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PotC owners club: "Dead men tell no tales..."

By rai

4 years ago

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#325 3 years ago

Wow PeterG she looks great!! I also love that apron!

1 month later
#487 3 years ago

Joined the club last weekend when I traded mbob for my TSPP. I was afraid it wasn't going to be deep enough after simpsons but I'm loving it so far! Had a killer game and got to the four winds and then my game tilted when my manual slid off the coinbox! ARRRRRGGHHHH!20160312_094926_(resized).jpg

#492 3 years ago
Quoted from Taxman:

You've had it for a week and getting to 4-Winds?

That was my 5th game after I set her up. I figured I was on easy setting, I checked the adjustments and I was on 3 ball setting with 5 extra ball limit. I see in the installs menu you can install game difficulty but where do I verify the difficulty already set? All the feature adjustment are factory set which is medium difficulty.

#497 3 years ago
Quoted from Taxman:

Under the portal Adjustments -> Game there should be many setting with Easy-Medium-Hard settings.

Under the "game" portal all the feature adjustments are set to Med but my outlane posts can still be opened up. the left post is in the middle spot and the right post is in the closer of the 2. The playfield level bubble is touching the top line in the level.

Quoted from dzoomer:

I'd be interested in how you find it compares to TSPP as you get into POTC deeper.

So far I'm loving POTC. My 2 knocks on the Simpsons were the playfield layout and bart's callouts. The humor was good but in the heat of gamplay with everything running the callouts annoyed me. POTC layout is another fantastic job by Dennis. I'd have loved real actors voices but they did a pretty good job considering. With all the ways to score points on TSPP it felt overwhelming and scattered, POTC seems a more structured journey like LOTR. mbob upgraded the speaker kit and added the led ocd booard. When this game gets rocking what a light show!

1 week later
#556 3 years ago
Quoted from PeterG:

I got the posts under the bumpers replaced by yellow star post from bally/Williams. They look so much better, but that is all I did.

Peter I think that's a great idea now that I'm looking at mine. Does anyone know if the black sling plastics from the start of this thread are available anywhere?

#581 3 years ago

Had an epic game yesterday just before going over to my sister in laws for Easter Dinner. I was the 1st to shower and get ready figuring I'll have enough time to get a couple of games in. Well next thing you know the whole family is dressed and downstairs complaining that I'm making all of us late. The pirate in me couldn't have cared less! Made it halfway through 4 Winds multiball. This freaking game is just awesome!

1 week later
#619 3 years ago

20160406_130552_(resized).jpg After I read Swaggs post I removed the sneeze guard within a week. I dremeled out a scoop to allow the balls to drop back into play and it works perfectly. My only problem is that I've had a ball trapped 3 different times behind the ship while its in it's upright position after being sunk. The motor tries to lift the ship back up about the same amount of time as when the ship falls down on a ball in Davey Jones mode. It then puts the ship in an upright position again and the ball drops into the cabinet. I'm wondering if I'm putting undue stress on the motor in those 2 to 3 seconds the ship is trying to right itself with the ball stuck in between the playfield and ship. Not to mention how disheartening it is to end your game with a dropped ball in the cabinet. The last time it happened I was in Davey Jones mode and didn't have the heart to start another game.

#627 3 years ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

I never dremeled anything, and never once had a ball cause a problem. I can't really picture all this grinding and sticking

I removed the plastic from the machine before I dremeled so everything wouldn't be covered by plastic dust. Without creating the hole for the ball you can't take off the sneeze guard.

Quoted from maffewl:

open the coin door, remove the glass, place the stuck ball in the shooter lane, put the glass back on, and shut the coin door. Keep playing said game of lifetime. No need to waste it.

All 3 times it happened it was on the last ball. I attempted to save all 3 games but by the time I opened the coin door and retrieved the ball the game would just end the ball totaling up my bonus? Is there an adjustment I can make so time doesn't run out?

Quoted from maffewl:

It sounds terrible when the motor is trying to move and can't but from my understanding, it's made to handle such situations and has a clutch.

That's what I was hoping since the same thing happens when the ball gets trapped during Davey Jones when the ship comes down on it.

#628 3 years ago

Just took a look at the manual and on page 18 it runs through the scenario of a lost ball in which ball search will start after 15 seconds of no switches closing. After ball search if no switch has been activated the display will read " Locating pinballs please wait" after which another ball search is run until a timer runs out. (This feature will not happen if the game is in competition mode; ball search will continue until the ball is found, unstuck or replaced manually.) The display will momentarily acknowledge the missing pinball(s). The game will provide another pinball into play and will compensate for the lost pinball. Game play will appear normal.

Note: This detection and compensation will happen with every pinball' if each suffers the same fate of a ball trap. If all balls get trapped the game cannot be played or started until the situation is rectified.

Looking at page 31 in the manual you can find the competition mode adjustment #52 and right above it #51Coin door ball saver. This allows you to open the coin door during game play. The ball will drain but the game will be placed "on hold." When the coin door is closed the pinball will return to the shooter lane and the game will resume.

#631 3 years ago

Np yzfguy, maybe our pins are slightly different. With my pin I found that if I didn't grind out that scoop above the ship shot and the ball made it over the rum ramp it would get caught up by the left spotlight pointing on the ship. There wasn't enough gap in between the rum ramp and the plastic it was sitting on to allow the ball to fall back into play. The ground out scoop addresses the trapped ball behind the rum ramp but you can still get your ball caught in between the ship and playfield. You are very lucky if you have had your guard off for years and never had a trapped ball fall in between the upended ship and the playfield?

#636 3 years ago

I checked the green pirate targets to see if the foam was worn down causing more airballs but all the foams are fine. The sides of the pirate targets are worn though, might possibly be causing balls to ricochet off of the target.

#650 3 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

The girl singing was getting on my nerves.

Yeah swampfire she's starting to get to me as well. Will a Stern RevB or RevC shaker motor kit work in a POTC I don't see it on the game compatible list.

#655 3 years ago
Quoted from jwwhite15:

I believe you have to use the shaker kit for STTNG…if I remember correctly.

Thanks jwwhite15, pinbits is sold out currently but does anyone know if they're restocked regularly? I thought I remember reading in another thread that someone else was going to be making them soon.

#657 3 years ago

Thanks Starwriter I guess I'll keep monitoring their site.

#659 3 years ago

Thanks for the link, I'll send them an email letting them know people are patiently waiting.

#660 3 years ago

I received a response from Pam at pinbits letting me know that the shaker motors will be available next week.

1 week later
#677 3 years ago

Wow that was fast I spoke with Pam at pinbits 12:30 eastern and she had 3 STTNG left. She's waiting for the weights to come in for the other shaker kits. Possibly next week....

2 weeks later
#696 3 years ago
Quoted from maffewl:

Thought I'd share my anti-air ball deflector creation.

Wilee Coyo tee!, Super Genius!!!

#697 3 years ago
3 months later
#777 2 years ago


3 weeks later
#789 2 years ago

Wow Maffewl! Quickest and most effective mod. So simple and subtle! The crew thanks you, they hated looking at the sneeze guard.
Having a problem uploading the pic. I'll try again tomorrow.

3 months later
#890 2 years ago

Here you go Bob. The left shot is better lit up in my room than the right. I had so many airballs before Maffewl's deflector. A few times the ball would fall behind the ship and not allow her to sink. It really depends on how worn your green stand ups are. The more worn and beat back the angle is of the target the higher the chance of ball deflection. Maffewl's deflector ensures that won't happen again.
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