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Deadpool owners club. Free chimichangas for all.

By Ericc123

1 year ago

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#3921 58 days ago
Quoted from gumnut01:

[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

How do you like the "Boom" shooter plate from Tilted? Haven't seen a lot of pictures with it on a machine and was wondering about how the colors and everything matched with the cabinet.

#3950 55 days ago
Quoted from newovad:

Might just be me (and/or my colorblindness) but I like the look of the standard yellow Stern cards on my Deadpool. coindropper made some really neat ones but thought I'd try my hand instead of making more requests with his free time.[quoted image][quoted image]

Thank you! I love how the lines follow the angles of the machine. The simplicity of this is awesome since there is already so much amazing art on this one. What program are you using to do this?

#3958 53 days ago

Just got the premium yesterday and loving my first pin! My only issue is the boom button isn’t registering. I’ve confirmed this through diagnostics. Is there something I should look at mainly for connecting? It’s not supposed to touch the led for the button when pressed is it? (Mine doesn’t).

#3964 53 days ago
Quoted from vireland:

Check the switch stack for the button in the center under the lockdown bar. Likely the switch leaves are too close together (always making contact) or too far apart (never making contact). Adjust. Then with the lockdown bar still off, go into switch test mode and make sure it's working, THEN replace the glass and the lockdown bar and do a final test.

You’re awesome! Could bend the switch leaf (was always making contact) without even taking the glass off and fixed in a minute. You saved me a ton of time. Working now thanks!

#3985 52 days ago

Made a few comic book style cards and 1 movie card for fun. Thought I'd post here if anyone wanted to use also.

DeadpoolPinball (resized).pngDeadpoolPinball2 (resized).pngDeadpoolPinball3 (resized).pngDeadpoolPinball4 (resized).pngDeadpoolPinball5 (resized).pngDeadpoolPinball6 (resized).png
#3992 51 days ago

What are you toughest shots? Top 3?

1. Dazzler shot
2. Snikt shot
3. Katana on the right orbit

I can’t make the Dazzler shot what am I doing wrong?!

1 week later
#4051 43 days ago
Quoted from atrainn:

Just make sure you put washers under the katana shot guide so you don't get a huge gouge in your playfield like I did .
Post 3865 on Page 78

This is probably a really stupid/nit picky question but is there a preference of nylon or neoprene washers for this fix?

#4065 42 days ago
Quoted from mbelofsky:

My modified attempt. I kept the first tie around the toes. Was at Starbucks and noticed a women wearing a shoe with the straps tied around her legs several times. I decided to add a second tie that criss-crosses around the back of the leg and then loops around the front.
Looking at the other foot, now he has two matching ties.
[quoted image]

Looks like you have a few mods there. I see at least 3. Looking good!

#4077 40 days ago

I had the brilliant idea of doing the washer fix without a nut driver. All the sudden adding a few washers was making me take way too much of the table apart to be able to fit my wrench in. Lesson learned that I need the right tools for job! I eventually gave up and hopefully put everything back the way it was but will be back asap. Putting that sensor of this area back together was much tougher without disassembling the pop bumpers!

#4090 39 days ago
Quoted from arcadem:

Just joined the club. I ordered a DP premium today. Very excited. It will have Stern's Topper, Kitana side armor, and shooter knob. Can anyone suggest any other 'must have mods' and what "preventative measures should I implement once I get it? Thanks in advance for all suggestions.

You’re going to love it congrats! Not really a mod but I added a 3.75” Colossus figurine off eBay that I love. Put it where he goes on the Pro and fits perfectly. No shaker?!

#4116 34 days ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Art blades or mirror blades on DP Pre?

I went with Stern art blades and love them. Some say they're too red but the premium is almost entirely blue on the outside so I don't think it's a big deal. There are so many mechanical and metal pieces on the sides where you'd be see the reflection I didn't like the thought of mirror blades for this one.

#4119 34 days ago
Quoted from fissionch1ps:

Got some pictures? I’m still deciding on blades on mine.

Not the best pictures but here are a few with it turned on and off. Don't judge the score! Pictures from the night I got it. Most of my pictures seem to be so I can remember how to put it back together while doing the washer fix.

Attachment-1 (1) (resized).jpegAttachment-1 (2) (resized).jpegAttachment-1 (3) (resized).jpegAttachment-1 (resized).jpeg
#4123 34 days ago
Quoted from fissionch1ps:

Any thoughts on the shaker?

If I only did one upgrade it would be for the shaker. Best bang for your buck and well implemented in Deadpool. Not over or under used. Just right.

#4144 32 days ago

I'm not sure I've seen any reports of pooling on Deadpool. I'm guessing these playfields were printed and coated a long time ago even if they were assembled recently. Only issue I've seen in this group is the scraping at the Katana guide which can be fixed with the washers.

#4187 27 days ago
Quoted from awesome1:

Part of the issue making the right orbit is this bracket sticks out quite a bit on my machine. Anyone else's like this?
Looks like the bracket spans the entire width of the game if I want to remove it and bend it towards the side some... looks like it will still be thick and the ball will hit it. May have to come up with something to "smooth" it over a bit to reduce ball rejections.[quoted image]

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but yes you probably need to figure out how to bend that back against the side. Mine is perfectly flush and I’ve never had one issue in that area.

2 weeks later
#4256 13 days ago

Has anyone ever had issues with their metal lock bar being so tight that it drags down the art decal a little when putting it back on? Do you recommend I try to bend the lockbar a little or will this make the black paint chip on the lockbar?

#4259 13 days ago
Quoted from Gumby510:

Did this on mine a bit. Just have to be careful putting it on. It’s doing it on the left side.

Yep mine is on the left too! Have to put the lockbar in while pushing to the right to avoid damage to the decal. Might put a bit of vinyl tape right there so it slides over without damaging more.

#4287 9 days ago
Quoted from Gryszzz:

I beat Sabretooth a couple times, but nobody else. How do you guys rank them in terms of ease of beating?

From easiest to hardest Sabretooth, Juggernaut, and then Mystique. I play them in that order unless I have a close Lil' Deadpool multiball in which case I'd go with Juggernaut. The multiball is a huge help on Juggernaut since the low side pop bumper shots are dangerous for drains. With mystique, you really have to be shooting accurately. I've beaten all of them a few times and always a little disappointed there isn't more celebration after beating the third guy.

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