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4 years ago

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#847 2 years ago

Hi all, picked up a flooded (there was mud up to the damn light ballast...) PotC recently and have been fitting it back together slowly... I've got a new compass decal as less than 10% of mine was left, and a new ship plastic, as there was a large hole bashed straight through mine.

I've scraped off what's left of the original compass decal, and then cleaned the metal disk, but I've never applied decals before. Is there any technique, etc to applying it? Should I prepare the disk in a certain way? (sanded rough, or smooth, or?) Has anyone tried putting mylar over their decal to protect it, or would that ruin the grip?

Is there any way to protect my new ship from being beaten through like the old one? It seems weird that the ball actually hits it... Does anyone have a use for my old, beaten one?

Anyone got any spare plastics lying around? A few of mine are broken and they're all really scratched up. (novus didn't do much)

Can someone tell me where the -11 plastic (concave semicircle of blue) goes?

IMG_20161113_211751 (resized).jpg

Long shot, but has anyone ever scanned their cab decals? My cab is currently just black paint

Can't wait to get it all together. I've only played a PotC once in my life, and it was at the local league finals... I didn't know what I was doing but half an hour later I had the compass completed, and couldn't figure out how to start Four Winds before I drained. (the shot is 'award lit compass ARROW', but it's not an arrow! I was quite annoyed when I found out...)

#849 2 years ago
Quoted from michi:

Not sure what you mean. Do you have a picture? That would help.

chrome_2016-11-16_12-18-40 (resized).png

I assume it goes in front of the ship somehow from its placement in the manual, but I have no idea where it would mount. Checked some pictures online but didn't see it anywhere, and afraid to start mounting the main ramp if this needs to go underneath it

Another problem I ran into today: what type of post is the 'cannon' plastic under the shooter ramp mounted with? As far as I can tell it should be angled under the ramp, and I have a hole there for the screw, but not sure what holds the plastic away from the playfield...

#857 2 years ago
Quoted from michi:

I just had a look at mine. I don't have the part in mine, at least not as it is shown in the manual. Instead, there is a much larger piece that extends to the left and all the way down to the pop bumper. It goes under the ramp, yes, with the semicircle matching the rounded top of the guide of the center shot (Liar's Dice).

The top end of it (the end away from the plunger) just sits on on top of a metal guide. There is no post, as far as I can see. Let me know if you can't work it out and I'll try and take some photos.

Is the plastic you're talking about the one that also covers the ship shot?

If there's no post holding the cannon, then what holds it down? I see a screw hole in it...

#862 2 years ago
Quoted from michi:

This is interesting. I suspect there may be machines with different versions of the plastics floating around.
If found some sets:
and here:
I can clearly spot the -11 part.
There is also a close-up image in the pinballnews.com for POTC where the part shows up:
It may be that the part is simply missing from my machine, or was omitted in later versions? I'd be interested to hear from other POTC owners to see whether the part is on their machine. On mine, the relevant section is just clear plastic on the -05 piece.

Wow, I finally spotted it 2/3 of the way down that review. What a weird way to place a plastic! Now I get to take the bigger piece off again...

As for the cannon, there's only one screw hole in it, and it's near the top of the plastic. There's also only one screw hole in the playfield, which would align with the cannon plastic if it was resting on the FR15 rail, but there's thus air space beneath the angled plastic... I guess it could work with just a screw, but I'd assumed there's a spacer or something...



#866 2 years ago
Quoted from michi:

I looked in the manual, and it doesn't seem to be listed

That seems to be the modus operandi of every part of the manual... I should be able to gauge it off the height of the other stuff in that pic though, thanks !

1 week later
#878 2 years ago
Quoted from Radius118:

The tourney dates have long passed and the tournament is "officially" over. I guess I will go back into the settings and mess around a bit more.

That may be. For some reason I seem to remember never seeing any kind of real or fake tournament stuff displayed on the dmd during attract mode until I started an actual tournament.
Does any one else's POTC display tournament "results" during attract mode if you've never turned on or run a tournament?

Was just googling how these tournaments work in the first place, as I'd never seen one and was curious, came across this tidbit: "Start and stop a tournament 10 times to wipe that data (will stay in attract mode forever if you don't)" (via https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/stern-tournament-system#post-491570)
, maybe that'll help? Seems weird

3 weeks later
#900 2 years ago
Quoted from Drew13:

Finished cleaning up and modding a potc I got from an awesome pinsider.

Love the green on the ship! Was that just the gi and spotlight or did you have to add any more lights?

#902 2 years ago
Quoted from dzoomer:

Original lighting afaik. You can see it on my picture just before. Cool. Many have changed it, but the original colors worked well in the overall presentation for sure.

"Original lighting"? I just finished putting mine together and I didn't see any notes in the manual about the GI not being all white

#909 2 years ago
Quoted from michi:

Looks excellent!
One question: the speaker grills (not the skull and swords acrylic, but the thin cover with lots of little holes); what's the best place to get that kind of speaker grill?

Pinball life has them, but they're like $20ea, so mine are still empty. No way I'm paying that much for a sheet of spray painted mesh.

1 week later
#915 2 years ago

So, I've got the game running now, put maybe 100 plays on it. I disassembled and cleaned the ship mech while u was rebuilding the playfield. When I first played, the ship would rock side to side after enough hits, like it was on the waves, and now it rocks up really high, enough that i swear I could shoot a ball under. Anyone had this happen on theirs before I go taking the whole ship out to examine?

#918 2 years ago
Quoted from maffewl:

Check to make sure that when the ship is at rest, as if the machine had just been turned on, that the armature to the ship is against/near the set screw. See posts 572/577 of this thread for a pic. My guess is that the armature is a little too far forward at rest.

It's probably a bit more than a quarter inch away, but that's where the switch closes, so... I tried adjusting the switch, but I couldn't move it nearly enough to make it not close until the ship has almost reached the screw

#923 2 years ago

Is there any way to tell if the clutch is going bad?

1 week later
#933 2 years ago
Quoted from michi:

I currently have a broken opto on my machine, the one that is in the trunk entrance. No big deal, I can fix it. But it seems the the machine is playing just fine, even with this switch permanently registering as closed.
So, my question is, what does the software actually do with this particular switch state? Or, to put it differently, what will change in game play once I fix the switch?

I've got the same problem right now. As far as I can tell, it'll react sooner when a ball goes in instead of waiting for it to settle in the back.

Before you've spelled KEY, the opto will give a letter even if you don't make the shot completely

#937 2 years ago
Quoted from rai:

I'm just curious, if any of you guys have *not* defeated Davey Jones.
I am not an expert player, but medium good. More lately I have gotten better but I don't play a lot of games. I have got every insert except DJ. I wonder if I should just practice playing and not shoot anything except the ship.
I wonder what is the strategy like trap two balls on one flipper or what? Whenever I trap balls it always leads to grief as I spend too much time getting the balls under control I can't make the shots I need. So usually I just free wheel it with multi balls.

I'd consider myself a pretty good player but 200+ plays on mine and I still haven't even gotten to the fourth ship. (though I guess the broadside will help with that) I've tried just going straight for ships and I never get very far. I feel like it's a lot about just how your machine is set up, and especially the return from the ship. When it drops the ball mine goes into the right sling and out of control every time, but I've seen others where it drops it nicely to the left flipper and they can just backhand it again.

#942 2 years ago
Quoted from michi:

A good time to shoot at the ship is during a multi-ball ball saver. I reach Davy Jones quite regularly that way. (Finishing Davy Jones is a lot harder though.)
If your goal is to maximise points, the ships are mostly a waste of time. You will make more points just shooting Tortuga and the trunk over and over, and collecting jackpots.
If your goal is to complete the compass, try and stack a multi-ball with sinking the first ship, and use the multi-ball ball saver to finish off the kraken. For the second, third, and fourth ship, forget about the kraken and use each ship multi-ball to prime Tortuga and the trunk, but do not start them while the ship multi-ball is still running. I normally let one of the ship multi-balls drain once Tortuga and/or the trunk are ready, rather than accidentally starting them and not being able to make progress towards the next ship. (The ship won't come back up until the game is back in single-ball play.) Once the ship is back up, as soon as Tortuga or Heart multi-ball are running, it's back to bashing away at the ship again.
If you have Heart multi-ball ready, and Tortuga nearly ready, try and start Heart multi-ball. Bash away at the ship during ball-save time and for the next two balls. Once you are down to two balls in Heart multi-ball, try and start Tortuga multi-ball. Even if you don't manage to fully load up Tortuga, you'll get a new ball saver without losing Heart multi-ball. That helps with getting the Heart super jackpot. Once you are down to two balls on the stacked Heart/Tortuga multi-ball, try and and sink the ship, which then acts as an add-a-ball. Once you have all three multi-balls stacked, you are stuck in terms of multi-balls until you are back down to single-ball play. But you can still work on Jack during that time, kill the kraken, or try and keep loading Tortuga for the multipliers and big points. (Jack is easiest to complete during multi-ball ball save time because it's a risky shot.)
Typically, I end up with the compass lit except for Heart Super Jackpot and Davy Jones Defeated. If I can start Heart multi-ball during that time and don't have Tortuga almost ready, I bash away at the trunk and the ship, depending on opportunities (with priority on the trunk, because it's a lot of work to get back there again if I fail to get Heart Super jackpot).

I usually start bashing the ship as soon as Tortuga starts, but with the way my spinner is (mean) and my 'no short plunge to Tortuga' house rule, I'm lucky to get three Tortugas in game. In heart I'm too busy trying to hit the chest enough for the super to shoot the ship.

#944 2 years ago
Quoted from rai:

what exactly are the Heart and Tortuga MB rules?

Tortuga: playfield multiplier for each ball in the spinner. 10 pinball seconds per ball plunged to get it in the spinner at the start. That's about it.

Heart: Ball in chest lights all jackpots, and spots a letter in heart. Complete heart to light super. Haven't noticed anything else. It's basically the exact as the process to get to heart MB again, but with more balls

Wish there was an add-a-ball...

#950 2 years ago
Quoted from rai:

reading the rules now have one question

is this collect crew time limit and/or does it carry over to the next ball if you don't collect 100 hits on the current ball?

It ends at 100 switch hits, 30 seconds, or ball drain

#952 2 years ago
Quoted from rai:

but if you don't collect the 100 switches does the light light? If not how can you re qualify it?

Starting it lights it solid. You don't need to complete it.

#953 2 years ago
Quoted from rai:

but if you don't collect the 100 switches does the light light? If not how can you re qualify it?

Starting it lights it solid. You don't need to complete it.

#958 2 years ago
Quoted from rai:

So there's no point to the mode in fact, half the lights require little or no effort.
Davy Jones
Seem to be the only somewhat difficult modes to light.

Yeah, they're the only ones you have to worry about, and you'll probably get kraken on the way to Davy Jones anyway. Jack isn't particularly hard, it's just that it's so worthless no one pays any attention to it

#965 2 years ago
Quoted from marmar:

I am in the processing of cleaning my POTC I removed all the parts and screws for the main ramp. The only problem is how to remove or better said how to fish out the switch from Walk the Plank side. The main ramp is in rough shape so I have a new one to replace it with. The easy scenario would be to remove the rivet and fish it that way. I was wondering if anyone in the group has any recommendations.

Why not just disconnect it first?

#987 2 years ago
Quoted from rai:

Jack + Kraken = EB on the compass.

Yeah, basically Jack becomes "light 'light extra ball'"

#993 2 years ago
Quoted from PinballTilt:

I believe you can turn that off in the settings. I had to do that as mine came up with the French option first time too

Yeah, every rom is dual language, but you can remove any reference to it by turning "Player language select" off in the adjustments

1 week later
#1014 2 years ago

How are you getting airballs, exactly? I haven't gotten a single one yet, don't see what would do it

#1016 2 years ago
Quoted from rai:

Pirate stand up targets.

So how does the ball get in the ship from there? Shouldn't it air ball over the slings?

#1022 2 years ago
Quoted from tbanthony:

The big shield never bothered me, but I always thought it would be cool to put a decal on it that had ocean waves on it -- like showing the ship at sea.

I took it out immediately and haven't had a single airball in 200+ games

#1025 2 years ago
Quoted from maffewl:

Sounds like it's working for you. I personally wouldn't want to risk it for the one time it does happen and something breaks, but to each their own.
Reminds me of my nieces who don't put cases on their brand new iPhones because they "never drop them". And I honestly mean no offense by that. I cringe thinking of it, just the way my mind works I guess.

Heh, I don't have a case for my phone either. Not that it's impossible, just that I find them so annoying I'll pay the $300 on the rare chance it happens

#1031 2 years ago

With the help of some new white rubbers and an extra ball I finally defeated Davy Jones and made it to four winds. Not sure how it actually works as I didn't have a chance to look at the display during it, but I made it almost through the third set of arrows before draining. Everything seemed sorta barren after that so I shrugged and figured I'd just play for jackpots since I could relocate the 2mil now. Those multiballs get really hard to start! Think it took 10 shots to light Tortuga.. :/ Somehow managed to make it to the point of destroying Davy Jones's sails a second time before draining. Game gets easier once all the stress is gone.



#1044 2 years ago
Quoted from maffewl:

These optos can be a little touchy. Typically they just need to be re-soldered on the back side. I had an issue where my chest optos were flaking out. Removed them, and found the connection was weak on the back side. Re-soldered and good to go.

Has anyone had weird problems with the ship opto specifically? I resoldered all of them when I got the game, and every opto has been fine except for the ship. About 50 games in it started spazzing out, doing multiple hits or even repeated hits. I discovered that the walls of the ship shot were actually tilting outwards slightly, and by just putting a bit of pressure on the wall I could tilt it back enough to make the opto fire, so I tightened the walls, which didn't help at all, and then I stuck a bit of clear acrylic in front of the opto to hold it at the right angle. Worked great, fixed that repeating problem, but now just twice I've had the ship randomly get hit when the ball wasn't even near it (one time it was going off the plank and another time I was catching it on the flipper). I can't get the ship to misfire at all no matter how much pressure I put on the walls/opto or how much I wiggle the wires going to it (which is how I found all the optos that needed resoldering)

#1046 2 years ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

First try reseating those crappy opto connectors at the little board under the playfield.

Did that too, and reflowed the solder on the headers, and repinned the connectors

#1048 2 years ago
Quoted from maffewl:

Have you tried moving the optos around? I.e., place the ship optos in the chest position and vice versa? That would probably be a pain but would help narrow down some of the issue as to whether it was an opto problem, or an opto board/board problem.

Yeah I'm trying to avoid that...

#1052 2 years ago
Quoted from Bond_Gadget_007:

This is more of a gameplay question, but I want to know how many owners have decent games/points without short plunging to Tortuga wheel all day long. Since everything stacks, and Tortuga has x2, x3 opprtunities with long ball save, is this the only strategy for POTC?

Scoring wise, nothing beats score multiplers on any game, and a score multiplier from a repeatable shot with MB attached? Shoot ramp -> live catch -> backhand ramp -> repeat till multiball, then bash other stuff, repeat till points.

Quoted from Bond_Gadget_007:

(and please don't tell me about your 'house rules' not to short plunge--that's just silly)

The game becomes way too easy if you just short plunge three balls up the ramp as soon as it starts, there's not even any point or challenge at all. Whether you full plunge by force of will or just remove that one way ramp (as they apparently often do in tournaments), you at least give tortuga a slight nerf. It's still quite possible to fill up the spinner anyway, all full plunging does is remove a pretty much straight guarantee. Not that it matters anyway, even if you only get two balls from tortuga, it's easy enough to start the ship for a third. There's no advantage to getting all your balls from tortuga (it doesn't limit your X to the amount of balls you locked at the beginning or anything), so as long as you start it you're good.

Best strategy is to use tortuga to start a ship MB and get the chest open, then once you've got your jackpots lit hit the center shot for max jackpot and collect crew. Now that collect is lit, fill up the spinner to finish it quickly with a multiplier for an easy 15-30million, then just start hitting 2mil x 2 jackpots and hopefully bring in heart after a while

And regarding it being silly: the only reason I have a 'house rule' instead of removing the gate is because it's a pain to put the gate back in. Either way, not being able to short plunge makes the game better+more balenced

#1054 2 years ago
Quoted from rai:

How does Parlay work?

Go through the hole in the upper playfield enough to spell it, then during single ball play if you drain out the outlane you'll get it back once. Each time it gets harder to spell

#1059 2 years ago
Quoted from michi:

Does it? As far as I know, the first time (on default settings), each hit on the hole awards two letters, so I need to get through the hole three times to complete Parlay. Thereafter, it's just a single letter per hole, no matter how many times I complete it, so I need to get through the hole six times to complete Parlay. Does it get any harder than that?

Eventually it resets progress each ball. Very annoying.

Quoted from rai:

You'll get what back once?

It'll autolaunch a new ball so you can continue your game.

Quoted from rai:I forgot, what is the maneuver where you get credit for sinking a ship with one shot, and it says "you cheated"?

Go down the right lane on the top playfield when the sails are already destroyed and it'll flash the ship for broadside

#1066 2 years ago
Quoted from BobC:

Right orbit? or the skill shot lane?

The rightmost of the three lanes on the upper playfield

#1073 2 years ago
Quoted from marmar:

I understand but I am not able to get to the Service menu at all. I press the menu button and it just says Free Game if I open the coin door I get the message.

The inner most button adds credits. The outer one opens the menu. I had to disassemble mine and sand the contacts to get them to work. You can use a flathead to jump the lugs though too in a pinch.

#1083 2 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

It's the one area of POTC that feels unfinished the bright red caps just don't fit imo, although that's not a compliant as you can clearly see where the $$$ on the playfield, but why not improve them?

Due to the ghosting LEDs the previous owner installed in mine the red caps 'pulse' along with the chest (lighter ghosting pulse right after the regular flash), actually looks pretty good...

#1095 2 years ago
Quoted from michi:

I'm about to install a new compass decal because the old one has mostly worn away. I'm sick of all the dust that gets generated by the abrasion on the decal; the damn stuff ends up everywhere on the playfield
I found this on pinwiki: http://www.pinwiki.com/wiki/index.php?title=Stern_S.A.M._System_Repair#Pirates_of_the_Caribbean
They recommend to use "clear non-slip bath tub stuff" on the decal. Has anyone here done this? If so, what kind of product/brand did you use? I'm hoping to find some sort of sealer or surface coating that will reduce abrasion, both to protect the decal and to reduce the amount of dust in the machine.
I did look at the decal protector from pinball.center. It's not clear to me how that works though. Apparently, it is supposed to be applied over the original decal. But the original decal has quite a rough surface, so I don't see how the protector would stick on that and and stay put. If anyone has used that decal protector, I'd be keen to hear about your experiences. Does it last? Does it still look decent after a few hundred games?

I've been wondering about just putting mylar on

#1101 2 years ago

I have mine adjusted so both the chest and the ship go into the slings in an unpredictable way

2 months later
#1198 2 years ago
Quoted from PeterG:

I have some problems with the ships sails. In the test mode they seem to go down correct. So the solenoid is working. Then in game it just is not working 100%. Most of the times the sails won't go down. The other solenoid that make the sails shake seems to work correct. Any ideas or suggestions to solve this issue?

I had this problem on mine, needed to re-lube the mech per the diagram in the manual

#1206 2 years ago
Quoted from trk12fire:

Anybody having problems with there chest. My optos don't seem to be working in the switch test. I replaced both of them and replaced the opto board. Still doesn't show in switch test. I've updated the code and the new code says that if ithe chest is not working than the new code will still make the chest do its thing, but I'm not sure if it's 100 percent.
I just bought it and not sure how to spell heart. The chest rises and lights, also makes sounds and stops the ball. Anybody had this issue and does the new code fix the problem?

The optos are just there to register 'key' letters early and make a sound. If you get a ball in the lock in back without triggering the opto, it'll still give you a letter in key (depending on your chest difficulty) , or once key is spelled, open the chest, and then start awarding heart letters.

#1219 2 years ago
Quoted from trk12fire:

Yes, I noticed it after I posted. Freaking auto correct. Lol. When I shake or nudge the machine the ship rocks back and forth. Is this normal?

Mine wiggles maybe 5/8th inch at the tops of the sails , couldn't see anything wrong with it, and I've rebuilt the whole thing. Doesn't seem to ever cause a problem

#1222 2 years ago
Quoted from michi:

My POTC has just developed a problem with Tortuga multi-ball. When Tortuga is ready (lock is lit), I can put the first ball into Tortuga, and the machine locks the ball, keeping it in the mix master as usual. I get the second ball and launch it. Shortly after (within 3-5 seconds), while the second ball is still in play (but I haven't had a chance to put it into Tortuga yet), I get the "Tortuga" callout, Tortuga opens and I end up with a two-ball multi-ball, never having been given the chance to lock the second or a third ball.
The problem is intermittent. About half the time, it works, the other half, I get this problem where Tortuga opens early, for no obvious reason.
Has anyone seen this before? Any suggestions where to start?
I don't know what triggers the opening of Tortuga early. Is there a specific switch involved?

Maybe the entry opto is acting up?

#1230 2 years ago
Quoted from Schwaggs:

If the opto was fluttering, wouldn't the timer over for the next attempt to lock the ball start over?

Depending on how they coded it, i could picture it allowing you to lock multiple balls even if it hasn't put them into the shooter yet. It might just count each opto closure as one lock.

Don't think the trough would do it as that would just end Tortuga since there hasn't been a second lock

1 month later
#1272 1 year ago
Quoted from PinballTilt:

It seemed like an impossible number, haha. I looked with one ball left a couple times and he was still at 3/4 life. I did get a ball stuck under the ship as it was trying to raise back up in that mode, so that was a first. Not sure if he regenerates too like the kraken

I think he does, though I haven't seen it. I've defeated him pretty quickly sometimes, but today I brought in both other multiballs and still couldn't get him halfway

1 month later
#1326 1 year ago
Quoted from jbug:

Koos, I was wondering the same thing. I post on AVS and bluray.com and you can subscribe to post to get instant e-mails for postings. I looked but didn't find that on Pinside.

I've never found one. I just favorite threads I want to follow, then just check my favorites list, and it'll show new posts at the top

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