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#1 1 year ago

Greetings Pinheads!

(It dawned on me that we don't have a "persistent" thread on here, so here we are!)

THANKS for all the support over the years, being able to turn this hobby into a career has been made possible by everyone who tunes in each night to shoot the breeze, criticize my game-play, and overall just hang out in support of each-other.

If you don't know what DeadFlip is:

DeadFlip is live Pinball show that broadcasts daily on Twitch. M-F 6PM C.
We showcase new game releases, tournaments, private collections, and locations that keep this hobby going!
DeadFlip also works closely with major manufacturers to debut their titles, and bring attention to their brands and events.
The nightly show (DeadFlip) is just the tip of the iceberg on what we do...
We also sponsor events, apps, players, charities, as well as offering our platform to help promote and signal boost groups/players, more notably the http://www.bellesandchimespinball.com/ on occasion.

We've been streaming Pinball for 6 years, been recognized by Twitch as an Ambassador for their platform, by Stern as an Ambassador for their brand, and by Twin Galaxies/Walter Day for our contribution to this hobby of ours (to name a few).

You all made this possible. Thank you again and can't wait to see you in chat!

I'll be using this space to announce upcoming broadcasts of note, and showcasing VODs.

Follow us on the some of the links below to stay up to date!

Twitter : https://twitter.com/deadflip
Facebook : https://Facebook.com/deadflip
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/deadflip
Insta: https://instagram.com/deadflip
Web: https://www.DeadFlip.com

#2 1 year ago

We recently unboxed a TMNT Pro LIVE on stream, then set up the game to play it for a couple hours.
Check it out here!

We're also playing this dang game tonight... it just flows sooooo good!

#4 1 year ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Need to get my hands on it to see how Tronesque it feels

I remember seeing this layout early and almost crapped myself.
The whole thing came together, better than I could have hoped.
It's fricken FAAAAAAST, in a real good way.

#7 1 year ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Awesome work Always love your streams and input to the hobby!

Thanks bub! Your mods are next level! <3
All my games are loaners, otherwise I'd be drowning in mods.

#8 1 year ago
Quoted from Flyfalcons:

I really appreciate your casual instruction videos. I like to be able to see how a game plays and what general objectives and strategies work on games I am not familiar (or good) with. Focused instruction is great for those with a lot of time already on a particular table, but if you dive too far into the weeds on a game people aren't familiar with then a lot of eyes will start to glaze over. Good work on the videos.

Right, that's the split.
I like to keep it fun, and trick your brain into learning something. lol.

If I go off the deep-end in explaining stuff, it kills the vibe of the room.

#12 1 year ago


#13 1 year ago
Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

I would love to see you experiment with different streaming playfield angles.
For some reason I find it difficult to watch the overhead view, would like to see more of a slight angle towards the players view

We played with a LOT of angles early on, and top-down is just what felt right.
A more "Players-eye view" would be ideal. Lemme think on it some more.

The end-all-be-all would be like watching a Pinball FX game, without getting in the way of the player.

#15 1 year ago
Quoted from guitarded:

Love the streams Jack...
Though I prefer the ones where you get shitty on White Claws and play your Trumpet.

Well what a surprise, those are my favorite streams as well!

White Claw hangovers just hit different.

#17 1 year ago
Quoted from sixtyfourbits:

Awesome to see you'll be more active on pinside! I really enjoy your streams and videos. Congrats on all your success so far, and I look forward to seeing more future content from you!

Thanks for watching!
Happy to be here, it's long overdue!

#19 1 year ago
Quoted from mtn-:

This sounds interesting.
Tell me more about the team, please?

Separate folks for separate partnerships.

Jack Danger (and management/pr team)
Special guests hosts when I'm not available.

Sponsorship program being retooled and in development.
This team will be revealed in time.

#22 1 year ago
Quoted from Quint:

Hey Dude!
Been watching you since 2014.
Always one my first stops on the net every night.
Don't really chat anymore as it's not my thing but I'm always watching
Thanks for all the great content.

From the beginning, aww yeah!
Lurking is just as supportive, love ya bub!

#23 1 year ago
Quoted from UnholySpectacle:

Watched the stream last night and really enjoyed it. Was way more lax than your regular streams. Also helps that it was Elvira and I should have my own premium delivered on Thursday. It will be my first real pin and seeing you stream it originally was a big factor in me picking it up. Turtles looks great and can’t wait to see you stream it more.

Yeah last night was pretty chill.
Also FRICKEN CONGRATS ON YOUR FIRST PIN! You bought a Lyman game, it's gonna be great.
Something about EHOH is like that, the shots are just clean so you aren't stressing (or in my case yelling) as much!

My Deadheads kick-out is kinda borked, but I usually get prototypes off the line. Just needs some adjusting.

#25 1 year ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I don't tune in that often, tough for me to catch stuff live, but always enjoy seeing what you're up to when I do. Happy for your success man, you did the grind and you've earned all of it.

It's all good bub, not everyone has time to watch my ass play and drink! Haha
Thanks for the kind words Aurich! <3

#27 1 year ago
Quoted from TheCanadianGuy:

Whenever I can.I like to tune in on your streams because you’re so damn funny.Looking forward to seeing more tmnt gameplay.

Yoooo thanks for watching!! Liquid courage helps with the humor for sure. haha
TMNT does not disappoint!

#30 1 year ago
Quoted from megaladon:

Whether it’s FB, twitch or here you’re a great resource for great content (whether it’s pinball or just chatting)! Zoltar says hi!! lol.
[quoted image]


#31 1 year ago
Quoted from jorant:

Jack, I'm sorta surprised that you don't do other manufacturers as often as stern. Ehy not more streams of willams/bally, jjp, spooky?

It's all about availability.

When we were able to leave the studio, we streamed a much bigger mixed bag.
There is also the case of quantity. Stern puts out a lot of machines.

I'm happy to stream it all, I just need to have it here in the studio at the moment!
Talking to AP about snagging a Hot wheels soon, and JJP and I have spoken about borrowing a Wonka for a bit!

Fun fact, I got started in this hobby doing work for JJP. (Wicked Witch animations, and I designed the back-end menu system they still use today!)

#35 1 year ago
Quoted from cybevenom:

I want hot jams back. dmca musics sux Jack. Boohoohoo
Otherwise love the streams and wish it would not start over here at 1.00 AM when i have to get up for work early the next day.

Yeah I'm meeeeeega bummed about this DMCA crap. hopefully it's sorted out soon!

#36 1 year ago
Quoted from Darth_Chris:

Jack is in the house
Love your streams....following every time Stern comes up with a new game. Thanks for your contribution.

AYYYY Darth, thanks bub!
Happy to be doing what I do, thanks for following! <3

#38 1 year ago
Quoted from Rum-Z:

Jack, I used to love those streams where you'd go to an arcade and set up a rig on a location machine. Unfortunately along comes not only Covid, but DMCA, lol. Talk about a one two punch. Seems like it might be hard to stream any location that plays background music in the future.

You have no clue how big of a headache this is all about to become. The game, The environment, all DMCA fodder.
A lot of smart people are working on it, hopefully it gets figured out sooner than later!

#42 1 year ago
Quoted from Yoko2una:

There’s something to be said about this. JD, I love your streams and watch the replays on YouTube a lot so I can pause and rewind, but I find myself on my 92” projector way more than my regular 42” because the PF view is just too condensed. I know how rectangles work and the difficulties with it, but if there was a way to better crop the pertinent area, it could help those with smaller screens.
Also definitely highlight how the Amazon Prime thing works for DeadFlip. Took me like a year to link the two and I don’t even know when I watch live if it knows I’m a prime member. Much love though.

Loud and clear! I'll start messing with my cams again tomorrow morning and see what I can come up with as an experiment!

#43 1 year ago
Quoted from dos_reboot:

Hey, starting watching your streams back in March. Quality stuff dude.
- sodapop

SODA! You rock, bub. Glad you found the stream, and happy to have you in chat! See you tonight?

#46 1 year ago

Going live on TMNT Pro at 6pm c.
See you there!


TURTLESLIVE (resized).jpg
#49 1 year ago
Quoted from OzPinSmith:

Yep, Jack rocks, keep it up DF.
PS.... Sharts is the best word ever.

Uuuuh yeah. It just rolls off the tongue. Shaarrrrrts <3
Haha love ya!

#50 1 year ago
Quoted from Antron77:

My teenage son and I enjoy watching your streams Jack! Very entertaining

Yooo Antron! Thanks for tuning in! Sorry for all the swearing. lol

#58 1 year ago
Quoted from evileye:

Jack, I usually never watch streams from anyone, I just don’t have that kind of free time. Whenever I’m scanning YouTube for videos of pins I want to buy, your lovely face is usually one of the first few hits. You are by far the most entertaining, funniest, and damn good players I’ve ever watched. On one of your SW videos you were playing the entire Blink 182 Dude Ranch album and you hooked me. Blink is my all time favorite band and the way you handled the haters that night was epic. Keep being you, never change and I’ll keep watching and supporting!

Haha I LOVE that album!!!
Thanks for watching this crap. Haha

#59 1 year ago
Quoted from rai:

Love the casual instructional gameplay.
Would also like to see you play against the design and code guys, Lyman, Borg, Keith, Bowens etc.

I LOOOOOVE playing against the design/Dev team!!!
I'll try to make this happen again soon!

#60 1 year ago
Quoted from Thomas3184:

When does the merch drop? I need some new shirts.


#61 1 year ago

FRICK Turtles is so good.
I'll be taking our best game of the night and putting it on YT.
If you missed tonight's stream:

#63 1 year ago
Quoted from daley:

Always enjoy watching your content, though I will say that I am frequently unable to watch it on Twitch, but watch almost everything you move over to Youtube. So my only feedback would be to move more stuff to Youtube. Otherwise, keep doing what your doing.

I hear ya on the YT front.
I'm trying to take my best game of the night and put it up there, instead of a full 3-5 hour stream... unless you WANT the full broadcast. :O

#69 1 year ago
Quoted from guitarded:

Please drop a warning in here before you do a Fish Tales stream.
I plan on watching that one (and counting your restarts).

Gavin is dropping off a Fish Tales soon!!

#70 1 year ago
Quoted from SilverballSleuth:

Big fan of what you do Jack. Really liked watching the custom game development. Any more info on that? I remember reading a post saying you’d make plans for all.

Yeah! The game is... in a secret limbo atm.
The “How To” got screwed a bit because a lot of the software we used in development WAS free at the time and is no longer, so a huge chunk of our footage is bunk.
Still working on animations, but the code is done!

#71 1 year ago
Quoted from dsmoke1986:

Hey Jack, great job with the recent streams, they are always super entertaining.
Hate to put you on the spot, but here's the million $$ question: I have 6k burning a hole in my pocket, what do I buy? TMNT Pro or Hot Wheels??

TMNT or Hotwheels?!

#77 1 year ago
Quoted from trilogybeer:

Fish Tales can be an ass kicker for sure !

That’s why I love it!!

#78 1 year ago
Quoted from kh39540:

deadflip I didn't get to watch all of the TMNT unboxing. Did you get a reply to your text concerning the not so smooth spinning pizza disc?

It ain’t doing it anymore, but they are looking into it. Again the games I get are usually proto or display games, my guess is my magnet was loose.

#79 1 year ago
Quoted from newtoit:

I always thought Deadflip was Jack Dangers nickname.

You can certainly call me DeadFlip. That’s what everyone at twitch HQ, and gaming conventions calls me. <3

#81 1 year ago
Quoted from BrewinBombers:

Usually, the causal fun with some light instruction is nice, but I do enjoy the occasional deep dive into a particularly important part of a game. Totally see how it can kill the vibe, but when you get rolling on something that you know, it's nice to be able to understand why you're doing it.

A game where I’ll bounce in and out of casual/focused explanations is Batman 66. That game is like, Pinballs first “choose your own adventure” game. Haha

#82 1 year ago
Quoted from screaminr:

I would like to see at the beginning of a stream a close-up overview of the shots , mechs and features of the game . Some people haven't seen the game in real life and it can be hard to tell what's going on with the above view even on a big TV .

I think that’s fair, and something that could easily be done the first 5 minutes of the stream!

#85 1 year ago
Quoted from screaminr:

I can understand it would be a pain in the ass to move a camera but I think it would be really good , to have a good look at a machine , before you go start a game . So you can better understand what's going on .

I have a free-roaming camera hooked up at all times so that’s no change to the setup!

#86 1 year ago
Quoted from jarozi:

Just checking in to second what thecanadianguy said.
Kidding aside, love the stream, I never really Twitch’d before finding your show, thanks for doing what you do!

I mean... my mom says I’m handsome.

Thanks for watching when you can! \o/

#90 1 year ago
Quoted from Rum-Z:

I noticed that flow in your stream last night and was like "WOW". Looks fun as hell. It's gonna end up on my must buy list. I've told you before you need a commission on games sold due to appearing fun AF in your streams .

Haha I'd love a commission, but that would for sure sway what I say about games.
I'm good just playing them.

#92 1 year ago
Quoted from alexmogil:

Jack - I like your page that shows your streaming equipment. Is it still up to date or have you refreshed a lot of your hardware?
Been a supporter on and off for a while, tough to find the time to tune in live sadly.

I FOR SURE need to update it with my current setup.
Thanks for the reminder!

#94 1 year ago
Quoted from davisjl1979:

Best menu system out there! Thank you

<3 <3 <3

#97 1 year ago
Quoted from UnholySpectacle:

Any teasers from that deeproot phone call?

I sure hope Deep Root wants to make some magic together soon!

#98 1 year ago
Quoted from BC_Gambit:

Wow, I never would have guessed that was your pinball origin story!
Were you into pinball before this?
Thank's for all the entertainment and positivity over the years. And thank you for helping make that menu system. It set such a standard that I had assumed other players would have caught up in a few years. When I am wrong, I am wrong I guess (I have not seen all the other manufacturers, but if someone is saying it is still the best in the business I believe them!).

When I got into pinball (roughly 8 years ago) I dove in head first trying to do anything I could in the hobby.
I owned an animation studio at the time in the west loop of Chicago, and got connected with JJP for their debut game!
We also were in the first few meetings for (what became) Dialed in.

50670663_1268974526583697_4264835858445631488_n (resized).jpg
#101 1 year ago
Quoted from PinballNewb:

Can we get an option for more “My Dick” songs?

Actually the best band, and possibly the only music we can play on stream anymore.

#102 1 year ago
Quoted from LoveNeverDiesGuy:

XMN.pro or TMNT.pro. Regarding playfield flow, which one is the faster Borg design in your view. Thanks.

SADLY I have very little time on Xmen.

#104 1 year ago
Quoted from LoveNeverDiesGuy:

XMN is a gem. Thanks for the honesty and keep doing what you do.
(QUICK, Get Jack an XMN pinside…)

I'm WOEFULLY vacant of Stern DMD games.

#106 1 year ago

Playing the new Stranger Things code tonight.
6pm C.

I'll be playing TMNT again tomorrow

105705779_10158671012454244_368787989670826050_o (resized).jpg
#112 1 year ago
Quoted from jorant:

Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!

Oh.... dammit


#113 1 year ago
Quoted from Gryszzz:

Stoked to see ya here Jack! You're one of pinballs favorite sons for sure! Your Iron Maiden stream will always be my favorite. Not sure you realize how absolutely freakin pumped you got everyone after that stream. A few months where we all held hands and sang kumbya. Ahh..the good ole days...
GREAT to see ya mar dude!

Awww yeah, thanks for the kind words bub!
That Maiden stream was a blast for sure!! <3 <3

#114 1 year ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Nice deadflip in da house......
But what did you do to offend potgar96 lol?[quoted image]

Glad to be here!
I messaged them to see if we're good.

#118 1 year ago
Quoted from newovad:

Pretty sure it’s because of that. I remember that tweet well.
[quoted image]

That’s right! NVM.

#119 1 year ago
Quoted from jarozi:

Regarding the poll, I think some in depth tutorials w/ some Jack Danger personality would be very appealing. More for YouTube format rather than live a la Bowen’s PAPA’s vids. I’d sub that.

I DO want to start generating more YouTube exclusive content.

#121 1 year ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Love your streams, thanks for what you do and helping bring Pinball to the masses! Glad to see you more active on pinside, we need more positive forces here.

Thanks, stoked to finally be more active on here.
BTW I fricken love the work you do!

#123 1 year ago
Quoted from jorant:

Bowen's "how to" videos are some of my favorites. I'd love to see you do something similar.

Let's just get Bowen back out here for some tag-team tuts.

#124 1 year ago
Quoted from DeadFlip:

We played with a LOT of angles early on, and top-down is just what felt right.
A more "Players-eye view" would be ideal. Lemme think on it some more.
The end-all-be-all would be like watching a Pinball FX game, without getting in the way of the player.

To revisit this, i wanted to show you an example.
This video about how I helped set up the Surrogate remote Batman machine, demonstrates the perfect camera angle people want for a stream (myself included), and also why it doesn't work with an actual person playing.
I'll still try to work something out, but this is a great visual aid.

#127 1 year ago
Quoted from Quint:

Watching the Stranger Things replay this morning.
Did you have to make any tweaks to the Demigorgon? Looks like you were able to nail the headshot pretty regularly.

Apparently there are a couple solutions, but this is a whole new playfield. Ours was previously a prototype.
I think you can adjust the ramp to make the shot cleaner to the demi.

#128 1 year ago
Quoted from Grossp59:

I’ve been going back and watching Bowen’s vids, wishing there were more of these on the newer sterns.
Love what you do Jack, keep it up!

Let's make it happen!

#132 1 year ago
Quoted from frolic:

hey Jack, a belated welcome to your own Pinside thread .

Thanks Frolic! <3

#134 1 year ago
Quoted from Nihonmasa:

Sharing my 2 cents as you've opened this thread to get feedbacks.
Used to follow you, stopped.
- first of all I am getting tired of seeing almost all previews go to the same guy. I'd like the load to be more evenly spread within the youtubers for fairness (no I am not a youtuber or affiliated to any). Might be the only one thinking so in the world, I know
- too much speaking and answering guys chatting online, too much "emotions" (What I mean by that is that you react too much for my tastes)
I do know this is my vision and others will be at the eaxct opposite but when I watch some pinball play on the net it's either competitions, or cause I want to learn/discover.
Bowen's tutorials are in my mind the pinnacle of pinball videos, extremely instructive, focused, no show or anything.
And yes I know that others will say that my vision of how a pinball show should be is boring
Just sharing my thoughts and now I'll be on my way

I hear ya, and thanks for the feedback.
My show is definitely more "entertainment" than "educational", but that's not to say it isn't educational at all.
I just have a different approach to showing stuff off. I'd rather it be fun and light-hearted than super serious.
There are plenty of folks out there now streaming pinball, and recording videos with their own takes!
The most serious I get is on reveals. I just sit back, man the broadcast, and let the designers and programmers show off their creations.

#136 1 year ago
Quoted from Hop-Pac:

Did your pinball machine build get finished? Weren't you going to do a video?
Im not able to catch your live streaming on Twitch, so if it's there, I haven't seen it. I watch your stuff on YouTube

Layout is finished and code is complete! (huge shout out to mission pinball, multimorphic, and stern)
The game just needs animations and art... that being said, the game is in a... secret limbo at the moment.

Got to http://www.pinballmakers.com in the meantime if you're looking for guidance on building a pin. My "how-to" video hit a few snags I'm trying to remedy.

#140 1 year ago
Quoted from guitarded:

I'm with Skink.
...I would include the whole Buffalo Crew in there with RudySoup.
They have brought a ton of content during the shutdown. Karl, too.

There are so many great streamers doing the dang thing these days. Love it!

#141 1 year ago
Quoted from Nihonmasa:

And you'll notice that I did not say it was not
As you say, it's done differently and as almost all the others (that I know) are on a hiatus right now (even Papa tv ) then I only have you to poke at

Poke away! HAHA <3
Come hang out tonight, we're playing TMNT again!

#143 1 year ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

This thread was started by Deadflip and got 77 upvotes and 1 downvote.
Did someone downvote the thread just to be different, to stand out, or a protester? LOL
Thanks to Deadflip for dedicating every single day to help promote pinball. I’ve watched 4 nights in a row.
I’m looking for to a Guns N Roses stream.

Appreciate the support, and thanks for tuning in dude!

#145 1 year ago
Quoted from guitarded:

In my defense : I didn't realize Downvoting was an option!?


#146 1 year ago

Playing the new TMNT Pinball tonight! Again!
6pm C.

TURTLESLIVE (resized).jpg
#148 1 year ago
Quoted from daveyvandy:

What's your single player high score around?
Break 100 million yet?

I think I've only hit over 100 once solo. I'm more interested in progression than points. I like seeing the end of games!

#150 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Where you been Jackson?
About f ing time. Lol

Iceman! What’s up bub!
Took me long enough, eh? Haha

#151 1 year ago

Tap Tap Tap it in!

I absolutely suck at under flipper shots on ALL games.

#152 1 year ago

Side note, I've been giving a quick machine rundown before each stream, to let people know what they should be looking out for.
Appreciate the comment!

#155 1 year ago
Quoted from Kkoss24:

Great to see you opened this tread I enjoy your broadcasts.I have just started in this great sport earlier in the year and have purchased 2 machines since April.I have 2 great kids 11 and 12 and We are having a blast together instead of being spread all over the house.I was wondering if anything has been floated around about a kids stream with kids hosts to more get in tune with the young generation that we will need to keep this jet flying! I appreciate you listening and keep up the great work !!

Thanks for watching!
I think this is a great idea to have a pinball kids show, but it can't live on Twitch. The minimum age on Twitch is 13.
I'd recommend Facebook Gaming! There is a much larger audience on there for people to casually discover you too!

EDIT Turns out FB Gaming's minimum age is also 13. hmm

Perhaps pre-recorded for Youtube?

#157 1 year ago

The Co-op mode in TMNT is a fricken blast.
Here was one from last night!

#159 1 year ago
Quoted from evileye:

Word. I feel like I could grab a beer with Jack and talk his ear off like he was my bestie.

Ayyy when this covid crap lets up, let’s make this happen! ❤️

#164 1 year ago
Quoted from jellikit:

[quoted image]

I fricken wish!

#165 1 year ago

Why the heck are old 80’s-90’s coin pushers so fricken expensive?!?!
I wanna stream/own one!

#167 1 year ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

hi Jack... i suppose they (your french friends) already send you this :
[quoted image]
very great game yesterday
if not, and/or for those who wanna see, enjoy :

Absolutely! They sent me this shortly after they crushed it!

#170 1 year ago
Quoted from snowy_owl:

Hey jack, what are you streaming tonight? Been a while since I watched your stream...looking forward to tonight, whatever you're doing

I honestly have no clue what I'm streaming until about an hour before I go live. Haha
I'm having trouble not streaming TMNT over and over... maybe Deadpool if I feel like not doing TMNT. <3 <3

#173 1 year ago
Quoted from Yokimato:

Been catching your streams adhocly and really enjoying them -- thanks for the content and hope it continues.

Ayyyy Thanks for watching!
Trying to add some morning streams as well, but playing NON pinball related content, to trick new viewers into the hot pinball action in the afternoon!

#174 1 year ago

DEADPOOL Pinball tonight!

DP (resized).jpg
#176 1 year ago
Quoted from kh39540:

But with a coin pusher?


#180 1 year ago

Jamming on one of my favorites tonight, Batman 66!
6pm. C.

Batman (resized).jpg
#183 1 year ago

The upper flipper needs a rebuild. It works, but wont make the loop-de-loop

#188 1 year ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

Jack, a suggestion :
we have now (since few days) a very good game on OF available on YT (tanx to Ross), but that's only 1 !
in this stream, there's no explanation of the game, gimmicks, rules, code & tactics (which is great with the STEINs)...
that would be really nice if you can do this, as Oktoberfest is really a good/nice/clever pinball

I'd love to do a deep-dive on OF. I'd have to reach out to American to gain access to one!

#191 1 year ago
Quoted from Gornkleschnitzer:

We need to get you up here into the UP Pinball Collective to stream some Undertale sometime!


#192 1 year ago
Quoted from snowy_owl:

Enjoyed the stream last night. Keep up the great content!

Thanks for tuning in!!!

#193 1 year ago

Batman last night was a MASSIVE jerk to us.
Still had a somewhat decent 4.1 Bil game on it!

#194 1 year ago

If you missed last night's stream, we designed a SWEET (pun intended) layout for a "Monster Cereal" pinball machine.
No VOD or CLIPS exist, so you kinda had to be there.
Imagine "Rock", meets "Bounty Hunter", meets "Diner", meets "Safe Cracker". Haha

Big-G-Creative-Retro-Monster-Cereals-Game-Look (resized).jpgmonster-cereals-card-game (resized).png

#196 1 year ago

Tonight, our friends Rebecca and Anna (Local Chicago Belles) will be taking over Dead Flip for the night, streaming their first games on TMNT from our studio!
Tune in and cheer them on!
6:30 PM

unnamed (resized).jpg
#197 1 year ago

Rebecca and Anna killed it last night!
Make sure to go follow them on their Pinball channel https://www.twitch.tv/hotnudge
Rebecca has done plenty of streaming for us in the past, and she's entertaining as hell!


#199 1 year ago
cakememe (resized).jpg
#201 1 year ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Ohio finally made it to space?

They have their own space program OBVIOUSLY!

#204 1 year ago
Quoted from UnholySpectacle:

I’m out of the loop and had to look this meme up. Went down a rabbit hole of YouTube videos and I don’t know what is real anymore.

Haha frick, sorry.

#205 1 year ago

Spent tonight's stream setting up VPX on my computer... LIVE!
WHEW... that was... a lot.
But now, if we're so inclined, we can stream any pin that we don't have access to, or people's original creations!

#209 1 year ago
Quoted from drgary:

Where can we find this video?

Some copyrighted content popped up so it had to be deleted.

#212 1 year ago

I forget how fricken good this game is.

I'm an idiot, I thought this was about the virtual pinball stream. <3

#214 1 year ago

Here was one of best games of the night on Jurassic Park's new 1.02 code!
Shout out to Raymond Davidson for hanging out in chat. (Stern's new software engineer)

#216 1 year ago
Quoted from Thomas3184:

Watching you “defy gravity” was the first time I laughed out loud haha.

I LEGIT thought I was gonna nail that. hahaha

#218 1 year ago

Playing the new 0.97 Stranger Things Prem code tonight.
2 new wizard modes?!

6PM C.

ST (resized).jpg
#223 1 year ago


#225 1 year ago

Here is why we didn't get the "Final Showdown" end game wizard mode last night.
Even the GAME knew it screwed me!


#228 1 year ago

Here was our best game of the night, showing a LOT.

#229 1 year ago
Quoted from dos_reboot:

That stream was a lot of fun. You fought back hard against the machine dude. So ... many ... saves.

Yeah I feel like I'm always slapping that game LOL

#230 1 year ago

If we could have two of the following to stream for a while, which should we choose? (And possibly a third)

Abra Ca Dabra
Flight 2000
Heavy Metal Meltdown
Bone Busters
Lazer Ball
Dolly Parton
Time Warp
Strange World
Professional Pinball (Bally)
Wild Fyre
Big Game
Buccaneer (Gottlieb)
Big Hit (Gottlieb)
Jack's Open
Target Alpha
Slick Chick
Pac-Man Pinball
Space Station
The Simpsons (Data East)
Space Riders (Atari)
Demolition Man
Johnny Mnemonic
Lost World
Superman (Atari)
Gilligan's Island
Action Baseball (Williams)
Last Action Hero
Strange Science
High Speed
Bad Cats
Flash Gordon
Roller Disco

#242 1 year ago

This is an impossible tasking picking two (or three) from this list. Haha

#249 1 year ago

So I'm gonna take the top 5-8 mentioned here/facebook, and pull names out of a hat per chuckwurt 's recco.
I certainly can't decide for myself lol

#251 1 year ago

We managed to pull 3 bill out of Deadpool, all the while fumbling some of the multiballs.

#252 1 year ago

We played one of our games last night, choosing modes at random... and still managed to "Save Zandar"! <3

#254 1 year ago

Star Wars Home Model (Pin) is surprisingly flowy.

#255 1 year ago

This was a previous GC before I reset the scores.
(I don’t put my own name in for GC’s. I give them to viewers)

EeBMmiA- (resized).jpg
#261 1 year ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

Still loved your backdoor game all night. That was some great score with awesome saves

A LOT of backdoors last night.

#263 1 year ago

Elvira's House Of Horrors New Code SPOILERS!
(Huge game)

#264 1 year ago

Tonight we'll be jammin' on TMNT's new 1.10 code on behalf of Stern Pinball and Nuclear Blast for ComiCon's virtual convention!

See you there... We have some TMNT PRO Translites to giveaway!

We go live at 6pm C.!

TURTLESLIVE (resized).jpg

#268 1 year ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

I missed it, but will watch the replay. My LE doesn't arrive until next tuesday, but at least I am on holidays now

Man I love this game. It absolutely kicked my a$$ last night, but we managed to pull out one amazing game!

#269 1 year ago

Best game of the night!

#271 1 year ago
Quoted from snowy_owl:

Stream was hilarious tonight. Jack really lost it several times Made my day.

I have gambling problem apparently. Haha

#272 1 year ago

Tonight we’re going to play a “Transporter The Rescue” of unknown condition.

We know it turns on and flips, that’s good enough for me.
6PM C.
Pinball #deadflip #retrogaming

38AA6B15-EF39-44DE-8856-89C1B33175BA (resized).jpeg4F06264B-A375-40DB-95E8-136441B3FDC6 (resized).jpegE14E5413-271F-48B9-84C3-9512CD7E8865 (resized).jpeg

#274 1 year ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

haha ! nice
as said on FB, you have 14M to beat, factory settings, and no death save for me lol
good luck

Challenge accepted!

#276 1 year ago


#277 1 year ago

We got 4 new (older) pinball machines to set up!
I decided to upload this whole broadcast, so you can watch as we set up several new (older) pins, test them, and even stream one of them!

#281 1 year ago
Quoted from snowy_owl:

Wasn't able to tune in last night - How did transporter play?

It played great until one of the drops stopped registering, completely destroying any chance of multiball.
I'll get gavin over to work on all these soon!

#282 1 year ago

Tonight we’re going to play a “Jungle Lord” of unknown condition.

6PM C.

Pinball #deadflip #retrogaming #twitch

EeGnOIWWsAMA4P_ (resized).jpgEeGnOIWWkAAdihz (resized).jpgEeGnOItWkAAz5QQ (resized).jpgEeGnOI4XYAMNEJt (resized).jpg
#287 1 year ago
Quoted from UnholySpectacle:

I came for Jungle Lord but stayed for the camera craziness and hand injuries.

I’m always looking for something else to add to the stream.
We showed about ever dang camera angle that CANT work last night.

#288 1 year ago

Thanks again to the folks at California Extreme and Zen Studios for allowing me to moderate their seminar, and allow me to chat about my homebrew.

Here is my talk, it's only 15 minutes, but lit a fire under my butt to finish my doc. Lets gooooo.

#290 1 year ago
Quoted from snowy_owl:

Is gavin going to come by anytime soon?

Yeah, gonna have him in soon to look at a few pins

#291 1 year ago

It's been a minute since we visited the park.
We go live at 6pm C.!

JP (resized).jpg
#293 1 year ago
Quoted from snowy_owl:

No stream tonight, I guess?

The storm tore though Chicago knocking out power and internet.

#294 1 year ago

Heya Pinheads, I made something for ya.

This is a "Pinball Sketch Template", and I use something very similar when I'm brainstorming pins.

This is a layered PSD with all the elements you need to lay a game out, roughly sketched, but accurate enough to keep the sketch close to the real thing.

I also included several popular title's layouts that you can turn on and off for shot reference. (All taken from their manuals)

Don't worry if you don't have Photoshop, there are a ton of free programs out there that can open and edit PSDs!
GIMP for example.

Here is the file : https://www.dropbox.com/s/xmv77kh8ks49src/PINBALLSKETCHTEMPLATE.psd?dl=0

Now go make something rad!

*This is for sketching purposes only, when you're ready to move past this stage into CAD, you'll have a rough sketch to work from!
*Stern play-field, but the difference in Stern vs Williams play-field sizes is a non issue at this phase being such a small one.

Screenshot (131) (resized).pngScreenshot (132) (resized).pngScreenshot (133) (resized).png
#297 1 year ago
Quoted from BorgDog:

Cool, thanks jack!
Now make us a fusion 360 version with accurate 3d models of all the parts in it

I mean... I'd love that as well. lol

#299 1 year ago
Quoted from UnholySpectacle:

Loved the Friday stream. I will always remember the random trumpet solo in dark silhouette.

Haha oh god.

#301 1 year ago
Quoted from JodyG:

Is there a central repository for 3d models of pinball parts? I've done some things in solidworks, but it would be nice have a central database to share with. I could spend some time modeling complete stern mechs with a little bit of prodding.

Scroll down to files section

#302 1 year ago
Quoted from JodyG:

Is there a central repository for 3d models of pinball parts? I've done some things in solidworks, but it would be nice have a central database to share with. I could spend some time modeling complete stern mechs with a little bit of prodding.

I would certainly be in the market for complete stern mech models. :O

#307 1 year ago
Quoted from Thomas3184:

Stern waited for his internet to return to drop new sth code for his stream lol.

Haha this MIGHT be true.

#308 1 year ago

We managed to play every dang mode in this game, and cracked 2 billion last night!

#310 1 year ago
Quoted from UnholySpectacle:

When are we seeing you play new Elvira code?


#312 1 year ago

Jumped the gun, not TMNT tonight.
We'll do something Rad... but what? :O

#315 1 year ago
Quoted from UnholySpectacle:

I loved how it turned into a He-man pinball brainstorm session.

Power rangers and Beetlejuice too! Let's get crackin!

#316 1 year ago

Here is the MONSTER game of Riverboat Gambler we played the other night.
Nailed 5 MAXED OUT Jackpots!

#319 1 year ago
Quoted from guitarded:

I might have to watch that Riverboat clip while listening to some Kenny Rogers.

Haha yeah. We needed ANYTHING but the original tunes. After 2 hours, I wanted to rip my ears off.

#320 1 year ago
Quoted from snowy_owl:

Motorcycle stream soon?

Tomorrow pending weather!

#321 1 year ago

Deadpool doing all the things.
2 Billion and such.

#322 1 year ago

Motorcycle stream planned for noon today MIGHT be canceled.
Have to wait for a package to arrive at the studio. Stay tuned.

#324 1 year ago

Pinball, am I right?!

39557550_10156654257316913_8976421235630014464_n (resized).jpg
#325 1 year ago

I’m fricken IN LOVE with some of these old wood rails’ geometry.
Not my game just admiring.

23A1C1FA-3427-4538-8D3C-3C082A9A1C50 (resized).jpeg
#327 1 year ago
Quoted from Wanimal:

Giving you some ideas?

Too many.
Wacky ball pathing is so fricken rad.
Deadpool being the most recent, but games like “Spring Break” have some sexy geometry.

#329 1 year ago
Quoted from djd9617:

Giving you some ideas?

As in, you thinking about making another custom pin!?

I LOVE anything that can speed up a ball like that!

#332 1 year ago
Quoted from DudeRegular:

Are you seeing any changes in traffic and/or your streaming crowd when doing the just chatting vs pinball category?

I usually start my stream under “just chatting” then bounce between it and “pinball” through the night.

#333 1 year ago
Quoted from 6S3NC3:

Hey Jack, I catch your stream from time to time. Great stuff! I will just give you my opinion when streaming on twitch. Sometimes you play music instead of letting the people tuning in hear the pin music. I do know that most pins after owning them for a while the music gets repetitive and uninteresting BC you know whats going on. This is all well and good when you got your buds over. I think on Twitch you should have the game music so people can get a good understanding of the game play and follow along. It may be like nails on a chalk board for you after 1h but I think for newer viewers (which i know you have a decent amount of and they are not on pinside) they would much rather hear the pin your playing bc most of them have never seen it. I could be wrong. I just want to see you stream get better and better my man.

Aye thanks for the input dude!
I (usually) stream a pin for the first hour or two WITH the game audio, then switch to music. Mix it up a bit for those that stay in chat the whole broadcast.
Just tune in more often dangit and you’ll hear the game sounds. ❤️

#334 1 year ago

Stay tuned.

CCE6FAAC-60A6-484D-AC00-0E038FBAB6B8 (resized).jpeg
#335 1 year ago

For anyone curious, the code in it was Spider-man, and the play-field is a blank like the one shown in the picture.
I'll talk more about this on the show tonight.

#336 1 year ago

ICYMI George Gomez gifted me his personal SAM prototyping cabinet for... reasons. The stories this thing could probably tell.
This rig will allow me to prototype faster for a stern-based system without node boards getting in the way.
The DMD doesn’t work (think it broke loading it in the truck) so I’m just using a DMD extender and a monitor.