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Dead System 80 diagnostics, a haunting we will go.

By gdonovan

63 days ago

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#51 37 days ago
Quoted from frunch:

Congrats on the fix! Could you elaborate a bit on the solution? I've been following this thread for a while, you've done some nice work. Beautiful game, I hope to add one to my collection someday...

I can but ask that no hasty assumptions be made.

1) Arrived home from work, popped in the 4096 chip and the Weebly ram and fired the machine up. Much to my displeasure I was greeted with an 8 in the credit window and 888,888 for high score just as before. Broke out the logic probe which now showed activity on leg 8 and 9 of the 4096 chip and activity on the ram on all legs aside from power and ground. But starting the machine several times, clearing audits made no difference and on-board diag test indicated no ram problems!

2) Took the original unknown condition 5101 ram chip and popped it in and started the machine up- Now I had 0 for credits and a different high score! Most excellent, some progress. I cleared the audits so high score was 0 and added credits to the machine and played a few games. The machine would display the correct high score, indeed it would even retain it if the machine was shut off for a minute (remember, no battery) but credits would zero out after a game. Every time.

3) So I did something I rarely do because sooner or later it causes problems. I went over to my Gold Wings and pulled the Pintech NVRAM out and installed the Weebly ram. The Weebly ram works perfect in the Gold Wings, but did not in Haunted House.

4) Installed the Pintech ram in Haunted House, Haunted House now works perfect. Retains credits and high score proper.

Very, Very odd.

#52 37 days ago

Something I'll be playing with this afternoon.

HH_scans (resized).jpg
#53 37 days ago
Quoted from gdonovan:

Something I'll be playing with this afternoon.[quoted image]

I think that's a great idea and I'll bet other owners of HH would be interested in buying a metal version if you wanted to make a bunch.


#54 37 days ago
Quoted from Grizlyrig:

I think that's a great idea and I'll bet other owners of HH would be interested in buying a metal version if you wanted to make a bunch.


A friend of mine owns a metal shop, I can inquire if he knows anyone with a automated machine for running these off.

#55 37 days ago

Amazing what you can do with a plasma cutter, a belt sander and some stainless scavenged from a decommissioned ice cube maker.

I like it, for now I'm not even going to bother decaling it.

20191102_122321_resized (resized).jpg20191102_122440_resized (resized).jpg
#56 37 days ago

No kidding, I like how that came out.

#57 37 days ago
Quoted from Grizlyrig:

No kidding, I like how that came out.

Might have to pop it back off to give it some shine on the buffing wheel.

#58 37 days ago

Stainless meets buffing wheel.

20191102_131954_resized (resized).jpg
#59 37 days ago

I might put a washer under that just so it lessons the chance of the ball making direct edge contact; hitting plastic is one thing, metal can damage. I only mention it as that plastic seems to be one broken on a lot of the HH's I've seen, so it must get hit a lot.

#60 37 days ago

Moved out of the workshop today and settled in next to X-files, seemed appropriate. My son had some friends over today and they pounded away on it for some time with no ill effects.

20191102_201039_resized (resized).jpg
#61 37 days ago

That is a nice example too, you did a great job on it!

#62 36 days ago
Quoted from RWH:

That is a nice example too, you did a great job on it!

Thanks! Here is the final tally.

Lower playfield:

Cleaned and waxed, upkicker rebuilt (parts missing) tube adjusted, upkicker relay cleaned and adjusted, popper adjusted, posts cleaned, plastics cleaned and polished, new elastics.

Middle playfield:

Cleaned and waxed, new gaskets for main window, polished, new elastics, posts cleaned, rebuilt left outer flipper, replaced right flipper return spring, replaced kicker coil (target #2), replaced kicker coil (target #5). Score display removed and polished. several switches cleaned and adjusted, new fish paper on kicker target switches. stainless replacement fabricated for hidden passage.

Upper playfield:

Cleaned and waxed, minor touch up and mylar for upkick drop area, new flipper coil on left, new popper coil, new elastics, posts and plastics cleaned and polished. Stainless polished around upper area. Four new drop targets.

General electrical:

MPU section around battery rebuilt, new MPU cap, display IC Z23 replaced, 5101 ram replaced with NVRAM, IC Z36 replaced and slam switch mod done. All popper boards had cracked joints and were reflowed, one for upper playfield was replaced with new unit. A2 power board was replaced with new unit Gulf Pinball on general principle. Power supply two caps were replaced and four new bridges installed. Ground mods done to connect buss bar to MPU-lamp driver board-A2 power board and backbox lamp chaser. Lamp driver board had one lamp driver replaced. Repaired one relay (U) with badly bent contact stack, replaced several blown playfield fuses, several lamp sockets were soldered up to fix bad connections and grounds. All lamps replaced with Comet LED aside from 313 bulbs for lower playfield illumination, 2 455 flashers and 2 post lamps LED did not fit well.

Cabinet: knocked dings out of door and adjusted, new lamps for door, touched up and sealed backglass, new backglass trim (missing)

Pending work- Waiting for missing (post office) replacement cap for orange unit in power supply, polish some of the other trim and one lamp socket that is still fussy. (DONE)

#63 35 days ago

Now you can try installing 7-digit Gottlieb displays in your HH.

#64 34 days ago
Quoted from swanng:

Now you can try installing 7-digit Gottlieb displays in your HH.

Nah I'm good with the current score, if the game scores are getting too high I'll just increase the difficulty =)

Last night replaced the final cap in the power supply, polished the rest of the upper playfield trim, replaced two lamp sockets and added an extra hole to the stainless "hidden passage" piece so the far right area where there is a post is secure. I drilled a hole in the stainless over the post near #5 target and added a spacer and longer machine screw.

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#65 34 days ago

Our work printer / copier prints the best instruction cards..

20191105_191216_resized (resized).jpg
#66 34 days ago

Nice. I reprint my Bally cards at home on our laser printer using thick stock paper. Nothing like a set of fresh looking instructions to finish off a game!

#67 33 days ago
Quoted from Skidave:

Nice. I reprint my Bally cards at home on our laser printer using thick stock paper.

I usually do to but with the "black cards" Haunted House has they came out rather grayish, ditto for my workstation printer too. I need to tinker around in the adjustment section of my Dell laser printer to see if there is some adjustment to fix that.

The $28,000 copier/printer did a great job though! We do a lot of printing at work, some occasional hobby stuff too, we have gobs of card stock.

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