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Deadpool owners club. Free chimichangas for all.

By Ericc123

2 years ago

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Post #264 Disco Ball (for Pro machines) by Lermods Posted by Lermods (2 years ago)

Post #270 Troubleshooting the Katana ramp shot Posted by chuckcasey (2 years ago)

Post #385 Tilt Graphics art blades - installed with photos Posted by jeep-mustang (2 years ago)

Post #414 Deadpool Rulesheet - 1.02 Posted by jeep-mustang (2 years ago)

Post #544 Post Rubbers wearing Posted by HighProtein (2 years ago)

Post #638 Cliffy's - Installed with photos Posted by cpr9999 (2 years ago)

Post #646 Bright silver powdercoat for Katana Posted by Robertstone0407 (2 years ago)

Post #725 External Subwoofer Hook-up Posted by _xizor (2 years ago)

Post #889 Deadpool "HELLHOUSE" villains lair by The Mod Couple Posted by Yelobird (2 years ago)

Post #894 Comet GI lighting upgrade - installed with photos Posted by Melhadmj (1 year ago)

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#2091 1 year ago
Quoted from Stones:

Just bought the premium. Got it set up tonight. This game is fakking awesome! The code, light show, the music, disco multiball ....
Best Stern purchase yet!

Niiiice! Mine should be on its way to me!

#2098 1 year ago
Quoted from marksf123:

I am thinking about moving out 2 games in my collection - MB and BSD and replacing with Star Wars Premium and Deadpool Premium. Thoughts?

I personally think Iron Maiden is a much better game than SW, but I know people really like SW for some reason We have a SW at our location and I just can't get into it. Maiden is one of my favorite pins ever.

#2131 1 year ago

Mine showed up today. Unfortunately I am really sick so can't really enjoy it yet, but it is here for when I feel better. The cab is beautiful on this version.

image_from_ios_1024 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#2165 1 year ago

Had my first two billion point games tonight. This one was slightly higher that the other one. Two completely different games though. This GC game I was one shot away from completing every mode. The other game was all Mech Suit and Disco Multiballs with 4x playfield multiplier

Fun game.

image_from_ios_720 (resized).jpg
#2167 1 year ago
Quoted from crussell:

Joined the 1B club tonight as well. Half of it was mechsuit
[quoted image]

Beat me by a million

#2172 1 year ago
Quoted from Audioenslaved:

Contemplating a deadpool pro + T2 or a deadpool Le... not sure which way to fall does the mirror ball add much same with the ramp?

I played the pro a lot at TPF and I feel the extra ramp adds a ton to the game on the premium. The mirror ball not so much. The drops make it play differently as well. I am very happy with the decision to go with the premium if only for the left orbit shot alone.

#2178 1 year ago

I didn’t have 4x solid, just hit the shot enough to get it during both mb.

#2179 1 year ago

If anybody has an extra pro translite for sale at a reasonable price, let me know. I prefer it to the premium translite.

#2192 1 year ago

Just got to Mr. Sinister and proceeded to drain after making two shots. RIP

#2197 1 year ago
Quoted from mbrave77:

On the bright side the last few days I have finally found the sweet spot for hitting snkkt shots. So Im trying to time my multiballs around them.

I can only seem to hit mine on a flying shot on a ball bouncing to the left flipper. The flipper doesn’t seem strong enough to hit the shot completely from a cradle.

#2204 1 year ago

Has anybody done powder coated armor on their premium yet? Trying to figure out what color would look good.

#2213 1 year ago

Yeah the stern ones are pretty crappy, but that scoop takes a lot of abuse. Any guard is going to get bent up.

#2214 1 year ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

I coated this one for a customer. If your interested contact me and we can work something out
[quoted image][quoted image]

Thanks for the pics. Not crazy about the red on the premium.

#2218 1 year ago

Got art blades from Tilt Graphics installed today. Very easy install and they look really good on this machine IMO. I usually do mirror blades in most of my games, but I thought I would try something different on this one. I like it.

image_from_ios (resized).jpgimage_from_ios_1024 (resized).jpg
#2225 1 year ago

Found it interesting there is a metal protector on a metal rail

#2250 1 year ago
Quoted from Stones:

I was just catching up on the thread...I have to agree. I called JJ at Game Exchange...they quoted 80.00 bucks. I may order one......

Thanks for the info Steve. That $80 shipped?

#2256 1 year ago

I second the Tilt Graphics art blades. Very high quality.

Is there a point award for the Ninjapocalypse combo? All I ever see is the animation but i can never catch how much it is worth. Really funny animation btw.

1 week later
#2356 1 year ago
Quoted from Blackzarak:

One questions for all the pro and premium owners Im debating getting the premium or pro? Just want to know what's more bang for your buck is it worth getting the premium or just save the money and go with the pro? I personally like the pro art better but not sure how the gameplay between the both is better any help will be appreciated.

Do you like hitting full orbit shots or do you like pop bumpers a lot? I personally would miss the disco loops too much if I didn’t have it.

That said most people that bought a pro will tell you go with that and people that bought the premium will likely say go with that.

#2387 1 year ago
Quoted from stevebighead:

Hey Deadpool owners, about to spring for a premium but still considering Iron Maiden. Any of you out there own both that like Deadpool better?

I own both. I love both games equally but they are very different. Iron Maiden is a deeper game and more challenging but I have just as much fun playing Deadpool. If I had to only keep one it would probably be Maiden, but I would miss Deadpool terribly. I don't think you can go wrong with either one.

1 week later
#2450 1 year ago
Quoted from pinhacker71:

Here’s the “ribbing” on mine. Stern seems to think it is acceptable. They have not responded to any emails. Doesn’t affect gameplay but bothers me.
[quoted image]

Many Sterns and CPR playfields have been this way for years now. Not all of them mind you, but a lot. Seems to be the luck of the draw anymore.

#2454 1 year ago
Quoted from V_piscopo:

From left flipper cradle, what percentage would you throw out that you successfully land the kitana shot? And from right cradle (or fast shot) what percentage would you throw out that you hit a successful dp/col shot? I'm getting a lot of bounce back from do/col shot and a lot of short shots on kitana ramp. I'm at 6.6 and have also tried 6.8. I can usually hit katana ramp on the fly but not from cradle.......but also I suck at pinball.

Key to the Katana ramp is hitting the right side of the entrance. If you hit the middle of or left part of the entrance it will never go up the ramp as it changes the angle as it hits the back part of the curve instead of gliding along it.

#2455 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

It's MUCH more prevalent on Sterns now. MUCH. And before they used to give you a replacement. Now you get an "as designed" line and no replacement. More Stern cost-cutting, this time on PF wood and prep comes home to roost. At least the craters will eventually make it less the focus of attention...

I guess we have been lucky. We have bought 6 NIB Sterns over the last couple of years and haven't gotten a 'ribbed' playfield. I have known people that have though.

That said, I have 2 CPR playfields that are ribbed.

#2486 1 year ago

Welp, I know I am buying extra switches on my next PBL order. Might as well be proactive about it.

#2545 1 year ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

All I gotta say is what a bad ass game! Snikt shot might be my new favorite shot in pinball even though I only have about a 5% success rate hahaha.
Loving the premium features so far, but had to go with the pro translite. [quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Nice, I need to get a Pro translite for mine.

1 week later
#2715 1 year ago
Quoted from Bazzy34:

From what I remember, the model matrix sheet (comparing Pro/Premium/LE) didn’t show the Premium having RGB, but it does have RGB lighting right?

It has red and white in the GI. Not controlled afaik.

3 weeks later
#3164 1 year ago
Quoted from Stones:

Yea, I vote premium too

Anybody want to buy one?

#3182 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

Joining the club Weds. Played this game when it first launched and thought cool unique layout but the code didn't sit well. Fast forward played it recently and loved it. Looks like they brought it all together and even though I wanted to stick with the pro, after playing both recently, I needed that left orbit right flipper butter.
That being said what are the must haves for new owners?
Def getting Shaker and side blades just don't know what kind

I prefer the art on the Tilt Graphics art blades.

#3211 1 year ago
Quoted from HighProtein:

Great to hear, spread the word, people spend crazy money on toppers and silly vestigular mods but don't get that antiglare glass adds much more value to gameplay experience.

I just set the backbox to dim during gameplay. Problem solved.

#3245 1 year ago
Quoted from DeadTed:

I've got my DP for a while now, wanted to show a couple of small mods I did.
Here's a replacement Lil Deadpool I installed, with a smaller and much better sculpted(imo) bobblehead by Hot Toys.
Next I've added Lady Death to the scoop, she was originally meant to be in the game, so I thought it makes sense to incorporate her back in. She's responsible for Hellhouse and Finish moves, so it's pretty fitting for her character imo.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Where did you find the Lil' Deadpool? I like that one.

1 week later
#3343 1 year ago

Ninjapocalypse is my favorite combo just for the animation and sound.

#3355 1 year ago
Quoted from HighProtein:

Impending doom on my aftermarket plunger, attack of the smack happy customers, some can't be trained the simple etiquette of not smacking a plunger end into pieces eventually...[quoted image][quoted image]

If any of my machines had made $11k I would replace the shooter rod every week if I needed to My Deadpool has made $250 :p

#3364 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

Slightly, but the main difference is the disco multiball light show that's absent on the Pro that can't be duplicated with existing mods. The mods that are out are a poor approximation of the Prem/LE function, but I don't think they can be improved because they're just triggering off one point to turn the ball on. Disco Loops and Disco Multiball is one of the best things about the Prem/LE. Wacky and fun.

Premium/LE also has red controlled GI.

#3369 1 year ago
Quoted from Peanuts:

Disco Loops is missing on the pro.

My favorite shot in the game.

#3382 1 year ago
Quoted from HighProtein:

$250 in what timeframe & what type of location?

Couple of months. It is a boardgame store with a game room. We have 12 pins there. Hold league and such. Not a ton of foot traffic.

#3399 1 year ago
Quoted from HighProtein:

I had a T2, SST & JUDGE DREDD at a magic the gathering place before, had good synergy for a while.

Themes help but don’t seem to make a huge difference. LotR was the best earner there but still earned less than a grand a year.

1 week later
#3517 1 year ago
Quoted from Dr-pin:

I find it utterly strange, that such an amazing looking pin, has the most fugly lcd presentation ever seen.

Matter of taste I guess. I personally love the animations and displays.

#3590 1 year ago
Quoted from Devinsupertramp:

I just got the Deadpool Premium yesterday, stoked for it! The one issue I have is with the deadpool plastic hammock it comes with, the add on. I want to add it to where it is in the pro version, but the screws it come with don't actually fit into the holes, the holes are to small. I have those two pictures attached. Any tips? I looked up other photos online and it looks like the Pro version uses different screws than the ones it comes with. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
- Devin[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

If you add this it will block the spotlight that is on bedazzler pointing at the disco ball.

1 week later
#3699 1 year ago
Quoted from Chisox:

Just said the same thing after playing 4 or 5 games tonight. I’ve had this game for almost three months and I still smile the whole time I play. It’s not the honeymoon phase anymore where it’s all hyperbole, this game is amazing.

I feel like I have hit the jackpot with my last two NIB games (Iron Maiden Prem and Deadpool Prem). I usually get tired of games relatively quickly, but these two keep bringing me back for more.

1 month later
#3993 1 year ago
Quoted from hawkfanz:

What are you toughest shots? Top 3?
1. Dazzler shot
2. Snikt shot
3. Katana on the right orbit
I can’t make the Dazzler shot what am I doing wrong?!

Snikt is hardest to hit on purpose I think, but I also struggle hitting the Dazzler shot a lot.

4 weeks later
#4227 1 year ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Are they vinyl? Tempted!
Also wondering with this product - once fitted, are they stuck on the game forever or would they peel off if they got damaged and you needed to replace?

They will peel off if you need them to but will stay in place until then. I have the same ones and I think they look great.

#4231 1 year ago
Quoted from HighProtein:

Thumbs up this post if your Deadpool has paid itself off on location.
Side note: mine is about halfway on the road to paying itself off twice.

I will raise my hand in about 6 years.

1 week later
#4260 1 year ago

This game is still awesome. That is all.

#4294 1 year ago

Team ups are key to knocking out the 3 main battles quickly. I make sure I have Dazzler and Wolverine ready before starting a mode. Makes all of them pretty easy and can usually get a disco mode going as well to stack.

#4322 1 year ago

The loop really makes a big difference for me. It is like having a 3rd ramp. I would be happy with a pro but I would really miss that 'ramp'.

Strategy is pretty different too as the disco loops is the first disco mode on the Prem with the disco MB being the first on the Pro.

2 weeks later
#4427 11 months ago
Quoted from nicknack66:

I've had my DP almost a year now in my home and still loving it. Friends/relatives love it too. It's not going anywhere soon.

Same, it has officially dislodged Iron Maiden for my favorite modern pin.

1 week later
#4532 11 months ago

The ball will divert into the pops on the premium in any of the battles if a disco mode isn't running I am pretty sure.

#4561 11 months ago

Maiden pairs great with Deadpool.

1 month later
#4960 9 months ago

I looked at mine closely that is on location and there are zero problems on mine. No chipping, pooling etc.

#5032 9 months ago
Quoted from atrainn:

Finally got around to installing my mirror blades and ninja star pops. Looks awesome![quoted image][quoted image]

Mirror blades makes almost any game look better but DP looks great with them!

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