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PotC owners club: "Dead men tell no tales..."

By rai

4 years ago

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#582 3 years ago
Quoted from Crispin:

Had an epic game yesterday just before going over to my sister in laws for Easter Dinner. I was the 1st to shower and get ready figuring I'll have enough time to get a couple of games in. Well next thing you know the whole family is dressed and downstairs complaining that I'm making all of us late. The pirate in me couldn't have cared less! Made it halfway through 4 Winds multiball. This freaking game is just awesome!

Wow! I stopped by a friends to drop something off and he said to try his POTC before I left. Not to your level, but I was having a good game with 60 million on my first ball. I was having a lot of fun also. Of course his wife then called up and said Easter dinner was ready for them, so I could not continue. POTC is definitely my favorite stop and go game and a great break from the fast and flowing pins that are out there. I knew one local who had one and then 3 other local friends I know picked one up fairly recently.

You owners are lucky. POTC is a gem. I will have one someday.

9 months later
#922 2 years ago

Really enjoy this pin a lot. Next on list to get. You folks are lucky.

1 week later
#930 2 years ago

Nice! I like your other games also.

#968 2 years ago

I am not an LED expert by any means, so I was wondering how POTC does with them? Does it need an LED OCD? Thanks

2 weeks later
#1005 2 years ago

Joined the club today! I won't take a pic. You folks know what it looks like.

Had a pin party tonight to celebrate the arrival.

#1009 2 years ago

Just got my Pirates with really no LEDs in it. I was looking at options and a friend of mine who loves LEDs says Pirates is one game that he thinks should not have very many LEDs on the playfield. He said the yellow from the playfield and stock lighting is warm and reminds him of candle lights which goes well with the Pirate theme.
I thought it was an interesting observation.

#1013 2 years ago

Picked up a plastic shield from maffewl to go over the stand up targets by the ship. Had a few airballs already where the ball flew up on the ramp above and one ball got stuck on the light post that shines on the ship. That in just 2 days.
Hope the shield helps.


#1018 2 years ago

Yeah my large shield is off also, so I want to get some protection. Not a fan of the big shield.

#1040 2 years ago

Need a little help please. I am noticing I am getting balls added to quickly during the 10 second countdown during multiball. Balls are ejected into the shooter lane before I have shot a ball up into the spinner area during the countdown. Do the optos at the top of the ramp need to be checked or adjusted?

#1042 2 years ago

Yes better scores! Ok I will look up the part for them. Thanks

#1049 2 years ago

On my issue there was a wire sticking slightly up that may have been interfering with the optos for the drop post on the spinning disc. Hope that is it.
My friend said he resoldered the wires to his optos even no there was no issue with them and he never has had a problem in years.

1 week later
#1077 2 years ago

So new optos are very inexpensive. Do the new ones work well and better than the original ones? Doing an order soon and wanted to ask. Thanks

#1079 2 years ago
Quoted from marmar:

I found this for the optos. I was thinking of getting this if I find the ones I am troubleshooting are failing.

Yes those. My friend who has potc mentioned resoldering the optos if they have an issue, but at $3.95 why not start them fresh?

If anyone wants to chime in before I order please let me know. Thanks

#1087 2 years ago
Quoted from marmar:

Did you order new optos? I went ahead an ordered new ones for the spinning disk section seems to be acting incorrectly.

I got Pirates 2 weeks ago and the ones at the top of the ramp were acting funny for tiny bit and then have been fine for a while,m. I will order a couple anyway at 3.95 a pop.
Sounds like you are doing good on yours. It is a fun game!

1 week later
#1097 2 years ago

So what is the census of where the ball goes after it comes down from the pops or treasure chest form the right side? I played a few Pirates and hit the rubber at the top of the slings and creates kind of a "danger bounce" from that side, but played a friends game recently and the ball was coming down to the right flipper from that side. I liked that better for control and less randomness.

What goes on with your folks pins?

#1104 2 years ago
Quoted from rai:

Mine hits the top of the sling and drops down to the flipper, very predictable.

To the left or right flipper?

Ok so it looks like Danger bounce rules.

#1106 2 years ago

A Pinsider with some free time - that is rare?!

2 weeks later
#1119 2 years ago
Quoted from rai:

I got a fluke great shot today, short plunge - Backhand Jack - Super Skill Shot - Super Duper Skill Shot.
Wish I could have got that on video

Which one is that again? I have done one skill shot where I shortplunged and hit the short mini loop on the left and the ball flew over to the other mini loop on the right and came down from the top through that one for 10 million. Is that it?

I did it once or twice though.

1 week later
#1133 2 years ago
Quoted from scottslash:

I just let loose of my POTC. On to another home.... Was nice havin ya.

Hmmm thumbs up or thumbs down?

#1140 2 years ago
Quoted from rai:

Just was looking at my collection history said I've owned PotC for 3500 days now.

Did you buy it NIB? How much was it back then?

#1142 2 years ago
Quoted from rai:

I bought it from a retail seller. I was not aware of NIB shipped to my door sales back then, it was new but had been set up in the store for a short time. At that time I could have got either LOTR or PotC new but I liked PotC better for some reason (couldn't understand the rules of LOTR like I do now).
I can't recall the actual price but probably in the neighborhood of $3900 iirc but included delivery and set up.

Funny that $3900 was probably on the high side and included delivery.

#1151 2 years ago

I did not know beelzeboob had a Pirates. Goody gum!

8 months later
#1645 1 year ago
Quoted from AJB4:

Hard to believe that POTC has been gone for 4 months. My other games became boring and thus, POTC is coming back in. Hopefully to stay this time.

Saw your other post. I had TF before. It is kind of fun but not a long term keeper.

Now I would give SW more time. When I play I am on the edge with each shot the whole time. Major excitement moving the multiplier and blasting Tie Fighters. Very different from any other game. And fast! Don't blink. It is so different it takes time to get used to. Take some time on it.

POTC is great though. LOTR and Acdc left out of my gameroom and pitates is still here. I like it a lot more than I thought I would. A friend played my POTC a few months ago and liked it and just got one himself. Just fun pinball.

#1647 1 year ago
Quoted from Sidekick74:

HUGE thanks to Perry Dilbeck for installing my LED's and mods for POTC...
Plus, shout out to PINNYHEADHEAD for getting me hooked on POTC & Aero Pro.

What a good contrast Pirates is to AS. Each pin fits a different mood I am in when I go to play. Both have fantastic toys with ship and toy box. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

3 months later
#1754 1 year ago

I actually just sold my POTC to my buddy Altan above. Good pinball citizen! 13 years on PS?! Tell me stories of what pinside was like 13 years ago, Paw!

I think it is better to be in the SPOTC club than the JJPPOTC preorder club now. Especially if you are going to have $4000-$8000 in your pocket at the end of the day. That is crazy, but true!

Your trunk opens and closes also.

#1782 1 year ago
Quoted from dzoomer:

FS and JY are gone. POTC remains. To me, it's a great game for what it offers, especially at it's price.

Golly I hate to say that I just sold my Pirates, but I did. Thad being said it outlasted some greats like LOTR, ACDC and IM. You are correct that the value is right with POTC. A lot of game for the money and Stern really came out with a great quality pin back then.

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