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DE Star Wars No Boot Flashing "Display Version"

By wildinindiana

6 years ago

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#1 6 years ago

So I have had this Data East Star Wars for quite some time, have gone through a litany of issues over time, but it has gone down to a point of frustration.

To start, it has a Rottendog CPU, I have a Rottendog Power supply but swapped the original in with no change. I tested the voltages for the DMD and the values checked out, DMD Connected with both power supplies. Test points checked out at the Power supply board itself. +5v at the display board checks out as well.

Power Switch ON, Obi Wan Talks, GI's come on with power on, CPU Boots Properly, PIA and 5v light come on, PIA goes out, and Blank comes on, Relay kicks GI's off, Blank and 5v stay on solid, DMD comes on with "Display Version" and information, and just flashes that over and over, no further. I have been checking the voltages and they check out on the CPU and Power supply (rottendog and original).

Picture attached if it helps.

If anyone could point me in the next direction, it would be much appreciated.

#2 6 years ago

Matching game ROM and display ROM ?

If one was updated and not the other can be an issue.

LTG : )

#3 6 years ago

I just checked to make sure that the roms were correct, and they are, also it was working before with these roms.

#4 6 years ago

I wonder whether there is an issue with the RD CPU board. The behaviour does sound strange but if the cpu is initializing and cand address a specific pia or chip maybe its stuck.

Do any buttons change anything, coins, start, service etc?

#5 6 years ago

No buttons change anything, I have gone through and checked them all one by one. That is what makes it so frustrating, because it doesn't make sense theoretically.

#6 6 years ago

Any direction I should go next, or just strip it down and start from scratch, its driving me nuts.

1 week later
#7 6 years ago

So I went through the voltages again, and they are coming out correct... So I decided to order a matched set of roms ( CPU & DISPLAY ) from Marco Specialties, to make sure they were good. I installed them and it has the same issue as before, so the roms are good. Guess Ill contact RottenDog and see if they have any ideas...

Thank You

5 months later
#8 6 years ago

Hello...I am facing the same exact problem. Did you eventually find the issue with yours? Any help would be greatly appreciated. For a bit of information...game played fine one day and then the flashing “display version”

Update...when I take batteries out, I get back to the screen working but it says open door. When I do that, the door switch is open and the game works fine. This is some crazy stuff. I have to be able to close the coin door to use this. Ughhh. Any ideas?

2 years later
#9 3 years ago

Has anyone figured this out? I'm having the same exact problem on a Hook. I can't figure this out.

9 months later
#10 2 years ago

Sorry for necroing this thread. Did OP and other poster ever find a solution? I was fixing a 520-5055-00 rev-e replacement board from Stern when I found the thread and got some suggestions.

If you disconnect the cable from the MPU board to the DMD controller board (26 pin flat cable) the screen should be on for 2-3 seconds (I believe all DMD controller versions should behave like this but I'm not sure) with the DMD controller boot information (showing '-DISPLAY VERSION- <game name> <ROM version> <date>' information) and then go away since the MPU is not sending anything to the DMD controller. If the reset issue goes away it should be something with the connection/communication with the MPU board and I'd look into the MPU board. If it won't go away and you still have issues there is something with the DMD controller board. Suggest looking closer at the 6809 microprocessor in that case. Best if you have an oscilloscope so you can have a look at the basics with the processor like stable power (at the processor pins), check so the reset pin has stable power and doesn't have power drops. With an oscilloscope it's easy to check the reset signal from the MPU as well.

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