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PotC owners club: "Dead men tell no tales..."

By rai

5 years ago

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#172 4 years ago

Look what showed up today! My plans include installing LED's, silicone rings, cannon and inlane mods and adding the movie soundtrack with SmartDMD.*


*Edit: Oops! I meant Pinball-Browser, not SmartDMD.

#176 4 years ago

I've been following oga83's thread about Pinball-Browser and it seems doable. My only problem right now is that the program is only compatible with PC's and I only have access to Macs. It may take time, but I'll post here if I get it working.

#179 4 years ago

That was all the shipper's doing - it was sent via STI. They do a really thorough job.

3 weeks later
#186 4 years ago

I recently re-lit my whole machine with custom LED's - rather than buy a kit, I figured out what was needed and bought individual bulbs. It saved me about $80, compared to Cointaker's kit. Here's a video of the conversion:

#195 4 years ago

Without thinking much about it, I usually find that everything on the compass is lit except Davey Jones, Heart Super Jackpot and Jack the Monkey. Often, I can get two of those if I concentrate really hard and work on one objective at a time, but it's still a challenge to get all three - especially Jack the Monkey.

Once I make the "K" shot, the ball returns to the right flipper but you can't hit the scoop from the right, so I have to do a quick transfer. But it never has enough energy to get up the scoop, so the ball rolls back, gets caught in the slingshots and side lanes or I hit the chest instead and then time runs out and I have to start over. Infuriating.

It seems that pop bumper shots extend the time, though - is that correct? And there's no way to adjust settings to "easy" for Jack the Monkey. Any advice? The struggle is real, y'all.

2 weeks later
#204 4 years ago

Here's me playing POTC:


2 weeks later
#211 4 years ago
Quoted from Skypilot:

Little help please.
This is my second Pirates to shop out . It did not come with this plastic on it. This plastic came with a replacement set. Could someone snap a picture for me of this attached. I'm pretty sure how it goes but would like confirmation.Thanks


I think that plastic piece replaces the metal strip that's already on your machine. You'll just need to attach that plastic post to the second hole from the bottom and the piece secures to the metal posts with lock nuts. The hex post in the fourth hole props up the ramp.

#216 4 years ago
Quoted from tpn2011:

Hey guys just got my potc last night and need to remove the ugly ass sneeze guard what is the easiest way to do it ??? I know it is just screws but what is the best way to hold the wing nut in place while unscrewing the screws ??

I did it during a cleaning and found that the only good way was to remove the ramp first. The ramp is just held on by seven screws (plus the VUK wireform and its shield and maybe the level at the shooter lane). No need to unplug the electronics at the top for this. It's a great game but it's a giant pain when it comes time to make these kinds of repairs and adjustments.

Quoted from pinmanguy:

The biggest problem with POTC is not enough Keira in the artwork

I'm fascinated by what was and wasn't included in the game licensing.
Depp & Bloom: yes
Knightly & Rush: no
Logo & ship design: yes
Movie soundtrack: no

1 month later
#238 4 years ago

YOU GUYS! You guys! I made it to Gauntlet of Pirates for the first time tonight!

Yes, it's on all the easiest settings with unlimited extra balls. And it took me four balls to complete the compass. But still! Gauntlet of Pirates, you guys! And I scored nine gauntlet points!

#243 4 years ago
Quoted from rai:

So you got past the 4 winds? I never even got there yet.

With my easy settings I've gotten to Four Winds a few times but never got any further than the third wind (I think it goes North, West, East, South). This time I was in the zone and surprised myself. Plus, somehow I was getting add-a-balls after the ball saver expired, so I have to figure out how I did that. Once I was in Gauntlet, I just aimed for the blinky shots and held on as long as I could.

1 month later
#258 3 years ago
Quoted from MadMaxDad:

Had the glass off trying to figure out how to accomplish everything and what scored big points etc....
After 4 Winds - I accidentally got to what I'm guessing is the wizard mode. I was fighting pirates that were all the designers and artists and Gary Stern. I haven't been able to get there again. What do I have to do to get there?

When you get to Four Winds, shoot the blinking shot first to set a jackpot value. Then hit all the the flashing shots to complete that direction. Do that for all four directions to move on to Gauntlet of Pirates, the super wizard mode.

Near as I can figure out, you shoot the Tortuga ramp to challenge a pirate and shoot the flashing arrow to defeat him. Repeat for as long as you can. My best score is 11 Gauntlet points (unlimited extra balls and easiest settings).

1 month later
#264 3 years ago
Quoted from DrScoops:

I joined the club today! Sadly I am already coming with a repair issue. My auto-plunger link broke. I have found the replacement part to order online, but I can't figure out how to remove the broken one and install the new one.

Oh, Doc! I'm so sorry - if I'd known, I would have fixed it before pickup. If possible, get the plunger-link assembly and replace both at once. It's hard to tell from the photo where the break is, but replacing the assembly usually involves removing the upper coil bracket to remove the plunger. The manual plunger works, yes?

2 months later
#590 3 years ago

I think POTC's main theme is in 6/8 time.

TOTAN's main theme is a 7/8 drum rhythm.

2 years later
#2049 8 months ago
Quoted from TomT:

If they were available I think color changers that were just blue and green would look great.

I've been bugging Comet to make a "water" bulb with blue and green alternating LEDs, the same way their "flame" bulbs work with red and orange. Maybe if other people ask for it they'll get on it faster.

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