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Deadpool owners club. Free chimichangas for all.

By Ericc123

1 year ago

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#1479 9 months ago

I’m thinking of getting a premium for my next pin. I have played the pro on location. Would one of you mind linking me or posting a pic of the diverter/loop on the premium/le vs the pro?

7 months later
#3848 73 days ago

Hello! I joined the club and am expecting my DP Premium in a couple days. I’m used to maintenance of early SS machines and haven’t seen much of the modern machines. I could use some guidance from the veteran owners here. Feel free to point me in the right direction if these have been answered.

What are common points of failure or inspection points on the machine/PF?

The stern maintenance kit in the manual lists the wax as Novus #2. Novus 2 is a polish/abrasive. Do you wax your playfields with the typical Carnauba type wax?

Is a PF protector recommended for HUO?

Any other tips for a noob?


#3850 72 days ago
Quoted from punkin:

Keep an eye on the flipper stops.
Mine has a bunch of brass shavings from the left one in the bottom of the cabinet.

Thanks! Is the metal too weak for the job? Is there a superior replacement that you recommend replacing with them at their end of life?

#3861 72 days ago
Quoted from punkin:

... I haven't put it in yet, but the shavings are dropping on the node board below the left flipper (right one is ok). I was advised to fold a piece of card to protect the board.
My mates Deadpool Pro has the same issue, same flipper. I think it's a stern thing rather than a dead pool thing.[quoted image]

Thanks for taking the time and posting the visual. I found a couple of other threads on this issue under “stern coil stop”. There’s some info on expected life and using williams replacements. I inspect this when it gets in.

#3862 72 days ago

That’s a good one. Thanks for the heads up.

#3888 69 days ago
Quoted from Coindropper:

Some custom cards....

These are great and I have a canon selphy too. My game just arrived so when I get some downtime, I’m putting these on.

There’s a couple typos in your shown text, just FYI. There’s a “colosus” and a “SUARON” in there. Colossus and Sauron.

#3926 66 days ago

A couple questions:

The outlane posts don’t have rubber on them. Is this normal?

Sometimes I get a double feed. Any known correction?

I see a stickies topic from HighProtien describing replacements for some post sleeves. Are these just standard post sleeves from titan?


#3938 66 days ago
Quoted from vireland:

1. Normal
2. Trough IR issues, most likely. Shooter lane switch intermittent second possibility. Trough power too high as a last possibility.

Thanks. Since it was a quick software fix I lowered the trough power a bit and it’s feeding better.

1 week later
#4036 55 days ago
Quoted from paul_8788:

For good to really good players, sure. For myself, average at best, I keep the post rubbers on, but keep the outlanes at default.

Same. I got some 3/8” OD rubbers ad well as the 7/16” or more difficulty adjustment. It seemed like the balls were getting really chewed up w/out any rubbers on the posts, but it may have been some poor quality ones that came with the game.

#4054 51 days ago
Quoted from hawkfanz:

This is probably a really stupid/nit picky question but is there a preference of nylon or neoprene washers for this fix?

Either are fine. It’s just to keep the stainless lane divider from digging in. I used nylon under stainless washers.

Quoted from awesome1:

Are the rubbers I have circled in the pic (sorry, I stole pics from Stern website... I get my DP Pro next week, hopefully) the ones that are supposed to be removed? Thanks![quoted image]

Yes. My machine came with bare posts. I don’t see much difference with having the outlanes opened up all the way and putting 3/8” OD rings on the posts to having nothing on them.

I found it was chewing up the original pinballs without rubber so I added the rings and replaced the balls. It could have just been a ball quality thing because they looked dinged up after a few dozen games.

#4055 51 days ago

I have a few questions for you Gurus here:

1) Is there any good documentation on what effects the different installs in the service menu do to the game? The manual is no help and the changelogs don’t shed much light either.

2) Also, any documentation on what competition mode does?

3) Also, what does disabling “mature” do? Remove the word “badass” and a few graphic threats from the goon squad?


#4093 47 days ago
Quoted from punkin:

Mirror blades if it doesn't have them. I found Deadpool dark (pro) and added blades and Pinstadiums together. It's the only machine i have pinstadiums on, but not the only machine with mirror blades.
Lights up the space between the flippers. you could maybe use some leds in the ball return to shine on that area too or some spots.

I’m thinking about putting mirror blades on mine. Would you mind posting a picture of yours?

#4118 43 days ago
Quoted from hawkfanz:

I went with Stern art blades and love them. Some say they're too red but the premium is almost entirely blue on the outside so I don't think it's a big deal. There are so many mechanical and metal pieces on the sides where you'd be see the reflection I didn't like the thought of mirror blades for this one.

Got some pictures? I’m still deciding on blades on mine.

#4122 43 days ago

Any thoughts on the shaker?

#4129 42 days ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

What are people still hoping for in future code updates?

Kraken, mastodon, Vampires, lich, the brood integration. Match the code to the art.

#4182 37 days ago

Advice needed: I’ve been playing my machine (premium) a lot and have noticed a few consistent issues. I wanted to see if these are common or maybe there’s some posts in this forum I’ve missed with some fixes.

Just to note my play field is at about 6.7 (bubble is a little higher than the center). I set it with the PinGuy iPhone app, which does alright for my other machine. The play is pretty good at this setting. I have more issues at higher and lower inclines.

Issue 1; katana ramp shot is clunky. I shoot up the katana ramp, but if it doesn’t hit juuuust right, it won’t make it up, or will deflect on its way past the pop bumpers. I’ve tried the sticky fix where I loosen the last nut on the guides at the end, use pliers to carefully pull them into the posts and retighten. This didn’t seem to fix the issue. If anything the deflection is worse. Anyone have alternative tips?

Issue 2: lots of rejects on the right loops. It seems to hits the divider all the time. I’m working on my shooting and improving, but this gets everyone who tries the machine out.

Issue 3: Dazzler loop actuated ramp over shooter lane frequently catches the ball and holds it or misses the ball. Something on the loop is seemingly slowing the ball down. I haven’t found the culprit yet. Maybe wax the ball guide a little to see if it lessens the metal resistance?

Issue 4: This is on the stickies. The dazzler loop to Katana will cause the ball to fly off if I hit it too fast. The sticky says put a piece of foam there. Before I go tacking foam in, what have you all used?

Thanks for your time.

#4190 34 days ago

My left flipper is getting weaker with time. It’s gotten to the point where a solid shot up the katana ramp runs out of momentum before it turns to load the hilt.

I replaced the stern coil stops out with the pinball life ones about 50 games ago. Otherwise I haven’t messed with them.

Any likely culprits?

#4194 34 days ago
Quoted from waaylander:

Just noticed a cracked/split rubber on this post, as this is my first pin (LE) I'm not sure where to purchase a replacement, should I replace all rubbers at the same time? The online kits all seem to be rubber bands vs the post rubber I need. Any help appreciated[quoted image]

I had the same thing. Got a handful from titan.

#4196 34 days ago

I ordered the standard sleeves, which were a bit thicker than the originals. They still work fine. So the stern slim should do the trick. I didn’t order the slims though.

#4197 34 days ago

I see you’re in oz so shipping is pricey. So here’s some pics to see exactly what I got. Titan standard on left.

D9B67128-6108-4BF1-8724-9626F25EB33E (resized).jpegE82CAF51-ADB3-476E-8DD2-D51CD5ADABD7 (resized).jpeg
#4198 34 days ago
Quoted from punkin:

I had my left flipper binding and sticking after a couple months and had to undo the linkage and lift it a little. I now have to do the cool stops as there is brass shavings under the left. AMD in Australia gave me a freebie but are there better ones to do it? If so please link.

There some other threads on stern coil stops failing. These are the recommended replacement:


I did it to mine, but haven’t put enough games in to give a review. So far so good.

#4200 34 days ago
Quoted from vireland:

Coil swelling? Does the flipper move easily if you manually move it by hand and snap back when you let go?

Yeah, no problems with movement. I put it in coil test, fired the flipper ~100x and tested movement again. All fine. It’s a subtle problem. Just noticing the oomf on the left isn’t quite there.

Not seeing any mechanical problems or linkage issues

#4210 34 days ago
Quoted from punkin:

I'll have to search elsewhere. parts are $4 odd and shipping goes from $50US to $160 US for 2 flipper stops.
As we say in Australia
FairFuckinDinkumMatePunkin[quoted image]

Insane. A google search for “515-6308-01 coil stop” shows a few options. Good luck.

#4211 34 days ago
Quoted from vireland:

How much voltage do you have at the coil? Compare right coil power reading to left. Maybe your node board isn't supplying enough power?
Also, is your EOS switch there and working right?

I’ll check the potential at the coils next time I crack it open. Thanks for the tip. The EOS switches were there and operating correctly. I’ll try cleaning the contacts as well.

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