessing the teamups just don't progress during all of the modes that are running for me mid-game. It's like early code was all battles, and now the code over corrected onto the side of only modes. Anyone else feeling this?

I miss my easy Mystique battles!!

#2602 1 year ago
Quoted from HighProtein:

Who else is thoroughly amused when they bonus score is 10!?

I somehow landed a 00 Ninja Multiball score yesterday. Was not amused

2 weeks later
#2908 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinzap:

I have noticed that most of the time the right orbit doesn't
register for a couple seconds after the plunge, so maybe this is
it. Personally, I understand not counting the right orbit switches
on a plunge, but the timeout delay should really be set to like a
quarter or half second because it's quite possible to hit that
right orbit again immediately off the plunge and I'd certainly like
to get credit for it. I'm hoping they fix this if possible.

Not sure if someone else responded to this, but that made that
change in early code because people were short plunging in a way to
get a cheap chimichanga.

Hopefully 1.02 got found the happy medium

1 week later
#3007 1 year ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

Just my opinion DP is better

The DP theme is more relevant today, the art package is subjective but my vote would be DP, the music and sound would be hard to argue on the side of Wonka, and the Premium DP has just as much in terms of mechs as the Wonka.

The games play entirely differently. I'm guessing my kids would enjoy the slower, easier Wonka gameplay more than they do my Deadpool...but they won't get a Wonka in my basement to compare

1 week later
#3214 1 year ago
Quoted from pinupgirl1975:

Hey guys,
Deadpool is next on our list for pinblades...
How do you think we should make them?

I like your inner art blades a lot. Your style really expands the existing playfield art rather than putting up walls around it. Your Dialed In work, for example, is top notch. That's what I think you should be inspired by for Deadpool.
I've been eyeing other art blades but haven't pulled the trigger yet. If Powerblades are on your roadmap, I'm definitely in.

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