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PotC owners club: "Dead men tell no tales..."

By rai

4 years ago

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#739 2 years ago

Has anyone heard from Matt @ BA, regarding the Kraken mod he mentioned in this thread over a year ago?

#742 2 years ago
Quoted from erak:

Just ordered back alley cannons L,R. Decks
Etc today.
I found the pinbrowser movie music online. But changed some other tunes that I think make it better. And I stole the Klingon "jacpot" from ST and added it to the jackpots on potc.
Now it screams jackpot at you with cannon noises. Rather than the bland fireworks.
And added movie Tortuga music. Also changed the yo-ho jig music to Davie Jones organ movie music.
Game over music too.
Such a great pin. Under rated for sure.

Sounds very cool, any chance of a video? Would love to see the Davey Jones music in play & the difference the jackpot callouts make and how well intergrate as that's a brilliant idea!

5 months later
#883 2 years ago

Looks best as the leds are changing colour and for a split second you get a yellow, when that happens it makes the coins look like there sparkling a little, if you could do that with maybe a couple yellow leds, one coming on while other goes off and vice versa that could make a cool effect of the coins sparkling and look great!

Another idea if possible, could be a white led and a yellow led to simulate the treasure cove scene from the first film when the coins are sparkling and then the moon light hits them and Barbosa and jack.

1 month later
#927 2 years ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Installed a coffin with skeleton mod in my game. I mounted it in the center back and tied it to one of the flashers on the back board. can also be mounted on the plastic over the spinning disc. PM me if interested.

Would look great on MET or Scared Stiff, not sure it fits the look of POTC.

Quoted from Natay-Tay:

Also finally got Jack the monkey installed! Really makes a difference!

That is literally the most simple but coolest mod for POTC its just awesome having Jack sit on the ramp

#976 2 years ago
Quoted from rai:

I've had some luck backhanding Jack too, one trick is hit the ball with the tip of the right flipper before the ball lands on the flipper kind of like a live catch. You can also backhand Jack on a ball that's on the flipper but that's not easy.

POTC is full of great shots but JACK is easily the best and sweetest and one of my favourite shots on a modern Stern.

3 weeks later
#1063 2 years ago
Quoted from rai:

I know the code is not super feel like ACDC but it's got a good bit of little details like this that makes it fun.

I know quite a few people that say POTC isn't deep but when I had mine (& im buying another this week hopefully) I have always found the rules to be the perfect depth, most games I won't see everything the game has but those occasional games where everything just shoots right and flows I am in reaching distance. I personally rate POTC rules higher than AC/DC just more fluid and run imo.

When I get my next POTC I will tackle the code in pin browser, the only thing that ever let it down was Stern dropped the ball with the licence a little, abit like TWD but now we have pin browser I can see this POTC going nowhere!

#1070 2 years ago

Would any POTC owners be interested in a pop cap mod? I always found the plain red pop caps pretty boring and out of place with the rest of the playfield which is loaded with custom stuff.

If anyone has seen Hookeds pop cap sets or Zitts Stsr Trek caps, I was considering something like those with laser cut design - off the top of my head I was thinking Aztec coin design, finished in gold with white or yellow acrylic behind allowing light to shine through coin design - was thinking cool white light to replicate the moon light from the films.


#1081 2 years ago
Quoted from PeterG:

I do not like anything flat, so laser cut is not my thing. I like the popbumpers on Aliens, the 3d eggs. Piles of gold coins/treasure on top of the cap. When you use a clear cap or yellow one, that would look great. Just brainstorming...

Great idea, no problem I'm all for brainstorming to get something cool, that would appeal to as many POTC owners as possible.

It's the one area of POTC that feels unfinished the bright red caps just don't fit imo, although that's not a compliant as you can clearly see where the $$$ on the playfield, but why not improve them?

My Ironman caps and Star Trek caps really make the world of difference, so I got the idea why not give POTC the same luxury treatment and bling

3 weeks later
#1113 2 years ago
Quoted from PeterG:

Does anyone know where i can get the sticker for the main ramp? Does anybody have that mai ramop incl decal for sale?

Quoted from michi:

I have not seen that decal anywhere and came up empty in my searches. If you do find it, can you please let us know?

I have a NOS decal set (providing that decal is in the box) I could potentially scan it for someone or get some made up if there is a little demand for them? Wouldn't be looking to make anything from it simply the more people that need it the cheaper I can probably get the printers to do it unless a scan would do?

1 month later
#1156 2 years ago
Quoted from Fliptastic:

Put a Titan lockbar receiver finisher on tonight

I like to chrome mine, just love shiny things

1 month later
#1188 1 year ago

There are some awesome pop cap mods for Stern ST, IM, TRON, someone really needs to bring out a pop cap mod for POTC maybe 3 Aztec coins would look great, would there be any interest in this.??

5 months later
#1565 1 year ago

Has anyone done a pinball browser sound file for POTC?

5 months later
#1797 1 year ago

Well now JJPOTC isn’t grabbing me as much as it was prior to the removal of the 3 ring spinner and mechanical chest, I am looking for a POTC once again to add back into the lineup.

Can current owners remind me how much does the game draw/pull from the movies? It’s been years since I owned my original POTC but I loved it which is why I want it back, but I may find a beat up one and do a custom restore.

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