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PotC owners club: "Dead men tell no tales..."

By rai

4 years ago

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#461 3 years ago

Checking to to say hi and add myself to the club. I picked up a POTC last weekend. A friend put the POTC bug in my ear as it was off my radar, noting the theme, toys, nice art and different play from my other pins. I did some reading and video watching and liked what I saw. When I had a chance to pick up a POTC within driving distance of me I went for it.

I'm in the honeymoon period still but I am super impressed with this pin. I'd say it is notably underrated and flying under the radar. I found it much much better than I was expecting. The tortuga wheel looks weak on videos, but is tons of fun in actual game play. The ship has been described by many as one of the top two pf toys in pinball; I agree . It reminds me of LOTR in game play: slower, longer, more of a story telling approach, lots of unique features and sound effects. On top of that I find it has lots of shots, a nicely loaded pf with lots of toys and nice art, great toys too, impressive code depth, easy for beginners and satisfying for advanced players, a theme with wide appeal and quite well integrated. My POTC has a lot of LED upgrades and this makes even better imo, a big difference. Bright, clean, colorful. It looks like current machines and that it rolled off the current production floor. I have really enjoyed the newer production pins for code depth and POTC slots in here very well. All the multiball options including a 4 ball multiball is fun. It is also different from the other pins in my collections in that it has a reasonably achievable ball save feature that includes outlane losses. Other nice features include the powder coated cab rails, flipper button guards, etc. The game play really diversifies my collection and I highly recommend a diversity of game play in pin collections.

Great game and great fun. I look forward to reading more in this club thread.

#463 3 years ago


I also foresee interest in this title increasing with another POTC movie coming out next year.

Interesting factoids. POTC is one of the top ten grossing movie franchises ever. Impressive. It slots in close to Bond, but with only 4 movies compared to >25 movies, for example. POTC has two films over $1 billion which is particularly impressive. There is definite huge cultural appeal. Even the Disney world ride ties in nicely.

#478 3 years ago
Quoted from rai:

Have you read the rules (I mean guidelines) from Pinball news? Only after I owned the pin a number of years did I discover the super skill shot.

My friend sent me that pinball news link. Lots of info there. Pages and pages describing coding and shots which showed me how deep the game was. Thx for the info on the super skill shot. I'll look it up.

Quoted from swampfire:

I loved that ride as a kid, tied for favorite with Peter Pan (love the cities getting smaller and smaller as you "fly"). I'm not ashamed to admit I'd like to ride it again, kids or not.

It was my favorite ride when I took my kids . They loved it too.

#485 3 years ago
Quoted from Taxman:

Its kind of funny that people consider POTC a sleeper. It was not liked at first but soon after became a bit hit and held its value. But I guess people who own them love them and keep them. So when they are not changing hands they go off radar. I consider it my second favorite Stern only to LOTR.

I wasn't active in the hobby when POTC was released so my observations are only from the last 1.5 years. I'm no fan of the top 100 ratings here and seeing POTC only one place different from fish tales solidifies that. I find POTC to be waaay better than fish tales. Not that fish tales is bad, I even own a fish tales too and like it. I also find POTC isn't discussed much on the forum which keeps it under the radar; a lot less posts in this club thread than many other machine club threads. No shared alternate sound code files either, unlike many other pins. Hopefully that will change.

As for shots, I find POTC fairly straight forward, which I really like. My TWDLE has made me a much better pinball player and it comes through in all my game play. Still, there are on days and off days.

#494 3 years ago
Quoted from Taxman:

I'm not a big fan for TWD. Love the show and we had a pro at The Sanctum for a while. Magnets releasing balls SDTM are a pain. But also the shots that put the ball into the pops to dribble out SDTM just sucked the fun out. While pirates has multiple paths to return ball from upper playfield alone. Being able to short-plunge the ball to feed the right flipper is key. Just fun.

TWD seems to have a reputation outside of ownership for STDM drains (more so the pro); it's unfortunate because that is not the case when the machine is set up well. Route machines are often the reports of such behavior, though that is not surprising since they are much more susceptible to set-up shortcomings than huo. The TWD club thread addressed these issues a long time ago and there lots of tips and advice to address it. Though from time to time some new owners still come into the thread, vociferously post about the stdm issues, then get the advice and address it. I don't get any STDMs from the magnets (I can't remember the last one) and only rarely from the pops. Frankly, I need to relevel the machine, it has been forever and it needs to be nudged alot. If you get a chance to play a well setup huo TWD give it a try. Gameroomblog just called TWD the 2015 pinball machine of the year. http://gameroomblog.com/features/2015-pinball-machine-of-the-year

Quoted from swampfire:

DAMN, I just got the super-duper skillshot again, and no camera rolling.

Murphy's law.

Quoted from Crispin:

Joined the club last weekend when I traded mbob for my TSPP. I was afraid it wasn't going to be deep enough after simpsons but I'm loving it so far! Had a killer game and got to the four winds and then my game tilted when my manual slid off the coinbox! ARRRRRGGHHHH!20160312_094926_(resized).jpg

I'd be interested in how you find it compares to TSPP as you get into POTC deeper. I've read posts that find similarities between the two, TSPP has more exposure and gets some more polarizing comments from it being even deeper and even more of a stop and go type of play. What pitch are you set at. You could always pitch it to play faster if you are killing it. I'm doing quite well at POTC myself, but it is pitched to play slower and I'm pretty sure it is set to easy on variety of settings. I haven't adjusted anything since I picked it up from the PO, just playing and enjoying it. When I want more challenge I'll change it.

Been sick and busy, but still finding at least a bit of time every day to play POTC

#501 3 years ago

#501 baby. It's nice to to see the POTC club building a base.

#528 3 years ago

It's great to see that colordmd has now released LED displays. Are those who ordered for POTC getting them?

1 week later
#570 3 years ago

Congratulations. I really enjoy the machine. Hope you do as well

6 months later
#811 2 years ago

Shout out to happy POTC owners. Here is the trailer to the new POTC movie coming out next year. Looks promising and POTC continues to be a very popular main stream theme.

1 month later
#855 2 years ago
Quoted from Habeboo:

The final batch of POTC toppers have shipped today. Thanks to everyone for a great response. We do have two toppers left but when they're gone that's it. -D

Looks great!

potctop (resized).jpeg

#873 2 years ago

Just got my POTC tilt topper (in Canada). Looks crazy awesome, so much detail, and I haven't even hooked it up to see the lighting effects. Premium shipping too. Well worth it imo. Thx Dan!

potctop (resized).jpeg

potctop (resized).jpeg

3 weeks later
#897 2 years ago
Quoted from badbilly27:

Damn should have come in here sooner. That topper (and I'm not a topper guy) looks awesome. All sold out? How much were they?
Need to search back in thread on this plastic protector too. I still have my sneeze guard since day I opened the box.
Nice work guys

It pays to visit the club thread with some regularity. The topper is awesome. Contact tilttopper to see if they have any left. Prices are on their website.

I had a snafu installing my POTC topper and I finally had the time to figure it out, got it sorted. Looks great!

IMG_1916 (2) (resized).jpg

#901 2 years ago
Quoted from zacaj:

Love the green on the ship! Was that just the gi and spotlight or did you have to add any more lights?

Original lighting afaik. You can see it on my picture just before. Cool. Many have changed it, but the original colors worked well in the overall presentation for sure.

#903 2 years ago

Maybe true. Mine has PF LED lighting upgrades done by the previous owner. I thought based on recent pics that it was all original colors. That may not be the case.

1 month later
#995 2 years ago
Quoted from PinballTilt:

Does anyone have the pinball bulbs potc led kit? I'm considering one for my machine and wanted to see what others thought of it

Mine came with a led kit installed. May be them. Many of us have these kits. Common pictures show the ship lit greenish with whatever kit us and many others have. You can check out one of my last posts here for a picture of how it looks. GL.

1 week later
#1007 2 years ago

Wow on the new POTC trailer. Looks great!

1 week later
7 months later
#1400 1 year ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Agreed. I cancelled my Hobbit order, and sold LOTR just to avoid 45-minute games.

I love the odd 45 minute game; it's great to have variety in a pinball collection . (And most of my games are short ball time pins)

1 month later
#1569 1 year ago

The LED ColorDMD pops beautifully. Really goes well with LED bulb conversion POTC's; it's a treat with the higher resolution observed from using color, and great with the POTC animations.

4 months later
#1780 1 year ago

FS and JY are gone. POTC remains. To me, it's a great game for what it offers, especially at its price.

1 year later
#2059 55 days ago

Quiet here. Hope your all enjoying the Stern's POTC. A good player friend recently beat Davy Jones which is pretty impressive imo. Who here has done that?

And Tortuga is still a favorite shot /lock-toy for me. I love filling it for full multiball and how it's incorporated on the DMD... very rewarding. This pin screams for ColorDMD.

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