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By mima

5 years ago

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#194 2 years ago
Quoted from Mahoyvan:

How does everyone's fight mode work for them? Does it start easy then progress harder throughout the game, or is it completely random every time?
It doesn't matter how fast I rip on the flippers, I typically only beat the guy by a couple cubes. Sometimes I don't even fill half the graph before he wins.

I only rarely lose and I think the speed is random, but I like to tell myself that if you constantly beat Travis by a ton it'll get faster. That's why I make sure I always just barely beat him, and also probably why i lose every once in a while, since I rarely start out tapping as fast as I can.

#195 2 years ago
Quoted from jdzwir123:

My F5 keeps blowing but was working great for a while,the Vuk engages as soon as I turn it on and then blows the f5. I know that the flipper switch isn't touching the coil lug, I've checked the VUK diode and also checked Q2. Anybody have something like that happen that could steer me in the right direction?
Thank you in advance.

maybe make a new thread, if you haven't already.

2 weeks later
#220 2 years ago

On my game I can backhand 3 from the right flipper and with a bit of a rap bounce to get the ball to roll put onto the flipper I can backhand 1 with the left. I can also backhand the ramp with the left if I hit it super clean, but that's pretty rare.

As for strategy, ramps can be super valuable, especially if you have collected all the stunts and started the first multiball. My highest is 53 ramps I think, which put the value much higher than pretty much anything else in the game, and is also why you probably don't see this game in tournaments...

#222 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

This is a fantastic game for tournaments imo. The points for the ramps are only awarded for certain tiers. You're getting nothing until you reach one of the tiers. Sure you can eventually get a bunch of points if you hit 40 plus ramps in one game, but that's way easier said than done imo.
Also if you can get a few double jackpots in multiball that's about the same as hitting like 40 ramps. That's probably want most tournament players would go for instead of ramps.

Good points, but getting to multiball takes lots of dangerous shots to the drops, and a double jackpot is easier said than done. On my game at least, a missed ramp shot is fairly easy to deal with.

My tournament strategy would probably be ramps all day, free multiball on ball three, trap up on the left flipper and ramps with one of the balls until it drains. (that being said, I should probably try it out and see how it actually works in practice...)

#227 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I'd say ramps all day is only viable if you can consistently get over 30 ramps a game. I certainly cannot do that. Just glad that uzi modes and the 1,2,3 modes and super Leo awards are good too so that the game isn't a one trick wonder for tournament purposes.

Yeah, if the ramp can't be made consistently I agree, orbits and 123 are the way to go

#228 2 years ago
Quoted from redundor:

Yeah, if the ramp can't be made consistently I agree, orbits and 123 are the way to go

Just to see how it would go, I am going to play some games tonight to see how my strategy would work out.

Game 1: 3 ramps, no multiball, no extra ball, no stunts, ended up with 11,338,370. Let's call this one a warm up game...
Game 2: 29 ramps, 1 multiball, 1 extra ball, 4 stunts, game ended up with 209,977,840. I actually had another ball that I played as well from choosing special with leo getz, which I forgot that I had set to give me an extra ball. Including that ball I had 31 ramps and 246,958,370 points
Game 3: 20 ramps, 1 multiball, 1 extra ball, 1 stunt (maybe), game ended with just under 100,000,000 points (i missed reading it...)
Game 4: 13ish ramps, 1 multiball, 1 extra ball, 3 stunts, game ended with 165,387,200. I must admit that I unintentionally hit the orbits a bunch to start and got to the 4th uzi light pretty fast, which really racked up the points. The way I played this game would probably be closer to how chuckwurt would play
Game 5: lost track of the ramps, (oops!) 1 multiball, 1 extra ball, 2 stunts, game ended with 150,026,200.

I wasn't able to get overly high on the ramps on any of those games, and I didn't have any game that was scored strictly from ramps, so I think chuckwurt is right, the scoring is actually pretty balanced. You'd really have to be on your game to get a really high score from only ramps.

PS hitting only ramps is boring! Don't do it!

1 month later
#257 2 years ago
Quoted from Mahoyvan:

Nice - Keep'm comin!
Ps - can anyone rip the ramp from the left flipper?

It's got to be perfect, so maybe 1 in 10 times it works. But when it does work and you get that double double jackpot it's pretty awesome!

9 months later
#332 1 year ago
Quoted from MoSeS_1592:

I have three LW3 questions hopefully someone here can answer.
1) Can someone please explain in thorough detail exactly what adjustment settings (maybe combination of settings?) are needed to enable the VICTORY LAP? I had to replace my battery. I reset all my adjustments but for some reason the victory lap event will never trigger. This was great because normally I would use this, along with the super stunt, as the main challenges when I would play the game. Keep in mind my game is (obviously) in free play mode.
2) How exactly do you enable the "light karate kick" target? Not the karate kick (left ball drain kicker/saver) itself , but the left target that enables the karate kick? I can't seem to figure out the pattern in game play to do this. It just seems to happen at random during a game when I'm not trying to do it.
3) Is there any way to keep the "extra ball is lit" event FIXED so that after 3 ramps it lights the LW1 extra ball kickout hole? I noticed that after several games, the more ramps that are made per game, the longer it takes to activate the extra ball event. It got to the point on my machine (before batteries were replaced) that the extra ball event would NEVER light. Can this be corrected or is this strictly based on ramp shot percentage?

For the extra ball on ramps, there is a setting called something like increase extra ball that if you set to zero will make it so that you will light extra ball after three ramps every time. If you can't find it let me know and I'll see what my settings are.

2 weeks later
#352 1 year ago
Quoted from MoSeS_1592:

Just checked, I can't seem to find it in the adjustments. If you could look I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

Sorry for not getting back sooner. It's been busy since Christmas. I just took a look and the setting didn't jump out at me, but I know that on my machine it is always at 3 ramps for extra ball.

Some related settings may be:
Extra ball percent is set to 25
Save ramp extra balls is set to yes

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